Steve Bisley book launch invitation

To celebrate the publication of All the Burning Bridges, the sequel to Stillways, Steve Bisley's acclaimed first memoir, Bonnier and Better Read Than Dead are launching the book at Leadbelly, 42 King St, Newtown NSW on Tuesday 12 October 2017, 6:00pm.

Steve Bisley will be in conversation with Doctor, Doctor cast member, Tina Bursill.

So what's All the Burning Bridges all about?

From the media release:

Steve Bisley lands smack dab in the middle of Sydney. It’s 1966. High waisted bell-bottom pants, paisley body shirts, velvet jackets, platform shoes and a lust for everything life has to offer him. And it offers him a lot.

From cadet graphic artist to private eye, lover, fighter, dreamer, milkman, truck driver and everything in between, and then some, till the day he auditions for the acting course at The National Institute of Dramatic Art, and to his dismay is accepted, along with fellow classmates, Judy Davis and Mel Gibson. Three years later, on their graduation day, Mel and Steve are cast in a film that will change their lives forever. The iconic Australian cult film Mad Max.

In this sensory and poetic memoir, actor Steve Bisley reflects on loving, losing, wrecking and running – the bridges burned – in the decades since hitchhiking away from the small family farm on the central coast of NSW in the 1960s. He explores with confronting honesty what it is to live on the edge of uncertainty, regret, despair and depression, as an actor, lover and father, a life held together at times “by bits of frayed cotton and Perkin’s paste and hope”.

Tickets are available for $5 or free entry with the purchase a book.

This event is open to the public.

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