Word of the week: Nicotine

Before this week's word, a special mention to the Build Your Author Platform graduate Facebook group, who each week have been trying their best to incorporate Valerie's word of the week (mentioned on podcast and here) into something they write that week. Some very creative uses so far!

Nicotine (noun)

“This week's word of the week is nicotine. I know that everyone is familiar with this word but did you know that it's actually named after a Frenchman called Jean Nicot? In 1559-60, he was an ambassador to Portugal and he sent some tobacco as a gift to the French Court. And so that's how the word nicotine was born.”

This week's Q&A discussed “eponyms” (words named after people) – and if you missed it there, check out our blog post on 22 other examples!

And to hear Valerie and Allison chat more about this and more on the world of writing, blogging and publishing, check out this week's Episode 113 of our podcast, So you want to be a writer.

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