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I found Bronwyn to be the perfect mix of good cop and bad cop (actually all good cop). She always found something to compliment me on, which is essential because I did feel a bit vulnerable doing a course like this. The course challenged me to experiment writing in another point of view to what I was comfortable with. At the same time Bronwyn was able to deliver the news that I could do better and help me with suggestions in a lovely, positive way. The course content was actually really, really good (and I have done a lot of online writing courses). I would say this is one of the best ones I have done. It helped me to open my eyes - well all of my senses actually!

— Janelle Victor

I thought Bronwyn took great care with providing feedback – she was very helpful and encouraging. I felt welcomed and supported.

— Janine Combes

Everything that was promised was delivered. I've studied online before, with a 'degree in communications', so I was prepared for the occasional moment when I was looking for material that had been promised, or did not get timely feedback on assignments. None of that occurred. Everything we needed was there.

— Llynda Nairn

A perfect mix of manageable weekly lessons and assignments, with feedback. In addition, the content was great in terms of providing structure and advice on how to write.

— Neil Orford

I have done many online training courses and this one is by far the best I have completed. It's a spot on course, perfect for seasoned pros in other writing forms or a newbie like me. It gives you real information and skills you can apply straight away and you feel confident you can do this: write fiction. It's about following proven processes, doing the hard work of actually writing with a sprinkle of natural creative ability. I like the idea I can go back over the material for the next 12 months and the printable resources are well designed and reusable.

— Rob Ehlers

I did not have any idea how someone could teach writing. I was so interested each week with the method used to get me to write something I did not know I was going to write. I aways thought, 'I've got nothing', and then I was always so pleasantly surprised. I now want to do the six month writing course.

— Sally McCausland

Bronwyn was very good at giving feedback, answering questions promptly and in detail. She was also great at recommending further reading if we were interested in certain topics/exercises. I fell like she was very skilled at catering to all levels within the class, which can sometimes be difficult online. I felt like she was genuinely invested in our work.

— Caleb Vines

The advice and tips are very interesting and helpful. It helped me and I enjoyed working on my passion. It was nice to have others to read my work and to hear that they liked what I have done. I usually don't let anybody read my writing because I feel it won't be good enough or interesting enough, but this course forced me to allow my writing to be read and critiqued. Thank you!

— April Anapliotis

I was actually writing! I always said that I loved to write but never really made the commitment to do it. This course catapulted me into finding the motivation and got my creative juices flowing.

— Deborah McKelvey

It was a lot of information to digest but i enjoyed it. Getting feedback is what i need most and I found that Angela was very good at the feedback sandwich.

— Kay Lindly

The experience of being in a group people who feel just like you do ‚ from the nerves of exposing your words to an audience, to a shared love for writing and the desire to improve. It was really inspiring and reassuring! After becoming more and more unsure of my own writing over the years this course really opened my eyes again to the fact that it is all possible if you just pick up the pen. It gave me the foundation skills to be more constructively self-analytical. I went into the course knowing I wanted to write but not really knowing, beyond the tiniest inkling of undeveloped ideas, what that might be. Now with the skills learned in the course, I feel empowered to jump in and turn those little seedlings into something more.

— Rebeka Hendrickson

In the two weeks since I completed the Creative Writing course, I've been so energised to write and I've completed two short stories, one of 19 pages and one of 55 pages, and I've written over 15000 words. The most important thing I got from this course was self belief, I now feel that my writing has value.

— Philip Nicholls

I've been intending and hoping to do this course and others for a very long time. Now that I have experienced AWC and this course, I can't believe how wonderful it is. I love it. I might even do it again one day, who knows. It's brilliant. Every step of the way, how it is structured, great ease of access, the content and tuition - all, exceptional. Highly commended. My only regret: I did not do it sooner. Excellent. Invaluable.

— Fox Red

Angela Slatter was amazing. She was very helpful and had a good sense of humour which made the course even more fun and light-hearted. She was willing to answer any questions and I was very impressed by the short story she shared with us 'Skin'. Slatter suggested great tips and tools for us to use and was very encouraging. Her willingness to help other writers and share her experiences was also inspiring and appreciated.

— Alexandra

Angela was incredibly knowledgeable, generous and accessible. Her presentation of the material flowed and made sense.

— Sally Bartley

I enjoyed everything about it, really. I loved being able to learn about the different aspects of writing a novel and tools that I can use, and being able to share my skills and ideas with other like-minded people. I also enjoyed hearing about the presenter's experiences and their advice and being able to ask questions.

— Alexandra

I learnt so much, Nicole Hayes our presenter was amazing and the other people in the course was fantastic. I learnt so much in 2 days.

— Melissa Doolan

I really had no expectations except that I'd learn more about writing. I didn't just learn about writing, it got me inspired to start my novel. Every week I got very enthusiastic and my imagination was thinking up lots of ideas faster than I could type them down. In that sense it exceeded my expectations because I didn't just learn I got inspired as well.

— Katherine Przybylski

I recently left the Australian Defence Force having served over 30 years combined military and police. I suffer severe
depression, PTSD and anxiety. This course has given me hope as it aids me in having less stress by being creative.
I have found that writing benefits me immensely. I just want to say I cannot thank you enough. It has given me something to live for. You probably have saved my life.

— Robert Pepers

I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in being published or just writing for a hobby. I found the course has given me the inspiration to continue writing.

— Prue Lavell
— Huon Thompson

If you have a passion for writing, this is definitely a course I'd recommend you do. You'll definitely get a lot out of it which can help you with your books and it will help build your confidence in creative writing in a fun, comfortable and entertaining environment with other like-minded people.

— Alexandra

Pamela Freeman is an amazing person and writer/tutor. Having read her books pre-course, I knew beforehand that she would be a superb teacher and she is.
She is kind, considerate, direct and to the point; open and honest and highly perceptive as well as skilled.

— Fox Red

Pamela is amazing. I learnt so much from her, from the lessons as well as the feedback she gave me and others in my course. Apart from Pamela, the other great thing about the course for me was how it broke down the writing process and the structure of a story into building blocks, so that it doesn't look so daunting and impossible.

— Uthpala Gunethilake

Pamela was a terrific, inspiring presenter and has such a wealth of knowledge and experience the whole thing was very rewarding

— Jim Piotrowski

The amount of value and knowledge packed into the Australian Writers' Centre course options cannot be understated. I've completed a mere 5 x weeks of study with them and I feel like I've just scratched the surface of what I could learn here. AWC will make you a better writer without a doubt. I'll definitely be signing up to more courses!

— Courtney Gould

Well-paced course that included just what I needed to know at this stage in my writing journey. The tutor provided great feedback that will help me grow as a writer. I feel a lot more motivated to pick up my writing again.

— Linda Carson

Pamela was fantastic - approachable, knowledgeable and gave great feedback

— Lisa Giacomelli

Thank you for making this course possible. It was such a wonderful eye-opener for me. I was glad to have chosen the in-class structure, meeting people from all levels of their writing journey was such an encouragement to me.

— Linda

The presenter's passion for writing was matched by her 'I am not going to kid you...' attitude to managing expectations, which I think is important. She was also genuine in her advice. Save yourself seven years of scratching. If you're itching to write, this could be your head start.

— Chris Szymanski

I thought the course was great. It was a good mix of enlightening (stuff I didn't know AT ALL) and reinforcing (stuff I was already doing that made me realise I was on the right track). The presenter was very approachable and obviously very knowledgable. I was really pleased and felt rather inspired to crack on with getting my book published afterward!

— Kimberley Magain

I really enjoyed this course. Submitting work in a class or showing someone something I've done has always been very difficult to do... even though this was an online class, there is still an element of dread about sharing work. The environment in our virtual classroom and thoughtful comments from the tutor really helped. Having shared during this course is my biggest sense of achievement. Thank you for your support.

— Pax F

Creative Writing Stage 1 taught that writing is a craft and a business. You don't have to be an E.M. Forster, a Tolkien etc to write. Just write as best you can using the fundamental guidelines given in the course. Creative Writing Stage 1 as a beginner's course is a good way to get you in the mindset for writing.

— Michael McLellan

Please pass on my thanks to Allison, Valerie and Pamela for creating a thoroughly enjoyable and helpful course. The course was well crafted and wonderfully informative. I am grateful that they have been keen to share their knowledge and expertise. I am grateful that I feel well-prepared from this course to move on and keep writing. Thank you!

— Natalie Hunter

Annabel was excellent, very knowledgeable. I also loved hearing about her career and experiences, plus her first-hand knowledge of the industry and publishing process. Definitely go and do it!

— Esme Wilmot

I loved how knowledgeable Pamela was. I feel like I really learnt about writing because she tackled important subjects that I have been struggling with, like point of view. I was truly moved by her discussions about representation and diversity in books. It was truly amazing.

— Luisana Ochoa-Petit

Pamela Freeman was an excellent presenter. She was knowledgeable and engaging, and offered every student thoughtful feedback on their work. She did a great job of meeting the needs of a diverse group of students with very different levels of writing experience. The Australian Writers' Centre offers good value, practical courses with excellent presenters.

— Lisa Kenway

The content of the course was fantastic but it was the delivery that made it accessible and useful. It was also very motivating. The content each week was fantastic ‚ I am a beginner so I found the information very helpful. I also found the workshopping incredibly useful ‚ I got a lot out of it and was glad that it was part of the course. Our presenter was extremely knowledgeable ‚ and very good at conveying her knowledge in an interesting and engaging way.

— Jessica Robertson

Absolutely loved Pamela. She is entertaining, knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring. The courses are informative, enjoyable and enlightening. The assignments encourage you to practice your skills and the workshops provide valuable feedback. I just love the classes, this was my second one and I'll be back for more!

— Sheila Collins

This course contained so much practical advice which was exactly what I was looking for. So helpful! I liked doing the workshopping and group exercises ‚ it really stimulated my imagination. Pamela Freeman was AMAZING! I wish I could live in her brain for a day. I've already recommended it to several people.

— Amy Spanton

Louisa was an amazing teacher! Her tips were amazing. She was great. The Australian Writers' Centre helps you to get a head start on your passion for writing and it really puts you in the right headspace to get started on a project of your choice.

— Kiara Huson

I learnt so much from Pamela, I loved the way she engaged the class.

— Susan Walsh

Claire was able to point us in the direction of many books, blogs and podcasts to further our education and also encourage our reading prospects. The individual feedback given after we completed our tasks was also invaluable.

— Sarah Pogson

Pamela has an amazing depth of knowledge across all genres and imparts her wisdom in a charismatic way. I have now attended three courses with the Australian Writers' Centre and would highly recommend them to writers at any stage of their writing journey.

— Barbara Krefel

Doing the Creative Writing 1 course not only taught me some basic principles of writing fiction, but even challenged my pre-conceived ideas on the genre I want to write in. It has opened worlds of new possibilities, which is really exciting. The weekly assignments were great to help form a habit of writing regularly, and the feedback was really helpful. It was so much fun reading everyone else's assignments, and then of course the feedback on our own. I really loved doing the assignments ‚ they really challenged me and kept me thinking the whole week!

— Elizabeth Lamb

I loved listening to the audio files and learning about the mechanics of writing with highly engaging content. I not only feel like I have somewhere to start with my writing but will now read books with a new appreciation.

— Kate Reid

I had no creative writing experience. I really wanted to start writing but wasn't sure where to begin. I was very nervous about having to write and post it within the group. I was concerned that it wouldn't be good enough. The description of the program made it seem accessible and supportive, more so than other programs I researched, so I gave it a go. I am so glad that I did!

— Kate Reid

Listening to the course content by audio. I could listen in the car, while working in the garden, even hanging out the washing. And I enjoy supplementing this with the podcasts.

— Julie Skerman

I really enjoyed it and was especially appreciative of being able to have the transcripts as I'm hearing impaired and it's the reason I did it online. It's great to get you over that 'not knowing where to start hump'. It made a big difference - thanks for being inclusive.

— Rhonda Gallagher

The course was fabulous. It was well structured and gave me enough information to be able to look at my manuscript with new eyes. It introduced me to all the important aspects of the craft for beginner's including things like the 3 act structure, characters and scenes. I now look at my writing from a more commercial perspective.

— Melanie Nattrass

Nicole was fantastic. Her feedback kind but always spot on. She really enabled me to progress through this course. I would do another class with Nicole in a heartbeat.

— Marie-Claude Polglaze

I really enjoyed the personal mentoring of the daily exercises by the presenter. Angela is a maverick.

— Ashok Ray Chaudhury

Angela was great. Clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. She was a great communicator and I enjoyed picking her brain about the writing and publishing process.

— Felicity Moore

I had not attended any writing courses before so wasn't sure what to expect. Nicole exceeded my expectations and I was so impressed with her generosity and strong intention to cover as much material as possible. I found her approachable, open, clear to understand. She was structured but checked we understood what she was saying. It felt very much like a supportive mentor approach and I appreciated it so much.

— Nerise Proctor

I really enjoyed listening to Nicole share her own personal stories and how safe she made it for all to participate. Her personal stories were gold and really gave everyone an insight into a writers life. Nicole was very knowledgeable, down to earth, relatable and super experienced. Nicole treated everyone as if they were all writers on the same journey of striving to perfect our craft. The Australian Writers' Centre is a down-to-earth, safe place to learn and fall in love with writing again.

— Anna Ramondetta

It was definitely worth the cost and effort. I picked up so many good resources and it brought some completely new concepts to the table for me. The whole process doesn't feel nearly as daunting and I'm actually now really looking forward to everything aspect of writing my novel. I really loved covering the building tension in stories and I absolutely loved the little piece of audio that helps you visualise a scene. I found that extremely helpful and I'll definitely be using it again.

— Alyshia Barnes

It is worth doing for so many reasons. Pamela's feedback was extremely valuable. The modules are well organised and the audios are engaging and informative. I particularly liked it when Valerie would say 'now this is important, so I am going to repeat it'. Anything that was said after that comment went straight into my notebook! My 'aha!' moment was the scenes module. I love the four-colour printing process of scenes! It makes so much sense and is now an important question I ask myself when editing, do I have the four colours?

— Jana King

What impressed me was the sheer amount of information packed into each week's tuition. What we learnt one week was built on the following week. It was the nuts and bolts of every aspect of creating a readable story. It will take me months to re-listen and practice all of it. Thank-you.

— Kathleen Mueller

I really enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of story construction. Nicole was very helpful, encouraging and willing to share her own experiences and knowledge. The course is a really great starting point if you'd like to dabble with story writing.

— Tegan Modra

I found the audio enjoyable and easy to listen to. Pamela was a wonderful tutor! I always felt encouraged by her feedback. I find that the Australian Writers' Centre is very informative about their courses.

— Janelle Lakeman

I really enjoyed the honest advice in the course material from Nicole. The feedback was excellent. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and you'll gain some really useful tips and advice.

— Chris Pendergast

Sue was great. Very experienced and helpful. I'm grateful to have access to someone so knowledgeable. The Australian Writers' Centre has fantastic tutors who can really help you take your writing to another level.

— Glenn Armstrong

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but I found myself addicted!! Such fun and am inspired. Nicole was great with feedback ‚ useful and helpful. Get into it. It's great fun and great for the mind.

— Suzie Lindsay

The assignments got me writing. Nicole was good, she focused on being encouraging. The beginners course is a good way to get you in the mindset for writing.

— Michael McLellan

The Creative Writing Stage 1 course is so well presented and the exercises help cement the techniques that you read about and listen to. It's very engaging. The notes give plenty of extra food for thought. Cathie was very, very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.

— Janice Bowles

I really enjoyed that there was a lot of interesting and really useful content about structuring a fiction novel. A lot of tips that I am excited to put into practice. I also really liked reading other students' work and the feel of a community. Cathie is very knowledgeable and responsive. The Australian Writers' Centre will give you lots of ideas and knowledge and the tutors and their advice is really professional. The online option makes life easier if travel and life commitments make a five-week course at a set time and place hard to commit to.

— Katie Hoskins

Allison was a great tutor and gave valuable feedback and encouragingly steered us all in the right direction gently showing us where we can or need to improve. She also gave great tools/information for us to further research course topics.

— Samantha West

If you think you want to be a writer, you will sort out if that is true, by doing this course. I now know I want to be a writer. Gold!

— Linda Sultmann

10/10 do it! I learnt things I've never had before. It helped me guide my writing level. Allison was great. She gave me positive and constructive feedback, which is what I needed.

— Naomi Semmier

I've been writing my whole life, but these tricks and tips really opened my eyes on how to write more effectively. Allison was very kind, helpful and offered constructive feedback that I feel I can really use to make my writing better. If you're interested in creative writing at all, this course is very helpful in teaching you the basics of structure, character development and plot. I think it's an extremely valuable course for anyone who enjoys both reading and writing, whether you want to get a book published or just enjoy writing for yourself.

— Donna Marriott

I enjoyed a great teacher, a like-minded group, and practical tips to give me the impetus and encouragement to start writing more, and better. The Australian Writers' Centre know their stuff and really have their act together. I not only thoroughly enjoyed it, but truly feel I got real value out of it that will help me to develop my writing. I will be going back for seconds.

— Rebeka Hendrickson

Pamela was very entertaining as well as informative. Just do it. You won't feel out of your depth or intimidated. You will have a positive experience.

— Gemma Ryan

I enjoyed learning about the principles of writing, and learning how to edit writing to make it better. The presenter (Pamela Freeman) was excellent. She was very passionate about the craft, and communicated very clearly and effectively in an engaging way. Very encouraging. Highly recommended. This course will assist you in finding motivation, and provide practical advice.

— Peter Damalas

Jeni was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, easy to listen to, encouraging ‚ bloody fantastic actually!

— Greg Byers

An excellent course. Learning how to critique my own work was really helpful, and I've been applying Jeni's tips and had lots of light-bulb moments since finishing the course. Jeni was very generous with her time, loading her apprentices with a cart piled high with hot tips to take away on our writing journeys.

— Janice Dib

I enjoyed learning the theory behind the structure in writing. I really loved being able to sit with like-minded people who understand what it is to want to write. The presenter was great!

— Shae Blizzard

Very informative with lots of useful tips. It was also good to speak to other budding authors. It can also ignite your passion and motivation for writing.

— Allison Cahill

The course was very informative! It gave me a very clear view of what is needed to take my story and turn it into a book. Pamela is absolutely brilliant. I could listen to her for days. She is clear, refreshingly honest and encouraging. Can't say enough about how wonderful she is. If you want to write and have no idea how it get started or how to approach it, this course is an absolute must. You will not regret it.

— Kerryn Gollan

I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and felt I learnt more about structure and characters in this five-week course. I enjoyed reading the assignments and everyone's comments. Pamela was extremely professional and her comments always improved my writing. If you want to improve your writing, and the way you think about writing, this is the course for you.

— Ashley Tippins

I loved the different areas covered over the 5-week course. Pamela was very knowledgeable and helpful. Her feedback was sensational, and even reading through other peoples work and her feedback on their was useful to get more knowledge. The Australian Writers' Centre is very useful in giving you a solid start to creative writing.

— Melissa Schultz

Pamela is friendly and tactful. She is very encouraging, while also giving us excellent targeted advice on how to improve. I strongly recommend the Australian Writers' Centre to anyone who aspires to write. Their courses and podcasts are fun, but also professional and inspiring. I have learnt so much from them, and by following them on social media too. They are very generous with their time and advice. The best thing about the courses is that you can bring your work-in-progress to the table and get feedback on it from the talented tutors and your peers as well. It is an encouraging and enlightening experience. A huge thank you to the whole team at the AWC - you are so supportive, not just in this course, but on Twitter, Facebook, in blogs, and in your podcast. I am one very grateful fan of yours!

— Jessica Egan

Cathie was knowledgeable and I liked that feedback on assignments was done quickly.

— Renae Randall

I enjoyed that the feedback from the tutor was constructive and well informed. Cathie was amazing, she knows what she's talking about, she was warm, friendly and approachable, yet honest and constructive. The course provided a great foundation for writing, which was enforced by the environment of positivity. The tutor knew the course materials and much more, and she was fun. I really enjoyed the course, I liked the people I did the course with, and the trainer. At the end of the day I learned a lot and it was worth the cost.

— James Cashion-Lozell

Cathie, I would like to thank you for your feedback during this course. Creative Writing Stage 1 was the best thing I have done this year so far.

— Doris Hacker

I really liked Claire, she is interesting and engaging. The courses at Australian Writers' Centre are a great way to initiate a creative journey.

— Rachel Pulver

I really enjoyed participating in small workshops and hearing what other people had come up with. Claire was great, the course was definitely worth going to.

— Nat Young

Doing the Creative Writing 1 course not only taught me some basic principles of writing fiction, but even challenged my pre-conceived ideas on the genre I want to write in. It has opened a world of new possibilities, which is really exciting. The weekly assignments were great to help form a habit of writing regularly, and the feedback was really helpful. Doing the Creative Writing 1 course not only taught me some basic principles of writing fiction, but even challenged my pre-conceived ideas on the genre I want to write in. It has opened a world of new possibilities, which is really exciting. The weekly assignments were great to help form a habit of writing regularly, and the feedback was really helpful.

— Elizabeth Lamb

It was definitely worth the cost and effort. I picked up so many good resources and it brought some completely new concepts to the table for me. The whole process doesn't feel nearly as daunting and I'm actually now really looking forward to every aspect of writing my novel. It was definitely worth the cost and effort. I picked up so many good resources and it brought some completely new concepts to the table for me. The whole process doesn't feel nearly as daunting and I'm actually now really looking forward to every aspect of writing my novel.

— Alyshia Barnes

Angela was very knowledgeable and generous in sharing her knowledge... I really liked her style! I saw this course as my final chance to break a long tradition of procrastination ‚ I think it worked! I feel much more confident to start writing seriously after completing the course. I am already recommending this course to a friend with the comment that it will inspire and provide some really useful tips to stop procrastinating, get off your arse and start writing!

— Alastair Harris

Absolutely the best presenter ‚ so relevant and positive. She taught us about the craft of writing but also gave us an insider knowledge about how the magic happens. So useful. Angela Slatter was open to any questions and happy to impart knowledge. I now feel that it is achievable to be a professional writer and that there is almost a formula to structuring your manuscript. I will definitely be looking into further courses.

— Kirsty Thys

One of the difficulties I find in writing is finding a couple of hours to focus ‚ the discipline of going to the Writers' Centre every Tuesday night got me into that rhythm and allowed some time to think without distraction. I also enjoyed the materials and course structure. Pamela's real life experience was great to hear and understand. She was a charming presenter and I enjoyed her insights.

— Ken McKenzie

I found the presenter to be incredibly dynamic and informative. The exercises to unlock your imagination were very valuable and I will continue to use them.

— Susan Rovelli

I found it a significant stepping stone for those like myself wishing to discover the foundation of how to write creatively for short stories or a novel.

— Alex Jones

I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone seeking to take their writing from ideas to create stories.

— Ben Dalrymple

Great ‚ I would highly recommend this to anybody who needs any form of guidance when it comes to any writing ‚ not just creative writing. Pamela is a true artist.

— Mona Tannous

I loved the course. It was great because it gave me the basic foundations and structure for good writing. It's not enough to have an idea or a perceived flair for writing. There are RULES! With writing, you need to understand the basics of good dialogue, characterisation, structure (scene & summary), point of view, and editing.

Pamela gave us a really solid foundation to work from, as well as a fair dose of reality and inspiration as she shared her own stories of writing with us. So, whilst I haven't written a novel YET, I have got my outline done and have a way forward, finally!

— Michelle Barraclough

The course offered practical and insightful tips and advice on writing. I came away knowing more about writing than when I started. The teacher was excellent and there was a good bunch of people.

— David Olivetti

It was a very nice group of people, there were good reading materials and very practical and useful tips from a professional.

— Ned Sheeran

The presenter was inspiring and I felt she was being honest in her feedback. It was wonderful.

— Midge McCall

The Creative Writing course was a great way to kick-start my writing ambitions in a supportive and fun environment. I was really motivated to keep writing after every class.

— Linda Ballam-Davies

It was a very friendly atmosphere, there was no pressure to write anything amazing and you didn't feel compared to the other students. Pamela has fantastic knowledge of writing and the industry and passed this on in a very understanding manner. The location was fantastic close to parking which made it a lot easier and the view is amazing.

— Alyssa Tasker

Kate is an accomplished author whose books I really enjoy, so it was great just to hear her share her considerable knowledge on writing in a very matter-of-fact and engaging way.

I've learned a ton about the craft of storytelling, including many things I did not know before, and intend to apply as much of it as I can when I re-write the first draft of my novel.

— Vincent Truitner

I absolutely loved Kate's style of teaching ‚ so easy to follow and extremely informative! I also appreciated how encouraging she was. Thank you!

— Kelly Laurantus

I have taken this year off specifically to focus on expanding my writing skills and to launch myself as a serious writer. I have tinkered with feature writing for newspapers and travel writing and would now like to take it further. This course has enabled me to set some clear goals, focus on specific literary genres, tap into useful networks and meet other like-minded writers. The skills I will take away will not only allow me to hone my craft but, more importantly, to change my life.

— Bettina Wishart

Kate was wonderful. Willing to answer all questions and eager to help us all individually. She was very inspirational!

— Anita McArthur

Kate was a great and encouraging teacher, and squeezed a huge amount of really practical useful information into each class.

— Nimmity Zappert

Content was 'tight' and exactly matched the needs of the learner. The small number of participants added to quality education. Jeni was a generous and inspirational teacher. She made sure she covered the content and added lots of extra information by answering questions. She was patient with questions she must have heard a thousand times before! She's an excellent communicator, warm and personable. The course was brilliant ‚ worth every penny. I learnt so much. The presenter was a published author and really knew her stuff. I can't wait to do another one.

— Judith Tomlinson

I enjoyed having an experienced writer explain some of the different methods of writing and cracking into the industry. Jeni was fantastic. She was very sympathetic to the needs of new writers. An excellent presenter, and a good course.

— Maya S

The course was very practical and simply presented. It worked really well with a balance of listening to Jeni and doing exercises that we shared with the group. The access to Jeni was great. She was enthusiastic and encouraging about writing, and sharing what was clearly a wealth of experience. If you're interested in writing and need a motivating hand / kick up the bum to get started, try a course. Listening to Jeni, I realised that the only limitations to getting started are with me and I just need to start typing.

— Jo Cross

Kate was an excellent presenter. She was extremely giving of her time and knowledge and her feedback on our writing helped to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of our work. I really enjoyed Kate's depth of knowledge, the easy, laid-back feel to the sessions and the ability to learn and put those lessons into practice.

— Michael Cullen

I really enjoyed getting feedback on my writing, it's great to get advice on how to improve, as well as encouragement on what I'm doing well. Cathie was a great tutor, she was quick in her replies to my questions and explained her feedback really well. The course is flexible and includes great information and feedback. Thank you so much to the AWC team who send out emails and updates.

— Hannah Lang

I really enjoyed writing my assessments and reading my classmates as well. Cathie was extremely helpful in improving my writing skills. The Australian Writers' Centre is great for beginners' writing courses.

— Leticia Robertson

The exercises were most enjoyable. It was fun to apply what I had learnt in the lessons and adhere to a deadline for submission. Cathie was very diligent in answering all my queries. Her replies were succinct and provided me additional knowledge and background about creative writing. If you are looking to hone your creative writing skills, you should attend this course. It gets you up to speed very fast.

— Amit Temurnikar

Cathie was outstanding. Knowledgeable, polite and surgical in her analysis of students' writing.

— Stephen Trenowden

Nicole was was thorough, professional, successful, practical, smart and interesting. Doing the course is very empowering. There was a diverse range of participants at the course ‚ I loved it.

— Louise

I really liked the relaxed and flexible presentation style with plenty of time to explore questions. Nicole was very knowledgeable but also willing to talk about other ways to do things. This course is a great introduction to the basics of creative writing in contrast to my familiar territory of corporate reports.

— Norm Pidgeon

James was friendly and had a great sense of humour. He created a safe space for sharing work and had a working knowledge of Australian fiction to provide examples of writing. I'm glad I came in and spent a weekend immersed in the process of getting my creativity flowing, and interacting directly with the tutor and other students. The creative writing course was a good intro into the world of creative writing for me. If you're thinking of doing a course, jump in! The AWC courses are great value for money, and a wonderful place to get you started.

— Zohra Aly

I really enjoyed being in the same room as like-minded people. James really got us out of our comfort zones. All the exercises that he made us do were useful. I wish I had enrolled years ago. Many of my friends are jealous that I did it, yet they could easily do it themselves. Just do it!

— Charmaine Forbes

I loved the small details about every aspect (plot and dialogue is clearer for me now) and I'd do it all again. I found Natasha fabulous. The information is layered and helpful. I'd like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate and to feel happy in a non-threatening environment.

— Margaret Graham

I enjoyed learning how to progress in your writing and learning about structure. Natasha was very knowledgeable and a fluent presenter. It is a marvellous starting point and very encouraging.

— Carolyn Moody

I enjoyed all of it! Just learning the process of how to write a book and everything that you need to consider was very helpful, especially as I have never written anything before. Natasha was incredibly knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. She made the course interesting, backed up everything she taught us with references to books and was an all-round inspiring lady. It was a great, well-run course with a talented presenter. It will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your first book.

— Charlotte Whyatt

I enjoyed being immersed in writing chat for two solid hours a week - I'm going to miss it! Natasha was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. She definitely made my course experience the best it could be. It's a well-run course and a great opportunity to meet other writers.

— Alicia Bakewell

I enjoyed the small, supportive group. It was very interactive and everyone was encouraging. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to do some creative writing and get feedback on it. Nicole was great; knowledgeable, encouraging and generous with her insider information on how to become a published writer. It was great to be among like-minded book lovers and hopeful writers.

— Tamara Blackmore

I enjoyed learning writing activities and listening to other people's writing. I found Nicole to be engaging, witty and very informative.

— Lisa Stockheim

I enjoyed the explanations about story structure and very interesting practical and anecdotal information. Nicole was incredibly interesting, knowledgeable and insightful. I was engaged the whole way. Do it! It completely opened my mind to how writing 15 minutes every day could improve my creativity, sensitivity, sense of learning and writing.

— Jason Evans

It's only week three of Creative Writing Stage 1 and I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it! I'm bursting with excitement about my manuscript once again. I have learned so much, and I have also regained confidence and reassurance that I'm on the right path and just need to keep going - to keep writing. It's the push I needed! Having. So. Much. Fun.

— Tia Psaras

I enjoyed the relaxed environment in which I could explore the idea
of writing and how to go about starting to write. Pamela was excellent.
She is a genuine and experienced presenter ‚ friendly and
non-threatening, inspiring and fun. This is a great taster course if you
have ever wanted to dip your pen in to writing. Informative and hands
on in starting your writing experience.

— anonymous

I didn't know what to expect from the course and wondered, before the start, how it was possible to teach someone to write creatively. Well I quickly found out. I loved every stage of the course, all the tips, writing exercises, exploring different ways of writing, building character profiles. Every bit of it was thoroughly enjoyable and I'm sad that the 5 weeks has come to an end. Jeni is a brilliant teacher, I loved listening to her, she has so much positive energy and she made the group feel very relaxed. The course has given me the confidence to start moving ideas from my mind to paper. I see a story wherever I might to be, whatever I happen to see. It's a very exciting place to be.

— Kate Bradley

Even though I am only new to writing, during the course I found so many new techniques and ways of approaching my work that I couldn't have discovered without help. Writing is a passion I have only just recently discovered, and to have a course that offers so much in these early stages of my learning was the best experience I could have hoped for. I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone who wanted to take creative writing to the next level.

— Gustavo Panucci

I always thought I had a very poor imagination and I have always been stuck for story ideas. But with this course it showed me how to get past that and where to look inside myself for inspiration.

— Catherine Hawthorne

The exercises that we were asked to complete were useful and very interesting. I also really valued Pamela's constructive and very insightful feedback. Pamela is engaging, knowledgeable and very down to earth. Do it, take the plunge!

— Moira McLaughlin

Totally professional

Excellent feedback to all students

Sets an atmosphere in the class that is conducive to self-expression

A fountain of information on the writing scene in Australia

Encouraging and supportive

— Ziggy Sieradzki

Pamela is the most inspiring presenter ever! Put this course on your bucket list.

— Cynthia Mikel

Nicole was excellent, she was very approachable and imparted real information in a down-to-earth way. The small class size and extensive notes made the course content rich. I learnt a great deal in two days!

— Saveria Dimasi

This course helped to motivate me to start writing and keep writing. All the course materials were straightforward and easy to understand. You should definitely sign up to get into the right mindset to begin writing!

— Wong Fui Yuan

If you are even remotely considering writing a book, go here first! It will give you the freedom to go outside of what you thought was the 'right' way and will help you avoid countless mistakes. Having done the course I feel far more informed and inspired.

— Tania Holland

The Writers' Centre freely gives information and they genuinely want you to succeed. It's a safe environment and if you don't come away committed to the act of writing then you clearly weren't listening!

— Lindsay Burke

Cathie was honest with both her critiques and answered all my queries regarding the course. It helped so much and I greatly appreciate her efforts! Online made it so much easier to access and it was so simple to navigate.

— Benjamin Timothy Owens

It was so easy and convenient for me to do the course online! I found it to be professional, enjoyable, accessible, encouraging, stimulating and useful.

— Margaret Durrans

Pamela was very good and the course itself was easy and convenient. For me the best thing was that I could do it whilst overseas!

— Fiona Chapman

It's an essential step before taking the plunge as a writer.

— Smita Verma

Creative Writing Stage 1 is a structured approach to creative writing. Cathie Tasker was fabulous ‚ her feedback was brilliant and really specific. It is a great introductory course to get a taste of learning about writing ‚ convenient and easy. The best thing is the flexibility ‚ I work remotely a lot and I could choose when I did the work. Creative Writing Stage 1 is a great introductory course to get a taste of learning about writing.

— Joanna Henryks

Cathie Tasker is honest in her appraisal and shares a lot of valuable information. I picked up up a lot of solid information to improve my writing skills.

— Hans von Chrismar

The course covered all the questions I have had niggling me for many years. Nothing went unanswered. At first I felt the least qualified, like the least able 'writer to be' in the group. It was Nicole's personality, style and attitude that made me 'OK' with that. By the end of day one I knew I wasn't the least able. I was simply the one who would have to possibly work a little harder than the others ‚ and that's OK :) Nicole is a down to earth and very likeable person. She oozes knowledge and is great sharing it. I enjoy an unbiased presenter who gives all sides to the subject matter and leaves you with all the facts/options to make up your own mind. She had a response for every question and encouraged debate. I doubt you could find a better presenter!

— Ruth Yates

I really enjoyed meeting like-minded people and sharing the love of writing. Claire was a great presenter and really involved the participants. If you want to write, give the Australian Writers' Centre a go.

— Gary Henstridge

The course got my juices flowing and my keyboard humming. I can see now that it is okay to write what I want and that it is 'my story'. I loved the feedback! It was honest, understandable and 100% supportive the whole time. The online aspect was super easy. The best thing about it for me was that I could get to it in my own time. If I had a crazy week at work I could sit down on the weekend and go through it. If I was needing a fix before that, it was right there waiting for me. The course was worth every penny. It's amazing how much you learn. You get little writing challenges that are so good for the soul, and you get to chat with some lovely like-minded people.

— Toni Youngberry

I really enjoyed the ability to do the course at my own pace and receive constructive feedback on the work submitted. Cathie was a good presenter and easy to follow. It was a very helpful course and the online option means you can complete it at a time that suits you.

— Lilian Wade

I want to profess my gratitude for this leg of my journey. I've enjoyed reading fractions of the minds of my classmates and Cathie, your feedback has been spot on. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

— Megan Kovacevic

I would like to say thanks to Cathie for this course. I have been inspired and excited and it has finally confirmed for me that what I really LOVE to do is write. I have now constructed quite a long plot outline for an idea that has come to me during the past few weeks. I've already written about six chapters and am very eager to write some more!! I am very excited about meeting all my new characters and finding out who they are and where they are going. Thanks again for all your constructive feedback on assignments and ideas.

— Linda Collingwood

Pamela was very well-qualified. She was knowledgable and had the ability to hear, remember, analyse and articulate outstandingly. I really enjoyed the input from other students and the exercises involving fellow classmates.

— Rob Sapsford

The presenter was fantastically patient with a bunch of beginners who had many questions and could talk from her own personal experience which was incredibly useful. It gave me a good idea of the amount of work and preparation involved in becoming a published author. I have started practicing!

— Karena Viglianti

I loved the insight Pamela provided as a current and successful writer in Australia. When we workshopped our work, she shared some of her work to show that we all start with a first draft and that even a successful author goes through the same process as the aspiring authors in her class. Pamela's no nonsense style was a breath of fresh air. She always found ways to provide useful feedback for all participants. She was generous in sharing her experience and advice to help us think like writers and in turn develop into better writers. Love it love it love it! The Australian Writers' Centre has great presenters, and a fabulous approach that there is no 'right' way to write. It's all about making you the best writer you can be. The courses have been informative and a pleasure to be part of.

— Carolyn Francis

Pamela was the most enjoyable thing about this course. Also learning that I am not alone in amateur-hour. Pamela is engaging and inspiring. Every Tuesday night was spent writing my heart out until the wee hours. If you need inspiration and if you want the myths/mysteries/etc of writing and publishing uncovered, you MUST do this course.

— Jody Connor

Pamela is incredibly knowledgeable, has a great presence and is an amazing source of information.

— Alla Erlikh

Kate is sharp and witty ‚ passionate about her craft, which is obvious from day one. I found the course excellent, and it has inspired me to write.

— Bonnie-Louise Lussier

I enjoyed getting insights from an experienced and enthusiastic writer on the process of writing. Narrative/plot lecture was a particular strength. Kate was well-organised and informative. When time allowed, she gave constructive feedback to participants. Inspiring as a person as well as good content. This course was a good introduction to novel writing, and an inspiration to keep writing.

— Ruth Armstrong

The course was stimulating, helpful and informative; most of all, it inspired me to dare to dream. Kate was intelligent, quick, enthusiastic and really engaged with the class. Her encouraging comments about a piece I had written inspired me enormously.

— Chrissie Ellis

I really enjoyed hearing about personal experiences from a published writer. Great teacher, great location.

— Belinda Duckworth

The course was very inspiring. Jeni was very good at getting you into a creative mind-frame. I think Jeni's a great tutor. She was good at tapping into our creativity and ‚ as a published and well-known author ‚ gave useful advice on getting started in this industry. I often left the class with lots of ideas going around in my head. Now I just need to pick one and go with it!

— Michelle Stewart

Jeni was great. She eased us into the course and writing in general, provided personal tips and insights into her writing, was engaging to listen to. This is a great way to learn the key technical skills needed for creative writing.

— Kathy Shats

The course covered a lot in terms of the story writing process. Character development, story structure and plot were my favourite topics. Jeni was wonderful.

— Alan Taylor

I particularly enjoyed the actual writing exercises. It is much
easier to understand the theory when you can actually put it into
practice. Jeni was excellent. I really enjoyed her style.

— Stephanie Hunt

Jeni was amazing and really helpful.

— Jennifer Jamieson

I enjoyed learning something different every week. Jeni was great!
The way she teaches is so easy to understand and so enjoyable. I had so
much fun listening, writing, talking and I loved all of her advice and

— Chantelle Ravenswood

Having taught adult students myself, I understand the difficulties in teaching but Nicole could not have been better suited to this course. It is little wonder she is a published author. She was nothing short of fantastic. I really appreciated her honesty and insights and found the course outline incredibly helpful for an aspiring fiction writer.

— Kirstie Bedford

I enjoyed the workshopping, telling the stories and getting feedback. I liked Natasha's approach to the subject matter, it wasn't in your face and she didn't say 'these are the rules, always use them to the letter'. It was relaxed and friendly.

— Sarah Micalizzi

Very inspiring! Natasha was engaging and very knowledgeable.

— Sanyu Mugambwa

Claire's class was amazing and I got so much out of it! I loved writing the stories each week. My little sister has just finished her first novel and has an agent interested back in Scotland ‚ I hope to one day follow in her foot steps! Claire has definitely inspired me to keep going!

— Rebecca Paterson

This course nourished my heart, my creative self, my painting and most importantly, my writing. It provided all the tools and inspiration to begin the task of creative writing. Claire is a very warm and encouraging teacher. I also loved the flow of ideas from the group. Thank YOU so much, I feel quite bereft without our class with you!

— Amelia Campbell

The course helps to develop many writing techniques and styles. It helps with story and character development yet still encourages you to keep your own style. I liked having the handouts as well as the audio, it gives me something to refer back to in the future as I am writing. Pamela was very helpful and honest with her feedback. She gave both positive comments as well as the constructive criticism, both I think are important as a tutor.

— Kelly Rainbow

I found the Creative Writing Course well presented, and the
challenge of writing and approaching publishers were addressed clearly
by Kylie Ladd.

— Dr. Josephine Telfer

Pamela was excellent, very lively and helpful. She brought in a lot of personal experience, which was precisely what I'd hoped for.

— Annie Chiv

Being taught by someone like Pamela who has had so much experience in the field of creative writing was very enlightening. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the course has really given me momentum with my writing by giving me the tools that I need to improve.

It was informative, encouraging and inspiring.

— Caroline Betts

The relaxed and flowing conversations about good books, great stories and fascinating characters were expertly woven together with practical lessons on how to craft your own words.

— Gemma Swart

I have been writing professionally as a journalist for 18 years but there was so much I didn't know until I attended this course. I left on the final evening feeling inspired rather than scared about writing fiction.

— Michael Smith

Pamela is an excellent teacher and an incredible listener. Her ability to take in her students work, digest and deliver value in her feedback was outstanding. This has given me an empowered perspective from which to write but also from which to critique my own work.

— Tim Lassig

I benefitted enormously from the course not just as a result of Pam's insights and straight talking style but also as a result of being surrounded by interested and interesting classmates.

I'm glad I did it! I know I can write, and write well, but needed Pam's insights into the process and the realities of writing, whether for a living or for fun. I might just get off my backside now and start the novel I believe I have in me.

— Floyd Robichaux

Pamela Freeman is a fabulous teacher! She just has such a talent for it. It's rare that a good writer is also a good teacher. I am very inspired.

— Iona Krefel

You have taken me further than I'd ever hoped into a world of storytelling and infinite possibilities. Thank you for your never-ending inspiration, guidance and support through the process of creating and beyond.

— Jenny Diamond

I have always wanted to write creatively but I have long been guilty of collecting half finished pieces of work. I have now learnt how to put the pieces together and the true gift of that knowledge is that I have found my creative flow. I am now writing everyday and really experiencing the beauty of the creative process, the difference for me feels nothing short of amazing.

I found this course to be not only educational in teaching me the skills that I so desired to know but it has also blessed me with a great support network. It's an inspiring experience to be in a room with minds that are all hungry for the same thing and a room filled with passion. This is a brilliant course!

— Imogen Bailey

Information coming from a published author is invaluable, Pamela Freeman helped not only with many ways to go about refining a piece of work but also ensured we knew what to expect in the book industry.

— Asha Davidson

Overall, the course was brilliant!

— Tina McIntosh

Jeni was a delight. Always interesting and entertaining, always open to any question; honest, pragmatic, knowledgeable; approachable and obviously passionate about her craft. The course was simply fun, inspiring and a joy to attend. I'm inspired, motivated and have a great big list now of things to do, write, read and research.

— Karen Horne

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