Word of the week: Graphophobia

Graphophobia (noun)

“Did you know that graphophobia is an overwhelming or irrational fear of writing or handwriting? According to Phobia Source: ‘Sufferers may doubt their ability to write well and experience intense fear that they will fail in writing. Most people with this fear might have experienced a traumatic event in the past such as writing for a class assignment or project and being ridiculed or criticised for having written such a poor piece. Some also have very poor handwriting. This may be an unconscious manifestation of their poor self-esteem wherein they will not make their handwriting legible so that it will be difficult to read and others will not read it anymore.’”

And to hear Valerie and Allison chat more about this and more on the world of writing, blogging and publishing, check out our podcastSo you want to be a writer.

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