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Before I started The Jade Lily, I knew that it was based during the Second World War, and there were certain dates I had to hit. The kinds of books I write have a dual time frame, and this one especially had very clear dates. Scrivener really helped me map those dates. I had certain ideas of scenes that would happen and as the war begins and ends on certain dates and in Shanghai there were big international events on certain dates, I put those in as key events.

And then I had the contemporary timeframe. And I could colour code this, so it was very clear. And it allowed me to lace the contemporary story through. I found Scrivener very useful for laying out the line of my plot.

— Kirsty Manning, author of The Jade Lily

The course has made me feel confident. I've been using Scrivener in an ad hoc way and it's all got a bit messy. The course covered a good range of the basics and useful tips ‚ certainly things I didn't know and had got tripped up on. If you want a targeted and not-overwhelming intro into Scrivener, this course is a great place to start. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place for well-structured courses relating to writing.

— Glenys McLaughlin

If you are thinking about getting Scrivener, you need to take this course.

— Tina Sepulveda

Scrivener is life changing, but it wouldn't be without this course. It's a must!

— Chen

I found it really helpful to be able to stop the video, try it and then restart once I was confident that I understood the content. This course is a great resource to get you properly started on Scrivener. While Scrivener rocks, it takes some time to master. The videos and handouts are easy to work through and a great resource afterwards. The Australian Writers' Centre courses are excellent value for money. The mix of audios and online interaction, how they're stepped and staged makes them a great resource.

— Pip Brennan

I was able to watch the tutorials on my iPad without worrying too much about fully absorbing the content, as it was an intensive course. I could then boot up the laptop a couple of weeks later, having imported some of my own material into Scrivener, and complete the course again. But this time I stopped after each video and working in Scrivener on my own projects. I found the convenience and flexibility of learning at my own pace very enjoyable. Before enrolling in this course I attempted to use Scrivener's tutorial and found it overwhelming. Natasha's take on it, from a writer's point of view, was perfect. Don't waste time phaffing about trying to figure out Scrivener on your own. Just do it!

— A Hayes

I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It was fantastic. Although I've used Scrivener for a couple of projects, I knew I wasn't using it to its full potential. Now, after just two hours, I am blown away at how many useful features it has, and how it's going to be an absolute game changer for my writing process. Natasha delivers the course in a manner that is concise and easy to follow. She shows you the basics and then moves towards more advanced features without overwhelming you with unnecessary detail.

— Jodi Gibson

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