“I got published!”: “Delicious”, “Wellbeing” and more!

The sky is the limit when you’re a freelance writer and our AWC grads are definitely soaring high! We are back with another set of their fabulous pieces spread throughout various publications.

Check out the results of their hard work and dedication:

Above: Laura McGeoch featured in HRMonthly with her article about men who work part-time “The ties are off.”

Above: Lindy Alexander had a gorgeous piece about Valentine’s Day in Delicious magazine.

Above: David Cripps’ article in the Park Review section of What’s Up Downunder magazine.

Above: Elizabeth Fritz had an article in Wellbeing magazine published, “The power of the pole.”

Our heartiest congratulations on all of your achievements! What a talented bunch.


If you have a success story to share with us, you can do so right here. We’ll share it with the world!

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