COMP CLOSED: ‘What’s it Like to be Chased by a Cassowary?’

Ever wondered what happens to us as we die? Or how the Esky became an Aussie cultural icon? Or why we have leap years? Then look no further – and even if you haven’t wondered, you’ll want to find out. 

To kick off 2021, this week’s book giveaway is the curiously titled What's it Like to be Chased by a Cassowary? by Felicity Lewis. Described as “catnip for the curious”, this anthology is an engaging and lively curation of authoritative and original voices from the nation’s most trusted news outlets. Felicity is the national explainer editor for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. She has worked in diverse roles on titles from The Herald Sun to The Independent to the age (melbourne) magazine and has won several awards, including a Walkley.

This anthology is a diverse collection of explainers by some of the finest writers from The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. It tackles quintessentially Australian topics (where does the term ‘mate’ come from?) as well as questions being grappled with around the world (what will our homes be powered by in the future?).

Inquisitive readers love the explainer columns for their strong and surprising storytelling, deeply researched reporting and inventive illustrations. They have become some of the most popular content articles in The Age and Herald, and reader requests have inspired explainers about exploring everything from think tanks to tennis racquets, from quantitative easing to why cicadas sing at dusk.

Explainers offer a rich understanding of how and why – rather than just who, what, when and where. Within these pages you will find an absorbing and illuminating selection of some of the most popular explainers, as well as never before published pieces especially written for this book. There are surprising facts about all aspects of life and information about all kinds of investigations from throughout history and around the world. Prepare to be enlightened, enthralled and educated – you’ll never ponder how to evade that rampaging cassowary again!

So, if you’d like to start the year off by adding this curious book to your collection, simply tell us what question YOU would like to know the answer to. Serious or funny, that’s up to you – just make it one of our favourite three answers and you will WIN a copy of the book.

Entries close midday Monday 11 January 2021, Sydney/Melbourne time.


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