Lynne Vertannes 2 days ago

Bernadette is fabulous. A brilliant teacher and very experienced and knowledgeable about how to get the best from your content writing. Her feedback is so constructive and she makes you feel that you can write anything that will sell!

If you want to get serious about your writing check out the numerous courses at the AWC because no matter what you want to write, you will definitely find the right course to help you.

I'm enjoying learning. Thank you for creating these courses and opportunities for writers and those just starting out.

Fiona Vogel 2 weeks ago

I got exactly what I was looking for from this course: confidence. I really needed a tour guide to show me the lay of the land in this new industry, introduce me to the terminology, and show me where to find out more. I did not expect to get so many extra templates and examples and so many of my questions answered without having to ask them. The fact that there was a bonus lesson that focused on the exact questions I had at the end of the course left me very smiley about the whole experience - I would definitely recommend this course.

Bernadette's depth of experience shows in the clear structure of the course and her care for the user experience (each topic is introduced when it will make the most sense). Her feedback was detailed and I felt personally seen by her. I admired her efficiency and practical focus.

I enjoyed the lectures but I got the most out of doing the assignments. They were well designed: not too big or off-putting, but by the end of the course I felt I had at least one experience with all the key skills I would need to get started as a copywriter and it had not been traumatic.

This course has been the specific antidote at the right time for me. As a kid, I wanted to write fiction but had neither the organisational skills or the life-experience to back myself in that. After 20 years as an English teacher, I have the organisational skills, a decent bit of life experience, and I discovered I liked a lot of the incidental writing that is part of the job. I was missing the concrete steps to transition from teaching to copywriting and I didn't know what was really inside that box. Now I know it is what I want to do and am making slow but concrete plans to shift my life into this new course - wish me luck!

This course will provide you with all you need to get started in copywriting and enough knowledge to see if this career would suit you. It feels generous - there is always a little more given than expected - and highly refined through experience. You will be in good hands.

Thank you Bernadette - I feel buoyant about the possibilities here. I know I will be working my way through your Bootcamp and Podcast episodes to keep my energy afloat.

Leila Magnus 3 weeks ago

Bernadette is just amazing. So experienced and honest with her teaching. I enjoyed the online community with other keen writers, the achievable expectations and the teacher's presence.

I am now clearer in strategic ways to write, power words and the confidence that I actually just may be great at copywriting.

You should look at AWC courses as they will give you the confidence to follow your dream, and upskill you to be the writer you want to be. Such clear teaching style and you will join a warm online community during and at the end.

Alison Gilchrist 3 weeks ago

I feel extremely motivated and confident after completing this course and can't wait to get started on building my database, my website, getting business cards, etc etc. The practical advice on the course was super.

Bernadette was fantastic. Her feedback was always very positive but also constructive. I also thought that the time I had to dedicate to this course in the space of a week was very manageable.

I enjoyed the assignments. I loved how I could apply the techniques to different businesses, services and products and I found the feedback extremely valuable.

For the last few years I have been procrastinating about setting up my own writing business. I have tried various different courses and enjoyed them all and took a Masters in Multimedia journalism. I have also been working running our family business with my husband. This course seemed to highlight the path I should be going down, combining my business skills with writing, and in the 5 weeks I've got my website started, business cards designed and am raring to get started.

It's a very flexible way to learn and not too onerous in terms of time during the week. The practical advice about starting a career in writing is great too. It's not all just about the writing, but the writing part is great too.

I have learned a great deal from every one of the courses I have taken at the Australian Writers' Centre, but this one has been fantastic in terms of being just the right thing at the right time for me to move my writing career forward. Thank you, Bernadette.

Suzanne Wright 1 month ago

I loved the course and feel equipped to start working.

Fantastic tutoring. I loved Bernadette's succinct and clear delivery. It's a blessing to have such an experienced tutor.

It's helped me be more succinct and direct. I'm confident enough to start working now. In fact, I'm midway through making my copywriting landing page!

It's a great foundation to learn more about a style of writing. It's well-structured. It works if you work it!

Thank you!

Malina 1 month ago

The skills, tips and frameworks provided in this course have been invaluable in helping me to upskill for a new career. The assignments were enjoyable and directly relevant to the content for the week. The feedback provided was comprehensive, thoughtful and useful. I am confident that what I have learned from completing this course can transform my writing from mediocre to having depth and breadth, beyond what I could have achieved on my own. Thank you for putting together such a useful course and sharing so much knowledge in such a small time.

Bernadette was the perfect person to be a tutor for this course. She was engaging, knowledgeable and easy to relate to. I looked forward to each lesson and found her very easy to listen to. Her feedback was comprehensive, personalised and relevant every week and reliably provided in a timely manner. Bernadette is obviously extremely talented in this field and was very gracious about sharing her knowledge and tips throughout the duration of the course.

I have the confidence to look for copywriting work and charge people for my content, as I believe I have the skills to provide a valuable service to my clients. If I can start to make some money from these skills, I could potentially resign from my current job and pursue a career that allows me to enjoy my parenting life more freely.

The AWC is a highly professional organisation with user friendly online course platforms. The course I completed was well structured and paced and all content was easily accessible.

Just a big thank you! I hope to study another course with AWC in the future, and hopefully with Bernadette as the tutor, as I think there is still much I can learn from her.

Leila Magnus 1 month ago

Outstanding. Bernadette's expertise and honest feedback was both impressive and well delivered.

I enjoyed the content, the assignments, the teacher's delivery and the network of other enthusiastic Copywriters.

Karis 1 month ago

Bernadette was so amazing and really knows her stuff. She made the course so enjoyable. She was a great tutor and I enjoyed her feedback.

The course is fun, engaging and you learn a lot. It has made me want to learn more and practice my copywriting skills.

Heaven-Leigh Porter 1 month ago

I was looking for ways to earn money from my writing that I could schedule in my own time.

The tutor was great, clearly experienced, great sense of humour and very positive and encouraging with her feedback.

I appreciate the bonus handouts and practical guidance on actually getting paid work as a copy writer. It made me feel like I could actually go out and start charging money for my work.

I would say the tutors are all extremely knowledgeable; it's the real deal. And it's important in all avenues of writing to feel supported by a community, and AWC does that.

Kate 1 month ago

I found our tutor helpful, relatable, easy to understand and she was relaxed in her approach and language. Her experience was woven into every part of the course.

I enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone with the assignments, but in a very supported way. I never felt like I was sinking.

I now know how to write copy and I had no idea or experience prior to the course. It's not that hard once you have the tools. If you're thinking about learning how to write copy and you have no idea, then do it.

Rebecca McCormack 1 month ago

Fabulous course. Bernadette's enthusiasm for the content and her delivery of the course modules help to make the course engaging and enjoyable. The feedback was encouraging and valuable also.

I really enjoyed the course. I looked forward to receiving the feedback each week, not just on my work but for the whole group. Although we were online, I felt a bit of a connection as we progressed. I enjoyed seeing the different ideas that everyone came up with. Most of all I enjoyed learning valuable skills I hope I can put to use going forward.

The courses are formatted really well. The content is delivered in a user-friendly way. Definitely do it!

Peta Murray 1 month ago

Initially, I was driven by a curiosity to find out what copywriting was all about. I chose this course in particular because of its brevity (just 5 weeks), the promise of writing formulas that would guarantee results and the glowing reviews from former students.

I found the course extremely practical. The formula approach to putting words together and the revelations in every module kept us moving toward the ultimate goal of writing good copy.

Bernadette is great! I love her humour, her stories and the way she keeps the learning process fun, refreshing and down-to-earth. Feedback is honest but always very positive and motivating.

I loved the challenge of the weekly assignments. Bringing together all the things we'd learnt in that week's module and putting them into practice using true-to-life scenarios made me feel I was making real progress.

The course has shown me that there are many more avenues for my passion (writing) than I ever dreamed and that it is possible to turn a love of words into a 'real' job.

Just do it! The tutors are experts in their writing fields and adept at passing on their knowledge. The courses are practical and will teach you the nuggets of wisdom you need to get those words on paper.

Thank you, Bernadette, and AWC! I've loved every minute!

Marika du Preez 2 months ago

The feedback was of the highest quality and a highlight to each week's lesson to look forward to. Bernadette is the best tutor. Everything was well done.

Jason Witham 2 months ago

A brilliant tutor. Bernadette is a great communicator, personable and has a tremendous depth of knowledge on the subject matter.

I like the style of posting each assignment on the one feed, and hearing feedback on each student. It gives a good point of reference to my own progress.

I have rediscovered a passion for writing and using my creativity.

Sharon Ross 2 months ago

Bernadette was fabulous. You can tell she has extensive experience and is very qualified to teach copywriting.

I really enjoyed the mix of videos and associated documents, and receiving feedback on assignments was a great touch. It really kept me engaged in completing the course. Thank you.

I now have a deeper awareness of the power of words.

Heidi Walkinshaw 2 months ago

Mark was super helpful with great feedback. Bernadette's tutorials were so informative and I have pages and pages of notes.

The content was great and I enjoyed interacting with other students.

You can make real money and build a career out of something you actually love doing!

Caroline Gordon-Johnson 2 months ago

I currently teach Literature and English for a living and recently rediscovered my love of writing. I write stories for fun and have done some AWC creative writing courses. I'm keen to explore income streams allowing more flexibility to be with my young family, pretty much exactly as Bernadette discusses often on the podcast. I've followed the podcast for a while: I think copywriting could be good fit for me, but was seeking a bit more training and help with my confidence.

I am a fan of Bernadette, so she was exactly what I expected (and more). So prompt with her feedback and her replies to questions. Feedback was detailed and very helpful. Positive, thorough, funny, real and warm. A great tutor.

The teaching is all focussed on creating a new pathway, or improving your skillset, so it's practical, real-world and applicable. Bernadette is the reason I picked this specific course and she made it great.

Bernadette's feedback was really positive and I was enjoying the tasks > it made me realise that I could do it. I'm okay at copywriting. I now feel much more empowered to start my own copywriting sideline.

The AWC offers quality content from experienced tutors. The courses are accessible on a range of platforms which is fantastic - I listen in the car and watch at home - and the feedback is detailed and helpful.

Sue Brooks-Bozzola 2 months ago

Mark was gentle but he gave his honest feedback and that was what I needed. He certainly was not wishy washy with his comments.

I have just finished my simple website and I am so proud of it. I wrote the copy and I designed it too. I know I could not have done this without the course.

Do it - it is worth it. I am going to do more courses now. Copywriting will be ongoing for me. I think I will (with experience) be able to do it well and earn an income from the skill.

Rachel Arnett 3 months ago

This is an intensely practical behind-the-scenes view of how to write for selling. The videos were easy to digest and full of practical tips for application. Both Bernadette and Mark are highly encouraging and inspirational as to the possibilities of where copywriting could take you. Highly enjoyable!

Feedback was individual and constructive; always affirming. I enjoyed finding out all the little tips and tricks to selling.

It made me realise that I could potentially make a living from something that I have always been quite good at.

Nicole Gibson 3 months ago

The course is run by industry professionals and you finish job ready upon completion. Takes the hard work out of setting up a business. The scripts and templates are fantastic.

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