Ep 188 Is Wattpad useful?

podcast-artworkIn this minisode of So you want to be a writer:Is Wattpad useful? Should you send interviewees your article to approve?

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Listener Questions

Andrew asks:

Hi Valerie and Alison,

At the end of an interview for a story I was writing for a magazine, my interviewee asked a question, that I thought would be a good one to pose to you (and for your listeners): “Would it be possible to see the article before it goes to print?” My response was: no, as that’s not my practice to do so, as if I allowed it to happen, I wouldn’t have time to file any articles.

How would you both respond? It’s the second time someone has asked me that and I’ve replied in the same vein, but I’d like a way to deal with it concisely.

Thanks, Andrew

Haley asks:

Hi Val and Al,

I just discovered your podcasts in the last month and have been devouring your content!! I'm currently saving up some money so I can enrol in your freelance course and writing for YA and Children as it has always been a dream of mine but I thought it was unattainable. I'm studying PR and Communications at University but have always wanted to be a writer, just never had the full confidence to pursue it until listening to your podcasts and realising that it is possible. So thank you so much for giving such wonderful advice and confidence to your listeners, it is truly appreciated.

I'm curious to know what you both think of online platforms like Wattpad where authors share their work for free? Most of the works are drowning in fan fiction but some of the authors have had success in it, going on to release eBooks and then onto being published.

Thank you for all your hard work,


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