Nat Amoore

Nat Amoore is an award-winning internationally published author of children's books.

Her latest book is We Run Tomorrow, with art by acclaimed graphic novelist Mike Barry, and her other books include The Right Way To Rock, The Power Of Positive Pranking and Secrets Of A Schoolyard Millionaire

Nat is the 2021 winner of the Environment Award for Children’s Literature. She has also been shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize and the REAL Children’s Choice Book Awards. In 2019, Nat was Australia's #1 bestselling debut children’s fiction author. Nat has also placed first and second at the CYA Conference and was the recipient of the CBCA Maurice Saxby Creative Development Program.

Nat’s also involved with podcasts, including writing a 5-part fiction series called PROJECT ARI, and co-hosting One More Page, which was a finalist at the Australian Podcast Awards. 

Nat used to be a trapeze artist, had a pet kangaroo when she was young and her secret super power is making stuff up (which is totally different to lying!).


Twitter: @Nat_Amoore

Some of Nat's books include:

What our students say about Nat:

“This course was amazing and highly recommended as engaging Nat shares gems of experience and loads of content to help budding creators present to kids. 11 out of 10.”

– Abbey Lane

“Nat was a joy to watch each session. I wish I had her energy and confidence, but hoping I get there soon after completing this course!”

– Lesley McGee

“Nat was excellent. I have gained so much knowledge and tips for presenting to kids, tailored to different age groups. I enjoyed her energy, enthusiasm and expertise.”

– Danielle Camer

“I enjoyed the practical advice and Nat’s generosity in sharing specific games and activities we can use for kids of all ages. She is an enthusiastic and generous presenter and gives us all something to aspire to.”

– Shannon Meyerkort

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