Writing Podcast Episode 432: Meet Matt Murphy, author of ‘Rum: a Distilled History of Colonial Australia’.

Meet Matt Murphy, author of Rum: a Distilled History of Colonial Australia, and why you should ‘relocate your darlings' instead of killing them. Congrats to AWC alumna Anika Molesworth who shares her powerful story with her debut book, Our Sunburnt Country. Plus, we have 3 copies of Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty to giveaway.

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nickywaywrites from Australia:

Hi Valerie and Allison, thanks for the great podcasts. I had listened to a few on my saturday morning walks to the dog beach with Goliath or Golly as we like to call him and was eager to go back and listen to all the early ones. Well be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. I had to drive from Thirroul/Wollongong to Brisbane a little while ago and while the kids watched DVD’s in the back I got to catch up to episode 30! I was so excited. I’ve just gone in last night to read the show notes. For the time poor of us it would be great if there were some website links in there, maybe that could be in a premium subscriber service. I also found it fun listening to them back to back and hearing what you too had been up to week on week. For Val travelling all over the country side for Allison it was and right up to ep 30 still is writing and writing and writing. And good to hear that you were both feeling great every week. This was motivating too, making me start to write and write more including this review. Looking forward to meeting you both at the meet up in December. Maybe procrasti pup and Val’s cat’s could come along and meet to! Thank you again for a great resource for writers. One that they must listen too!!

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Writer in residence: Matt Murphy

At school, Matt Murphy failed English and couldn't see the point of history. He became a firie and has been serving in Sydney's inner city for 33 years. He is now also a part time historian and teacher, tolerating the attitudes of kids towards history that he used to share. His previous book, Weight of Evidence, is about what was the longest civil court case in New South Wales. Matt's younger self would be aghast that he is now writing history books but be consoled by the absurdist voice old Matt has achieved. Matt also can't believe he has to write his own bio.

His latest book is Rum: a Distilled History of Colonial Australia

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