Darren Silverman 1 week ago

I've always wanted to write. This seemed like the best place to start. I had no hesitation at all. Couldn't wait to get started.

Jennifer's feedback was an enormous help. She was fantastic.

I enjoyed putting my learnings to the test via the assignments and gaining some different ideas by reading other students work.

It's made me want to learn more and start writing my first book. I've already enrolled in other courses and look forward to enrolling in Novel Writing Essentials.

I loved the idea of setting the scene using the colour system. It made everything make sense and made better writing easier.

Just do it. If writing is your thing, then this Stage 1 course is a must. Just so helpful and such a good grounding for other courses.

Peter Waterman 2 weeks ago

I think it was a comprehensives course without being overwhelming. The tutor was very knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge.

I have been a journalist all my life. This is a pivot from fact-based writing. Definitely shows even people who think they know how to write can learn a lot.

Dawn Markowitsch 3 weeks ago

I had finished my first novel draft and knew it needed work but wasn't sure where to start. This course has given me new skills to deal with this with more confidence and direction.

Petronella was very positive in her feedback and it was good to listen to everyone's feedback, as suggested, to pick up some pointers.

The assignments set were very helpful and it was fun to submit and read everyone else's writing.

I needed direction in characterisation and structure and I got this from this course. I've had my structure concerns confirmed and it's given me direction and I've realised that my character flaws are actually a voice issue, rather than a backstory issue. The few tips I've received on this has helped me immensely.

This short course has given me tools and inspiration to keep going with my writing journey. That it will make me a better writer.

Thank you AWC - I believe I will be back to do another course!

Sara Seto 3 weeks ago

Petronella gave insightful advice and was balanced in her feedback between positive and constructive comments.

I enjoyed being able to put into practice what I'd learnt that week and get personalised feedback on my writing from a published author.

It has helped me really think about the character and their motivations, thinking about how they would speak / think / act in a situation (not necessarily how I would speak / think / act!)

Amazing course that teaches you the writing fundamentals to become a better author. A good balance between theory and practice.

Emmie Hee 3 weeks ago

The tutor was wonderfully encouraging! Really appreciated Victoria's support and advice along the way!

The course was inspiring, encouraging and brilliant. The lectures made the information digestible. The handouts were incredibly useful. The assignments were so well designed to get students going in a really practical and useful way. Having the tutor support was wonderful too as it was really encouraging to have feedback on the assignments. I really loved the course - it's made me excited and confident to keep going.

It's really solidified for me that this is the pathway I want to take in life. It's really confirmed for me how much I love writing.

The delicious feeling of flow that I felt while writing each assignment felt like an 'aha!' for me. I felt focused, calm, quiet and immersed in my creative process and this was very affirming. So thank you so much!

Thanks enormously for all of the care taken to make this so enjoyable, encouraging and effective.

It's a phenomenal resource to develop your writing! Do yourself a favour.

Gemma Ryan 4 weeks ago

Nicole's tutelage was above my expectations. I really like how many examples she used that we could relate to. The idea of writing a whole novel is very daunting and seems too big to attempt but, through her own experience and explaining the process, it now seems more attainable and certainly something to try without being too self-critical.

I now look at writing as something to chip away at, to allow myself the freedom to pursue without pressure and you never know! Maybe I could be good at it.

Alison Rich 1 month ago

This course really challenged me - in a good way.

Nat was very encouraging and constructive with her feedback, and quick to respond in the chat too. It was really helpful to be able to listen to her feedback to everyone in the group as well as the individualised feedback to me because we were all writing in such different ways but everything she was saying was applicable to everyone.

It broke down the craft into discrete sections and then took each of those separate building blocks and helped us put them back together again. I was so grateful to find the information about the questions you can ask yourself to help you move forward with your idea.

Practical, experiential, thoughtful courses with very encouraging tutors.

Christina Phillips 1 month ago

The course materials are very good. The tutor was professional and insightful. The comments really helped.

I have enjoyed the assignments and I felt that they have helped develop my writing skills.

Creative Writing Stage 1 is comprehensive and provided excellent resources and feedback on the assignments.

Athena Law 1 month ago

I'm planning to do the full suite of 'Write Your Novel' courses with AWC over the next year or so, and this course seemed to be the right starting point.

I've enjoyed the weekly deadlines, and the bonus exercises were great. Victoria seems to be lovely and has given very insightful feedback via the weekly videos.

It solidified a lot of things I have been learning/researching myself over the past year. Great foundational course.

Grant Saxon 1 month ago

The course has inspired me to go to the next step to expand my writing horizons and make writing a bigger part of my life.

Nat was great. Her feedback was clear and considered, and she was very timely posting it each Monday morning.

Thanks for the course. Keep doing what you do!

Allyssa Carlton 1 month ago

I loved this course! I hadn't completed any sort of structured writing course before so this was an incredibly helpful and confidence inspiring place to come to.

Nat was great. I think her way of providing feedback may have cured my fear of it. :) She appears to be very knowledgeable and eager to provide help, and she was very easy to understand and made her points clearly. I would definitely like to attend any other courses she tutors.

To my great surprise, I enjoyed the writing the most. I was quite content to sit down and complete the homework assignments and put them up for feedback. Already I know that my knowledge and skills have improved.

I feel a lot more confident in sitting down to write, knowing that it doesn't have to be perfect on the first pass, and knowing that there is guidance out there for me for future projects.

Grant Follett 1 month ago

I have often thought about doing more writing but felt I needed a push. Because of a move overseas, I have more time to devote to it.

I found it really helped dislodge some blockages for me on writing. It gave me some exercises to try to get writing - and I really loved the message that the number one reason your book won't be published is because you haven't written it.

I really liked how it got me in the 'mode' for writing. I also liked how flexible it was.

It has turbocharged my desire to try to dedicate some time to writing and really try to finish something. It gave me an impetus to keep writing, and tips and tricks to enable me to do so.

Julie Scanlon 1 month ago

Excellently presented course and feedback was valuable and constructive.

It has given me a depth of understanding into character development and writing structure.

Lauren Goh 1 month ago

I enjoyed everything about this course! Everything from the lessons, and assessments to the feedback sessions.

The tutor was very friendly, passionate and positive.

It has inspired me to start writing again. It has also taught me some valuable ways to make my writing and stories better.

I would say it's a great way to get started. It's also a fun, low-pressure way to learn more about writing.

Alison Fletcher 1 month ago

I'm not sure what type of writing I want to do, so I thought this was a good general starting point. The course structure was another attraction. Originally I was looking at local in-person courses (eg through CAE) but none appealed. I liked the fact that while this course was online and involved asynchronous learning, there was a weekly assignment with personalised feedback, to keep me accountable.

I liked the video feedback and the fact that we could read everyone's submissions and listen to the feedback for each. I learned a lot this way.

I was very happy with Nat's role. She gave well-considered feedback that always offered something new to consider, and which I could apply immediately.

It's reminded me how much I enjoy the process of writing, and has encouraged me to consider doing further courses.

The courses are professionally constructed and informative. I liked the way the information was structured and how encouraged I felt. In many ways it demystified the writing process and made me feel as if writing a good story or novel was an achievable goal, rather than one restricted to a genius.

Kath Woolley 2 months ago

Nat has been awesome in providing constructive criticism as well as being nice enough not to point out everything that is wrong with the assignments! She knows what she is talking about and has been supportive which is very much appreciated.

I enjoyed all aspects, really. From the information to the classroom chat, it is well presented and easy to follow. I especially liked the feedback even though it initially scared me!

It has given me confidence in writing and my passion has come back. It has also taught me that nothing I write is wrong, and I have to keep writing to get to where I want to be.

It's brilliant! A welcoming and creative area where you can write anything and feel safe. You learn a bit about yourself as well as many aspects of writing to get you started.

Samantha Frederiksen 2 months ago

I want to write a novel but didn't know where to start. This course looked like the perfect foundation for me. And it was!

It definitely exceeded my expectations. Nat's feedback got me thinking about the small things (like, can your character 'actually' see what you're saying they're seeing). Those small things are extremely valuable!

I am so grateful that Nat spent the time and energy to provide feedback. The feedback incorporated both what WAS working in my writing, and what needed improvement. She can definitely help anyone become a better writer.

I just love learning. I loved the lectures. The actual writing felt daunting given the time constraints, but really pushed me to submit something by a certain time. I probably wouldn't have written anything otherwise!

It made me want to be a writer and learn as much as I can about writing. Especially Nat, her feedback has made me think of things in my writing that I hadn't thought of previously.

The best investment you'll ever make. Even if it's just for a hobby or out of interest.

Pam Cramer 2 months ago

This is a great entry level course that opened up so much to me, both in listening to the fantastic audios (great voice, easy to listen to), and that I can go back and listen to them again. The exercises were a real confidence booster and enabled me to put in to practice the week's lesson content. And I could use the exercises repeatedly.

Jo was great and I always felt that she was having a one-on-one with me during assignment feedback.

John Stanton 2 months ago

I have a manuscript and I've gotten it as far as I can take it for the moment, but knowing that it's flawed and still needs (a lot) of work. I was hoping to get some understanding of basic plot / character / structure tips which might help me improve my work.

Nat was really great. Her comments were clear and justified. It was good to listen to the feedback she gave everyone else, too, as there were many things which did not apply to my writing which were useful to know.

I enjoyed doing the actual writing! And getting feedback on it. I've never had someone give objective feedback before, and it was helpful to experience that. Having someone else pick out the details which don't work is unbelievably helpful. It meant that I could go back and make small changes to gain great improvements.

AWC courses are practical, interesting, and safe!

Simone Wilson 2 months ago

I have been writing stories all my life and finally decided at 61 to actually do something, to learn and hope to complete a novel. I really had no idea what to expect. Actually thought I could be wasting my money. It was not a waste at all!

Jo was great, easy to listen to and clear with all her feedback.

I believe I can write. I have a lot to learn still, but I have a self-belief that I didn't have before. I can accept feedback. I can put myself out there.

Give it a go. It's friendly, kind and so easy to follow and learn.


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