Ep 197 Is my memoir interesting enough?

podcast-artworkIn Episode 197 of So you want to be a writer: Is my memoir interesting enough? How to give feedback on horror when you don’t read it. Which laptop should I buy?

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Listener Questions

From Sheridan:

I fear that my memoir is not unique enough to be published and bought by readers.

I started writing a blog two years ago and find that my readers enjoy my authentic and humorous accounts of single life travelling, working, dating, battling with body image… you name it. Although my readers give fantastic feedback and beg for more I do worry that I'll never “make it”.

I love reading travel memoirs, however I was finding that I was picking up the same god damn book every time. Woman, leaves corporate world as her mid life adventure, moves to Paris and falls in love with the butcher. Don't get me wrong – I LOVE this story. But why can you have your “Eat Pray Love moment” in your early 20s?

Two years ago I left my comfort zone to travel by myself and live overseas. The memoir I want to write is a story of throwing myself in the deep end, travelling as a single 22 year old, leaving home for the first time, the awful sex, the love, the drunken nights, the journey of self discovery. I'll leave an example of my latest blog post.

Social media has a huge influence and I believe readers crave authenticity which is what I'm hoping to achieve in my writing. I want to spare no detail and therefore give the reader a bloody good laugh.

Val and Al, my two writing fairy god mothers – Am I out of my depth?

From Chantelle:

I have a friend who writes horror, but I don't. It makes me feel squeamish. Are there any resources to help understand the genre so I can give useful feedback?

From Angie:

My laptop is sad and old and I am thinking of upgrading. I have always owned a PC but of course, hear the siren song of the Mac calling me. So my question is, what do you write on and why? Is there a particular laptop that is especially popular with writers? Or if not guided by brand, what should a writer be looking for in what is essentially their primary tool? Thank you.

Valerie and Allison answer these questions on the podcast!

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