Solve our holiday cryptic clues quiz

The holidays are a great time to sit back and give your brain a well-earned rest, right? Well, it’s also a great time to test its limits – with our now-infamous annual holiday treat. That’s right, we’re back this year with a collection of cryptic clues for you to solve. (New to solving cryptic clues? They’re not scary! Check out this excellent clue explainer.)

These are great to try and solve with a friend – and once you’ve completed them all, the first letter of each answer should spell out a message just for YOU. Good luck!

  1. A maths figure that also makes me feel less? (6)
  2. Noticing a broken strobe van. (9)
  3. This Christmas dessert has little value. (6)
  4. It’s a sign I read in the newspaper every day. (9)
  5. I find I am within this country. (5)
  6. Mob never ruined this month. (8)
  7. Symbolically, Nickel inside grate gives you this igneous rock. (7)
  8. Sounds like what campers are when extremely serious. (7)
  9. A massacre caused by the first sudden result of comedy. (9)
  10. I sing out loud for this cake topping. (5)
  11. Rumble one mixed up Australian city! (9)
  12. Reposition cheap fruit. (5)
  13. Sounds like a ridge in all fresh material. (8)
  14. With a lisp I’d erase some of this creepy crawly. (6)
  15. Some of the first ranges are unusual. (7)
  16. A big look inside this icy home. (5)
  17. Drilling a hole isn’t very interesting. (6)
  18. Beryl, it changes freedom. (7)
  19. Ruined circle, yet it provides power. (11)
  20. 11 Romans inside a messy cot? It’s poisonous! (5)
  21. Within such a noisy street is a Vietnamese city. (5)
  22. Cool treat that ruined ace crime. (3,5)
  23. Can the singer pour out loud for this nation? (9)
  24. Strong is he, mixing today without a leader. (4)
  25. Hears hoteliers? Some if you’re close enough. (7)
  26. Pregnant bakers have this! (1,3,2,3,4)
  27. Reshape green talc to create this shape. (9)

The full list of answers will be in our 6 January 2022 newsletter. (Subscribe if you haven't already.) Good luck!

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