Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is an award-winning feature writer who is also CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre. She writes for a range of corporate and consumer publications and was previously a regular writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age for over 20 years. Valerie is also the author of seven books. Her latest books are So you want to be a writer (co-authored with Allison Tait) and Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business.

She mentors feature writers and copywriters who want to carve out a freelance writing career, and entrepreneurs and thought leaders who want to showcase their expertise in their own business book. Many of her students end up successfully publishing their work and developing lucrative careers in writing.

Valerie has worked at the publishing giants ACP Magazines, Pacific Magazines and EMAP – and currently works as a freelance editor for several consumer and corporate publications. Her work has also appeared in publications such as Voyeur, Silver Kris, Australian Financial Review and The Age.

She is a former accountant with PwC but switched careers many years ago when she finally gave in to her passion for writing.

Before becoming a freelance writer, Valerie spent several years working full-time in glossy magazines including her roles as features director for CLEO Australia and deputy editor of CLEO Singapore. For seven years, she was also the journalist behind the popular Enterprise blog on,,,, and

Valerie also hosts the popular top-rating podcast “So you want to be a writer“.

Twitter: @valeriekhoo


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What our students say about Valerie:

“Putting theory into practice was incredibly useful, as was the workshopping of story ideas and structures. Valerie was incredibly knowledgeable, and gave fantastic answers to all our questions. She was supportive, but also straight down the line when we were off the mark. A great balance.”

– Louise Errington

“Valerie’s vast knowledge and passion was evident in all of the sessions, and was a great inspiration. A well rounded, informative and highly practical course.”

– Sally Pater

“Valerie was a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter and the course itself was practical and inspirational. Excellent for any writer or wannabe writer who wants the skills and know-how to launch a freelance career. I now have theoretical and practical knowledge of the process of writing a feature article and getting it published. I have been inspired to pursue my passion for writing.”

– Samantha Lau

“I loved Valerie’s delivery – I could hear the genuine passion for her work in her voice. This was infectious and enhanced my learning. Valerie’s feedback was excellent and spot on. And thanks for taking the trouble to show us how to use a phone recording device. This is the same attention to detail which was apparent throughout the course. I have lots of practical knowledge which is new to me. I know how to tackle writing an article and how to improve it. Valerie has shown me a high standard to strive for.“I liked the flexibility and convenience which meant I didn’t miss a module. Even better with the online course, I could replay the audio to take notes or repeat key points. The handouts and examples were carefully selected and perfectly illustrated the points of each module.”

– Marion Nicolson

“The Australian Writers’ Centre Magazine Writing course is a must if you plan to tackle the world of freelance writing. Valerie Khoo not only provides an excellent class structure and industry knowledge but her enthusiasm is so infectious that you can’t wait to get started! I’ve just had my first article published in the Autumn edition of My Child magazine and I’m hooked! Thank you so much for your invaluable class, advice and support.”

– Candace Goffin

Presenter for:

Travel Writing
Turn your travels into cash! Learn how to craft compelling narratives and descriptive destination details.
Freelance Writing Stage 1
Do you dream of appearing in your favourite publication? Learn how to craft a well-rounded story and catch the eye of discerning editors.
Freelance Writing Masterclass Program
Learn how to engage your customers through effective UX/UI writing and equip yourself with the skills to convert customers through sign-ups and sales.
Content Writing
The key to effective content writing is ensuring that you really connect with your reader. It’s writing about issues and topics they find interesting. And it’s about writing in a way that’s easy for them to consume.

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