Gifts for writers: Fifty Shades of "Yay"

notepadWriters usually need a little organisation to balance their days. And the one place they spend the most amount of time is their keyboards. So it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two.

There is nothing remotely complex about this gift idea from Poketo. It’s effectively a notepad with seven days on it, that sits next to you as you type. No apps, no windows to open, no data to save or accidentally delete. Just a cute hexagonal design on a yellow background, awaiting your scribbles.

It’s a cute gift idea perfect for any writer who loves the smell of a new book or the tactile nature of a bookmark – designed to sit right there alongside your keyboard while revelling in its own beautiful simplicity. Fifty sheets of weekly divided goodness – basically a whole year of planning in one brilliant ‘old school’ package.

Put getting this on your (currently inferior) to-do list today.

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