Steve Alden 7 months ago

Bernadette is so animated, knowledgeable and generous.

I found the course very validating. I often have to write copy for my job, and it's a skill that goes mostly unacknowledged. Just listening to a pro talk made me realise how much good writing brings to a project (i.e. basically everything).

Lisa Paulin 8 months ago

I've always had an interest in writing, but have never really known where to start. Copywriting seemed like as good a place as any, and it seemed to relate somewhat to my work.

I've always been the kind of student that skips to the assignment and skims back over content to get the answers in order to achieve the outcome of a certificate. Not this time! I made sure I dedicated time, because I really enjoyed listening intently to each of the video lessons and reading over all the handouts.

I thought Bernadette was really personable. I enjoyed listening to her; she has a friendly, laid back and knowledgeable style. Even though the video lessons were all pre-recorded and rather static, it didn't feel like that at all whilst doing the course. I thought listening through everyone's feedback would be tedious, but it was actually really interesting. Bernadette gave constructive feedback in a really kind and supportive way, which is a real talent in itself (and one that many managers could learn from!).

I am used to more formal writing for business, reports and grant/tender applications. This course has given me another string to my bow and I've learnt to enjoy writing in a more conversational style again.

It has encouraged me to think more seriously about pursuing a career on my own, to fulfill my dream of writing for money while I travel around Australia or the rest of the world.

The course is well structured, easy to follow and easy to fit in to a busy life!

I particularly liked that this course had assignments due in on the Sunday night, which suited me as a full time working parent. And thanks again to Bernadette.

Felicity Abell 8 months ago

The course was easy to understand, good length of videos and course overall. Great taste in copywriting which can then lead to other courses. Good handouts. Bernadette is very knowledgeable and easy to watch and understand. Really great communicator. Mark (who was the assessor) was great at explaining his feedback and some tips for improvement.

It really helped me understand what a copywriter does and how I can use my new skills now and in the future. I can look at creating a freelance career which is really exciting. And my own confidence from the first assignment to the last improved immensely.

I have been testing my new skills on my work colleagues and in my day-job work and I have been getting great engagement and feedback. I have always loved writing but this has given me a great understanding of how to hook people and keep them reading. Lots of fun.

Great course, easy to understand, and gain strong skills that can be applied immediately. Don't be afraid of the 'assignments', they are a great way to learn and get feedback for next time, and they aren't time intensive. I never thought I would consider freelance work but now I do. 5 weeks is a reasonable time period to 'study', not too long, not too short, and really practical if you have a young family or working full time. Worth the money.

Steve 9 months ago

Bernadette presented the subject matter clearly in a relatable way, and provided great feedback.

I enjoyed the creative aspect of developing my own ideas while having a clearly defined copywriting framework.

It's a great way to improve your writing skills in areas you might not have previously considered. It's non-threatening and a pressure-free way to learn.

Claire 9 months ago

I thought Mark was a very personable and knowledgeable tutor. I thought the feedback he provided on assignments was insightful and invaluable. I enjoyed trying to apply the theory learnt to the weekly assignments.

I would definitely recommend any of the AWC courses as they are well constructed and being part of the AWC community is truly invaluable.

Katarina Smelikova 9 months ago

I love the structure of the course. In addition, I was nicely surprised to receive the additional information (Module 6) on how to 'dive in' to the market.

Mark was great and worked on time. I love receiving feedback via video. It makes it more personable.

I enjoyed the strict deadline for assignments! It got me to do the work!

Before the course, I could write copy, but I was not following any particular copywriting formula. I'm now confident to know where to start, and how to avoid any copywriting pitfalls.

Great course. Thank you!

Jacquie Lawson 9 months ago

Bernadette is very well versed in her knowledge of copywriting.

The whole course was a world of discovery for me. Compact, loaded with information, a great way to head into a writing career. It has given me a path to follow.

Jacquie Lawson 10 months ago

Bernadette came across as a person who valued her students' chosen path of writing. Plus she was always encouraging.

I enjoyed listening to the lectures as well as doing the assignments. A great start to a career in writing.

Matthew F 10 months ago

Bernadette is a greater speaker / presenter with an ability to deliver the content in a simple yet effective way. Her assignment feedback was great and her extra tips in response to course comments was appreciated.

Mitch 10 months ago

Bernadette was great! Very engaging and informative, and the feedback was always very constructive.

In my everyday life and work life I'm now looking at advertisements and better understanding what the marketers or copywriters were trying to do with the copy.

I'd say the course gives a great foundation to work from and gives a much better understanding of copywriting.

Melanie 11 months ago

Loved Bernadette. She was practical, inspiring and gave well-thought-out feedback and encouragement with the assignments as well as adding years of expertise.

Gave me the confidence to expand from feature writing to copy.

If you are thinking about it, do it :-)

Gordana Radojicic 11 months ago

The course content - videos and handouts - were outstanding. The tutor feedback was really valuable - especially being able to watch everyone's feedback. I really appreciated Mark's feedback to everyone. It was insightful and very helpful.

I enjoyed everything about the course - I can't choose just one. My work may not have been the best; however, I came away with more confidence and enthusiasm to pursue copywriting as a side hustle.

The course was informative, insightful and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and the challenge. I will be revisiting some modules over the coming months, while I still have access. Very thankful for this.

Ashleigh Meikle 11 months ago

I liked Bernadette - her feedback was useful and I think I have a good grounding now for going forward with copywriting.

I enjoyed the assignments and being able to flex some different writing skills and muscles, and finding out I can apply this to things like my book reviews, which I think I am going to try for some of the posts I am due to write.

Just do it - do any course that takes your fancy. AWC courses will all help with all forms of writing and I think, having done a few, I have learnt so much that I can use interchangeably; it's made me a confident writer.

Luke Van Peelen 11 months ago

Mark was very positive and provided great feedback where required. He made me feel like this is something I could actually do. I enjoyed the review of the exercise and getting real feedback.

If you're into writing and looking to expand your skills, check the AWC out.

Priyanka Mukherjee 11 months ago

The course was exactly what it was described to be. An absolutely essential module to write better copy and content. It was a great experience.

I am able to look at bad EDM copy and immediately know what I would do differently.

It is a great course to start one's journey into the copywriting world.

Carmen Barbati 11 months ago

Mark and Bernadette were a wealth of knowledge.

I enjoyed the examples and the course content, plus the encouragement and 'have fun' attitude.

I am more aware of the steps to how copywriting is done. I feel like I have been let in on secrets.

Dani-elle Reiljan 11 months ago

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do this with the fulltime job and uni degree I am doing parttime, but I found it to be easy to follow and not take up too much of my time.

I enjoyed the templates and video lessons. Mark was very helpful with feedback and direction.

I am going to start a copywriting business on the side of my fulltime job and I'm turning my fulltime job into a permanent part time one to try this!

Jill Sherrin 1 year ago

This was the first time I had joined an online course so wasn't sure how I was going to navigate everything. To AWC's credit, the online courses are well mapped out and make the journey enjoyable and entertaining.

It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from Bernadette's tutorials, propelling us to take up the challenge of the week's module, then know there was support, if needed, during the week and then the back up of Mark's feedback once the homework was submitted. A dynamic duo, to say the least.

Mark's individual attention to each of us plus the quality of his comments were always impressive. His professionalism, enthusiasm, gentleness and positivity threaded with his wonderful wit always made the wait for the weekly feedback worth waiting for. Write on!

It's definitely rekindled the writing fire ... & enthusiasm / admiration for advertising.

Start! Whatever you're interested in just start! Take note of the insightful information from AWC suggesting "we recommend this course first" to launch from if you're interested in either building or restructuring your knowledge of a topic. And have fun!

It is a surprising delight to feel part of a community spirit at AWC - just from an online experience alone. Happy scribbling to all!

Jerome 1 year ago

I found Bernadette's presentation style relatable and easily understood. Avoided jargon, and when used it was explained clearly. I was impressed by how thorough the course content was for a short course.

I appreciated Mark's feedback style. I feel he struck a great balance between using an encouraging/motivating tone, whilst still offering up valuable constructive critiques when needed.

I enjoyed being able to observe the progress I (and others) had made week by week, being able to clearly implement new skills taught in each module.

Great course content, presented in an articulate and easily understood manner. Fantastic online support from tutors.

Caitlin Annesley 1 year ago

I've been investigating the possibility of becoming a copywriter for some time, and have seen multiple blogs advising obtaining copywriting training before entering the professional world.

As a university student, I was a little scared of the price tag, as I don't yet earn a full time income! However, I'm very glad that I chose to spend my money on the course. I think it has saved me a LOT of time and effort, and I think it is very reasonably priced for what is included!

Mark came across as very friendly and approachable. I was a bit worried that one had to be "gifted" to be a successful copywriter, but Mark's constructive, helpful, and encouraging feedback has given me reassurance that becoming a professional copywriter is a possibility.

I enjoyed creating a short advertisement from a brief, and learning about the remarkable hidden world of SEO! I never realised there was a way to impact a website's ranking on Google. I also really appreciated the encouraging guidance on the art of writing long copy. Moreover, the real-world advice given on how to monetise one's copywriting was well presented, clear and comprehensive. Overall, I feel this course has given me some excellent guidance on how to get started as a professional copywriter.

I now realise that becoming a professional copywriter is actually a "real job", and moreover, that there are practical, real-world steps I can take to becoming one. I never thought I could actually get paid to write!

If you are curious about copywriting, I would highly recommend undertaking Copywriting Essentials. It is practical, encouraging, and worth the investment!


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