Nat Newman

Nat Newman is an award-winning writer who won the prestigious Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the Pacific Region with her story “The Death of Margaret Roe”. Her novella The Office of Dead Letters was published in 2022 and the sequel The Door of Inconvenience is due out in 2023. Her stories have appeared in Granta, Structo, Brittle Star, Overland and Shoreline of Infinity. Born and raised in Australia, Nat has walked across two countries, lived and worked in six, and now calls the universe her home.

Nat's book:

What our students say about Nat:

“Nat was great. She managed to provide constructive feedback in a way that made you feel that you could write.”

– Alison Tigg

“Nat was awesome and really funny. Her feedback was amazing. I learnt so much just from hearing her talk through what students had written. I felt supported and very motivated each week. The best part was listening to her read out my assignment on the feedback videos, because the story sounds even better when she reads it.”

– Rebecca McFerran

“I enjoyed the assignments. I appreciated Nat taking the time to provide feedback; each time it came out, I was overly excited to hear what she had to say. She didn’t just rush through; she gave everyone a fair amount of attention.”

– Jordy

“Nat has a wonderful knack for giving just the right advice. She was always encouraging and curious, and didn’t overwhelm students with stacks of feedback or constructive criticism. She also focused on the positives, so we felt inspired to continue our writing practice. I always looked forward to Mondays, knowing I’d get to listen to her read my story out loud and share some real gems I can put into action right away.”

– Fru Flower

“Nat Newman was fantastic. They appeared to approach each submission with the same level of enthusiasm and genuine care. They offered both positive and constructive feedback while giving very intuitive suggestions on how to not only improve on a specific assessment task, but also how we could go about improving and developing our writing in general. I think they were also very good at recognising themes for each submission. They not only adapted really well to our unique writing styles but also our skill levels and how and when we needed feedback on any issues we might be experiencing. They were encouraging and prompt with any questions in the course chat. They also posted and shared a lot of helpful videos and anything that might help improve our writing in general.”

– Courtney Egan

“Nat’s feedback was great – positive, constructive and enthusiastic. She’s really given me the confidence that I can write and be creative. Thanks Nat!”

– Heather Ward

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Novel Writing Essentials
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Creative Writing Stage 1
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