Gillian 2 weeks ago

I did not really understand at first how plot and structure differed and wanted to learn more; as well as get a handle on how to write in a way that kept readers engaged.

Well set-out and the bonus content on how to structure series was so helpful too. I have a greater understanding of how to create, maintain and escalate narrative tension to make my writing engaging and enjoyable to read.

The AWC has a course for any genre, style, issue or topic of interest in writing, and every one of them is interesting and engaging, well-presented and thorough.

Alex Koodrin 2 weeks ago

The tutor was enthusiastic, supportive and gave good individual attention and feedback.

I enjoyed the combination of audio lessons, handouts and assignments with feedback.

Informative and professionally structured and presented. Well worth the investment. I am now one step on the way to writing my novel.

Courtney Snowden 2 weeks ago

This course has given me a great basic understanding of the anatomy of a picture book and what publishers are looking for. Within a couple of weeks of starting the course I was analysing the books I read to my kids. Also, the information on how to put together a manuscript for a publisher is just what I needed to know.

It's such an easy course to fit around life. I listened to the lessons while doing the kindy/daycare run. And each week was packed with information, tips and insider knowledge that I soaked up.

Amy Kroska 2 weeks ago

Writing a children's book has been a lifelong dream. I'm also trying to set a good example for my young children - if you want to achieve something, you often have to put in the time, practice and hard work.

I was very motivated by the deadline of completing some writing every week - it kept me focused. I appreciated the tutor's kind observations, encouraging and then also constructive.

It was the first step on my path to making my dream come true.... It has given me a framework to draft my ideas around.

If you want to be an author, you need to see yourself as an author! As a busy stay at home mum with a dream, it gave me permission to put aside some time to start focusing on a goal.

Don't just talk about it, do it!

Lopitta Fares 2 weeks ago

The trainer was very entertaining and knowledgeable. I loved the bonus handouts.

I found a new aspect to my love of writing and real estate.

Well organised and up to date lessons and inside tips from professionals make AWC the place to go for any writing course you are looking for.

Cheryle Szpaczek 2 weeks ago

I loved the course. I've learned a lot. Reading other students' work, I could see areas that I needed to improve on. The assignment and the exercises gave me more insight to the craft of story writing.

The tutor was great; I took on board all the feedback she provided.

I enjoyed having the chance to be creative, and meeting like-minded people.

The course just made me feel like I wanted more knowledge; the more I learn the better I'll become.

Carmen Jenner 2 weeks ago

Bernadette was very knowledgeable and her feedback on the assignments was very encouraging and helpful.

I enjoyed how easy it was to follow.

It helped build my confidence as I was already familiar with many of the principles but it helped confirm that I'm on the right track.

Paul Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

I enjoyed the handouts and Natasha's thoughtful style and pace of presentation. Liked the way she was prepared to share her personal experiences and glimpses of her writing process and manuscripts.

If you've heard or read about Scrivener as a powerful writing tool, yet feel a little daunted by its alleged complexity -- never fear! "Two Hours to Scrivener Power" will help you get started. You'll learn how to efficiently use Scrivener to power your writing, without letting Scrivener's power get in the way of your writing.

Susan Burdett 2 weeks ago

All feedback was super helpful thank you, and it always felt like a very encouraging and positive learning environment.

I enjoyed reading everyone's work and seeing all the different and interesting perspectives people brought to their assignments.

This was a great little course worth checking out if you're keen to write! It has helped me towards a decision to continue with my writing.

Great course, would def recommend. Thank you!

Lex 2 weeks ago

Valerie's delivery was excellent and I enjoyed the peppering of the content with examples from people who had undertaken the work and succeeded in their field. Also Valerie's humour-filled determination to herd us cats around potential pitfalls and imagined barriers!

It's entirely possible for me to write - for pleasure, for financial return and for others' enjoyment. Also I'm aware of others' writing all around me every day - and hence am picking up even more ideas.

I had not realised the extent of copywriting, features writing or technical writing - all of which fall regularly into my arena of experience.

AWC is a great place to dip your toe into the writing world, meet like-minded people and learn from current professionals in the many fields under the writing subject line. It is a place to safely spread your wings and learn to fly!

Amy Dewhurst 2 weeks ago

The examples of different types of articles and how to write them were fabulous - so very helpful, and I will use them as regular references. The information was practical and useful, and the course was quite quick to get through. I will watch these modules more than once; an excellent course.

The templates and examples of each type of article were so valuable. Thanks, Valerie and AWC!

I feel more confident in offering the various types of articles, and the templates have given me a great way to organise my work and get started quickly topic to topic.

I wholeheartedly recommend AWC courses, as you will never find better value for money, time, quality and instruction than the AWC courses.

Abby Wallace 2 weeks ago

I'd listened to the 'So you Want to be a Writer' Podcast for years, and listened to some great interviews with picture book authors, such as Victoria Mackinlay. The interviews were very inspiring. I've always wanted to write books. Since having kids my passion for picture books has grown. Lately, I haven't been able to stop thinking about writing picture books and did a few drafts earlier this year but wanted to make sure I was on the right track from the get go. I finally decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did!

I loved learning all about picture books, styles, process and learning about particular authors to look out for and classic books to add to my library. I also loved reading the stories from other classmates and hearing feedback about everyone's work.

Suzanne was great and very knowledgeable and helped me see the gaps in my stories and provided great feedback.

It's inspired me to move forward with my picture book writing!

Manisha Poudyal 2 weeks ago

Cathie was great. Her feedback was very thorough and very valuable, very encouraging and very constructive.

I had written a story prior to joining the course. When I read that story and the stories that I have written as part of this course, I can see a huge difference. It was fun to see myself improve through my stories.

My writing wasn't too bad (or so I thought :)), but it was very good to learn the technicality of picture book writing. The reference materials given were very good too.

A must-have if you want to learn the technical aspects of picture book writing.

Melissa Burgess 2 weeks ago

Bernadette is a wonderful tutor and created a comfortable learning environment with ease. She gave feedback in a constructive, practical and respectable way with plenty of food for thought and encouragement. Thank you, Bernadette, it's been a delight to work with you!

I enjoyed meeting wonderful writers and reading a diverse range of interesting and clever writing. I also found the critiques from the group on mine and everyone else's work to be incredibly helpful and thought provoking.

I really enjoy the online learning environment - I think the AWC does this incredibly well. The quality of the courses and the enjoyment you have connecting with other writers and industry professionals makes learning the craft of writing feel natural and attainable.

Fiona 3 weeks ago

The content was clear, outcome-oriented, systematically presented and useful (and interesting).

Receiving feedback on a regular basis was quite motivating. I felt Cindy was very diplomatic and consistent.

I enjoyed the weekly assignment and then prompt feedback which kept up the learning momentum.

Some of the mystery behind how to have an article published has been clarified. I will continue to do further courses.

Thank you, and where does Valerie get all her energy from :)

Dayle Fogarty 3 weeks ago

My workplace knew I loved to write and mostly in the creative space, however were keen to have me upskill for writing pieces for their online blog and socials. I'd previously completed a short course with AWC, and knew it would be straightforward, clear, and full of examples and ideas, and many more resources.

I really appreciated all the in-depth examples and clearly put concepts with formulas and videos. When writing my work's blogs, depending on what the piece is covering, I have an array of tools to refer to to ensure my writing is to the point, but has a nice point of difference.

I usually struggle with headings/headlines. So having a set formula for a catchy headline was great!

Rebecca Matthews 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed the very practical and no-nonsense approach to writing a scene. I really understand now how to approach a scene logically, rather than barrelling through without much thought on place and setting.

The AWC has great courses that really help you pick apart your writing and understand where you are going wrong (and right!).

Kim Seidler 3 weeks ago

The tutor was great! Her feedback was super helpful! Valarie is a wealth of knowledge and the assignments were really helpful too! I am inspired!

Go for it! It is an awesome way to learn and ignite your passion for writing!

Andrea 3 weeks ago

I liked the scope the course provided - from scene and structure to dialogue. I also liked that only 5 hours a week was needed to complete each module. I enjoyed the audio delivery as I could go back and re-listen whenever required. The handouts are soooooo helpful too! The feedback was one of the most attractive aspects and I looked forward to this every week!

I was worried about fitting it into my schedule as a teacher and mother of 2. I was also a little concerned about being overwhelmed by information, but I didn't feel this way at all.

I enjoyed the audio; it was so easy to digest the information. I could hardly wait for Monday to roll around to receive my writing feedback. I enjoyed reading everyone's writing and seeing other's interpretation of each assignment, plus listening to Jennifer's feedback on their writing as well.

I will now get my butt in the seat and write! With a new sense of direction. I cannot wait to start Novel Writing Essentials.

Brian Parker 3 weeks ago

I thought Jennifer was brilliant. Her critique was delivered in an eloquent fashion and always considered. I also loved how she delivered it all with a smile, with some helpful angles to further assist the students. Thanks, Jennifer!

I enjoyed having someone read my writing who doesn't have an emotional attachment to me - also the course content was helpful, helped me gain perspective and allowed me to think about maturing my writing techniques.

Take a chance with it - it might help you open your mind and give you confidence to put your wonderful stories to paper.

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