Gaye 1 week ago

I wish I'd done this course before starting on my first book! I can see it would have saved a lot of time.

I'd bought Scrivener, and can usually muddle my way through most software, but I soon realised I could get so much more out of it if I learnt some of the basics first.

AWC has such a great variety of courses. I've done a few now and they have all been very well put together and presented. I look forward to completing further courses.

Julie Randolph-Davis 1 week ago

Lots of practical and useful information given. The presenter and her style demonstrated her knowledge and expertise.

I enjoyed the discussion about marketing and self-promotion and how vital it is to get your title known. It has clarified the business model on how audiobooks are created and distributed.

The expertise of AWC presenters is exceptional. The courses are reasonably priced. It is very easy to enrol.

Karen Andrews 2 weeks ago

I loved this course. It gave me some great ideas in an easy-to-follow format. Tim Harris is a fabulous teacher, entertaining, insightful and experienced in delivering punchlines! Definitely recommend Laugh Out Loud!

I have changed up my writing and started writing a funny chapter book series. I'm loving it.

Rose Costa 2 weeks ago

Write Your Novel made me feel like a writer. It was experiential not just information. The workshopping as well as working on my manuscript was a lot but it absolutely works in changing how you think about your manuscript.

I was amazed at the quality of the feedback from the group. Everyone put so much effort into it. Thank you Bernadette for all your hard work and hours reading and providing feedback. Know it was really appreciated.

When Bernadette gave me feedback that my manuscript 'reminds her why fiction is vital in our society-it can shine a light on real issues that we should think about and act on, in a way that's not threatening or dull, but manages to draw readers in.' I found this so motivating and grounding, it was exactly what I set out to do in the beginning.

I really liked the audios. I loved being part of a small group of new writers. The others in the course were so supportive and constructive. I really enjoyed workshopping and reading the different genres. I looked forward to the group's feedback and I've taken it on board as well as Bernadette's.

I loved the Zoom meetings. They made me feel like it wasn't just online. Discord was great. It helped to get to know the others in the group. I'm thrilled that our group has joined a new Discord chat. I love that we can stay in touch and keep supporting each other.

I enjoyed the tutorials. They were encouraging yet clear about what needed to be achieved. I've saved the great handouts and I'm sure I will be referring back to them regularly.

The course and its feedback have left me so clear about what I need to do in my next draft, much clearer than I thought I would be. And it's left me with the confidence that what I've written is good and can now be even better. Our group hasn't got to the point yet of the pitch or submitting our manuscripts to Jo Mackay but I'm very excited about the opportunity and will make sure my next draft is as cooked as I can make it.

Absolutely do the Write Your Novel course and create a world for your characters that you'll know is taking your manuscript on a journey of discovery. It's worth the time and financial commitment.

Cheryl 2 weeks ago

I have never attempted a dual timeline before so was interested on Pamela's take on how to best achieve a dual timeline story.

I like the easy and fluid way Pamela explains each point in a way that is not talking down to the viewer or treating them like an idiot, but as someone who just really wants to learn.

There were a few things mentioned that had never occurred to me as to what goes into setting up for a dual timeline.

It is well worth it. Just do it.

Leonie Jennings 2 weeks ago

This course is really well thought out and structured in a logical way. It's easy to dive into to find a particular detail. It's made me more determined to finish my novel and get it published.

While I thought I understood the process, the course made me realise how many small traps are out there, waiting for the unwary first time author. Now I'm ready.

Excellent, comprehensive, well-written and nicely presented courses for every aspect of writing and publishing.

Angela Paten 2 weeks ago

I was referred to this course by a friend, and when I looked over the course details I was impressed how it covered a wide range of practical and helpful content. I also liked how feedback was provided each week.

It was a confronting thought to put myself out there and open my writing up to constructive criticism, however I discovered it is a very safe space to do so.

I was impressed by how Margaret gave specific and helpful feedback to each student, as well as creative options and ideas we might not have considered. She was consistently encouraging about all writing submitted.

I enjoyed learning about the specifics of writing picture books. Each week's module was easy to follow, and having the handbook is a good reference.

I enjoyed listening to feedback not just for myself, but listening to others' feedback because it helped broaden my thinking and my learning. The weekly feedback on writing is invaluable. I was nervously excited each week waiting to receive that feedback. I took notes and learned so much from it.

I feel as though I have been given the keys I was looking for and I can now unlock my stories. I feel more confident to progress down the path of being a writer. Before the course, being a ‘writer' felt unattainable, but now it feels possible.

It is one of the best value for money courses that I have done. If you are interested in writing, AWC makes content easy to access and learning enjoyable.

Linda Jackson 2 weeks ago

Bernadette was a great tutor and I found her feedback very helpful. The workshopping with other writers was also very good. We're all at different levels of capability and in different places in our writing journey so it works well that sometimes you are helping others and sometimes others are helping you.

Bernadette's feedback was timely and resonated with me. She is able to capture a number of different types of issues and help you to see them more clearly. She was very encouraging, knowledgeable and reliable.

Even though I've done this class before I was still learning new things and had a couple of great light bulb moments which have improved the quality of my writing.

I had a real light bulb moment around my work being overwritten and now understand what that looks like so I can avoid it! I now have an online community of other writing buddies to continue to workshop with - something I've been trying to get going for years.

I've done quite a few courses through the AWC over the last 5-6 years and I've learned so much. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing when I write fiction. I'm 52; it's never too late!

If you want to learn different tools and skills to write fiction and stay motivated to get it done, then AWC is for you!

Rebecca Watson 2 weeks ago

When I completed the Writing Picture Books course, I really wanted to keep the ball rolling and signed up for the Masterclass soon after. My only concern was, like many others, how was I going to find the time? I had a toddler, and I was pregnant with my second child. I managed to find it though!

The course made me passionate for writing again. I have learned how to manage my time and now I look forward to the free time I make to write.

If you are passionate about writing and want to take the next step, then registering for a course with the Australian Writers' Centre is the best way forward.

Peter Waterman 2 weeks ago

I think it was a comprehensives course without being overwhelming. The tutor was very knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge.

I have been a journalist all my life. This is a pivot from fact-based writing. Definitely shows even people who think they know how to write can learn a lot.

Jacqui Hawkins 2 weeks ago

I absolutely loved this course. It is the second course I have done and now I'm enrolled in Write Your Novel.

Great tutoring. The feedback was extremely helpful.

I enjoyed reading other people's work, workshopping and the accountability to keep writing my novel.

I have learnt so much about the craft of writing. Without this course, I would not know where to start or what I was doing.

If you are serious about learning the craft of writing or you want to write a novel, this course is essential to your journey as a writer.

I loved it and I can't wait to do Write Your Novel.

Linda Marie Shmith 2 weeks ago

The insights of the writing process were extremely helpful. The use of invisible punctuation, active sentences, concrete words, rhythm and plot structure to name a few. This is such a rich and generous course that includes bonus exercises and industry interviews.

The tutor had kindness and care for her students. Her feedback was detailed and useful.

If you are interested in writing children's picture books, I can highly recommend the Australian Writers' Centre course. The structure is methodical, with notes and lectures. The information is detailed with examples, and each week you receive feedback from an industry recognised editor. Gold.

Sue Morris 2 weeks ago

Vivienne was wonderful. She was very helpful, insightful and generous. She provided the feedback I needed to help me learn.

I thought the assignments were well thought out. Vivienne's video feedback was personalised by seeing her face in the video. The ability to read the other students' work and feedback was helpful.

I now have an idea of how to write for media even though I have not trained as a journalist.

The course is very practical and by the end of it you will be able to propose a feature to an editor and may be able to be published.

Barbara Norris 2 weeks ago

The whole course is enjoyable, and with sharing Facebook info and Zoom sessions, I'm feeling confident.

I'm enjoying reviewing my old manuscript, while working through the modules supplied within the Romance Writing course and applying proven technical advice. I'm now excited about my future prospects of becoming a writer.

I can only praise AWC for this amazing course. I fully recommend this course to anyone wanting to write a romantic or romantic elements manuscript.

Kim 2 weeks ago

The sessions were short and digestible and I like that I could go at my own pace. The resources were also very good.

I knew planning was important but I often rushed through it instead of taking my time. The course was a reminder that I can take my time to plan my story and not have to jump right in - the world building is my favorite part of the writing journey so I can spend more time here.

I'd recommend the course. It was informative and professional and easy to follow for new writers and a good reminder for more seasoned writers.

Calista Bruschi 2 weeks ago

Lesley was engaging. Her ability to offer first-hand guidance was beneficial.

I appreciated the real-life (current) examples used by Lesley throughout the course. Her use of her own series didn't sound like a sales pitch. The pace of the course was good.

I now feel more confident about writing for the 6-9-year-old age group.

I've done three courses through the AWC and found each uniquely beneficial to my writing. It doesn't guarantee publication, but the courses have provided the inspiration, professional guidance and encouragement needed to keep going. The AWC is unmatched in that regard.

Mary Ann Ballard 2 weeks ago

Kate is very easy to follow and is so knowledgeable. She walks the walk, not just talking the talk. She made the structure easier to follow and opened my eyes to what a synopsis is without the fear.

I did not realise I would get to see beautiful artworks and hear so much on myths and fairy tales. I found it really interesting and I now have a new list of books to read.

I can see a way out now. I can plot and plan my way to a better novel.

Set an intention now to do this course.

Richard McIntosh 3 weeks ago

I found Mark to be a very knowledgeable, honest and encouraging tutor. His feedback was clear and detailed and provided me with a good insight into what I was doing well and what I could improve on.

The assignments each week felt like real-world tasks that I will get as a copywriter in the future, so I felt like it was really preparing me for what lies ahead.

It's given me the confidence I needed to say 'I'm a writer' and to go out and start looking for clients.

I'd probably say the first assignment and the feedback I got was the 'aha...see Richard, you can write!' moment where my confidence lifted.

AWC courses are well worth doing. Engaging lessons, real-world weekly assignments that help you get used to writing to deadlines.

Maria Salvador 3 weeks ago

I loved Vivienne's expertise and insights on op-ed writing. I learnt quite a lot over the four weeks. I also very much appreciated Vivienne's feedback to the weekly assignments.

It's helped me to write concisely and to the point, that's for sure. Loved the zooming in/out aspect of opinion writing from module 3, which was probably the module I got the most take aways from.

I gained so much insight from opinion writing and from our tutor Vivienne Pearson. I loved hearing about her own experiences in her own published pieces as well as the other writers she interviewed for the different modules.

I very much appreciated that Vivienne took the time to provide valuable feedback to students to improve their own writing and really encourage us to submit letters to the editor and our own op-ed pieces.

The length of the course was just right! Thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. I've now got the confidence to submit an op-ed piece.

Do it! This is the second course I've taken from AWC and I highly recommend taking a course that you're genuinely interested in and apply in your own career/profession. You'll enjoy it more.

Holly Denshire Key 3 weeks ago

Judith was so enthusiastic and encouraging. She never made you feel like you couldn't do a task and really pushed everyone to do their best work. Really fantastic teacher!!

I enjoyed the creative feedback everyone gave each other. It felt extremely supportive and encouraging.

I am keen to look at my favourite books and see what makes them work so well. Judith reading out aloud to us really helped me understand what elements go into a successful picture book.


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