Grammar and Punctuation Essentials

Grammar and Punctuation Essentials

Learn the rules. Kiss errors goodbye. Become one of *those* friends.

This course is ideal for: Anyone who just wants to know the rules, without having to look them up ...
Every. Single. Time.

You will:
Learn the key rules of punctuation and grammar
Discover how to avoid common business writing mistakes
Explore the nine parts of speech
Gain more confidence in your day-to-day writing
And much more






Starts Wednesday 21 February 2018 , 9am-5pm
One day
With Deb Doyle
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Guru guarantee!

  • Looking to refresh your grammar and punctuation skills?
  • Are you in a job where accuracy in English is essential? (Which should be in every job, but let’s not go there…)
  • Are your Word documents littered with green squiggly lines?
  • Want to kiss goodbye to your current Russian roulette approach to apostrophes, plurals and other gremlins?
  • If you’re keen to transform your writing into a thing of error-free beauty, this entertaining and informative day awaits!

Get to know your grammar

In many cultures, Grammar is a kindly old woman who bakes sponge cakes, knits jumpers and comments on how much you’ve grown. But the grammar we’re talking about here packs hand grenades and tripwires – showcasing English at its inconsistent best. And when teamed up with punctuation, they’re a mischievous pair – wielding a bunch of rules you’d swear had been designed to make us all look perpetually stupid.

But never fear – help is at hand! If you’re sick of patchy punctuation and grammar guesswork and just want to learn it once and for all, our one-day Grammar and Punctuation Essentials course is exactly what the doc ordered (document, that is). Because when you master the golden rules, your work becomes gold-star worthy every time!

In one day, you’ll learn:

  • the fundamentals of punctuation and grammar to give you more confidence in your writing and your job
  • common mistakes in business writing and how to fix them – things like apostrophes, plurals, quotes and lots more
  • the ‘grey areas’ of language – when to bend, break or keep a rule or convention
  • how to know when more than one solution is acceptable
  • practical and interactive exercises exploring and reinforcing the nine parts of speech and building blocks of English
  • the knowledge to feel empowered in correcting yours and other people’s writing
  • and MUCH more!

As an aspiring editor this course has given me a brief glimpse into what that profession requires. It has also shown me that I can really learn and use this knowledge, especially if there was more time for it to sink in.

- Mark Quisumbing

Understand and deliver

Your guide through this lexical minefield is Deb Doyle – an editorial expert with an uncanny ability to turn the traditionally dull-at-best world of punctuation and grammar into a fun, jam-packed, eye-opening and side-splitting journey!

At the conclusion of this one-day course, you’ll not only be able to identify and apply simple solutions to common writing quirks, but your work will be more professional, polished and easier to read. Turns out you can have your sponge cake and eat it, too!

WARNING: A by-product of this course is that you’ll find yourself scoffing at printed signs, tut-tutting advertisements and correcting your friends’ Facebook updates…

Bonus textbook

You’ll receive your very own copy of the comprehensive workbook Grey Areas and Gremlins: A Grammar and Punctuation Refresher (valued at $50). This is a useful resource you can refer to even when the course is over.

Course was very well run, and taught in a way that made it entirely accessible to me, I wish I’d done the course 15 years ago.

- Karl Melrose

Why learn grammar and punctuation?

If you are one of the many people who work with words, you might be struggling to make sense of what you write and read. You might be a professional freelance writer or hold a responsible position in the publications arm of a company or government enterprise – or you might be one of the many people who belong to the generations of Australians who missed out on learning grammar and punctuation at school.

If you lack confidence in explaining the choices you make when drafting or editing a variety of documents for a range of readers, you’ll transform your skills by completing this grammar and punctuation seminar.


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