Crossword: How well do you REALLY know us?

If you follow us on social media or are a keen reader of our weekly newsletters, this crossword is going to be a breeze for you.

Give it a go and see how you fare!


Here’s the PDF version so you can print it out

4. Grant Doyle teaches our popular course, Writing for the _______
6. When you have a 10th birthday, you get to eat _______.
7. The food that Valerie Khoo has every time with eggs.
10. Presenter of our History, Mystery, Magic course is Kate _______.
13. The city where AWC began
15. Our humorous weekly Q&A explores common traps in _______.
17. Made up words.
19. Learning Screenwriting Stage 1 & 2 with Tim _______.
20. The first course we ever ran was on what sort of writing?
21. What is the first name of our Relationships Manager at AWC?
25. Our Sydney HQ overlooks _______ Bay
26. One of our on demand courses promises you will power what in 2 hours?
28. Valerie’s kitty babies are Rocky and _______
29. Our podcast is called ‘So you want to be a _______’.
32. We run many courses that focus on writing for _______.
33. Our Travel Writing course will help you really capture a _______.
34. The second course we ever ran was for those wanting to write for _______.
35. One thing all writers fear…(1,5,4)
36. AWC will help you find your _______.

1. Many graduates of our courses go on to be _______.
2. The most misunderstood piece of punctuation on the planet.
3. Life Writing with Patti Miller is great if you want to write a _______.
5. One of our consistently popular seminars and online courses is ‘_______ for Beginners’.
7. The Australian Writers’ Centre has been going for 10 years and we think that’s _______.
8. We launched a super-popular new course in 2015 called _______ Essentials.
9. AWC presenter Judith Rossell’s award winning book, Withering By _______.
11. Valerie hosts our podcast with fellow writer Allison _______.
12. Something that criminals and writers both end up with. (1, 8)
14. A defined period of 10 years is often also called a what?
16. Most of our online courses run for how many weeks?
18. If you wanted to write a book for three year olds, it’s likely you’d enrol in Writing _______.
20. Our wonderfully moody and creative Melbourne venue is the Abbotsford _______.
22. Our founder, national director and loud typist!
23. We have centres in Sydney, Melbourne and _______.
24. We offer an immensely practical on demand course called ‘The business of _______’.
27. A type of punctuation that makes you giggle every time you say it.
30. Presenter of our Anatomy of a Crime course (7,3)
31. Undisputed royalty of writing, Stephen _______.
33. Groucho and Dougal are regular visitors to our main office. They are _______.



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