Student Success Stories: Competitions, book deals and more!

Have you had a win as a writer since completing a course at Australian Writers’ Centre? Big, small or medium-sized, we’d love to hear about it!
Someone who loves her new life as a “semi-part-time writer” is Kristie Hayden, working from home and having life rudely interrupt her at every moment. Since completing our Travel Writing course, she has had six travel stories published and another waiting to print right now. You can view them all here.
Kristie is like many writers out there who, while confident in her own writing abilities, needed the practical tools and gentle guidance to take flight in the land of the freelance writer. Her advice to prospective students is simple: “Concentrate on the pitching unit! If you can't pitch, you can't get published, no matter how good a writer you are!” Wise words indeed.
Kristie Hayden
Sticking with travel writing, Anita Howard wanted to let us know about a literal WIN she has had this year – grabbing third prize in an international travel writing competition through Transitions Abroad. Take a look at her bronzed effort and see if that inspires you! Great work Anita.
And another making the grade is Narelle Buxton, who completed our Advanced Fiction Writing course earlier this year. Thanks to everything she learned, polished her manuscript and was chosen as one of the top 25 entrants for the Harlequin “So You Think You Can Write” competition! That's incredible news, Narelle, and a huge accomplishment. Well done!
Moving now to the realm of children’s books, Writing for Children and Young Adults graduate Fleur Ferris was offered representation by an agent from Curtis Brown Australia. They say that there is no reward without risk, so it feels apt that after a lengthy submission process, she is thrilled that her Young Adult fiction book, Risk, will be published by Random House in mid-2015! “Big thanks to Cathie Tasker who was so encouraging and helpful,” says Fleur. We think so too.
And another singing Cathie’s praises is Carla Francis – who has had her story (which she wrote during her online course in Creative Writing) published in One Page literary magazine. Let’s end with Carla’s words:
“The online creative writing course helped me find a voice and use dialogue in a more entertaining way. I had been used to writing non-fiction but Cathie pushed me to develop my writing to be more creative – thank you!”
If you have had something published or any other writing win, let us know! We’ll give you a shout out so the world can share in your success. Keep ‘em coming!
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