COMP CLOSED: Win a copy of “Snail Mail” (sent to you via snail mail!)

“Can you say everything YOU need in 140 characters?”

And so poses the question in the book trailer for Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh – celebrating the not-quite-yet-but-definitely-on-the-endangered-list lost art of creative letter writing.

In barely two decades, a whole century’s worth of letter writing prowess has been eroded by the likes of emails and social media. The days of heading overseas and writing regular letters home have, for the most part, gone.

But not if Michelle can help it. This lovely book that is part craft, part collage, part joyful demonstration that there is far more creativity and personality in this form of correspondence than you’ll find in any inbox or a bunch of hashtags and smileys!

And let’s face it, even with the option to receive most of our mail online these days, who doesn’t love the thrill of getting something (that isn’t a bill) in the post? So, go on, tell us – what’s the BEST THING you've ever received via ‘snail mail’?

The best answer (in our humble opinion) will win the book! And no, we simply can’t accept “THIS book as a prize” as your entry because that hasn’t happened yet!

This competition has now closed – thanks for your entries! Winners will be announced in our weekly newsletter.

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