Decision 2020: VOTE Plotters vs Pantsers

This is it – the biggest decision of the year is taking place this week and we want YOU to cast your vote and elect the best way to approach writing a novel. Is it by being a PLOTTER (planning your novel in advance) or is it by being a PANTSER (flying by ‘the seat of your pants’ and making it up as you go along). 

Before you vote, a closing argument from each of these two main methods…

PLOTTERS – For a stable tomorrow

Writers, we know you’re hurting. This year has been a mess – filled with so much chaos and uncertainty. We hear you. And that’s why we’re all about peace of mind. We’re all about a future you can believe in – because you planned it yourself. Rogue characters, begone! Shady subplots that go nowhere; a thing of the past. When you ride with us, you know what you’re getting. Complete transparency and a novel that works. Can we map out a better tomorrow? Yes we can. Vote PLOTTERS today!

PANTSERS – Because life is an adventure

Writers of the world – don’t cripple your creative momentum with planning and list making. Get out there and DO things from day one! We aren’t afraid to hit the ground running, to follow the brightest path to see where it leads. Nature is all about chaos – and it is one of the best creations ever made. So embrace your adventurous spirit and see where it leads you. For it is in those moments – that magical friction of fiction – in which we truly strike gold. Be daring. Be bold. Your future has not been written yet. Vote PANTSERS today!

Well, you’ve heard the arguments – now it’s time to cast YOUR vote. Make it count! (And sorry, there is to be no voting for the 3rd party ‘Plantser’ candidate…pick a lane.)

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