Bree Nightingale 1 week ago

I write copy for work and am self taught, so it was nice to learn the ins and outs of the profession.

The feedback from Bernadette was great, and the modules were a great length for adult learning when you have work to juggle. I wasn't sure if I would have time. But the length of the course and the assignment lengths were brilliant.

My copywriting has improved and with that my company's uptake in the events we promote have gained more registrations. Thank you Bernadette and the Australian Writers' Centre!

Angela Gordon 2 weeks ago

I was worried that I might not keep up with all the videos and assignments. I was relieved that the course was do-able in bite-sized chunks!

I enjoyed being part of an online group for the first time. Bernadette always seemed cheerful and provided feedback in a constructive way.

I loved the explanation of the seven steps from the beginning. There's so much "smoke and mirrors" about what marketing is and how to write punchy copy. I appreciated the word-count suggestions for each section.

Give it a go! It's not hard and you don't have to be an academic to succeed. Why wait? Just give it a go!

Winston Synaphet 2 months ago

Really happy with the content delivery from both lecture videos and Mark's feedback on assessments. He provided insightful feedback.

I now can write engaging headlines and know about the structure of good copy.

100% do this course. It's super helpful because of the examples it shows you which will elevate your content writing game.

Rosie Cho 2 months ago

Mark was great. Really helpful and detailed, and approachable too. The assignments were a great chance to put skills in to practice!

It has given me more confidence and a drive to pursue writing more seriously.

The calibre of courses is excellent and great value for money.

Toria Macgregor 2 months ago

Mark is a deeply knowledgeable and experienced copywriter.

I enjoyed learning in bite-sized chunks. It was daunting at first to submit assignments each week, but in the end it was an extremely valuable practice in perfecting your skills and trying new things.

The course had an impact on my writing in many ways! Bringing more focus to the headlines (what works, what doesn't) and the beauty of using linking words. Plus, practical tips on finding and nurturing potential new clients. I'm impressed with the wealth of handouts provided, which I'm already putting to good use.

Today I landed another big copywriting job! Although this new job was already in the pipeline, doing this course has certainly given me the confidence and know-how to take my writing to the next level and achieve real results for my clients. Thank you!

Ellinda Corbisiero 2 months ago

Bernadette was great. Very warm and welcoming. Gave good feedback but made me feel comfortable at the same time.

I enjoyed the assessments. I like how they gave me the chance to put things into practice in simple ways.

It's given me confidence!

Karol 3 months ago

The course exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at how thorough and informative the intensive learning modules are! I am beyond grateful to have completed this course.

Bernadette is fantastic! She is truly a copywriting guru. Her in-depth knowledge and life experience as a copywriter is priceless. She exudes confidence coupled with humility. Her authenticity and kind approach to her students made it so easy to listen and learn.

Moreover, Bernadette is a wordsmith architect and her teaching style is so thorough and intensive that I felt personally mentored by her within the group setting. The critical feedback that Bernadette gave was always constructive and helpful for growth. Every week she encouraged us and revealed the positive aspects to our copy, highlighting our strengths, and cultivating self-belief.

What I loved most about Bernadette's teaching style, was her ability to encourage you to believe in yourself and empower you to want to be the best copywriter.

I have learnt tangible and practical formulas that I can go to when writing copy for clients. I now feel better equipped with marvellous knowledge and skills to get out there and give this a real go!

Thank you to Bernadette and the team at AWC for an incredible experience. I believe that what I have learnt here will be life changing.

Kate Millar 3 months ago

The course was amazing! It was so practical and the formulas were so easy to use.

Bernadette is the best. I would follow her anywhere and I will follow her into the next copywriting course. Bernadette's knowledge is brilliant and her willingness to share tips and tricks is invaluable. Bernadette's feedback was amazing and so helpful. She made the subject matter so appealing and easily understandable and did it with humour.

I now know this is what I want to do.

Caroline Arena 3 months ago

Fantastic tutor... engaging and spoke in a fun, informal way with lots of brilliant real life examples.

The way Bernadette engaged and shared the content - this is always difficult when delivering content online, but she nailed it! I will take the next Copywriting course because of Bernadette. I also loved the way she provided feedback... it was constructive and didn't make you feel diminished. Great tutor.

Great course and excellent forum for writers. I recommend the Australian Writers' Centre to keep sharpening your writing skills!

Caroline Kingma 3 months ago

The tutor was super knowledgeable and provided very thorough feedback.

I enjoyed stretching my brain, and learning more about SEO.

The course is easy to fit in with work, good pace and content.

Richard McIntosh 3 months ago

I found Mark to be a very knowledgeable, honest and encouraging tutor. His feedback was clear and detailed and provided me with a good insight into what I was doing well and what I could improve on.

The assignments each week felt like real-world tasks that I will get as a copywriter in the future, so I felt like it was really preparing me for what lies ahead.

It's given me the confidence I needed to say 'I'm a writer' and to go out and start looking for clients.

I'd probably say the first assignment and the feedback I got was the 'aha...see Richard, you can write!' moment where my confidence lifted.

AWC courses are well worth doing. Engaging lessons, real-world weekly assignments that help you get used to writing to deadlines.

Jane Munro 4 months ago

The specificity of the course and ability to apply immediately in a work setting was greatly appreciated.

The tutor was positive with effective and meaningful feedback.

It is great to get into a short course program with broadly recognised quality of delivery to kickstart growth in writing skills.

Debra Aspinall 4 months ago

Bernadette was very well spoken and had a great sense of humour which made the lessons enjoyable. She was clear and concise and the handouts were thorough. I will be printing them all out to refer to in the future. Bernadette was very professional and clearly very knowledgeable.

The assignments were fun and the information was very common sense and relatable unlike some courses which rabbit on about theoretical ideas.

I have a clearer idea of the profession and the notes will make it easy for me to refer back to things. I feel more confident in pursuing copywriting as a job.

The course content was very informative, the tutor was very professional and likeable and the time investment was easy to manage into my life.

Thanks for everything and I hope to return to add another course under my belt soon.

Lily Fields 4 months ago

I have entered into an adventurous world of word power to influence and bring attention to products / services.

Mark is encouraging and gives detailed feedback of each student's write-ups, highlighting certain good or great lines. I have more confidence in how to phrase headlines and respectful of word count.

All the lectures are well-presented and easy to follow. Having weekly feedback from Mark and seeing other classmates' high standard of work made the entire learning experience fun and enjoyable.

Excellent material and structure to the course. Love the templates and guided questions for potential clients.

If you wish to establish a career in copywriting, do all the courses at AWC. Every module is jam-packed with information to help even a newbie get started. Looking forward to the feedback weekly is the fun part of this course. Thank you to all the tutors and staff at AWC!

Thank you for the Bonus material at the end!

Sonja Armytage 4 months ago

I have loved every aspect of this course. Bernadette's videos were clear and insightful. I found her examples extremely relatable and current to where the world is at.

At age 56, I wanted to 'freshen up', sharpen and bring my copywriting skills into the digital age. I was keen to learn the nuances of writing for the web and social media platforms. I worked in marketing communications for more than 15 years. Copywriting was what I enjoyed the most. So, after a career gap of around nine years, I returned to work as a volunteer committee member to manage a local basketball club's social media for three years.

A few months ago, I dove into the world of freelance work. I registered my copywriting and marketing communications business. Then a case of imposter syndrome slapped me in the face and some self-doubt crept in. I thought the best way to conquer those feelings was to do the Copywriting Essentials course.

For a fleeting moment I thought I might be of an age where it would be a little late to embark on a new learning venture. However, that thought quickly disappeared as my appetite to learn and challenge myself grew.

I will say that I was pleased to learn that the fundamentals of writing copy are the same as what I had learned in a public relations writing subject that I did as part of a Bach Bus (Marketing) degree. However, the extra tips, tricks, steps and templates that Bernadette gave were invaluable. They were fantastic to use while doing the assignments and gave me so much extra confidence.

Mark was fantastic. His weekly feedback was positive, constructive and helpful. The positive feedback was a great confidence booster.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the video lessons and the real-world examples. I also enjoyed the assignments which helped solidify the learnings.

Glenyce Gers 4 months ago

I found the feedback very encouraging and helpful. I liked the variety of the subjects and the clarity of matters. The handouts are great and very clear. It was good to be stretched in my thinking.

It's made me think more about what way I should write in particular cases. I should think more about the target audiences. When I write my newsletters, I do picture the people I am writing to and reflect that, but I need to do it more generally.

I would definitely recommend the course. The video lessons and handouts are well balanced and it's easy to go back and revise or revisit what has been said. I like it because it's Australian - straightforward without too much hoopla. It's well priced. The feedback is directed straight at the assignment, not generic feedback so the personalised nature really makes a difference. You feel as though the tutor is really interested in you.

Ariane 5 months ago

I've recently started a new position and found my copywriting skills lacking. I did some online research and the AWC course content really appealed to me, the course length was appropriate and I liked the online access.

Mark was great, feedback was constructive and insightful.

The SEO section of the course was incredibly useful to what I'm doing. It made me take a different approach to my work, and I've already seen improvements in our company SEO standings.

AWC courses are enjoyable, accessible and useful.

Madi McCarthy 5 months ago

Mark was kind and informative in his feedback videos. He always focused on the positives and sandwiched any constructive feedback.

I enjoyed completing the assignments and listening to the assignment feedback - it was a good opportunity to test the waters and learn the basics.

It is an easy, pleasant course that doesn't require much of your time (for me, approx. 3 hours per week). The assignments are very small, manageable and well explained, so nothing felt overwhelming. It has opened a door for me to explore copywriting as a career / side job.

Mikel Longa 7 months ago

I've always been interested in copywriting and wanted to do some formal learning, so I had a look at the course outline and loved the full scope of things I'd be learning and was very keen to get on board!

Mark was great! He was always so positive and encouraging and I loved the video feedback. The assignments were lots of fun and helped us apply what we learned specifically from each module.

It has given me confidence in my copywriting ability, which will allow me to push myself to apply it more in my current role as well as the possibility of doing some freelance copywriting.

Do it! It's great fun, you'll learn heaps, and it's easy to manage each module at your own pace each week.

Brooke 7 months ago

I currently do blog writing and social media posts at my work and lacked confidence. I wanted to learn key strategies to help me advance.

Mark was friendly and I appreciated the feedback. I enjoyed learning new things and participating in weekly assignments. I am more confident writing copy and my copy is better overall.


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