Rosemary Groenestyn 3 days ago

I've recently finished the copywriting essentials and SEO copywriting courses and wanted to learn how content writing differentiates from copywriting in order to bridge any gaps. I really enjoyed that this is self-paced. It's allowed me time to fit this around work and family.

I enjoyed all of the example articles because they were not only a great way to show how each formula applied, they were also an interesting read.

I realised that I've actually been a content writer for years and that I'm totally allowed to call myself one and feel confident about it.

I had an 'aha!' moment when learning about thought leader pieces. I've been writing these for my family's small business for a while, drawing on the thoughts of the owner who truly is a thought leader in his field. However, I didn't realise they were called thought leader pieces and therefore haven't been writing them effectively. I can now apply what I've learned in this course to improve it.

The Australian Writers' Centre courses provide loads of valuable tips and templates you can apply to your writing straight away.

Franci Hepburn 3 months ago

I like the very handy templates and the way Valerie presents her content. It was clear and adaptable.

I am going to write my first blog and I feel confident that I have the skills I need.

Rod Schultz 4 months ago

The course presented a useful mix of writing styles and applications as well as loads of supporting materials to see the theories being used in published articles and blogs.

The straight forward language that Valerie uses as well as a broad scope of applications and examples kept me interested and engaged.

The course has provided me with lots of frameworks with proven successful templates to use for future blog posts and other content creation.

The course provides well put together resources that are easy to follow and understand - a 'formula', if you like, for writing succinctly and with purpose.

Carol Brocklesby 5 months ago

Really great information. I will need to go over it again as there was a lot but it provided a good grounding.

It has given me more incentive to take the next step and write and gain experience.

I enjoyed the bonus information about writing for big businesses. You never know where writing opportunities might be.

Amy Petsalis 9 months ago

It was nice to feel at ease and do it in my own time. I have a toddler who keeps me very busy plus I’m a teacher too so it’s nice to be able to do this in the free time I do get without deadlines or cut offs.

It’s given me the information I need to start blogging or even expand to perhaps seek out writing for a smaller business.

That’s it’s affordable, informative and gives you the ease and comfort to study in your own time while having the templates to keep that will help in all that you apply yourself to.

Amariah Berechiah 10 months ago

I wanted to get some writing guidance within content writing for various articles.

I liked the strategy templates and the ABC examples, the variety of articles. It was simply articulated which made each session enjoyable. The resources were great to use.

A well-structured writing course that was very beneficial for me.

It gives me the confidence to handle different types of articles.

Shari Whittick 10 months ago

I wanted to know more about the nuances of content writing vs copywriting, which is a course I had done previously. I feel that doing this course placed me in a better position to be able to write across a range of publications, websites or industries with confidence.

The added bonus is all the easy to follow templates which break it down into manageable chunks, so you can present your writing in a clear, concise way.

Steph Austin 10 months ago

I signed up for the Blogging for Beginners course and thought this one would go well with it to build my knowledge & understanding. It was easy to follow. It all flowed well.

I didn't know how to start writing content before. It's taken the hesitation away and I feel confident to start now, using the templates. It's not brain science! Just need to use a structure, and start!

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