Sarah Bacaller

Sarah Bacaller is an author, researcher and audiobook producer/narrator from Melbourne. She co-directs the Australian audiobook production company, Voices of Today, and has produced audiobooks for Australian authors including Susanne Gervay, Hazel Edwards, Kate Constable, Rashida Murphy and Tony Rinaudo. She has worked alongside publishers such as SUNY Press, Scholastic, University of WA Press and Brill to negotiate audiobook production arrangements, and has narrated over 50 titles on Audible, with recent titles including Evie Dreams Big (Matt Stanton) and Hegel for Social Movements (Andy Blunden).

Sarah is also the author of The Fault Lines Founding Liberty (Wipf & Stock) and She, Tenacity (Incisus), and has had work published in The AgeSydney Review of BooksThe ConversationZeeFeed, and in various international academic journals. Her work spans diverse disciplines and genres, with academic work in the areas of philosophy, theology, Indigenous studies, culture and media, and she has undertaken editorial work for the Journal of Continental Philosophy and the Journal of Intercultural Studies. She is also an alumna of the Australian Writers’ Centre.

Some of the books Sarah has written and narrated include:

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