The only piece of advice you’ll need – from Lex Marinos

LexLex Marinos is an actor and Australian icon, appearing through the decades on the iconic Kingswood Country, Embassy, and more recently The Slap. He has also directed shows, written episodes for TV (notably the Bodyline mini-series), and last year penned a memoir entitled Blood and Circuses: An Irresponsible Memoir.

During an excellent interview with Lex in episode 27 of our So you want to be a writer podcast, we asked if he had any advice for creative professionals.

And within his larger reply, was this gem:

“The only advice that I’ve ever given my kids was find something that you enjoy doing and then see if you can make a living out of it, because we live in a privileged country where you can do that. Most of the world either doesn’t have the opportunity to work at all or, if they do have that opportunity, they rarely have the opportunity to do work in what they enjoy doing. Be aware of how privileged we are… Then be prepared to work hard.”

True words indeed. To hear the whole interview, or read the transcript, go here.

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