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I wanted a course that would improve my approach to content writing, specifically case studies. This course met my expectations. The writing templates will be of benefit especially for writing case studies. I have already recommended your courses to friends and work colleagues. I have told them that that I have found the courses to be of great benefit.

— Joe Fusca

I loved that this course provided practical templates to write different types of content articles and used examples to illustrate how to apply them. It was very easy to follow and understand how to do it myself.

— Shevaune Marchingo

Great introductions to copy and content writing, easy to navigate, good templates and some useful resources.

— Katie Cowley

The templates are a great resource! The fact that the course was really short gave me the information I needed in a short amount of time. I think that AWC comes across as an important base for all writing needs, where I can find information, further educate myself, and gain direction and structure in my future as a writer.

— Vickie Lee Arthur

Being able to tailor the assignments to my own business needs allowed me to balance the course with my life. I was able to write to my own brief, while learning new writing skills. That it's a great way to gain writing education in smaller, more manageable pieces than a university course. I found the course relevant and practical for real life business needs. I feel much more qualified to write content for my author platform. I have found the skills I picked up in both the copywriting and content writing courses to be invaluable.

— Leanne Margaret

The course was very easy to follow and understand. I loved that the modules could be completed in 10-15 minutes. Straight to the point, informative and useful.

— Melanie Woods

The information was clear and concise making the modules easy to follow. The real-life examples helped to put theory into practice.

— Patrice Shaw

I'm a high school English and Drama teacher interested in content and copywriting for the education sector, and I'm happy to see you have options for students to explore writing. I see a great need for students to be exposed to and challenged by writing for a range of digital platforms.
I also do celebrancy and ceremony writing and I have a particular interest in ensuring the language of these events is real and relevant to the people being celebrated. I'm interested in content writing for this industry and that is part of the reason why I've enrolled in the AWC Content Writing course.

— Penny McKee

Easy to churn through in my time between uni courses. It had a clear, easy-to-follow format. This course made me realise that sometimes following a template and just properly structuring an article is the best way to create content - rather than obsessing over every line, or consistently overwriting articles that are too lengthy.

— Samantha Dickfos

The self paced delivery was great for me as it allowed me to complete this course during an extremely busy time at work without the stress of trying to fit it into my schedule. I'd recommend AWC to any friend or colleague who is interested in improving their writing skills or wants to become a freelance writer.

— Carol Muller

The AWC provides well priced and extremely good value for money with their in-depth, yet bite sized courses. I'm really impressed with the course content. This is my third course and I already plan to undertake more. The AWC has become my one-stop shop as I set up my freelance writing business.

— Sarah Murray

Easy to digest format with clear real-life examples. Do it! Good resources and practical advice to implement right away to improve your writing!

— April Whitehead

I'm really impressed with the course content. This is my third course and I already plan to undertake more. The AWC has become my one stop shop as I set up my freelance writing business.

— Sarah Murray

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