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podcast-artworkIn Episode 203 of So you want to be a writer: How to approach agents, especially when they all seem to say not accepting “unsolicited manuscripts”. Valerie and Allison share their “go to” writing apps. You’ll discover tips on how to tailor your writing to YA readers. And, does the editing process get easier the more you write?

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Show Notes

Listener Questions

From Robert:

I'm currently going through some of that editing now and picking up a lot of little emphasis and punctuation concepts that I'm hoping will improve my future work. I'm curious as to whether traditionally published authors find the edits they get back to be less and less as they build up their knowledge? After 10 books, does a structural editor have little to do?

From Beth:

I have a question… I'm currently seeking an agent for my first novel and many of the agents listed in the Writers & Artists Yearbook (UK version, as I'm British) say they don't accept ‘unsolicited submissions/MMS'. Does this mean I can't approach them? I can understand this statement coming from a publisher who only takes submissions from agents, but it seems strange coming from an agent. Thanks in advance for enlightening me, Allison and Valerie!

From Damon:

What's the team's opinion on yWriter, Scrivener, Google Docs, Open Office, or Microsoft Word? I have tried yWriter, and have written for years using Word and Open Office, but many writer friends are trying to get me to switch to Scrivener. I've bought it, but I'm still not convinced. Does anyone else use it, and what do Val and Al use?

From Hakea:

How do I reach the YA audience? Target teachers… but then look ‘uncool' if the target audience comes by? What blogs/podcasts/websites are parents of teens using?

How do I convert visits from the above target audience into email list? My list is zero after three months- but I have never asked anyone to sign up yet, I suppose.

Valerie and Allison answer these questions on the podcast!

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