Student successes: Good Weekend, Sunday Life, The Australian – and two books!

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Our AWC grads have been on fire lately. I was sipping  cappuccino poring over the weekend papers when I discovered that the popular “Two of Us” column in Good Weekend was penned by the talented Lisa Schofield, a graduate of our Magazine and Newspaper Writing course.

Lisa wrote a moving account of paratriathlete Jonathan Goerlach's relationship with his coach Corey Bacon. You can read it online here.

Success - Lisa Schofield

In the same paper, Catherine Rodie penned a great piece on “Everlasting life”, how social media allows people to “live” even after their deaths. Catherine is a graduate of our Magazine and Newspaper Writing course.

Success - Catherine Rodie

Meanwhile, Rob Grant's awesome travel story on China featured in The Australian. Rob is a graduate of our Travel Writing course and Food Writing course.

Success - Rob Grant

Then I flicked through Sunday Life magazine and spotted Jo Hartley's piece on mother-in-laws. Jo is a graduate of our courses: Magazine and Newspaper Writing and Travel Writing. Then I came across Collette Beck's article on meditation. Collette is a graduate of Magazine and Newspaper Writing.

After coffee, I wandered into a book store (a regular weekend activity for me) and was so happy to see AWC grad Tamsin Janu's children's book Figgy in the World (published by Scholastic). Tamsin is a graduate our course in Writing Books for Children and Young Adults.

Success - Tamsin Janu

And then I found Lisa Venables's amazing memoir Saving Zali (published by Pan Macmillan). Lisa is a graduate of Life Writing, Creative Writing Stage 1 and Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques at AWC.

Success - Lisa Venables

Not to be outdone by their print counterparts, our graduates have also been rocking the online world with Michaela Fox's piece in Essential Baby, Lindy Alexander's thought provoking piece on race in Daily Life and Carly Findlay's story on setting boundaries in Kidspot.


These are just the tip of the iceberg. If you've had success with your writing, we'd love to hear from you!

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