Top 10 Q&As of 2022

Q: Is it that time of year again?

A: It certainly is.

Q: It was a very eventful year.

A: A lot happened, yes. But every week, we somehow kept turning up with something new to explore.

Q: I know, right? The English language is the gift that keeps on regifting.

A: Don’t you mean “the gift that keeps giving”?

Q: I know what I said.

A: Well, on that note, let’s take a look at some of our memorable chats from this year…ENJOY!

Some of us may have wished we could have slept through 2022 – but if we were to draw ourselves doing so, why would we use ZZZs to indicate sleep? The answer comes from an unexpected place…

Can’t eat all that dinner? No problem – ask for a “doggie bag”. But wait, why exactly did dogs end up holding the bag, as it were? And when did such a practice originate? This one has all the answers!

Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, we were musing on the origins of the most lethal cocktail of all – the “Molotov”. When was the first one mixed up and where did it all take place? Find out the explosive truth in this one!

Okay, enough small talk – let’s cut to the chase and address the fact that saying “cut to the chase” doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Where did this idiom come from? We chase down the answers and see if they make the cut…

Cricket legend Shane Warne passed away this year – resulting in an increased focus on the meaning of the word “larrikin”. Warney was undeniably one, but who were the original larrikins? Where does this name come from? We pushed the boundaries to find out.

Our furry feline friends famously have “nine lives” – but why such a number in the first place? Is there a significance to “nine”? Do other animals get extra lives? We take this topic by the scruff of the neck to get a purrfect answer.

Got an opinion to share with the world? Get up on your “soapbox” then! But why not any other kind of box? And does all this have anything to do with “soap operas”? After all, their dramas usually have nothing to do with cleaning. We get all in a lather to find out…

It’s a simple enough question – was the fruit named after the colour, or the colour named after the fruit? Orange you glad we looked into this one – because we found the answer and it might surprise you. (Or it might not). Vitamin C for yourself…

Ding ding ding – it’s that time of a wedding or special event when someone “raises a toast”. But hang on, this is definitely not grilled bread in everyone’s hands, so WHY call it a toast at all? Charge your glasses and discover the truth…

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September, the subject of kings and queens was on a lot of people’s minds. But for us, it was the royal family of the boudoir that we were most curious about – in particular, when King and Queen beds got their names. It’s enough to put you to sleep…Zzzzzz

Of course, this is just a fifth of the many topics we explored this year. Explore our complete list and you’ll have enough reading material to keep you perplexed and entertained by the English language all summer long!

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