Caitlin Annesley 1 year ago

I've been investigating the possibility of becoming a copywriter for some time, and have seen multiple blogs advising obtaining copywriting training before entering the professional world.

As a university student, I was a little scared of the price tag, as I don't yet earn a full time income! However, I'm very glad that I chose to spend my money on the course. I think it has saved me a LOT of time and effort, and I think it is very reasonably priced for what is included!

Mark came across as very friendly and approachable. I was a bit worried that one had to be "gifted" to be a successful copywriter, but Mark's constructive, helpful, and encouraging feedback has given me reassurance that becoming a professional copywriter is a possibility.

I enjoyed creating a short advertisement from a brief, and learning about the remarkable hidden world of SEO! I never realised there was a way to impact a website's ranking on Google. I also really appreciated the encouraging guidance on the art of writing long copy. Moreover, the real-world advice given on how to monetise one's copywriting was well presented, clear and comprehensive. Overall, I feel this course has given me some excellent guidance on how to get started as a professional copywriter.

I now realise that becoming a professional copywriter is actually a "real job", and moreover, that there are practical, real-world steps I can take to becoming one. I never thought I could actually get paid to write!

If you are curious about copywriting, I would highly recommend undertaking Copywriting Essentials. It is practical, encouraging, and worth the investment!

Melissa D'Arcy 1 year ago

An amazing, fun course. I enjoyed everything!! 5 weeks of creative copywriting was bliss!!!!!

Mark is amazing; gives truthful and helpful feedback.

Give this course a go!!! It will bring out your creative writing.

Tulitha King 1 year ago

I love writing but did not know how to get into it in a profitable way. This course caught my eye and I have had it in the back of my mind for a long time. I also wasn't sure how much of a time commitment it would take, but it was easily doable around full-time work and raising children!

The actual writing exercises were the most enjoyable part! Mark's feedback was great. I don't know how he remained engaged in everyone's writing all the way to the end!

I can see now how I too can be a copywriter.

Silva Mirovics 1 year ago

I wanted to explore if this was something that would interest me as I knew nothing about copywriting.

I enjoyed all of the course. Mark was terrific and gave a lot of great insights.

I never thought I could be a copywriter. Now it is all I want to do! I have tried so many things in my life... I can't tell you how happy I am - I know in every part of my being that this is the path for me. Why did I never come across copywriting sooner! It's what I am meant to do.

Sophie Kinna 1 year ago

The tutor is a wonderful lady, very knowledgeable and I know to refine knowledge from an academic background into a simpler form was some achievement. I loved her feedback - having been doing a postgraduate degree myself I am used to constructive feedback and Bernadette was very nice, giving helpful advice and very fair to every student.

I feel much more confident about writing copy and found ways to stop my writer's block and imposter syndrome. She nailed it when it came to all the little issues we face.

Awesome course.

Klaire Johnston 1 year ago

Bernadette seemed expert in all things copywriting, though was also very down-to-earth in her presentation style and very generous with her personalised feedback.

I enjoyed the industry-related examples in the coursework and the challenge of writing an assessment piece each week to apply the techniques we were learning. I liked that it was self-paced, though still with a tutor to access feedback from.

This course gave me confidence in my ability to amalgamate my writing skills and business experience. In week one, I found the courage to order a business card, write content for my own website and by week two I had approached my first potential copywriting client!

I'm thrilled to have undertaken this course. It made me realise the freelance copywriting lifestyle is well within my reach and gave me the confidence to pursue that from the moment I saw the first video. It's fun, practical and delivers on its promise to cover essential copywriting skills. The personalised feedback and the abundance of templates and handouts makes it exceptional value.

Jodie Matheson 1 year ago

Bernadette was really engaging and insightful, sometimes felt like you could have been in the room just having a chat. She was very open and comfortable.

Very doable course. I learned so much in a short time and the study time and workload is very achievable.

Just a huge thank you; so glad I signed up.

Kayla Dingle 1 year ago

Bernadette was amazing and the feedback was extremely helpful in making my copy sound professional.

I loved the assignments; they made everything make more sense once put into practice. I now know that copywriting as a career is for me.

I'd like to say a big Thank you to Bernadette and the AWC team for putting together such an amazing course! I've learnt lots and can truly say it has changed my life.

I would say don't think just do!

Hayley Nolan 1 year ago

The course 💯 exceeded my expectation! The personalised verbal feedback was fantastic and so valuable to learning from mistakes. Or being told what you could have done instead. Something about that format made you really put the work in for the assignments.

I loved the assignments. And having a deadline to submit really meant you just had to get it done. I loved the feedback format. It gives that personable feel and it's great to listen to other feedback to learn from that as well.

Do it! It's really valuable, you're guaranteed to take learnings from each module and have new skills to take away. The assignments at the end of each module are relevant and help reinforce your learnings from that module. The personal, verbal feedback of each assignment is fantastic and helps you learn from not only your own feedback but from others. Overall the course is engaging and valuable, I now have the skills and confidence to put what I've learnt into practice and put myself out there as a freelance copywriter. I'm feeling very optimistic about my next steps into this world I didn't consider a career until now :)

Ella Olsen 1 year ago

Bernadette was friendly and well informed - I really liked the way she explained concepts and ideas in a way that anyone could understand.

The course was fun and informative, and I love how I was able to apply the information learnt to running my restaurant's social media. It was important to me that I could use what I was learning straight away.

I tend to waffle on, so this course has helped me sift out the unnecessary hoo haa, and be more concise!

I would say that it is a friendly approachable course that is not too demanding, but is very informative. The process from start to finish was very smooth.

Jennelle Larven 1 year ago

I have nothing but positive praise for Bernadette. Positive, happy, confident, relatable. Only too willing to share her knowledge, skills and experience. Clear and concise. I enjoyed her sense of humour, being genuine, her wealth of experience (I wish I had 5% of it). Bernadette's confidence was natural and completely felt that she was transferring those vibes to us albeit virtually. I felt strongly that Bernadette wanted us to do well and was building our confidence over the weeks.

I am used to writing wordy reports. Even my text messages are legendary for being as long as the Dead Sea scrolls. I always wanted to write with impact using less words. Learning how to convey an impactful message with limited words/character spaces is exactly what I needed. I feel more confident now.

When I got positive feedback re assignments - I realised I CAN DO THIS ! So, thank you. Not for the positive feedback by the way. Thank you for teaching me how to write with impact using less words (this was the aha moment).

The experience was positive and comfortable for my learning style. The course was well structured and packed with content that is current, relevant and practical. Support material for each module (templates, examples etc) is excellent and plentiful. Bonus commercial business learning videos and support material is amazing.

Andrea Seale 1 year ago

I love Bernadette's humor and affirmative approach in regard to feedback. She's a great example of how to speak to and treat prospects. I hope to emulate her technique in my business.

Honestly, I love the Australian accent. Silly, I know. Seriously, though, being able to work at my own pace and having the ability to download all of the course materials is a huge bonus. Getting specific feedback was also very helpful.

Copywriting is so fun! I rewrote a sales letter for a local chiropractor using the skills I learned after week 1 and landed my first potential client. This course helped my confidence to get my business up and running. I can't wait to deposit that first check!

I'm thankful I found you! As a matter of fact I already recommended AWC. I said this was a great resource for writers looking to make money. The courses are very reasonably priced and user friendly.

Karen 1 year ago

Bernadette was great, she clearly knows what she's talking about, and I enjoyed hearing about her experiences. She was easy to understand and clear with the topic at hand.

Looking at some of the copywriters I follow or know I thought they'd had to go through years of study to get where they are, but Bernadette's examples, tips and tools make me realise you don't need a marketing degree. That this course can be the great starting point for me. That there's ways and means, and tools to use to help you write the copy.

So worth it, go for it!

Mia Bianchino 1 year ago

Bernadette was fantastic, her feedback was exceptional and thoughtful! She is engaging and has a really wonderful teaching manner.

I thought the course was fabulous and I enjoyed the 5 weeks of the course. I thought it was paced out really well. I loved how rich the course was with examples of great advertising, marketing and copywriting. Was the best way to learn. The assignments were also very easy to complete alongside working full time.

It has given me the ability to expand on my marketing skills as I enter a new job. It has also shown me alternative career paths.

I would definitely recommend the AWC because of the reputation I believe the Centre has with regard to hosting a variety of writing courses. It is accessible to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills, which we all need and use every day.

Joanne Doughton 1 year ago

I was looking to add a new service to my Graphic Design/Print business; copywriting seemed to be the perfect add-on. I found this course through Google, and thought “What the heck!”

Loved the course and Mark was great. The weekly assessments challenged me, but it was worth it as real life reflects the quick turnaround times I deal with on a daily basis. I learned that there is more to marketing than just putting words on a page or in an EDM. It's an actual art and science.

Just do it! It's worth the time and effort.

Marshall Dang 1 year ago

The tutor was super helpful when it comes to giving feedback and answering questions. I found all of her feedback and input very insightful and informative, especially given how short this course is compared to other traditional ones which will normally take 3 months or more.

It helped me realize my full potential and re-ignite my writing passion that was lost ages ago due to the rat race I've been endlessly caught in. More specifically, I realized that there's so many ways to write a sentence that's concise but still instructive. With the word limits, I had to spend more time and effort thinking up how to write a headline or sub-headline that can deliver enough information and still pack a punch.

Don't knock it before you've tried it. The course offers far more knowledge than what can be imagined. The more you go deep into it, the more you're going to find out you'll love it.

Rachael Winter 1 year ago

I really enjoy Bernadette's style of teaching and assessing. I found her to have similar wit and humour to myself so I thoroughly enjoyed her ramblings (insert winky face here).

I would absolutely recommend the AWC to a friend. There is no Australian platform like it. I personally like how 'niche' the courses are and at a great price. Honestly, the sound of engaging in a 3-6 month course is nightmarish to me after having already completed a 4 year degree. The courses are quick and extremely practical and relevant.

Just thank you to Bernadette and I look forward to completing more courses :)

Colleen McCudden 1 year ago

Mark was lovely and very patient. He has an amazing range of experience and it was good to have feedback that you're hitting the mark. Definitely helps to build confidence.

I really enjoyed the written assignments, but the most valuable thing was gaining a sense that what I want to do is actually achievable.

If self-doubt creeps in, I am no longer crippled by it. I can move beyond it into a growth mindset - feel the fear and push through. Particularly liked Bernadette's reassurances that if you just say it, no one will question you and doing small things to get started. I no longer feel I need all the "boxes ticked" = analysis paralysis!

Copywriting Essentials was technique rich and highly practical - so much info packed into every module - great way to build confidence and self-belief!

Fiona Manton 1 year ago

I really enjoyed the course because it was packed full of practical resources and strategies. I learnt the Copywriting world is a whole 'new' world but one that is now very accessible to me. The design of Bernadette's courses, as well as the way she taught them, left me feeling empowered and excited about next practical steps should I want to take them.

I appreciated Mark's weekly feedback. I loved the highly practical content. I enjoyed Bernadette's genuineness, as well as her communication style and her many examples of the content in practice. I also loved the assignments! They were a great opportunity to 'play' with the content.

As a teacher I've been selling 'learning' for years! This gave me confidence that there is something else out there for myself as a teacher. It is also empowering me to apply my now-honed copywriting skills to other career possibilities.

It's absolutely worth doing the Copywriting Essentials Course. Whatever career direction or place you're at in your life's journey, there's exciting skills to learn, enjoy and inspire your next step.

Emma Crethary 1 year ago

I was slightly worried that it might be hard and that I would find the assignments too much. I also worried that I wouldn't learn anything practical that I could put into action in my role. Both totally unjustified concerns! :)

Bernadette was so knowledgeable. Her presentation style was very engaging. I found her feedback really helpful. I looked forward to getting feedback each week.

I've already started implementing the tips I've learnt during this course. My writing is much more persuasive. The course has given me more confidence to perform my role. I've learnt so much and am already seeing an improvement in the way I write.

Thanks so much Bernadette. I really loved this course and you're an excellent teacher!


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