Ep 446: Meet NYC literary agent Lucinda Halpern

Meet NYC literary agent Lucinda Halpern. Discover how to get back into the swing of writing when you're unmotivated. Plus, we have 3 copies of Blood Trail by Tony Park to give away.

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Agent in residence: Lucinda Halpern

Lucinda Halpern is a literary, lecture, and PR agent with over 15 years experience on both the corporate and agency sides of publishing. As owner of Manhattan-based literary agency, Lucinda Literary, her roster of authors includes New York Times bestselling authors Susan Peirce Thompson (Bright Line Eating), Chris Bailey (The Productivity Project; Hyperfocus), Cait Flanders (The Year of Less), Paul Jarvis (Company of One), the new work of Nicola Kraus (The Nanny Diaries) and Jake Wood (Once a Warrior). In a marketing and publicity capacity, Lucinda has worked with New York Times bestselling authors Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt of Freakonomics, Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, Ben Mezrich of Bringing Down the House and Busting Vegas, and many more.

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