Leonard Gregan 1 week ago

The course was far more valuable than I expected. Clear, concise, articulate yet easy to absorb. Cleared any weak points in my writing.

I enjoyed the tutor and her style of teaching.

A must do course for any copywriter.

Amanda Whitbread 1 month ago

Mark was very pleasant and positive. He provided feedback on assignments very promptly.

I enjoyed how easy it was to complete in my own time, the quality of the content that was delivered, and the professional experience of the course presenter and tutor.

I am planning on changing careers, to start my own copy and content writing business. The course gave me the information and confidence to keep moving forward with this plan.

David Giangiordano 1 month ago

Loved the detail of the course, particularly for a starting point. The bonus module on how to find paid copywriting work is a fantastic value add-on too!

Mark was fantastic - he provided detailed feedback videos on everyone's assignments weekly, and was very responsive in the classroom chat if you had a question for him.

I loved the breakdown on how to write great copy, from headlines to creative brief to SEO, and then combining it all by writing long copy in the last module. Video lessons were easy to follow, and handouts were very informative.

I loved every minute of it!

It opened my eyes to following tried and tested formulas and templates to write more efficiently and succinctly. I learnt more relevant info in the SEO copywriting module than I ever did in my three-year marketing and PR course at uni!

Definitely jump in and do it! The modules are easily digestible and the weekly assignments consolidate learning just enough so that you can get them submitted by the deadline around your usual work schedule and other commitments.

Looking forward to taking up the SEO copywriting course later on down the track, once I've dipped my toe in some freelance copywriting work.

Jen Davis 2 months ago

As a marketing professional heading towards the end of my full-time career life I still have the passion and desire to work post retirement. Copywriting is something I have dabbled with over the years but wanted to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the skills required to successfully freelance in the future.

The course challenged me to write conversationally and from the perspective of the audience rather than as a marketer. Yes ... I know this point and have provided feedback to creative teams along this line. But actually doing it myself I found enjoyable and enlightening.

The AWC provides accessible learning content that focuses on developing real-life skills for copywriters.

Lorne Gruenewald 3 months ago

I would recommend this course highly. Well put together. Both Bernadette and Mark were excellent. They both had very accessible and personable styles of delivery,

I enjoyed the actual writing to the various briefs. It has made me considerably more confident in my abilities.

Don't be afraid. Start and enjoy it.

Kirti 3 months ago

Everything was covered in the course. Learnt the art of copywriting in just five weeks!

Take this course if you are looking to gain new skills or have an additional source of income. It's worth the time and money!

Chelsea 3 months ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable and generous with his time providing feedback in video form. I enjoyed the assignments and feeling satisfied with my entries on tight word/character counts.

The AWC provides a structured but low stress and low contact option for short writing courses, with some tips for the real world.

Kylie Carnegie 3 months ago

Bernadette was inspiring and encouraging. Mark Farrelly was clear and concise in providing weekly assignment feedback.

The course was clear and professional. Modules presented the what and how of copywriting in an easily digestible format. The steps to writing headlines, the reasons for word choice and for writing short sentences were useful. Knowing why people buy and being shown a formula to ensure the right elements make their way into your copy was most valuable.

It's affirmed for me that copywriting is a real option for life purpose and income source. It's creative and it's strategic, which plays well to both my personality and structured thinking style. I now see copywriting as a real option in my personal reinvention and I'm keen to explore this further.

Kylie Carberry 3 months ago

The course material was very encouraging and helped to build confidence. The formulas and steps were super helpful. I also liked the way it was spaced out as it fitted in with my work schedule.

I used to be a features writer in print media and this is a completely new way of writing.

Bernadette said - have fun, we're not saving lives. It hit me then not to get too stressed about it all. I currently work in mental health which does somewhat save lives so this really was a revelation.

AWC know their stuff; would highly recommend signing up today!

Zoe Lawrie 4 months ago

Bernadette is amazing. Very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease with taking on a new career. She gives you the confidence boost you need to combat the overwhelm and believe in yourself and your skills as a copywriter.

I have taken significant steps in the last few months since starting the course to start my own freelance copywriting business and now feel there is a way forward. I'm excited for the future.

You can't go wrong with any of the AWC courses. If something in the writing field interests you, they have the course for it and your skills will skyrocket by completing their course. The community around the AWC is the most wonderful and supportive place.

Elaine Dunn 4 months ago

Bernadette was fantastic. Easy to listen to - the tone and enthusiasm in her voice when presenting information was great. Her feedback on assignments was fantastic, always positive and with constructive relevant improvement or suggestions.

The learning was fun. The assignments were simple to grasp. The feedback was excellent. The ability to see other people's assignment content and hear their feedback was great. Plus the fact that I could immediately use the copywriting strategies in my work was mind blowing!

I have already recommended the AWC to two colleagues. Learning is great, modules, platform and feedback was great. The copywriting skills and strategies learnt have been immediately incorporated into my work.

Natalie Rogers 5 months ago

Out of all the results on Google, this course stood out the most because of the Bonus Content, the price (best bang for my buck compared to other courses!) and had testimonials so I knew others had done this course and trusted AWC, so I could, too. The testimonials really drove it home for me. Overall, AWC seemed like a reputable site. I was right!

I have hesitations around anything I purchase online, but the receipts and login information coming in shortly after my purchase was reassuring. Once I had logged in and started the content, I was excited and had a feeling this course was going to teach me what I needed to know.

Bernadette is always smiling in her videos. In her presentations, she has such a happy voice and spoke casually as if we were all her friends. It made me very enthusiastic about copywriting and excited for the next class to unlock.

Bernadette gave us weekly assignments with feedback to make sure we all understood how to put what we were learning into practice.

Completely exceeded my expectations! :) I now understand the craft of writing in a whole new way. Not only is copywriting a new skill, but what I've learned has already started feeding into other areas of my writing.

Based on my experience with this course, I'd say: "Whatever course you're thinking of, do it. Do it now."

Just a huge THANKYOU! to Bernadette for providing me with a thorough understanding of the basics and an excellent quality of education in copywriting. I'm so happy I took this course and learning with you has been nothing less than a pleasure.

Bec Morey 5 months ago

The course has helped me strategise my writing before jumping in to ensure it meets my goal - e.g., speaking to the reader with the right tone, language, and content to connect easily and drive action. Once the strategy is in place, the writing flows!

The course made me realise why I get sucked into websites or social media pages - because the copy is great, and the linking words keep dragging you in!

The Copywriting Essentials course provided a good foundation for understanding how to write copy, with frameworks and strategies for assured results.

Steve Alden 5 months ago

Bernadette is so animated, knowledgeable and generous.

I found the course very validating. I often have to write copy for my job, and it's a skill that goes mostly unacknowledged. Just listening to a pro talk made me realise how much good writing brings to a project (i.e. basically everything).

Anthony Peterson 5 months ago

I wanted to sharpen my skills for persuasive social media, newsletters and media releases. I also wanted to invest in my Marketing and Communications team. And I wanted maximum bang for buck. I was hopeful the course would be extremely practical - which it was!

Great tutor. She knows her stuff.

The course is very practical and the writing exercises are excellent for reinforcing what we've learnt. It was also just the right amount of work to squeeze into our normal work schedules without too much drama.

Lisa Paulin 5 months ago

I've always had an interest in writing, but have never really known where to start. Copywriting seemed like as good a place as any, and it seemed to relate somewhat to my work.

I've always been the kind of student that skips to the assignment and skims back over content to get the answers in order to achieve the outcome of a certificate. Not this time! I made sure I dedicated time, because I really enjoyed listening intently to each of the video lessons and reading over all the handouts.

I thought Bernadette was really personable. I enjoyed listening to her; she has a friendly, laid back and knowledgeable style. Even though the video lessons were all pre-recorded and rather static, it didn't feel like that at all whilst doing the course. I thought listening through everyone's feedback would be tedious, but it was actually really interesting. Bernadette gave constructive feedback in a really kind and supportive way, which is a real talent in itself (and one that many managers could learn from!).

I am used to more formal writing for business, reports and grant/tender applications. This course has given me another string to my bow and I've learnt to enjoy writing in a more conversational style again.

It has encouraged me to think more seriously about pursuing a career on my own, to fulfill my dream of writing for money while I travel around Australia or the rest of the world.

The course is well structured, easy to follow and easy to fit in to a busy life!

I particularly liked that this course had assignments due in on the Sunday night, which suited me as a full time working parent. And thanks again to Bernadette.

Felicity Abell 5 months ago

The course was easy to understand, good length of videos and course overall. Great taste in copywriting which can then lead to other courses. Good handouts. Bernadette is very knowledgeable and easy to watch and understand. Really great communicator. Mark (who was the assessor) was great at explaining his feedback and some tips for improvement.

It really helped me understand what a copywriter does and how I can use my new skills now and in the future. I can look at creating a freelance career which is really exciting. And my own confidence from the first assignment to the last improved immensely.

I have been testing my new skills on my work colleagues and in my day-job work and I have been getting great engagement and feedback. I have always loved writing but this has given me a great understanding of how to hook people and keep them reading. Lots of fun.

Great course, easy to understand, and gain strong skills that can be applied immediately. Don't be afraid of the 'assignments', they are a great way to learn and get feedback for next time, and they aren't time intensive. I never thought I would consider freelance work but now I do. 5 weeks is a reasonable time period to 'study', not too long, not too short, and really practical if you have a young family or working full time. Worth the money.

Steve 6 months ago

Bernadette presented the subject matter clearly in a relatable way, and provided great feedback.

I enjoyed the creative aspect of developing my own ideas while having a clearly defined copywriting framework.

It's a great way to improve your writing skills in areas you might not have previously considered. It's non-threatening and a pressure-free way to learn.

Claire 6 months ago

I thought Mark was a very personable and knowledgeable tutor. I thought the feedback he provided on assignments was insightful and invaluable. I enjoyed trying to apply the theory learnt to the weekly assignments.

I would definitely recommend any of the AWC courses as they are well constructed and being part of the AWC community is truly invaluable.

Katarina Smelikova 6 months ago

I love the structure of the course. In addition, I was nicely surprised to receive the additional information (Module 6) on how to 'dive in' to the market.

Mark was great and worked on time. I love receiving feedback via video. It makes it more personable.

I enjoyed the strict deadline for assignments! It got me to do the work!

Before the course, I could write copy, but I was not following any particular copywriting formula. I'm now confident to know where to start, and how to avoid any copywriting pitfalls.

Great course. Thank you!


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