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Sarah Barnier 1 week ago

Thank you so much for offering this course in this way. The flexibility afforded, with the accountability offered, was exactly what I needed to make a start on this new career pathway. I hope to come back and do a further course later this year.

Loved the course content, loved the format delivered in. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable, clear, precise, positive, and confident in what they were presenting. Very constructive feedback on assignments submitted.

It showed me that I CAN actually go out and give this a go, even after just 5 weeks.

Kellie Gorman 2 weeks ago

I wanted to broaden my writing skillset and have always been interested in copywriting - and previous AWC courses I've completed have been both enjoyable and informative.

The content was great and each week built upon the next well. I love that you can keep the resources. I also had a great, interactive class on the chat which made it more enjoyable.

Bernadette is fantastic - warm, engaging, and explains things in a really clear way. She also gives useful, actionable feedback that improves your skills.

I enjoyed all of it! But I really enjoyed the creative brief process and tips on where to find clients.

I will now call myself a copy writer without feeling shy about it - and get out there and hustle for some work!

Holly Latham 2 weeks ago

I've had my own copywriting business for just over 2 years and wanted to get a better understanding of the SEO elements.

Bernadette is a fantastic tutor and provides amazing feedback. I now have a much better understanding of SEO that I can now offer to my clients.

Great course, great value for money, fantastic tutor.

Malcolm McEwen 2 weeks ago

Pamela is clearly a very accomplished author. The course was comprehensive (while by its nature "introductory") and feedback was also thoughtful and helpful.

I'm one of those I-know-best kind of people. I wasn't expecting to learn much. But I found the structure of the course was logical, each module was of the right duration, and the online format allowed me to take heaps of notes, which I'm now revising.

Don't hesitate, just do it! I've recommended it to my wife, who's Head of English at a Sydney high school. She's been very impressed when she's overheard some of my lessons.

Just thanks, I really enjoyed it - more than I thought I would.

Julie Ward 2 weeks ago

The course was well-structured, provided examples, and spoke to the notes. It brought the art and composition of scenes to life and pointed out to me the built nature. The idea of making sure the scene is from the point of view character was illuminating.

Fiona Basile 2 weeks ago

I knew it would be good, but I'm amazed by how much was packed into this course.

I loved the handouts that provided the structure I was chasing to develop my characters and their world. The prompts and questions cover so many areas, and I could easily see where my research needed polishing.

My understanding of how, what and why to research has become much clearer. I was flailing around, but now have a structure and feel a lot more confident with both researching and writing.

Do it. Don't even bother to think about, just book yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Anna Roberts 3 weeks ago

I had no idea I had so much to learn! The content was fascinating and so helpful.

Publishing has always been a mystery to me although I've often wondered about it. I feel like I just got all the answers.

If you've ever wondered about publishing your own book, do this course first! It's packed full of information that you don't realise you need to know. Excellent value for money.

Lynette 3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the content on structure and the business of writing. Writing can seem so airy fairy. It was good to think of it in more concrete terms.

Pamela gave specific and useful feedback. I also enjoyed listening to the feedback on the work of others as it made you think about other aspects of writing.

It has given me confidence in my own writing.

Ana Foley 3 weeks ago

I was really interested in reigniting my passion for creative writing, which I realised I hadn't lost - it just needed some air time :)

I found Bernadette's feedback accurate and timely. Overall, she guided the group well, and there were a few great moments that I personally found very useful. I also really loved the diversity of the writers - age, gender and style. We had it all.

Lara Arden 3 weeks ago

Once I'd completed the Copywriting Essentials course, I thought that this would be an ideal follow-up one to do next. I'm glad I found it, and got to do it after the Copywriting Essentials course.

I enjoyed Dean and his presentation style. He was great to listen to, follow along to, and to learn from. His humour, metaphors, presentation slides, teaching, templates, audio sounds, and extras added terrific value for the course.

I feel very satisfied, like after a rich Christmas turkey meal. I'm stuffed!

I now have the tools and confidence to write the listings for my own homes that I come to sell. I can offer my writing services as a copywriting agent to many types of people in the real estate industry.

Take one of the AWC courses, go through it, and apply what you learn. You'll be amazed at your new knowledge and skills.

Carmel Heale 3 weeks ago

I absolutely loved this course. Before I decided to enrol in the course, I thought I knew enough to build my copywriting business. I'm so glad I changed my mind and completed the course as it was full of helpful tips, tools, strategies and information to confidently build my copywriting business.

The tutor was friendly, humble and extremely knowledgeable. The feedback she gave was very constructive.

I enjoyed the assignments. Listening to the feedback for my assignments and everybody else's. Learning about how to market myself.

Mariana Salazar Figueroa 3 weeks ago

Cindy's feedback always made sense to me and you could see through her comments how experienced she is regarding feature writing.

I enjoyed the clarity with which each module is imparted. I felt like I was spoon-fed through each step on how to become a freelance writer, from the basics to the most technical aspects after you are already published.

It made clear for me that being a freelance writer and make a living out of it is possible.

Thank you for making these high-quality courses. They can open the eyes of many people pursuing a writing career thanks to their clarity and the relevant information that is imparted.

Marguerite Clancy 3 weeks ago

Natasha's presentation used a variety of techniques which catered for all learning styles. I enjoyed having access to the PDFs to refresh what I learnt in the videos.

It was an inspiration to keep on trying even when faced with a number of rejections.

A must do course if you really wish to get published.

Andrea Sherko 3 weeks ago

I learned so much! I have started a blog and am excited about the possibilities.

The whole thing was a revelation! The step-by-step instructions to set up on Blogger made it very easy.

I have got started, and now feel that I can keep going!

Madeline 4 weeks ago

Loved the inclusiveness, feedback on my writing and encouragement. It has given me confidence to continue writing, that my ideas are good and can make a difference.

Overall, I really liked it. It was really beneficial and helped me achieve my aim.

Judith Thomson 4 weeks ago

Vivienne was brilliant - very encouraging and positive and she was extremely generous with her time, providing excellent and timely feedback for our written work. The course notes were also very helpful indeed.

I actually enjoyed writing the assignments and receiving feedback on how to improve them. And it was liberating to hear that anyone could have a publishable opinion, it wasn't just for experts. Thank you, Vivienne!

I now feel my opinion is not something of which to be ashamed. It might, with some polishing and more experience, even be publishable!

I have a strong tendency to write and not publish (all those manuscripts in my computer files...) but Vivienne had me submitting within hours of finishing the first lecture. This was really important for me.

Denise Fernandes-Dodsley 4 weeks ago

I had completed the 'How to write for Children and Young Adults' course and it was excellent, so I was excited to continue on my writing journey with AWC.

Angela Slatter is very knowledgeable and provides real insight into the art of writing. Angela also provided constructive, direct and real feedback in a respectful manner. I feel like I learned a lot.

The course material was excellent. However, the part I enjoyed most was the actual writing, giving and receiving feedback to/from fellow writers and Angela.

Since I was 8, I had always imagined I would one day be a writer... that dream moved further and further away. However, this course has provided me with some real tools and I feel like it has finally kick started my writing journey.

If you want to write for fun, if you want to make writing your career, if you just want to kick start your creative side, there are a host of courses with AWC that might benefit you. This course could be the start of your writing journey.

Kellie Gorman 4 weeks ago

Bernadette is a great tutor - engaging and down to earth with a wealth of experience. I had a great group too - who were kind and supportive towards each other so that made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Bernadette's feedback was prompt, clear and actionable - and she's great at delivering it in a kind and direct way!

The content was fascinating and has opened my eyes to the layers of technique that go into the copywriting and SEO copywriting that surrounds me every day.

It's pushed me out of my comfort zone to take those first steps to launch my own business. It now seems achievable.

AWC provides good quality courses with clear instruction and handy resources to help you up-skill, re-skill or learn a new skill.

Keep doing what you're doing team!

Jan Samuels 4 weeks ago

Bernadette is highly skilled, experienced and very credible. I felt like I was learning from an industry leader.

I enjoyed the practical knowledge imparted, and how well it linked with Copywriting Essentials, which I did at the same time.

This is about the ninth course I've done with AWC. They have all been great. SEO copywriting is next ...

Great courses, very practical, good value and a lot of fun.

Suzy Malseed 4 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the course, including Valerie presenting on the videos and Cindy providing weekly feedback. I enjoyed the flexibility and being able to self-pace my assignments and learning.

I have developed more skills and understanding around how to pitch.

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