Gifts for writers: Penguin’s got it covered

penguinThe famous saying suggests that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But that’s ridiculous. For starters, a book’s cover has its title on it, and the author who wrote it. Of course we’re going to judge it.

Okay, yes, we are taking that rather literally. But it’s only because this very cool collection of 100 postcards from Penguin invites you to ALSO judge books by JUST their covers – from classics to crime, wordy to worldly, utopian to dystopian and spanning more than 70 years of Penguin fiction.

Through all the changes in storytelling, printing, technology and society, that same stylish yet simple three panel cover design has endured in some way – and this box is a celebration of that fact. A must for any writer who likes a dash of nostalgia and style with their morning coffee.

Available straight from the bird’s mouth… direct from Penguin Australia.

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