#PITCHMENTUM is here: pitch your novel over twitter!

Your tweet could score you a book deal. That's right! Welcome to #pitchmentum.

From the Momentum Books website:

On Friday the 25th of September, we’ll be throwing open our Twitter and taking your 140 character pitches, for a chance to get published with Momentum!

The contest will happen on Twitter under the hashtag (#pitchmentum). Authors withcompleted manuscripts who are keen to be published by Momentum can tweet a pitch for their books. Authors can tweet their pitch once per hour over the 24 hours of 25/09/2015.

If Momentum is interested in your manuscript, we will favourite it. If your tweet is favorited, email your submission to [email protected], making sure to include your Twitter handle.

For more information about Momentum and what we do, read this: http://momentumbooks.com.au/about/

When to Pitch

Friday 25th September. As we are based in Australia, if you are overseas, we will be asleep for some of that day from your perspective, but then we will look through the feed when we wake up! The simple way of looking at it is by answering the following questions:

1. Is it Friday the 25th of September where you live?

a: Yes (go to 2)

b: No (go to 3)

2. Yes it is Friday the 25th of September where I live: Great! Submit your Twitter pitch

3. No, it is a different day. It is Thursday the 24th or Saturday the 71st of April: No, don’t submit your pitch, please.


What to Pitch

This contest is for completed, unpublished novels. Complete means that it’s proofed, polished, and ready for submission. Unpublished means it hasn’t been published by a publishing company. We will consider self published works.

We publish genre fiction, so we are looking for works of: thrillers, romance, erotic romance, SFF, crime and horror and all the sub-genres.

How to Pitch

Your pitch should contain four elements:

  1. Make sure you tweet @momentumbooks
  2. Include the hashtag #pitchmentum
  3. Sell your book as quickly as possible, ie ‘Erotic romance about love triangle between 3 angry vampires’
  4. No run-on tweets: this is about being concise and snappy and wowing us with one sentence!

You can tweet multiple times throughout the day. Make sure each tweet is slightly different, as tweeting identical text is a violation of Twitter’s guidelines. Ask any  the questions in the comments, or on Twitter: @momentumbooks

Good luck!

You've got until Friday to perfect your pitch in… around 113 characters or less (once you include the handle and hashtag!).

Get tweeting!

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