Vivienne Pearson

Vivienne Pearson is a Byron Bay-based freelance writer whose byline has appeared in Good Weekend, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Saturday Paper, ABC, SBS, MindFOOD, Good Food, delicious and more.

A writer without a niche, she writes features and opinion pieces on lifestyle, parenting, politics, food and news-related features.

Across 2019-2020, she held an inaugural Walkley Grant for Freelance Journalists, producing seven stories on the topic of school fundraising.

And, the best part of Vivienne’s bio? She started her writing career after doing AWC’s Freelance Writing Stage 1 course!

Prior to this, she had careers in health (as an occupational therapist) and research (as a research assistant and research administrator).


Vivienne's work has appeared in:

What Vivienne’s students say

“Vivienne was brilliant – very encouraging and positive and she was extremely generous with her time, providing excellent and timely feedback for our written work. The course notes were also very helpful indeed.”

– Judith Thomson

“Vivienne is a highly-skilled writer and an excellent teacher. So much valuable information was provided in addition to her insider tips and tricks.”

– Eve Dyer

“I loved Vivienne’s joy in her work. I benefited from her support and encouragement – and of course her comments on my work. She was honest, giving, supportive, positive, wide-ranging and gave us lots of options.”

– Ellen Evans

“Vivienne had a wonderful ‘teacherly’ energy, which fit this format of training well. I thought she was very generous with her time and using her experience to help others.”

– Stacey Brown

“Vivienne was fantastic. She was generous with sharing her experience, and very engaging. The fact that Vivienne is a published opinion writer provided great credibility and gave weight to the course content.”

– Megan

“Vivienne’s ability to present, inform and encourage was amazing. Just superb.”

– Moira

“Vivienne was generous on all fronts, on Zoom, in the content, sharing herself, and in her feedback and comments. Very organized, handled the time well. We were in good and capable hands.”

– Sarah-Louise Ricketts

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