Dr Seuss wishes AWC a happy 10th birthday

We’ve had lots of great messages from people around Australia – and the world – helping us celebrate this rather excellent milestone for the Australian Writers’ Centre (we turned 10!). But a few were quite unexpected, such as this one from famous late author Theodor Geisel – better known as Dr Seuss. Thanks Theo!

“I will learn on a boat.
I will learn on a goat.
I will connect in the rain.
I will connect on a train.
Learn in the dark! Learn in a tree!
Online courses with AWC!
You did four, five, six up on top.
Seven, eight, nine, not one drop.
Nine is very good, but then.
Then you went and made it 10!
Ten years up on top!
Not even a mop will make you stop!
Ten years, oh what fun! Ten years being number one!”

Dr Suess



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