Katinka Smit 3 weeks ago

I'm using Scrivener to write a memoir for somebody and I knew I was working too hard and too slowly in the program.

I enjoyed seeing how the course was used in an actual manuscript, and the thrilling moment of understanding how I could organise my material and finally start to shape it into a book.

I feel much more capable of actually writing this book now. It made me realise that I already have a first draft in the form of transcribed interviews, I just need to shape that and rewrite it into a narrative that works on the page and is compelling.

I realised how I can organise my material faster, and better, so that it's actually functional and understandable and not a fat hot mess of too much.

I have already recommended this course to another friend who also has the Scrivener software but knows she is not using it to capacity. I told her: this will change the way you look at your manuscript and the way you rewrite it. (She has a first draft)

Vicki Ible-rochau 1 month ago

I was using Scrivener and had written two chapters but felt that I was missing out on some of the functions.

I had no hesitations enrolling in this course because I had completed a few other AWC courses and knew that they were very always clear, targeted and well set out for an optimum learning experience.

I appreciated how Natasha would reinforce learning from previous videos incidentally as she moved through new concepts.

I will be starting my project anew - transferring research and chapters - with much greater confidence that I'm heading in the right direction.

Kerryn Mayne 4 months ago

I was on the fence about using Scrivener, but think it's going to be an excellent program to write with. I will now use it and hopefully it will save me time and streamline the writing process.

The AWC is an awesome resource for writers of all levels. Such a great support and champion for writers.

Jacquie Goddard 5 months ago

I loved the course, and learned so much. It is a massive program that will take time and patience to master.

Natasha led the course in an easy-to-understand manner. I liked that she, as a skilled and successful author, showed us in a practical manner how she uses it. She illustrated probably most of the basic 'getting started' tools that are most often used and useful, and I'm almost at the stage of making the decision to plunge into being a Scrivener user. (Wish it could also help me write as well as Natasha!)

Holly Slinger 7 months ago

I wanted to get some baseline info about Scrivener before purchasing the program.

Natasha explained things in a way that was extremely clear. I was able to pick things up quickly and rarely needed to pause or rewind.

I am still early enough into my manuscript that I have words down and a general idea, but not far enough to have a full grasp on things. Trying to keep track of notes, ideas and direction has been so difficult and putting me off writing at all. I had an idea Scrivener would suit me but after completing this course I am really looking forward to importing my WIP and get organising - I can already see how easy it will make things.

Having now completed a few AWC courses, I feel confident in recommending them. I find the structure very easy to use, especially when you have other commitments and need to stop and start. I have also liked all of the tutors and found them easy to learn from.

Alan Patterson 9 months ago

When I was given Scrivener as a gift, I was really daunted by what appeared to be the complexity of it. I was recommended to enrol in 2 Hours to Scrivener Power and it has proved to be a fantastic low-cost investment, saving hours of struggle and time. Each video covered off the basics and, by the time I had finished the six modules, I was looking at my own complete manuscript uploaded, utilising the various functions and tools covered.

Scrivener makes everything so much clearer in terms of an umbrella view on the manuscript - combined with the ease of accessing and moving information around within the document itself.

The course presenter, Natasha, delivered the information in a clear, concise and easy to follow format. I have already recommended it to the other members of a writers group I belong to.

Gail Killen 10 months ago

I am amazed had how powerful this software is and have already started using it by importing my manuscript into it. It takes a bit of getting used to but I am finding it very user friendly.

The course covered a lot of ground for an introduction to this software. The fact that I am able to go right ahead and start using it immediately has converted me to a full time Scrivener user. I am sure that I will be able to get my head around the more in-depth features as and when I need them.

In my opinion, this course covered everything that a new user would need to get started right away. I can see no need for improvement at all.

I have just finished my first draft of 80,000 words and was struggling with manipulating scenes and seeing an overview of the whole project. This software has so many ways of looking at a manuscript. I can see everything, scenes, chapter layout, timeline and so much more. As a creative tool it is an amazingly powerful and will save so much time.

Penny Power 10 months ago

I had Scrivener a couple of years ago, but found it onerous to adopt. I purchased it recently with a view to learning how to use it to assist my writing. I think Natasha is a brilliant facilitator of this training because she is a successful, published author who uses the tool successfully.

Most enjoyable was the capacity to work through it with my Scrivener open - practicing each new skill as I went.

Scrivener is like outsourcing your executive function as you tap into your creative flow. I would highly recommend this course.

Tracey White 1 year ago

I've tried to use Scrivener but felt overwhelmed at its complexity. After the course, I now have a really good understanding of what Scrivener can do and it's prompted me to start writing. Thanks!

It has helped me to understand how to structure my ideas for writing and how to overcome blocks, as well as storing things and labelling things. Really helpful.

I was prompted to shift scenes in a way that altered how the story was told. This brought excitement to my writing and I felt less bogged down. Corkboard thread, composition mode - it all opened my creativity.

Do this 2-hour course. It will kick off your creative ideas. Natasha is an excellent and thorough teacher.

Donna Pledger 1 year ago

I loved the course!!!

I found the most enjoyable part of this course (and other AWC courses) to be that it was so enjoyable! The videos and handouts are easy to digest and the information so practical.

It has given me more confidence to start writing, knowing I have the program and knowledge to organise my work. It's scary to be heading down this path so all sources of confidence are much appreciated!

AWC courses are very easy to digest, very practical, and pave the way for a career in writing.

Robyn Peek 1 year ago

Scrivener was a program that has been recommended to me but I was not inclined to pay for and download something that I was unsure how useful it would be. After having read through the instructions that come with Scrivener I was in despair, but seeing it explained by Natasha opened many doors and now their instructions mean MUCH more.

The course went into what I think will be the most practical aspects of the Scrivener program. Good, clear, concise video instructions with matching printed sheets to refer back to.

It has addressed a few problems I was having juggling aspects of my writing in "Word".

The AWC provides encouragement to emerging writers by offering good practical advice.

Rosina Mrauk 1 year ago

I had heard about Scrivener and tried using it myself but felt overwhelmed.

Natasha was absolutely brilliant. I feel empowered and know that understanding Scrivener will positively impact my writing process. Natasha's information and instructions were clear and thorough. A great overall grounding.

I have already imported an 11,000+ word document which I had felt a bit lost in. I have divided it into scenes and feel able and excited to move forward with my writing.

The course was extremely good value - actually the knowledge imparted is invaluable to my confidence as a writer.

Sandie Watts 1 year ago

I've been following Natasha Lester since 2015 when I came on her creative writing course. I know that she has a proven method for researching and writing historical fiction so was interested to see how she used Scrivener to do this.

It was easy to follow and covered some of the hidden functions of Scrivener.

It's made me want to get back to writing a novel again, as I have spent the last two years writing short stories. By putting everything into Scrivener, it's much easier to see the novel as a whole thing, with pictures, research and characters in one place. It's nice to move away from Word, which I've always struggled with. I even use Excel for outlining, I hate Word that much. I'm even using Scrivener for my short stories.

Mark Fitzpatrick 1 year ago

I purchased Scrivener some time ago and while I've been able to use it for small projects, I wanted a better understanding of how it ticked.

Natasha is a great presenter and her videos were easy to follow along with. Thank you.

I think the strongest material in this course relates to how the different parts of Scrivener function together. I now appreciate how powerful this tool will be. I also appreciated learning how to bookmark research items within sections/chapters etc. Very handy!

I'll be a more confident Scrivener user moving forward.

Jean-Marie van Schalkwyk 1 year ago

As someone who has used Scrivener a bit in the past, I was concerned that I wouldn't learn anything new, but I did.

The examples were real and practical. I'm sure I will find it easier and more productive to use Scrivener now to finish my manuscript.

I've done quite a few AWC courses and they have all been fantastic. If you're on the fence about getting started, do it! You won't regret it.

Sharyn Swanepoel 1 year ago

It was so useful seeing how Natasha uses Scrivener in her own writing, to see practical examples of how it works. It was good to be able to see real examples of how it worked in writing an entire manuscript.

There were a few things I'd been wanting to do, but didn't realise how easy it was.

Scrivener is worth the learning process - and this is the easiest way to learn.

Arianne James 1 year ago

I'd heard lots of good things about Scrivener from other writers, and they all recommended this course to get me started.

I like the way all the steps were repeated multiple times. Really helped everything sink in.

The one major learning was probably the session on creating your research folder in the program, and the fact that you can take images and webpages and save them all in one place. The fact that this process was so easy and will make a big difference to my research when writing was a major factor for me deciding to purchase the program.

Virginia 1 year ago

Natasha clearly steps you through Scrivener's key features. It's easy to follow and hopefully, through use, easy to remember!

Each module breaks down its parts. I think this will be useful for future reference as I start to use the program myself.

I now have a systematic way to organise my writing.

Wendy K Banham 1 year ago

I'm so very impressed with what Scrivener offers and what I can do with it. Natasha did a great job of introducing its key features and making sense of it. I can't wait to try it out!!!

The best part of this course was finding out all the features of Scrivener which will make my life as a writer so much easier. It may even improve my writing! Who knows :-) It will, I'm sure, help me to organise and structure my writing in a way that I haven't been able to (easily) so far. I'm a pantser and so my writing practice tends to be rather chaotic.

AWC offers so many useful, great courses. You have to see for yourself!

April 1 year ago

I've tried Scrivener before and found the interface very overwhelming. I was looking to understand what I was missing.

This course was exactly what I needed to understand and start using Scrivener. Natasha presented a complex system in such an accessible and practical way. It cut through the noise and overwhelm and has set me in the right direction.

AWC has the best courses, structured to put theory to practical use right away and delivered in an engaging and encouraging way.


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