Unusual writing locations: Jail cells!

You’ve probably heard about ‘Writing in Prison' programs, where prison inmates are assisted with their writing. However, if you’re in Victoria, you too can write in prison – without the hassle of having to commit a crime first!

The National Trust ‘Cells for Writers’ project has been designed to assist the Melbourne writing community by offering spaces to writers to work uninterrupted on their manuscripts. Now you really can say that you’ve “locked yourself away” to write!

It happens at the Old Melbourne Gaol – no longer home to prisoners, but a welcome home to creativity. Each cell is available for one writer to use as a short term studio for a period of one, two or three months.

Writers are provided with just “a chair, table and their imagination”. (And power points, a heater and a light.) And booking a cell (via cellphone?) gives 7-day access during the Gaol’s opening hours.

They welcome any writers, although give preference to those working on projects related to crime, history or the Gaol itself. And in an amusing role-reversal, to be eligible, all writers should have a current Police Check completed – to ensure you are virtuous enough to be locked away!

Your sentence is complete once you’ve completed your sentences.

For more information, visit the site.

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