Writing Podcast Episode 595: Jodi Gibson on the world of indie publishing and her latest novel ‘Reinventing Emily Brown’

Is indie publishing right for you? Discover the intricacies of indie publishing with author Jodi Gibson. Delve into Jodi’s journey across traditional and independent publishing avenues for her novels. She highlights the distinct processes involved in each. Jodi shares valuable tips for indie authors, ranging from understanding why you want to indie publish to learning to love the hustle of marketing your work. The conversation covers the importance of a professional presentation of your book, meeting genre expectations, and the crucial role of building a mailing list. Additionally, Jodi discusses the necessity of assembling a publishing team, including editors and cover designers, to ensure a book's success. This episode offers a comprehensive look at the dedication required for indie publishing and the importance of defining one's own success in the literary world.

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00:00 Welcome to the podcast
03:35 Author Nat Newman’s writing tips
06:40 The perils of writing to a theme
11:02 Competition time: Win End of Story by A.J. Finn
13:35 Word of the week: emollient
14:00 Meet author Jodi Gibson
28:22 The reality of indie publishing: Time management and planning
29:21 Building your indie publishing team: From editors to cover designers
35:38 The essential components of a successful book
42:25 Adapting and pivoting in the ever-changing publishing landscape
44:32 Embracing the hustle: The indie publishing mindset
47:33 Final thoughts: Validation in publishing choices

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Writer in residence: Jodi Gibson

Jodi Gibson is an Australian author of feel-good women’s fiction.

Jodi’s debut novel, a contemporary drama titled The Memories We Hide was published in 2019.

Since then, Jodi has moved on to focus on the feel-good women’s fiction genre.

The Five Year Plan was published by Brio Books in September 2021 and was shortlisted in Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Books awards of 2021.

Jodi’s third novel, her second in the feel-good genre, Reinventing Emily Brown was published in September 2023.

Follow Jodi on Instagram.

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