Julie Ward 1 week ago

I love romance stories, so I was interested to find out the genre-specific requirements of romance writing.

The course was very detailed and informative in the plotting and character requirements. Great information and value for money.

Damien Hickman 1 week ago

Angela was great. I looked forward to her feedback each week.

The interaction and reading others' stories was a lot of fun. For someone who lives where there are no writing groups, it was nice to have some online contact.

I knew I could write at a better-than-average level but at the end of the course I gut-level believe the only thing between me and being published is putting in the hours to work my craft. I have a strong sense of confidence that with time my stories will come out.

To quote Nike - Just do it!

Sophie Holliday 1 week ago

Loved the work, got my creative brain thinking lots! Will definitely incorporate all of the advice into my writing.

The tutor was very supportive and encouraging. Was good to have her affirm points and show she understood the messages and meanings behind my assignments.

Made me more confident in my writing ability.

An amazing course that gives you lots of confidence, knowledge and creative inspiration!

Melanie Cage 1 week ago

I have never really known much about freelance writing but read magazines, newspapers and articles and always thought 'I could do that' but had no idea where to start.

The course provided excellent content to get me started on my freelance writing career. It gave me a great starting point and worked through structure and content and finally approaching editors which I feel is the difficult part.

Vivienne provided awesome feedback on my writing and I felt I was on the right track. I really had no idea what I was doing in terms of article writing and pitching ideas but Vivienne gave me the confidence to keep going.

I enjoy the flexibility of listening to the lessons but also having the deadline at the end of the week to submit the assignment.

I never really knew where to start in freelance writing but this course has opened my eyes and given me the confidence to write and approach editors.

Absolutely go for it. If you have any interest in writing in any form the AWC is the best place to go to learn and perfect your craft. I love the large variety of courses and the fact you can do any genre.

Thank you for a great 5 weeks full of information, inspiration and confidence.

Carissa McQualter 1 week ago

I thought this was a good course to learn the fundamentals of writing and to learn about storytelling. Angela was encouraging and positive. She was open to helping and being asked questions.

I enjoyed listening to the audio lessons each week and learning different things. I also enjoyed completing the assignments and reading everyone else's submissions.

I feel like it has given me the confidence to continue with my manuscript and taught me what I should be looking out for to make it better.

If you enjoy creative writing and want to learn more about the different elements of writing, do this course!

Thank you :)

Kit 1 week ago

I was interested in learning some basics to give me a kick start with a writing project I've been struggling with, and this course seemed like it would give me some structure and advice. I thought it might not teach me anything more than I'd learn by seeking out advice in a more informal way - but actually I found the course to be really valuable.

I've gained more confidence in my ability to write something and get it published - the course treats this as something that is achievable for anyone who puts their mind to it, and not just the preserve of rare literary geniuses.

This course demystifies the craft of writing by giving sound practical advice on the basics of storytelling. The course is instructive without being dogmatic. It gave me the motivation to write more and the encouragement to believe I can achieve my goals.

Lisa Gledhill 1 week ago

My son bought it for me to inspire me to get serious about my writing!

This course made me realise that I need to allow time to be creative. It's so easy to not find time to do the things you want to do because of the things you have to do. Also, don't expect to get it right the first time! It's okay to rewrite, change direction, leave and revisit. It's all fine!

Invest some time in yourself, you never know what you might discover!

Philippa Kaye 1 week ago

I wanted to learn more about romance writing genres as my WIP had romance in it but wasn't technically a romance novel.

I enjoyed all the new information I learned. I now know I have written a mystery with romantic elements.

It's attractive because it's self-paced and you will definitely learn something, even if it's: you're on the right track!

Maddy Lansdown 1 week ago

I was just drawn to it as I was writing a novel but was stuck. I thought the info and the workshopping with other authors would help me, which it has. My only hesitation was would I have the time. I did and by making the time it helped to keep to a deadline. I will now keep that time for writing.

The online tutor Jenny was great. She has a lot of knowledge and will give it freely. I value her input. I enjoyed the workshopping.

I am a lot clearer now about all that goes into writing a novel. The pieces were there, I just needed to put them together, which is what the course did. All the strands are connected. It's just putting them together for me.

Glad I signed up!

Jacqueline Waters 1 week ago

I enjoyed the dialogue between the presenter and host. The illustrations of good and bad examples. It's good to listen to experts in their field.

Louise Hume 1 week ago

I felt supported by the friendly online community and the range of activities and information perfectly suited my ability level.

Angela was always kind and supportive. She provided thoughtful and useful feedback. I enjoyed the range of activities and the feedback (from peers and Angela).

Just do it! It truly doesn't matter where you are in your writing journey - the more opportunities you have to refine your craft the better writer you will become.

Thank you for providing this course. I also really enjoyed the access to the Zoom events and found them very useful and inspiring - great idea!

Ann Connolly 1 week ago

I am writing a historical novel and am very open to learning everything I can.

The course had a wealth of helpful, detailed information. It was given me more confidence that I am giving writing my historical writing a jolly good go!

Excellent, detailed course with valuable bonus information on doing research and defamation.

Kaitlin Parry 1 week ago

The tutor knew what she was talking about. Her feedback made sense and was very helpful. She did well to balance the positives with helpful critiques.

I enjoyed the assignments and receiving personalised feedback.

A great starting point for writing enthusiasts with unique help from industry professionals. It has given me some creative inspiration and has encouraged me to keep at it!

Delia Forrest 1 week ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and looked forward to the weekly modules. It gave me the creative outlet I needed.

Bernadette was clearly very knowledgeable about copywriting. Her manner was warm and engaging and, despite her years of expertise, she never claimed to be an expert, even though she probably is!

I enjoyed the chance to be creative in a different way each week. I found myself looking at copy all over the place - billboards, print, screen, newspaper and thinking how I might have written that or how I could use that as a springboard for my own copy.

I've been writing since I was a child and even published a few articles. But I never knew what a copywriter actually did. This course has shown me I can enjoy being a writer, hopefully get paid and be very creative. I can't wait to get started.

If you like any kind of writing, their courses will excite you and give you the feeling you can write. Whether you make money from it is up to you but the AWC certainly gives you the tools to get out there and try.

Julie Ward 1 week ago

Louisa was great. Very friendly and very affirming. I enjoyed the resources, the exercises and Louisa's personal anecdotes.

I am now confident that I can structure and plot to meet the expectations of readers of crime fiction.

Great courses, great tutors and a great way of meeting other aspiring writers.

Love the work you do!

Ann Connolly 1 week ago

The course gave me so much more than I was thinking it would. I enjoyed the amount of detail. It confirmed I have done quite a bit right but there are areas that need improving.

As I am writing historical fiction, I have come to understand it takes a great deal of learning, research and being open to feedback and however many drafts it takes, to get to a point where I am ok with sending it out there!

The amount of detail is guiding me to make positive changes to my writing and has given me more confidence that I can get my story into good shape!

Michelle Fraser 2 weeks ago

Louisa had the best tips and really got my gears working for plotting and all the things I'd never even thought of. She was easy to interact with. An honest and genuine person. She has enthusiasm for the genre and the teaching. That's always nice.

I enjoyed learning something new. Compact yet concise format. Small group. Interactive.

I would recommend this course in particular. I would also say to sign up for the newsletters and enter the competitions when you can. Join in on the free sessions and learn what you can. Who doesn't love free stuff?

Lisa C 2 weeks ago

I have completed courses with the AWC before and found them to be both informative and enjoyable. When this course turned up in my emails, I thought that it sounded interesting.

Louisa was an excellent presenter. It was great to have her personal experience as an author interwoven with the course theory. I enjoyed her engaging delivery of the course.

Steve Barnewall 2 weeks ago

I had started writing a novel and halfway through, I realised I needed some help.

Petronella did a great job critiquing the assignments. She was constructive at all times. I can now recognise all the things I had been doing wrong in writing my novel.

Very professional, informative and not overly expensive.

Nicole Locke 2 weeks ago

My tutor was absolutely fantastic. Jenny has been incredibly helpful and provided many important insights that I have incorporated into my work.

I enjoyed workshopping and building a community. Everyone has been really encouraging.

Every lesson and workshop provided me with the information and support I need to take my writing to the next level. Without the support of this community, I would not be as far into my novel as I am today.

I have a lot more confidence in my writing. I would probably have given up by now if not for the course.

Thank you!

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