Kate Forsyth on creating worlds

Writing any kind of fiction, purely by definition requires an element of suspended disbelief. After all, it’s a ‘made up’ story. And Kate Forsyth knows a thing or two about the subject, having written many fantasy novels over the years, often with a fairy tale angle or inspiration.

When we had a chat with Kate recently – in episode 21 of our top-rating podcast So you want to be a writer – we asked her about her fantasy novels, and what the most valuable lessons were that she'd learned creating her own worlds?

It doesn't really matter if you are writing a contemporary suspense novel or historical fiction or fantasy, the craft is all in that sense of making the world feel absolutely real to the reader, and that’s part of the magic of storytelling. it has to have that ring of truth. When they're within that fictional world that you have created they long for it to be real and to wish they never had to leave.

– Kate Forsyth

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