Join graduate Robyn Windshuttle and celebrate her book launch!

We're thrilled to announce that Life Writing graduate Robyn Windshuttle is celebrating the launch of her book Dancing with a Cocaine Cowboy – and she'd love for you to join her!

The story of how an Australian showgirl became entangled in her boyfriend's European cocaine ring and how it changed her life forever.

After dinner a small mountain of coke was emptied onto a glass surface, the music was turned up and the party continued. This is what Colombians did. And everyone danced, including the men.

When a free-spirited young woman from Sydney's northern beaches left Australia to dance her way around the world, little did she know she would be catapulted into the middle of a European cocaine ring on her first day in Paris.

A dancer with the Moulin Rouge, Robyn Windshuttle's life changed irrevocably the moment she met Daniel, a handsome and charismatic Colombian. Drawn together by an irresistible chemistry, Robyn takes Daniel at his word. But he is not, as first thought, a photographer for the Nikon Gallery and she becomes an unwitting accomplice to the cut throat dealings of Daniel's Colombian drug syndicate.

Honest, evocative and full of spirit, Dancing with a Cocaine Cowboy moves from Sydney to Paris, Ibiza, Monte Carlo and Bogota in a rich, exciting and exotic swirl. And with great strength and resilience, Robyn eventually reclaims her own life and that of the son she had with Daniel from this turbulent world.

Robyn will be launching her book at Berkelouw Books Balgowlah:

When: Wednesday 15th October 2014
Time: 6pm
LocationBerkelouw Books Balgowlah
RSVP: via email to balgowlah at

Want to hear more about how Robyn got published? We'll be interviewing her very soon, right here on the blog!

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