Ep 335 Meet Imbi Neeme, author of ‘The Spill’.

In Episode 335 of So You Want To Be A Writer: Meet Imbi Neeme, author of The Spill. Discover what to ask publishers before you sign a contract. Learn about the new world of UX/UI writing. And we have 3 copies of the award-winning book The Botanical Kitchen by Elly McCausland to give away.

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Show Notes

Questions to Ask Your Publisher Before You Sign the Contract

Expert Carli Ratcliff’s 5 must-dos for would-be UX/UI writers

Writer in Residence

Imbi Neeme

Imbi Neeme is a recovering blogger, impending novelist and compulsive short story writer, whose writing holds a toothpaste-smeared mirror up to her life. She considers herself to be a ‘domestic mystery writer’, spanning everything from ‘Who left the milk out?’ to the secrets we all keep, sometimes even from ourselves.

Her manuscript The Spill has been awarded the 2019 Penguin Literary Prize and was published by Penguin Random House Australia 2 June 2020. She is also the recipient of the 2019 Henry Handel Richardson Fellowship for excellence in Short Story Writing.

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Ep 335: Meet Imbi Neeme, author of The Spill.

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