Penelope Broadbent 7 months ago

I was looking for something really practical. There is so much information out there online about this stuff but I wanted something clear and easy to access and this course seemed to tick all those boxes.

I hadn't expected to actually get everything up and running by the end of this course. But, because it is presented as a step-by-step process in modules, it was easy to work through it all in a practical way.

I liked the format. I actually went through and listened to all the units so I knew what was ahead of me and then went back and went through all the tasks for each unit. It was good to have a 'check list' of sorts.

I use social media and visit websites all the time, but the idea of marketing myself or my writing is something I've always avoided. This course made me realise that 1) I am not alone in feeling this and 2) it's NECESSARY and I really just have to do get over it, and do it!

Even for people who are familiar with social media, who use it every day, this course gets you thinking about it from an analytical, business-mode point of view. Some people might say that what is outlined in the lectures is 'obvious' eg. conducting your own research to see what you like on other websites, but this is not something I would have sat down and dedicated time to had it not been part of the course.

Really practical, easy to follow, and super useful.

Lisa Worthy 9 months ago

Very step-by-step with great links and resources for relevant information.

It has convinced me not just that I have to do this (which I already knew but hated) but that I can do this. So I'm going to take a deep breath now and jump...

Martin Rodoreda 9 months ago

It was good hearing from successful authors and the different attitudes to social media. It validated the concern around it soaking up time, but also showed that, pretty consistently, it's considered a crucial tool and, if you choose the channels that work for you, then it can be a pretty rewarding experience as well.

I knew I had to get back into my author profile after letting it fall to the side. But I didn't know where best to focus my efforts or how to start. The course has broken through that uncertainty, gotten me well down the path and provided some more confidence on how to go about it in a sustainable way. I'm feeling much more upbeat about it all as a result!

If you are unsure about your author platform in any way, then this course is a good resource to help you find the answers to your uncertainty and get started.

Nikki Brooke 9 months ago

I saw it in the AWC newsletter and I thought it was a great idea. I didn't know anything about marketing myself as an author and didn't even realise I had to. When I saw this course in the newsletter, I had a lightbulb moment and realised immediately that I had to sign up.

I found this course excellent. There was so much information, but it was broken down into easy to manage chunks. At no point did I feel completely overwhelmed, which is quite impressive since there was so much to learn that took me out of my comfort zone. I think it was great that it was continually reiterated to start slowly and stick to the platforms that I'm most comfortable with. I also liked the reminder to not let social media get in the way of writing.

I now have a massive following on Facebook and Instagram, plus a good amount of people subscribed to my newsletter. And I have a website I love. I have met some amazing authors online, they have also taught me new things about writing, and are truly interested in my writing too. These people have become friends and this course was the catalyst for that.

I can't believe how far I have come in the last year, all thanks to doing this course.

Elissa Moss 10 months ago

Taking the step to building my author platform has been critical to thinking of myself as an author. My big take-home idea was that if I'm expecting others to take my writing seriously then I ought to be taking it seriously too, and to build a platform made me think of my writing - and marketing my writing - in a more strategic way.

It's given me ideas for writing blog posts - and that I might count these as "proper writing" (having so far been a novelist, it is very hard to write short pieces!)

It's OK to start small, start slow, and take your time. It was heartening to hear many established authors confirm that the platform is a means to an end and shouldn't detract from writing time.

Rebecca Sheraton 10 months ago

It was thorough, detailed, with step-by-step processes and examples given.

I loved that it was self-paced and I could work through it on my own. I loved how it made me think what I want my author platform to look like based on the examples. When I looked at other author websites, it made me examine what I liked and didn't like. Then it made me think what I'd want my platform to look like. I like that it encourages authors/illustrators to adopt the platforms that they like to use and build their author platform around that. I like that the course encourages people to start small. I do have an author platform, but am looking forward to overhauling it and making it effective based on what I heard in the course.

Do it! Loved the course!

Tanya de Jong-Curtain 11 months ago

Thank you - this course was outstanding! The resources are fantastic.

I enjoyed the step-by-step way to build the author platform and why it's essential, the excellent tips throughout, the many practical examples from other authors, the impetus to start something really challenging without it feeling overwhelming.

This course is exactly what I need to get me started with my online presence as an author, overwhelming as the prospect seems at times, since I have really not engaged with social media to this point other than through LinkedIn and closed Facebook groups. Thanks to this course I now have a clear idea of where and how to begin and have already started thinking about my website, opening a Twitter account and started writing blog posts.

AWC's Build your Author Platform is an outstanding course which I cannot recommend highly enough. AWC courses are excellent, comprehensive, presented by experts, and the community and wealth of resources is wonderful. AWC is invaluable for anyone who writes!

Gwen Andrews 1 year ago

Very useful content, well delivered. I enjoyed the examples, and hearing other authors talk about it.

It gives me confidence to get started on a platform, even though I’m not yet published.

I think I’m ready to go!

Linda Swadling 1 year ago

I had taken a couple of picture book writing courses and also had some books accepted for publishing and I needed to know what I needed to create for an author platform and this seemed the best fit.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but going through the content, I have been able to develop a clear plan to develop my author platform. I was so glad to hear I could pick the platforms that interested me and stick with those (was almost as good as the time I took a makeup course and they told me I never had to try and apply eyeliner again haha).

It was very informative and I enjoyed hearing from established authors on what they felt was required in an author platform as well as what they personally did.

Eva Rottenanger 1 year ago

AWC is my 'go-to' whenever something comes up in my journey that requires more information. I've almost completed my first book and have a publisher, but realised that help with marketing will be minimal. So, I went straight to AWC to see if help was there. Of course, it was! I enrolled immediately and have completed it. On the weekend, I'll set up a couple of the media pages and the website is on its way.

This course was really helpful, just what I needed. Thank you so very much. All my questions were answered, including those I never knew to ask!

The AWC delivers quality, comprehensive instruction each and every time on all aspects of writing and then supports this with newsletters and a Facebook group. I've done 8 courses so far :-)

Valerie Miller 1 year ago

This course was fantastic. It actually took me longer to complete as I stopped to build my platform. I am pleased to say that it has been a great experience and that I am enjoying my social media presence and blogging a great deal because of the advice the course has given me. It was a fantastic course.

I am an emerging writer and wanted to get my platform created so I could use the time as I write my novel to gain traction and build relationships. I wanted to become more informed in what other writers are doing and to keep abreast of industry news. I also wanted to make sure that I used social media in the best possible way as a writer and as a writer within the community.

I am connecting with writers and building some warm and genuine connections. I feel that I am part of the writing community, not just in Australia but with people oversees as well.

If you want to be a writer then the Australian Writers' Centre is the place to get all the skills, knowledge, support and advice from. It is the community you will connect with as an emerging writer.

Margarita Williams 1 year ago

I have been a social media phobic. I sent off my memoir manuscript to publishers and discovered the question about social media presence in the publisher submissions. I knew I had to find out how to have an online presence and this course seemed to be where I would learn.

Yes, I knew it would be confronting and overwhelming. I am still nervous, but I will go slowly until I feel more comfortable.

I am actually taking steps to emerge from social media phobic to building an online presence.

I often recommend AWC. I would say this is a great place to improve your writing skills and knowledge. It is professional and easy to access.

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