Rebecca Longney 1 day ago

I listened to the 'So you want to be a copywriter' podcast and loved learning about the world of copywriting from Bernadette. I decided I wanted to know more so I enrolled in the course.

I was so impressed with how practical the course was and the structure was great. It was easy to fit in around my other commitments.

Bernadette is a dedicated tutor and she really wants you to succeed. The course content was really engaging and Bernadette's feedback was so encouraging and constructive.

I loved the assignments and had a blast completing them. They were very manageable, even during a busy week, but creatively they were very challenging.

It has opened up another potential career path for me and reinforced my belief in myself and my abilities.

Once you understand the formulas copywriters use, it's easy to see how you can sell anything.

I would encourage anyone thinking of doing a course with the AWC to go for it! The tutors are passionate and the courses are affordable and well-structured.

Gina Edwards 3 days ago

Bernadette is a generous and engaging tutor. She is so easy to listen to and I never once got bored or distracted listening to the presentations. Her feedback each week was insightful, encouraging and always positive. I found her down-to-earth teaching method very appealing and inspiring.

It has given me the confidence to start working as a copywriter, something I did not expect after a five-week course. However, I feel Bernadette equipped us with a set of skills to find potential clients and launch our copywriting career and really make it our own.

The Australian Writers' Centre has fantastic short courses that deliver exactly what they state. I was able to commit to the course knowing that I could manage it each week in between my other commitments.

I have already recommended the copywriting course to a fellow writing friend who hopes to do it once she's finished her current course.

A big thank you to Bernadette and her wonderful style of communicating. It made learning a real joy. :-)

Robyn Bignell 1 week ago

Bernadette is very easy to listen to - a great communicator and gives very good feedback.

I loved the creative aspect of developing copy for the assignments each week… And it wasn't too arduous or stressful!

I feel so much more confident in sitting in front of a 'blank page' now.

The lesson on SEO copywriting was fantastic - I feel so much more knowledgeable about this previously murky area.

Do it!!

Nick Burdeu 1 week ago

I really wanted to learn a new skill and this course seemed like a good opportunity to do so. I'm thankful I did it, though. It's been awesome. I was worried initially that it would just be some bland and superficial course where I would just be inundated with jargon. It was great. Every week we did something new and interesting.

Bernadette was a great teacher. It was a pleasant surprise that she was able to explain everything in layman's terms, rather than try and incorporate as many adjectives or nouns as she could. She seemed to have a real handle on everything she was talking about.

I really enjoyed learning the seven steps to selling and also about search engine optimisation. It was all a really great insight. I honestly don't think that there is anything more that Bernadette could do to improve this course. It's perfect.

I guess this course just showed in very simple terms how copywriting is done. It really helped me conceptualise everything I had learnt previously about marketing and apply it in a meaningful way.

It is a great insight and entry point into digital marketing. I'll be certain to refer this to my friends if they are interested.

Thanks a lot Bernadette. It was an awesome experience from start to finish.

Catherine James 1 week ago

I was looking for a new career and had always wanted to do something with writing. This course seemed to offer a tangible pathway to employment.

I very much enjoyed the live feedback because it was engaging and you felt like your work mattered. Some self-paced courses with no feedback leave you feeling quite cold!

The SEO topic was very enlightening although quite dense at the same time. Bernadette has done a good job of making it accessible for us to learn more.

These courses are really engaging! Thank you. You run a great program with this course and all the others encouraging people to write.

Jillian Hodgson 1 week ago

The tutor was top notch! I found Bernadette easy to listen to, and appreciated hearing about her experience as part of the lessons.

I enjoyed the tips and tools! They take the pain out of the process so writing can be enjoyed!

The course work is thorough without being overwhelming. And the assignments make it easy for you to put what you've learnt into practice and get feedback.

Maria Parenti 1 week ago

Bernadette knew her stuff. She's friendly, down-to-earth. She created a course for beginners that even my 80yr mother could have a go.

If you wanna know how to write copy for Google, at least complete the AWC Copywriting Essentials.

I've been doing AWC courses since 2016 and there is still much more fun learning to be had.

Kristy Tracey 1 week ago

Bernadette was awesome! I enjoyed the course. Bernadette made learning fun and easy.

I enjoyed the easy-to-understand delivery and the reassurance and support that was delivered throughout the recordings.

My entire outlook on my writing career and its potential has changed. Like the course has lifted the illusion that it required great skill and technique to be successful. This course has shifted my mindset from "can't" to "why the hell not?"

You won't regret it! The work is simple to understand and fun to do.

Jaimie-Lee Roberts 2 weeks ago

Bernadette's feedback was valuable and much appreciated. I enjoyed her commentary throughout the modules and they were easy listening.

I like that the modules are not outdated and are relevant to the industry currently. I also enjoyed being able to see the rest of the class’s response to the homework.

Just like to thank Bernadette for such a great course outline.

Colleen Gee 2 weeks ago

Bernadette was amazing. She was very thorough and constructive in her feedback. She also provided lots of information on how to continue to receive support once we completed the course.

I enjoyed the opportunity to actually think through and practice copywriting.

It has given me more confidence. It has opened up the whole area of writing for me. I discovered how much I already knew and that I did have some writing skills that can be valuable and useful to others.

The courses are elementary to follow, extremely comprehensive and fun to participate in; the tutors are supportive, and feedback is constructive and effective when taken on board.

I am very excited to get started.

Lisa Mason 2 months ago

The tutor was down to earth, easy to listen to, knowledgeable, professional. The homework modules were quick and easy but also fun

I feel like I now understand what copywriting is which has meant I am more confident in exploring this option as a potential career change.

Erin Burrows 2 months ago

The tutor was very engaging to listen to. Knowledgeable. Provided personal experiences as examples. Most importantly, provided tailored feedback, making this course personable and student-focused.

I enjoyed putting the course content into practice through the assignments. Thereby showing us, we CAN do it!

By giving me the tools I need, the course has bridged the path forward for me to start out! Now, I just have to find self-confidence to overcome imposter syndrome lol.

Iris Cassell 2 months ago

Bernadette provided fantastic content that I felt was really good value for the cost of the course. She was easy to understand in the video modules and it was very easy to follow the course process and expectations. She gave very constructive feedback to everyone. I gained confidence after the feedback and am now a bit sad that I won't have anyone telling me that I have done something brilliant next week.

After the initial shock of the publishing of our warts and all copy to everyone, I found it helpful and I learned a lot from others’ input and their creativity.

I have gained confidence and now just want to do this for life.

Hannah Brooks 2 months ago

I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed the course, and really learnt some great new skills from it, so thank you.

Bernadette was great. Really engaging delivery. Great tips for structuring content, which is what I was after. She inspired me to think about things differently for my writing and my business.

The assignments were good, and feedback useful. All in all I enjoyed the course.

Jazmin Saetrang 2 months ago

I absolutely loved learning from Bernadette! I learned so much each week and it was really cool to watch my writing get better (and easier) just with a few tricks. Her feedback was always so encouraging as well as helpful. I was really able to learn from it and see things I could do to improve next time.

I loved it all! The videos with the audio was really engaging and the content was amazing. I loved that all the assignments were really practical and we actually got to put what we learned into action.

My ability to come up with things to write has taken off. Having a guide for how to come up with and write copy has been so fundamental and I feel more prepared than ever to get running with my freelance writing business. So, so thankful I chose this course!

It's absolutely worth the cost and I can personally recommend it. I'm excited myself to take further courses in the future!

Rose Grubits 2 months ago

The tutor was excellent. It was interesting to have feedback provided in audio form, rather than just written.

The videos were easy to watch and well structured. I loved seeing what all the other students were coming up with. Also enjoyed listening to the feedback and hearing Bernadette's thoughts and ideas on our assignments.

It has given me new confidence that I could 'put myself out there' as a copywriter and potentially create an income stream from this. The course has shown that copywriting is not especially difficult, but that there are formulas and 'tips' to use to give the copy more impact and make it more successful.

The formulas (and tricks) explained in the course are all definitely being used out there in the 'real world', especially in advertising. And once they're pointed out, you start seeing them everywhere!

I'd say that the course is a good introduction to copywriting and can be easily undertaken in your spare time without any stress/pressure.

A big thank you to Bernadette for tutoring the course.

Gemma Patience 2 months ago

I heard Bernadette Schwerdt on the So You Want to be a Writer Podcast and thought she sounded like she would be a great tutor. I was a little concerned I wouldn't have enough time each week for the course, but the workload was fine.

Bernadette was knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging. I enjoyed learning the rules of copywriting and then getting in there and giving it a go.

The Australian Writers' Centre is your go-to place for courses on all forms of creative and professional writing. Each course I have completed has provided me with the comprehensive foundation, practical skills, and confidence required to seek work in the industry.

Thanks so much!

Lyndall Ryan 4 months ago

I have an interest in copywriting and looking at shifting into the area to supplement my income. I have completed various courses with the AWC and know they are great. Our tutor had a very solid background in this area so there was no doubt it would be worthwhile.

Our online tutor was excellent. We had great constructive feedback on all assignments, as well as additional tips and tricks and valuable handouts and information to move forward in this area. Greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed all of it, but I would say applying what we had covered in lessons to the assignments was really rewarding. Then getting the feedback on those was great.

It has made me realise that I am capable of taking up a path in Copywriting after completing this course, and just need to get out there and do it.

Kate Taylor 4 months ago

Bernadette is a true professional. She gives expert advice which really sticks with you - not only in the clear content she delivers, but also in her friendly, conversational tone. Her modules don't feel like stiff lectures at all, which I found really engaging and refreshing.

The downloadable audio format was great. I'm an auditory learner, so this suited me perfectly and really allowed me to get a lot out of the course. It also allowed me to listen to the modules any time - from train journeys to treadmill sessions - which was really convenient.

I've learnt to let go of the university essayist in me and be less "precious" about my writing. I now don't get so attached to what I write and I no longer feel the need to impress readers with big words and complex language. I've learnt that less is sometimes more and that plain English is more impressive than verbose academic English.

I'm looking forward to doing the Content Writing Course next and continuing to improve my writing skills.

Wendy Cheek 4 months ago

I thought Bernadette was wonderful; her commentary was supportive, measured and extremely insightful. I appreciated her humour and how authentic the whole course was!

I enjoyed the practical aspects with current resources threaded throughout the modules.

I'd never considered this style of writing till now - after reading the reviews and doing the course - it's a real possibility.

I really liked all the resources that were provided - but again Bernadette was so easy to listen to - great presentations.

The AWC is a very comprehensive, professional organisation that provides you with so many potential opportunities - should you wish to take them.

Janelle Ballenden 4 months ago

I really liked Bernadette - very down to earth with a good sense of humour - easy to listen to and her presentations were easy to follow. She was a great tutor offering extensive and valuable feedback.

I loved the feedback - not just for my assignments but feedback on others' assignments, too.

It's given me confidence - I've never had any formal writing training - just worked off a bit of on-the-job training and a bit of intuition. Having someone critique my work is a great boost for my confidence. It means I'm on the right track.

I'd say, 'You should do this course because you learn quite a lot in a short time, and can access the material for 12 months so you can go over any of it again at your leisure.'

Rebekah Moore-Hart 4 months ago

I was moving into more copywriting at work, and wanted to know the essentials! I've also loved writing for a really long time, and have wanted to make it more of a career.

Thanks so much for this course! It was incredibly enjoyable, and there is so much value within it.

Bernadette is so engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and warm, and I so appreciated her humour and down to earth nature. I feel like she shared so much with us and am incredibly grateful for that generosity.

I really enjoyed the structure of the course, the mercurial nature of Bernadette's delivery (because my mind works in a very similar way!), her openness, and loved the chance to connect with and learn from classmates as well. A fantastic course overall!

I feel like it is possible now to re-direct my course and choose the thing that fills me with contentment. Bernadette has made it feel possible to pursue writing as more than just a pastime, and it's incredibly inspiring to remember how bountiful it is as a path for constant learning and development.

It's an energising platform full of possibilities - you will find something that will light your light there!

Joanne Roberts 4 months ago

I just attended a 5- week Copywriting Essentials course.

Here's what happened.

    • Eyes opened - tick
    • New skills learnt - tick
    • Provided with tips and tricks of the trade to get you started - tick

(sorry, I couldn't resist trying it with a headline formula!)

I've been a teacher trainer for a long time and have been looking for a new direction for freelance work. I saw a few adverts and Facebook posts for copywriting and it piqued my interest. I was attracted to this course in particular as it was through the AWC.

The course was comprehensive and I loved how you could download all the audio files, handouts and the slides easily.

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and willing to share her experience with us. I loved how she is so enthusiastic about her industry. It was very encouraging to hear from her all the time that this is a growth industry and that anyone can do it (with some training and skill!).

Her feedback was very useful and detailed. I loved how we got to hear all the feedback of all the course members. I listened to all of them and wrote notes for each one.

I've really enjoyed being creative with words and realising that maybe this is a job that I could do. The course has given me a taste of the industry and I feel excited about maybe becoming a part of it.

Shannon Benton 4 months ago

Bernadette is an absolute copywriting superstar! Couldn't have asked for a better person to guide me on my copywriting journey.

I enjoyed her practical advice, paired with her sense of humour. She's delightful.

Megan Ralfe 4 months ago

The course provided a complete toolkit to enter the workforce as a copywriter. It was super practical, the information was generous and well-delivered, and left me at the end feeling like I could make the step into paid work.

Bernadette was excellent. She is very knowledgeable in her profession, and generous in sharing that knowledge. She communicates effectively, and in a down-to-earth way. She has developed useful templates and strategies for effective copywriting which she stepped me through logically - this built me up to a sense of competency and confidence in my ability to work as a copywriter.

I enjoyed writing creatively. I loved the excitement of new horizons and learning new skills, after a long time of same-same. I also really liked the dynamic nature of tailoring ideas to hook different target markets, and doing this quickly (challenging my tendency towards perfectionism).

Doing this course has ignited the spark of new adventure within me. It reminds me of when I was younger, when I felt there were lots of exciting things waiting to open up to me. It has made me realise how long it's been since I have felt that excitement for the unknown. Being a Mum has both expanded and contracted my universe in profound ways. The contraction has been tough, so it is great to feel inspired by new horizons!

It is a great kicking off point to begin working as a copywriter. It is a small time and financial investment to then be able to work and earn writing copy. Within the profession there is a lot of scope to start small, be flexible, and build your business as you build your skills.

Thank you, I have really enjoyed this course :)

Katia Spies 4 months ago

Bernadette has a wonderful way of breaking things down into bite size pieces and making each step seem easily achievable. She is a perfect coach for those of us who need to overcome our self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism.

I enjoyed the well-structured step-by-step breakdown.

Thank you AWC and Bernadette. No doubt you will see more of me.

Carolyn Hall 4 months ago

I thought the tutor was great and explained everything very well.

I always had the stigma that I was bad at writing, but with the process she taught us, I now have a method to follow.

I enjoyed the assignments and realising; hey, I can actually do this!

I got a lot out of the course - working in the same industry a lot of information was not new to me, but it gave me a huge dose of confidence to say, "I'll take a crack at that" and I did and it actually worked.

Emilie Deacon 4 months ago

I was looking for something accessible that I could manage while working full-time crazy hours that change without notice. I reviewed the material the course would cover and thought it would be perfect. It didn't disappoint.

Bernadette was great - such a knowledgeable lady.

My mind is somewhat blown at how much there is to learn on this topic and how much I have yet to learn.

My entire life has been spent writing for a specific purpose, be it in news reporting or compiling statements and briefs of evidence for trial, and yet, copywriting was completely new to me. The strategies and processes in the course were extremely helpful and I learned just how much I still have to learn.

I got so much out of this - I can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't do it. Thankyou!

Callum Methven 5 months ago

There was not a wasted word in any of the lectures. It was far more interesting than I expected it to be.

The tutor was professional and approachable.

I now feel confident enough in my copywriting abilities to start looking for work in the field.

It is a fantastic opportunity to upskill with the help of a reputable institution.

Michelle Thomas 5 months ago

Bernadette knows her stuff. She explains tough concepts in an easy to understand format. Her calming and warm nature squashes that inner critic and helps you focus on learning and giving it a go. The cadence of weekly assessments keeps you motivated.

It removes the belief that you need to be feeling creative all the time to write. It shows how through logical steps and appropriate groundwork you can get it done. It prevents writer's block. It also makes you look like a professional.

It's easily digestible; you can balance it out with work and home life and in your own time. It provides foundational knowledge to help you on your journey as a copywriter - but you get out what you put in - do the work!

Thank you!

Mark Yule 5 months ago

Bernadette impressed as knowing the content very well, and excelled as a communicator, providing a well-structured short course, and well considered constructive feedback. It provided many key insights into copywriting for a beginner and useful tools to get started in the industry.

It made me very eager to get started in developing my skills further and starting to practice my copywriting as soon as possible.

AWC provides a well-structured short starter course for those wanting to gain some really important insights into developing effective copywriting skills.

Jordan Pollard 5 months ago

The course gave me the confidence I needed to get started and arm me with enough knowledge and applicable lessons to keep going. Loved it!

I had a wonderful time learning. I wasn't sure what my expectations were but it was very informative.

The tutor was very friendly, very knowledgeable and super helpful. Bernadette had a great way of explaining things - I could listen for hours.

I entered not knowing much... and now I know enough to feel comfortable to write copy - and that was the goal!

Chareli Seet 5 months ago

Even though the class was not conducted face-to-face or via Zoom, Bernadette had a way of being very personable with every student through her weekly feedbacks. I valued every single feedback she provided because there was always something to learn.

The feedback and assignments were very interesting and challenging.

Made me feel quite energized about the ways you could write copy.

Tricia Allen 5 months ago

Bernadette was clear and concise. She was able to impart industry specific examples and personal anecdotes to make the course personable and informative.

I have now started my own freelance writing business and am learning how to construct a website in WordPress. My life has changed completely.

There's no Fluff and Bubble in these courses. The learning is targeted and you can also have fun as part of the process.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete this course and special thanks to Bernadette for her warmth and guidance. I have a whole new vocabulary that I am keen to use in practice. Who'd have thought I could have an in-depth conversation about SEO 5 weeks ago? I certainly didn't.

Fiona La Torre 5 months ago

I was recently made redundant, and was wanting to upskill in the area of marketing, which I have a degree in from many years ago. This course was recommended as a great way to do this. Plus, it was something that was new to me.

Bernadette was fantastic, entertaining and insightful. I found myself really enjoying the audios and I gained a lot of insight into the world of copywriting. Plus, she always provided valuable and detailed feedback, which I really appreciated.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the homework assignments. I was a little nervous about doing 'homework' again after so long, but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a bit of fun, and be creative, with the assignments.

It made me realise that I still had a passion for writing, and that I would ideally like my next career path to be on the creative side. I could definitely see myself pursuing a career in copywriting.

The whole course was one major learning moment for me. Everything was new to me.
I had a positive learning experience with AWC. You will receive valuable information, taught within a supportive and easy to navigate online environment.

Olivia Nankivell 5 months ago

AMAZING content from Bernadette. It was concise, interesting, and practical.

Bernadette was fabulous. She made the effort to provide detailed feedback every single week.

I enjoyed the practicality of the content. I found myself glued to the screen and frantically taking notes! Every single module was extremely detailed, yet easy to understand. Bernadette created a complete snapshot of each module and reiterated important points. I loved her real-world examples and how she drew from her own experience as well.

I feel more confident to write words that sell products and ideas. As someone who wants to move into the environmental/sustainability space, I believe these skills will be useful to change hearts and minds.

I would say if you want to write in the digital space, sell products and ideas with words, or create motivating copy - this is the course for you.

Thank you so much.

Claudia Bonazzi 5 months ago

This course reflected exactly what I was looking for: a general overview on Copywriting from someone specialised in the field. The flexibility was also perfect.

Definitely Bernadette is a well-suited tutor for this course and gives a lot of insights on the job, which I found very useful. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and her handouts were a godsend!

I really appreciated sharing opinions and points of view with fellow classmates and the chance to ask direct questions to the tutor. Also receiving feedback was something you're always excited about.

I feel like it made the whole writing process more approachable, easy, and smooth to begin with. Moreover it sure improved my confidence and made my copy more results-oriented.

Take the course because it will give you a 360° view on copywriting, it will test your abilities, and will most certainly improve your assets. Hopefully, it will also be a starting point for you to go deeper into it if you're really interested. Bernadette speaks from experience which is the best way to learn!

Megan Daniher 5 months ago

Listening to the podcast "So you want to be a writer" and the ep with Bernadette really piqued my interest. I decided to dig deeper into what copywriting was and the more I found out the more interested I have become. Natural progression was to book into this course.

The course has over-delivered for me. The tutor was approachable and professional. Each module was well planned and varied with no unnecessary overlapping.

I now want to pursue a career in copywriting. 100% enjoyed this course, thank you.

Heather Poppelier 5 months ago

I found the weekly presentations very interesting, well delivered and with great supporting resources.

It was fantastic to learn a new skill and engage my brain - especially since I have been on reduced hours for many months now due to COVID. The course gave me something to focus on and direct my energies into.

It has given me the courage to pursue copywriting as a career. While it still seems very daunting, I feel that it is possible and achievable thanks to the repeated encouragement and demystification of the field by Bernadette.

Great online platform and easy to work to the module deadlines. Simple and effective delivery.

Vasantha B 5 months ago

Bernadette has been a great tutor. Every word she spoke was very reassuring and encouraging. Particularly the feedback was very informative and educational.

Each module was well designed and structured. The assignments and feedback were most enjoyable.

I have learnt how to write for others to read. I can't wait to start my journey as a copywriter.

Selma Papapavlou 5 months ago

I've always wanted to know more about copywriting and whether it was an industry and career I could further pursue but didn't want to do a degree and spend years studying it. I was looking for a short course. This was an introductory, 5-week course that only required a few hours a week. It didn't feel intimidating. It was perfect for a novice like me. Also, I could fit it in with my schedule of being a 1st time mum with an active toddler and not spend hours doing so.

I loved it! I finally found my calling and would love to further explore this industry. The tutor was real. Her real-life knowledge was helpful. I think she would be someone you could easily approach if you had any queries about this industry.

SEO intrigued me. I would like to learn more. Also what surprised me was what I was capable of producing in such a tight time frame.

I found my calling! I want to further pursue copywriting. I am kicking myself that I DIDN'T DO THIS SOONER! I wish I did it in my 20s! Or even a few years ago! There's no time like the present and NOW I want to further develop my skills and eventually work as a freelancer. I have a LOT to learn! I have never felt more certain and excited about what I want to do for a living.

I think I had my "aha" moment when I completed my 1st assessment. It didn't feel daunting or difficult. It felt enjoyable and exciting. I gained clarity. I thought, "I can do this. I can actually see myself doing this for a living.”

The AWC has short courses that you are able to fit into your busy life and still feel like you've learned new skills and achieved something productive.

Thank you for continuously sending me email mailers. Eventually something clicked and I made it all work!

Saskia van Graver 7 months ago

I was interested in learning a new skill which could potentially provide a source of income. Bernadette was incredibly knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others. It's a stepping stone to your new copywriting career.

Chrystal Psaltopoulos 7 months ago

I wanted to refresh my skills and learn more about how to write great copy.

Loved the course and was particularly pleased to see that Bernadette provided feedback for all our assignments.

Highly recommended - very beneficial, easy to follow and great feedback from assignments.

I feel more confident to say I can write copy now. Thanks Bernadette for a great course! I look forward to doing more!

Annette McQuarrie 7 months ago

I was actually looking at a creative writing course being offered when I came across the copywriting course. I was impressed by the course content and Bernadette's experience. I decided it would complement my editing and give me another job angle.

It is well-paced and perfect for someone starting out or wanting to do a refresher.

Bernadette is an engaging, informative instructor with a wealth of knowledge which she shares with such joy. Great sense of humour and clear communication skills. Her feedback was spot on and extremely helpful.

I enjoyed listening to Bernadette and learning from her. She knows so much and it's great to have the option of revisiting the material for 12 months to cement everything she has taught us.

I've expanded my business to include copywriting, I've revamped my website and as a result, I've been offered some ongoing work with an established publicist.

Definitely do a course. There are so many to choose from, the tutors are top quality and you can achieve wonderful results. Possibly better results than you could have anticipated.

Rosemary Hobern 7 months ago

I wanted someone to bring together all the essentials so I could get a jump on starting freelance work. I thought there might be a lot of negative feedback, which would be discouraging when you're just starting out. In fact, it was all a very positive and fun experience.

The tutor has a great voice - pleasant and positive and absolutely no verbal tics, which is incredibly rare. The feedback was helpful and invariably positive.

I liked the gradual structure. I learned quite a bit without realising it and feel a lot more confident about possible copywriting interviews. I can now discuss headlines, SEO and social media marketing with the best of them!

Starting to freelance in your fifties is daunting when you know that most of your competition grew up with computers and social media. I have the advantage of having written for years, including several novels, and I probably had a more rigorous grammatical education, but they have the advantage of being at ease with the jargon and social media. None of this is rocket science, but I feel much more confident about the concepts now.

It has increased my confidence tenfold. That none of this is actually terribly difficult, once you switch your brain into copywriting mode. Bernadette will explain how to do that. It's also a lot of fun and I think I could make a success of it. You'll have a good tutor and a clearly set out course. You'll learn a lot without realising it and it will help you feel confident in a quickly changing world.

Just thanks to Bernadette. I was pretty nervous about this course but I had fun and learned a lot.

Mel Morey 7 months ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable. Explained things well. Personable. Delivered feedback with respect. I enjoyed the feedback.

As I work in local government, I have been taught to write in a certain way. This course has reinforced some aspects, but has expanded my mind in other aspects. Very enjoyable, real world examples, quite a few 'aha!' moments.

Louise Wallace 8 months ago

Very good. Bernadette explained things very well. Simple and easy to understand.

I liked the assignments; they were fun to do and didn't take too long to complete. I also liked hearing the feedback each week.

It was very helpful - the assignments were fun, the content was enjoyable and it only took a couple hours per week.

Boby Tariq 8 months ago

My online tutor, Bernadette, always gave constructive feedback which in turn helped me to learn further. I enjoyed the feedback sessions.

Training under Bernadette is always a privilege and joy. I am entering a new profession through and after this course.

Thank you!

Michael Caisley 8 months ago

I am looking to take my career in a new direction and want to leverage my love of writing into a way to generate income. This course struck me as a great first step in that direction. I was unsure if copywriting was something that I could do, but this course alleviated that concern.

The course gave me confidence that I didn't have before.

Bernadette was terrific. Very informative, came across as really knowing her stuff, and was easy to listen to in the audio lessons. Her feedback was concise and very helpful. The assessments were challenging, which was very enjoyable.

This course has shown me that there are other possibilities, professionally, for me out there. I've been unhappy in my current career and one big reason that I don't make a change is that I convinced myself there was nothing else I could do. This course showed me that I was wrong about that. Early on when Bernadette talked about how she just decided she was a copywriter, it was a real eye opening moment.

Just a big thank you to Bernadette and the AWC team for this course.

Donita Richards 8 months ago

I have started a freelance writing business and needed to upskill.

Bernadette was fantastic, thank you. Bernadette's voice and instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Her feedback is personalised so I understood my areas for improvement easily. I am able to apply my new skills to my business offerings.

Do it! These courses are easy to follow and apply and I feel more confident knowing I have learned industry-ready skills.
Thank you, I have enjoyed this class and Bernadette's teachings.

Lauren Jones 8 months ago

Bernadette is amazing! So knowledgable and so engaging. Feedback was constructive and positive and made me feel inspired to keep exploring.

Thank you so much!

Charlotte Turner 8 months ago

Really enjoyed the pace and also the homework assignments: helpful without being too overwhelming

The tutor was experienced and delivered the course in a way that it still felt like a two-way course. I have learnt useful tips and tricks. Writing actively not passively and using set formulas that work! I now see them everywhere.

Go for it!

Friederike Buettner 8 months ago

I loved the flexibility as I work full time and was able to do the work in my own pace on the weekends. I will surely go back through it again to apply more insights into my daily tasks as a marketing manager.

I thought the feedback and the way Bernadette taught was great - positive, fun and energetic. Exactly what I needed! I found it great to interact with course members during the introduction and also to see everybody's assignment tasks, as I was able to learn from everyone.

I will definitely write better blogs, SEO copy and general marketing materials now. The simple formulas that always seem to work - it is so true but never crossed my mind, that it could be learned so easily. I have already recommended the AWC at work.

Rebecca Kennedy 8 months ago

I was a little hesitant, as I didn't know much about copywriting and wondered if this would be the right course for me.

I enjoyed the course; it was easy to follow and I learned new skills that I can apply to my current profession as a recruiter and my personal brand.

The tutor was very knowledgeable, with an easygoing and friendly manner and encouraging style in her feedback. It will encourage me to continue this newfound hobby of writing.

The courses are fun and easy to follow, and manageable in terms of time commitment. I'm really glad I decided to enrol after my initial hesitation.

Jennifer Thompson 8 months ago

Awesome course, really enjoyed it. So many hot tips on how to work the Dark Arts of copywriting. I loved Bernadette's dulcet tones and storytelling style :)

This course was really easy to manage, coordinate and complete. The pace, the handouts and the exercises. Mostly, I really enjoyed Bernadette's example storytelling style. It tightened up my end game for online content.

I'd say (and have done) that this course is a content creation game-changer. #loveYourWork Bernadette!

Jacqui Peake 8 months ago

I trust the AWC brand and this course also provided value for money.

Bernadette was great! She obviously knows her stuff, and provides straightforward feedback. She's also a delight to listen to.

I have already done a couple of small copywriting jobs and have the confidence now to apply for, and chase, more.

Thanks Bernadette!

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