Writing Podcast Episode 155 How do I write my back cover blurb?

podcast-artworkIn this minisode of So you want to be a writer: How do I write my back cover blurb? Am I a prolific writer?

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Review of the Week
From Shannon:

I'm so glad I found this podcast. Chock full of information, laughs and published author interviews I look forward to this weekly indulgence into the world of writing and its many facets. An emerging writer myself I receive so much from the interviews and love the banter between Valeire and Allison. Great job ladies. x Shannon

Thanks, Shannon!

Listener Questions

Angela asks:

Hi Val and Al !

I have a question about writing the back cover of your book. It seems this should be the easy part but I'm having a real struggle with it. I know this is a very important element to draw in the reader and I'm just amazed at how hard this has been for me. Is this normal and do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, and as always please never stop what you're doing. I would have never even had the confidence to finish my book if I had not found your podcast.

Sincerely grateful,


Jasmine asks:

When writers say how many words a day they write, are they saying the amount of words in a fast write or after editing? I can fast write 1-2 thousand words a day and I'm being hailed as a prolific writer, which I think to myself: I don't think so. Am I accidently bragging, or am I under appreciating myself? Thank you for reading.

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Val and Al answer these questions in this minisode. We hope you find this useful!

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