We’re looking for a Brilliant Content Manager/Subeditor at the Australian Writers’ Centre

  • Part-time position (approx. 3 consecutive days per week)
  • Milsons Point (North Sydney) close to train station
  • Winner in the Telstra Business Awards

Hi, my name is Valerie Khoo and I’m the founder and CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre. I’m looking for an amazing Content Manager/Subeditor to join our growing team and be responsible for managing our content marketing and ever-increasing volume of written material.

I’m proud to say that we have become leaders in the content marketing space and are now in need of the assistance of a dynamic subeditor, with digital experience, to manage our blog posts, podcast transcripts, articles and marketing materials.

Our head office is in Sydney (Milsons Point), and over the past year we’ve expanded to Melbourne and Perth. We also have a growing community of online students so you can be assured that when you join the Australian Writers’ Centre there’s always something going on.

Even if you already have a sense that this is sounding like an ideal role for you, I’d like you to take a look at our current website: www.WritersCentre.com.au to find out more about who we are, what we do, and why we do the things we do. If you like what you see, then continue reading to find out what the role involves, what you’ll be responsible for, and what we’ll need from you.

What does the role involve?
In everything we do we take pride in how it’s produced and the quality of the content. You’ll be joining a team that has been a winner in the Telstra Business Awards and that has become the “go to” centre for writing courses – both in the classroom and online. Therefore, you will be accountable for ensuring that the quality of our writing and content remains at an extremely high standard.

Being passionate about words is essential. Being responsible for managing the creation of our “words” to produce the best content possible is non-negotiable.

It’s essential that you’re digitally competent and tech-savvy. This is also non-negotiable in this role. Knowing how to resize images, upload blog posts, work with WordPress or a CMS are tasks you can do in your sleep. Please note that if you’re not experienced in using the internet and online platforms such as forums, blogs, and social media, this job isn't for you.

Some of the other qualities required in this role are that you need to be super organised, driven by attention to detail, and you must thrive on deadlines.

We have robust content management and distribution systems but welcome your recommendations for improvement in our processes.

In this role you must have incredible attention to detail. Have I mentioned that? You must be the type of person who can't stand to see spelling mistakes and “pedantic” is your middle name. It's likely that you won spelling bees when you were school, can spot an errant apostrophe a mile away and are passionate about using the right grammar and punctuation. You find yourself subediting magazines as you read them and can't help but think of ways that the sentences could have been better expressed. In fact, as you're reading this, you're rewriting it in your head.

You are a stickler for professionalism, presentation and punctuality. Deadlines are sacrosanct. You never miss them and you ensure that people around you don't miss them either.

You can work autonomously; at the same time you love being part of a team. Did I mention that you must be tech-savvy and have attention to detail?

Let’s now look at what this role involves.

Your work could involve activities including but not limited to:

  • Compile and write various sections of the Australian Writers' Centre newsletter
  • Proofread our website, any marketing materials, course outlines and so on.
  • Managing external copywriter
  • Subedit blog posts and customized content for various platforms
  • Write original content (on writing, blogging, publishing topics)
  • Manage the AWC internal style guide
  • Coordinate development of external style guide project
  • Coordinate production of the bi-monthly AWC magazine including subediting/proofing
  • Write or subedit case studies and coordinate writers where required

If you’re still with me, then let’s revisit and be clear on what skills will be required to be successful in this role.

What skills are required?
Attention to detail. Attention to detail. Oh, and did I mention attention to detail?
 You enjoy using technology and can intuitively find your way around digital platforms.

You DO need:

  • At least three years experience in a subediting role, ideally in a magazine or publications environment.
  • an interest in writing and/or books
  • intermediate skills in Word (especially editing functions)
  • subediting experience in InDesign is essential
  • experience in Excel is ideal but not essential
  • a strong understanding of Google Docs
  • a pleasant and helpful phone manner
  • attention to detail
  • strong organisational skills
  • a commitment to excellence in everything that you do
  • oh, and should I mention attention to detail again?

To begin with I see this role as part-time role, based in Milsons Point in Sydney. However, I will consider a Melbourne-based Content Manager/Subeditor for the right person. It will be for three days a week (there may be room for growth) and a typical day is 9am to 6pm. I’d be open to being flexible around the hours and would discuss this further with the right person.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Finally, we are a small team and there is no room for big egos. We all pitch in to do the work, no matter how mundane or how exciting. If you are still with me, and this all sounds too good to be true and the right fit for you and your skills, then:

  • Please subedit this job ad (feel free to rewrite sections if you think this is needed) using “track changes” in Word.
  • Send your subedited job ad, along with your resume, and a cover letter explaining why you want the role to admin [at] writerscentre [dot] com [dot] au before 5pm Wednesday 7 May 2014.
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