St Albans Writers’ Festival 2017 – A literary experience in an ancient landscape

The St Albans Writers’ Festival promises to make a gorgeous weekend retreat.

The St Albans Writers’ Festival is on 8-10 September 2017 in the ancient Hawkesbury River basin. We reckon this festival warrants a trip to St Albans to soak up the literary vibes and drink up the picturesque scenery.

From the website:
“Started in 2015, the focus of the St Albans Writers’ Festival is to bring Australian writers and writing to our tiny village, so that residents and visitors can enjoy an intimate weekend of words. We pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome and the atmosphere our community creates. It is an unique experience for writers and visitors.”

There’s a writing workshop led by Kathryn Heyman, an opening night party with address by Tony Jones, plus workshops and more hosted by esteemed authors like Tom Keneally, Stan Grant, Caroline Baum, David Hill, Fiona McFarlane and more!

From the media release:
“Explore Booker winner Tom Keneally's writing life, discover Hugh Mackay the novelist, and hear Stan Grant speak about his vision of an inclusive Australia. Delve into the relationships between famous artists with Pulitzer winner Sebastian Smee, and between mothers and daughters with Jane Caro, Caroline Baum, Susan Wyndham and Nikki Gemmell. Encounter journalists Michael Brissenden and Tony Jones as novelists.

“Meet blood mystic George Gittoes. Revisit Australian history with Tom Griffiths, David Hunt, Mark Tedeschi QC and Gil Jones. Re-discover Helen Garner through the eyes of Bernadette Brennan. Discuss immigration policy with Madeline Gleeson, and climate change with Jane Abbott. Listen to Dylan Thomas winner Fiona McFarlane, Roanna Gonsalves and Isabelle Li read short stories around the campfire. Meet established writers Kathryn Heyman and Melina Marchetta, and new writers Melanie Joosten and Rachel Leary, and many more.

Academy Award winning director George Miller will introduce his critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road. Simmone Logue will cater the entire festival weekend, including a three-course Dinner with the Writers.”

Are you in? Spending the weekend in St Albans seems like a top idea to us so you can get the full experience of the festival.

Find out more by visiting the St Albans Writers’ Festival website.

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