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Belinda 4 weeks ago

Cathie is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to give specific, customised feedback to each student. I enjoyed completing my manuscript and forming a great support network of fellow writers.

Completing a novel is such a rewarding experience, despite knowing it still needs a lot of work to be publishable! I actually wrote a middle grade novel during the end of the course and found it to be a far easier and enjoyable process than my original manuscript, as I could incorporate what I'd learned throughout the course in my writing.

The writers group that we've formed from the course has been the best surprise!

AWC courses are relevant, professional and enjoyable and will help you achieve your goals.

Eve Dyer 4 weeks ago

Vivienne is a highly-skilled writer but she is an excellent teacher. So much valuable information was provided in addition to her insider tips and tricks. Because writing opinion pieces is so new to me, I will go through my notes as well as access the course info while it is still available. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to write opinion pieces because I had only looked at two newspapers and didn't like the politics. But there are so many publications whose content is in my area of expertise and interest.

I enjoyed the other attendees' questions, the examples and how-tos, the practical ideas for each of the tasks required for submitting opinions. The feedback on the attendees' submissions were an excellent learning opportunity.

Jan Samuels 4 weeks ago

Bernadette is a great tutor and very generous with her time and knowledge. I have enjoyed every minute of her courses.

Excellent feedback, brilliant resources. I feel I have learned a lot, and there is even more to discover in Copy Club.

All my previous experience adds up to skills and knowledge that makes me more confident to call myself a copywriter.

AWC offers great courses - excellent value, practical and immediately applicable. They are really professional and fun at the same time.

Kevin Lynch 4 weeks ago

The course taught me so much about the basics. Made me realise that writing a novel is possible if one follows a process. Taught me the non-negotiables of novel writing and lots of tips for improvement. Tutor feedback was very good.

Jan Samuels 4 weeks ago

David was a generous, engaging and intelligent tutor. I enjoyed hearing his experiences as a profile writer. I've always admired David's writing so to spend time with him effectively one-on-one was very special.

Brilliant, practical, industry-focused courses offering knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately. Great value and depth.

Melise Ammit 4 weeks ago

The content and delivery were great. The feedback given was of high quality and akin to having a personal editor - terrific.

A well-developed and comprehensive course. I now have more confidence to submit my idea.

Ellen Evans 4 weeks ago

I loved Vivienne's joy in her work. I benefited from her support and encouragement - and of course her comments on my work. She was honest, giving, supportive, positive, wide-ranging and gave us lots of options.

I enjoyed the feedback not only from Vivienne but all the course participants. Seeing their work was great.

Sophie Gillies 1 month ago

This was the best professional development course of any kind I have ever done, and the best, most explicit, useful creative writing course too - just packed with useful content.

The tutor was professional, prompt, tactful but direct. Excellent.

I enjoyed the huge amount of practical guidance in the audio content.

I know so much no now about how to write a publishable book and get it in front of a publisher and everything that comes after. I am very hopeful I can get one or more published now.

Do it! If you're serious about learning to write a picture book, this is the course.

Stacey Brown 1 month ago

I've read a lot of opinion pieces in newspapers and always thought it was for experts, so I was interested to see how this format could be utilised by other people, especially as a way of also building credibility in a field.

Vivienne had a wonderful 'teacherly' energy, which fit this format of training well. I thought she was very generous with her time and using her experience to help others.

I have completed many courses at AWC. While I haven't pursued one single writing format from those that I have learned at AWC as a career, all of the varied skills I've learned have helped me succeed in my current role as a curriculum and content writer and now curriculum manager who mentors other curriculum writers - plus it has helped me to become very clear about my future goals as a writer outside of the training industry. This has all come about because of the support of the AWC facilitators and the community who, through the sharing of their own experiences and skills, help every student realise that we have what it takes to own the title of 'writer'.

Ann O'Hara 1 month ago

I enjoyed this course. The way Tim presented it was entertaining and humorous. It was so easy to watch his personality shining through the videos. The professional way he taught was really good.

Take that step and enrol in a Writers' Centre course. I have done quite a few to give me more knowledge with my writing. See where this journey takes you. Although you may find, like I did, that it takes you in a different direction. After doing Writing Chapter Books for 6-9 year olds and Laugh Out Loud, I have now found my writer's voice. To write funny stories for children. Thank you AWC.

Ms Sharon Handley 1 month ago

I have been interested in learning more about writing picture books for children for many years. I liked the content of the course and the way I was able to do the course online in my own time.

The way it is presented is good. The handouts are interesting and informative. Suzanne presented the modules clearly and gave useful feedback for each of my assignments and always had something positive to say. I will go over her comments when I continue working on my stories.

I just love writing really. It makes me happy and I can't wait to write some more over the holidays.

I would recommend this course to others and I will be enrolling in further AWC courses in 2022.

Pippa 1 month ago

Pamela was great. Generous with her time, allowing us to ask questions that weren't necessarily on the current topic but that all budding writers are desperate to hear and learn about.

I enjoyed hearing so many great ideas from the other students. Everyone talking Fantasy and Sci Fi was great, really 'got you in the zone' for that specific genre and got your brain thinking. Helped me break through a couple of blockages I had with my own story, just by having my head firmly planted in the genre.

I was in a bit of a rut for my third book. I think I have an idea now to get me out of that rut ... which is essentially why I signed up for the course, to see if it could knock me back on track.

I think this is probably my 6th or 7th course with AWC. If I didn't like them then I wouldn't keep coming back. Go for it. Helps to get the inspiration firing and put your bum back in the chair.

Casey 1 month ago

I knew I wanted to write genre fiction and thought this would help to give me the lay of the land (and it very much did!)

I enjoyed all of it! But the standout is the connection - with the tutor, with the other writers, with my own ideas. I loved the presumption of being a writer that applied to us all - there was no sense of needing to earn my stripes or make disclaimers about being a tentative beginner. It was wonderful! Pamela is a goddess.

People liked my story idea. They bothered remembering things about it and being curious about it. I'd never told anyone anything tangible about a story idea before this class, never even committed vocally to wanting to be a writer. Now I know that I can write a book and however it turns out I'll have had an awesome time.

Arrigo Dorissa 1 month ago

I completed How to Write for Children and Young Adults and was impressed with the quality of the course and tutor. Novel Writing Essentials seemed to be the next logical step for my further education in writing a novel.

The course content made so much sense and was invaluable for developing a mindset of persistence in what is, for many, a very abstract or romanticized endeavour: writing a novel. The technical advice and feedback provided by the tutor and audio modules was exceptional in quality and delivery of information/education.

Angela impressed me with her professional communications (to me and other students) and critiques. Like other tutors at AWC, to be encouraged, educated and critiqued by someone who's established in the industry like Angela, gave me confidence to keep going with my writing and feel great about the decision of having enrolled in the course.

Sue 1 month ago

The information is detailed and comprehensive and the activities extremely helpful. The tutor's feedback was positive and always gave something to work on.

I enjoyed seeing the shift in my writing because I was really practising and focussing. I now know how to go about writing a picture book from go to whoa.

The course is great. You can't go past it. It is intense because it is crammed with information and activity. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dr Nur Bano Ali 1 month ago

I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot about how to refine and control my writing. Angela is generous with her comments and positive with her critique. Her comments were detailed and invaluable.

I am motivated and will keep going and am looking forward to writing my first story.

If you want to write you must go through at least the creative writing course - it is brilliant for putting you on your track to write.

Lisa 1 month ago

I enjoyed the course. I loved getting the feedback and seeing the progressive stories of other students. The exercises were a very good motivation for me and something I will use in the future.

I realised that I was not alone in the way that I think about writing. It is different for each person but to know that other people struggle and that it is not always a walk in the park was very enlightening for me.

I am no longer as hard on myself and no longer (well most of the time) strive to write perfectly. I have a clearer and better understanding of the process of writing.

It is a safe and friendly environment to get your toes wet.

Thank you for the course. I am happy I made the decision to enrol and I am hoping to enrol in more courses moving forward.

Karen Young 1 month ago

I now feel more confident about embarking on writing a historical novel. I particularly enjoyed learning more about world building and how important this is to creating an authentic historical story.

Brandon Davidson 1 month ago

As always, Bernadette's wisdom has been a great source of education. This course has pushed me in the right direction to truly become a freelance copywriter straight out of the gate.

Suzy Malseed 1 month ago

I enjoyed the flexibility and the bite-sized learning modules. I feel empowered that I can actually do this...I know I am still learning but I am confident to call myself a freelance writer now.

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