Submissions open for 2024 Penguin Literary Prize

Submissions are now open for the 2024 Penguin Literary Prize! Submit your manuscript for your chance to be published by Penguin Random House and receive an impressive $20,000 advance. 

Here are the details from Penguin:

In 2017, the Penguin Literary Prize was established to discover, nurture, and develop literary fiction writers, providing a unique platform for new and diverse voices to emerge. Offering aspiring authors from across Australia the chance to become a part of the Penguin Random House (PRH) community, the prize includes $20,000 and the opportunity for the winner to publish with PRH AU, home to over 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors.

The prize attracts approximately 400 submissions across various themes and genres of literary fiction each year, showcasing some of the best writing from every corner of Australia.

As the richest prize for an unpublished manuscript in the Australian publishing industry, the Penguin Literary Prize also has an amazing legacy of fostering some of our country’s best and brightest voices.

Every previous winner has had their books published with PRH AU, and many have sold international and foreign-language rights in their books, spreading Australian literature from the UK to Estonia and beyond.

‘The prize was established to provide more paths to publishing for undiscovered writers,’ says PRH publisher, Meredith Curnow. ‘From booksellers to editors, many PRH associates read entries, and we all look forward to playing a part in bringing new writers and books to Publication.’

Michelle See-Tho, winner of the 2023 Penguin Literary Prize, says: ‘It is such an incredible opportunity from a prestigious publisher. It opens doors that seem locked to fledgling Writers. ‘When I entered, I had no idea I would be shortlisted. But uploading that document turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done. If you have a manuscript, I can’t recommend entering it enough. You have nothing to lose and an incredible prize to gain.’


  • The prize: $20,000 and the opportunity to publish with PRH AU
  • Eligibility: Submissions open to all Australian residents aged 18+
  • Submitting: Entries can be submitted here

For any other questions, contact: [email protected]

Submissions will be accepted until 11.59pm AEDT Monday 11 December, 2023. The shortlist will be announced on 9 March 2024 and the winner will be announced on 6 June 2024. Find out more here.


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