Theresa Murphy 5 days ago

I thought the tutor was great - described everything and gave helpful advice when needed.

I enjoyed listening to the recordings, getting feedback from the tutor and other students, and the handouts.

I know I have it within me to write a book and hopefully get published one day soon.

It's a great course, I highly recommend it.

Demelza Pringle 1 week ago

I'd like to have a crack at writing a novel, and whilst I have a wealth of experience reading them, I have zero idea of how to write them! I thought it would be a good starting point to boost my confidence.

The feedback was excellent - I felt like ample time was allocated to each student and no-one was rushed over, or wasn't given enough to work with.

I really liked the assignments, and getting feedback on my efforts has been great, especially when other course students commented on my work.

It's made me think more widely about my writing - to step back and read it as a reader, and realise what's missing. The handouts, particularly Module 1's character development one, are thorough and cover all the important points from the lecture.

It's a great starting point to learn the basics and boost confidence that doesn't require an enormous allocation of precious time. It is long enough to help decide if writing's for you, and short enough that it's not going over the same material.

Louise Harper 2 weeks ago

Having done a Professional Writing degree many years ago, I wasn't sure whether this course would be too basic, but I actually found it really helpful and gained a lot of inspiration (and it was a bit of a refresher course for things I'd forgotten, or hadn't considered in years). I was also a little concerned about meeting the assignment requirements, having not done any study in a number of years. But everything was explained really well and I actually entered the assignment phase of each module knowing what was required and with some excitement about producing something and meeting the brief.

Pamela gave great and useful feedback in a really respectful way. I'm definitely keen to put her advice into practice and keep writing. I might even do another of the AWC courses down the track.

I enjoyed that each module was doable in the time frame, with extra exercises, handouts and a short assignment. I was actually really looking forward to each week's offering being 'dropped' and I didn't lose momentum at all. I also liked that, through the exercises, I got an idea that I intend to run with and see where it leads.

I'm raring to go - with some semblance of a plan to go forwards (I've had a lot of ideas in the past, but feel I now have 'direction' with which to shape my ideas).

Elizabeth Ralph 2 weeks ago

It's enjoyable and worth the time and money. It's a good springboard for more writing. Five weeks goes too fast!

Nat is knowledgeable. Her feedback was meaningful and helpful. She highlighted writing conventions and tips for better writing within participants' writing assignments. She was also always kind and encouraging.

Writing doesn't need to be a lonely pursuit; there are tools and community one can reach out to.

Nimandra Gunasekera 3 weeks ago

I had been wanting to do a course like this for a long time so when I found this particular course, I knew it would work for me. I am so glad I enrolled.

I have seen an improvement in my writing after following Nat's feedback which was always constructive.

I hadn't been writing regularly and this course made me write every week which I am hoping to keep doing. I also enjoyed reading the work of others, giving feedback and also receiving feedback from others on my own writing.

It has reminded me how much I enjoy the creative process of constructing a story. The characters that live in my head may find a home now.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to take the next step in their writing, whether they're just starting out or have a half-written novel.

Alex Swan 3 weeks ago

Nat provided excellent feedback and was very helpful. The audio coursework had some great tips and I learnt a lot. I also really enjoyed getting some proper feedback on my writing.

I found I needed to do a lot more work on developing my characters, which really helped with my writing. I have also made a whole heap of changes to how I was writing descriptions, dialogue etc based on the coursework modules. I needed to think more about smell and sound and touch. My writing was very focused on what you could see.

I found this course really helpful for the work I was doing on my novel. I plan to do more courses with the Australian Writers' Centre so I can keep improving!

Joanna Rijs 3 weeks ago

Loved the tutor. Gave really good constructive feedback. Had her own personal opinions on the pieces so didn't sound rehearsed or robotic. Her passion showed in every video.

I enjoyed the assessments. Breaking down the writing to its basics and slowly building it up to a full scene.

I got a lot out of the week 3 assignment, the visualisation in which we imagined ourselves thoroughly in the scene before writing. I will be using that constantly going forward.

I've already recommended this course to others. I've said it is a great way to re-ignite writing passion, and that it's motivated me to properly get cracking on my writing.

Thanks to Nat, she was great :)

Jessica Watts 3 weeks ago

I loved this course. Nat Newman is fantastic and her feedback was very beneficial for me.

I have learned so much that I will be taking away with me. It's the perfect course for someone looking to get into writing but don't know where to start.

Susanna Ots-Maher 4 weeks ago

I enjoyed the push to write in the form of assignments. It always gave quite a buzz to produce them. Also, the writing craft knowledge that came with the lectures and Valerie's conversational, almost confiding style.

Jo provided a great balance between both positive and constructive feedback. She was quite tactful in providing constructive feedback, which obviously can be hard to hear when you're not used to it. I liked that she encouraged us to maximise our benefit from the course and listen to everyone's feedback.

I feel very inspired and encouraged to continue developing my craft and to have a go at some short story contests.

Mairead Finn 4 weeks ago

The structure of the course is very suitable for people with a busy life. The course instructor encouraged and motivated us to take this time and enjoy which also provided extra motivation to take time out during the week to focus on something for just myself.

I enjoyed the weekly exercises (although I missed my last one). Having a set task each week kept me on track and up to date.

It encouraged me to take time out for myself each week and not feel guilty.

Definitely worth it for both very amateur and experienced writers. Having an independent person evaluate and give feedback on your style is invaluable.

Anne Hassett 1 month ago

I found Nat very balanced in the way she approached feedback for our assignments, combining encouragement with constructive criticism and always finding a special detail that she praised.

I enjoyed having the process of writing fiction unpacked and presented in basic modules the novice writer can get their head around. The combination of great audio sessions, written exercises and assignments was very user friendly. Whether I can incorporate all the information provided into my own writing seems daunting, but I'm encouraged by the course's mantra of 'just keep writing'.

Having attempted a novel I now realise was very uncooked, as the audio presenter so succinctly described most submitted manuscripts, I've put that away and will explore my next plot idea with the skills I hope this course has provided me with.

I had this fantasy that a novel could grow 'organically' as I stared at the computer and the words a publisher would love just appeared. I now know better!

A great introduction to writing fiction 101. I would also suggest attempting some kind of fiction writing before undertaking the course. I've found looking back at my attempts after listening to the audio sessions more constructive than if I hadn't made such appalling mistakes.

The AWC is an amazing writing resource. It's great to have access to the audio sessions for a period of time as there is so much to absorb from them.

Tracy McAllery 1 month ago

Pamela's feedback was terrific and very clear in her suggestions.

I enjoyed actually writing something and reading the group's submissions. I didn't expect to work as hard as I did, but that's a good thing. I enjoyed having to think differently.

In the way I approach a possible story, I think more about the small details and where they may take a story.

It's worth it just for the great feedback.

Brianna Gough 2 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the materials, handouts and exercises. They were provocative and great for building skills and understanding the purpose for scenes to exist. The homework, whilst challenging, helped me really start to develop scenes in my head for my story.

Petronella was wonderful. Always supportive of our work.

It's the best thing I've done to develop my writing skills and tools to write a good novel. I feel like I'm now equipped with the tools to start my first draft!

Sara 2 months ago

The tutor was encouraging and made relevant suggestions regarding repetitions in the writing, the use of POV and ways to improve it. She also pointed out what worked well, which was a nice validation.

I enjoyed the extra writing exercises, the range of the weekly written posts, and encouragement.

It impacted my understanding of pacing and building up tension, as well as allowing time/space to examine settings and emotions. I also found that the feedback sessions provided an incentive to present my work and the curiosity about others' stories.

The prompts got me inspired and my insight was that each one has the potential to generate a moving scene.

I found the course informative, thorough, and dense enough to fill at least a year (or a lifetime) with putting the how and what into practice. And that's okay since I can revise and integrate the course's info in my own time while writing my bit, or my masterpiece.

Thanks for your encouragement that something is bound to happen as long as we get our act together and write.

Mary dos Santos 2 months ago

AWC courses are always of a high standard. Creative Writing Stage 1 was not only informative, it provided practical exercises and useful teaching across a variety of pertinent topics for beginner writers.

Excellent timely feedback and good advice.

It has added to my knowledge and given me greater impetus to write. Thank you!

The AWC is a highly professional organisation devoted to the real needs of writers everywhere and in all fields. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just give it a try.

Helena Zafiris 2 months ago

I loved the feedback. It was very thorough and it seemed like Jo really took the time to provide valuable insights and actionable suggestions.

I loved the lessons as I was able to listen in my own time.

I am going to continue on my learning journey and I'm a little more confident now.

The AWC has a great variety of courses that are manageable. You can choose to invest small amounts instead of outlaying for a big course that you're not certain you will like.

Georgia Cox 2 months ago

Our tutor was excellent! She provided some great feedback. I loved the assignments and the feedback we got. I also loved the extra exercises each week to develop our skills further.

I am now more motivated and I feel like I can actually write.

It is a great course to dip your toes in to writing and to see if you like writing.

Helen Blunden 2 months ago

I looked forward to every module, the assignment and the work sheets. I learned a lot of new things I wasn't aware about.

The tutor was fantastic. Very detailed and approachable. I liked how she provided such in-depth feedback and I listened to every session for every person's feedback. She was also encouraging.

I enjoyed listening to the podcasts while going for my walk and getting ideas for my assignment.

Jennifer Anderson 2 months ago

I really thought it was so valuable, the feedback was really helpful, and connecting with some of the students offline was an added bonus.

The tutor was great. I liked her approach, direct but also very supportive and encouraging.

I'm feeling more courageous, and like I can really write a book/s as I've always wanted to.

There really is no hard and fast rule to begin a book. I've always sat and been stuck because I've thought I had to begin at the beginning, and now I realise I can start anywhere really - just start though!

The course is helpful and just helps you get your act together and write! I also think it is very reasonably priced for a 5 week, and tutor led course.

Thank you, and especially to Margaret who I thought was great and her feedback was relatable and she was inclusive and considerate.

Joanne Vernon 2 months ago

I've had a novel idea in my head for several years now with several half-hearted attempts to get it started. I recently made the decision to get serious and I knew that I had a lot to learn. I like how the course provides you with exercises and feedback, as well as the ability to progress and build on what you've learnt in further courses.

I found the feedback really helpful and encouraging, it's definitely helped with my confidence. It's also helped me to take some of the 'mystery' out of writing - there's key things to be mindful of when writing a scene, for example, to enhance the reader experience (and understanding!)

Jenny was wonderful, and consistently offered both encouragement and constructive feedback.

It's helped me to reaffirm my desire to write my novel, and helped me feel better about seeking out support with this.


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