Anna 1 day ago

The tutor was amazing. Her feedback was positive and constructive. Jennifer explained all the concepts well and her explanations were easy to follow.

At first, I was a little scared about posting my writing assignment each week in the group as I thought it would be done individually and not for everyone else to see. But now that I have completed the course, I can see how the structure has a two-fold benefit. A, it gives you more confidence and B, you get to see what others have written and the feedback they receive allows you to learn more about writing.

I feel like I have the basics to get started on writing a novel as before I had no idea. I have also gained confidence in my ability and understand that the more you write and read the better writer you will become. I also enjoyed reading the other students' stories and gained an understanding that we are all different.

Practical hands-on writing course to learn the basics of how to write professionally.

Jen Flanagan 1 day ago

I found it so helpful. I've studied writing in a professional context and creative non-fiction before as well as studying literature a lot. This was a far more helpful course in teaching the practical skills and in a very positive, supportive way.

The tutor was really great. I liked her energy, tone and feedback. Always positive and constructive. Jennifer really illustrated why it's so important for other writers to critique your work - what is and isn't quite working.

Really looking forward to bringing writing back into my life day-to-day and longer term. I haven't written any fiction in over 6 years and thought I was 'done'. I was delighted to see it start to flow again, and will definitely be doing another course with AWC.

Great content, really practical skills, supportive environment. Would highly recommend.

Sophie Holliday 1 week ago

Loved the work, got my creative brain thinking lots! Will definitely incorporate all of the advice into my writing.

The tutor was very supportive and encouraging. Was good to have her affirm points and show she understood the messages and meanings behind my assignments.

Made me more confident in my writing ability.

An amazing course that gives you lots of confidence, knowledge and creative inspiration!

Damien Hickman 1 week ago

Angela was great. I looked forward to her feedback each week.

The interaction and reading others' stories was a lot of fun. For someone who lives where there are no writing groups, it was nice to have some online contact.

I knew I could write at a better-than-average level but at the end of the course I gut-level believe the only thing between me and being published is putting in the hours to work my craft. I have a strong sense of confidence that with time my stories will come out.

To quote Nike - Just do it!

Lisa Gledhill 1 week ago

My son bought it for me to inspire me to get serious about my writing!

This course made me realise that I need to allow time to be creative. It's so easy to not find time to do the things you want to do because of the things you have to do. Also, don't expect to get it right the first time! It's okay to rewrite, change direction, leave and revisit. It's all fine!

Invest some time in yourself, you never know what you might discover!

Kit 1 week ago

I was interested in learning some basics to give me a kick start with a writing project I've been struggling with, and this course seemed like it would give me some structure and advice. I thought it might not teach me anything more than I'd learn by seeking out advice in a more informal way - but actually I found the course to be really valuable.

I've gained more confidence in my ability to write something and get it published - the course treats this as something that is achievable for anyone who puts their mind to it, and not just the preserve of rare literary geniuses.

This course demystifies the craft of writing by giving sound practical advice on the basics of storytelling. The course is instructive without being dogmatic. It gave me the motivation to write more and the encouragement to believe I can achieve my goals.

Carissa McQualter 1 week ago

I thought this was a good course to learn the fundamentals of writing and to learn about storytelling. Angela was encouraging and positive. She was open to helping and being asked questions.

I enjoyed listening to the audio lessons each week and learning different things. I also enjoyed completing the assignments and reading everyone else's submissions.

I feel like it has given me the confidence to continue with my manuscript and taught me what I should be looking out for to make it better.

If you enjoy creative writing and want to learn more about the different elements of writing, do this course!

Thank you :)

Louise Hume 1 week ago

I felt supported by the friendly online community and the range of activities and information perfectly suited my ability level.

Angela was always kind and supportive. She provided thoughtful and useful feedback. I enjoyed the range of activities and the feedback (from peers and Angela).

Just do it! It truly doesn't matter where you are in your writing journey - the more opportunities you have to refine your craft the better writer you will become.

Thank you for providing this course. I also really enjoyed the access to the Zoom events and found them very useful and inspiring - great idea!

Kaitlin Parry 1 week ago

The tutor knew what she was talking about. Her feedback made sense and was very helpful. She did well to balance the positives with helpful critiques.

I enjoyed the assignments and receiving personalised feedback.

A great starting point for writing enthusiasts with unique help from industry professionals. It has given me some creative inspiration and has encouraged me to keep at it!

Steve Barnewall 2 weeks ago

I had started writing a novel and halfway through, I realised I needed some help.

Petronella did a great job critiquing the assignments. She was constructive at all times. I can now recognise all the things I had been doing wrong in writing my novel.

Very professional, informative and not overly expensive.

Alex Koodrin 2 weeks ago

The tutor was enthusiastic, supportive and gave good individual attention and feedback.

I enjoyed the combination of audio lessons, handouts and assignments with feedback.

Informative and professionally structured and presented. Well worth the investment. I am now one step on the way to writing my novel.

Cheryle Szpaczek 2 weeks ago

I loved the course. I've learned a lot. Reading other students' work, I could see areas that I needed to improve on. The assignment and the exercises gave me more insight to the craft of story writing.

The tutor was great; I took on board all the feedback she provided.

I enjoyed having the chance to be creative, and meeting like-minded people.

The course just made me feel like I wanted more knowledge; the more I learn the better I'll become.

Susan Burdett 2 weeks ago

All feedback was super helpful thank you, and it always felt like a very encouraging and positive learning environment.

I enjoyed reading everyone's work and seeing all the different and interesting perspectives people brought to their assignments.

This was a great little course worth checking out if you're keen to write! It has helped me towards a decision to continue with my writing.

Great course, would def recommend. Thank you!

Andrea 3 weeks ago

I liked the scope the course provided - from scene and structure to dialogue. I also liked that only 5 hours a week was needed to complete each module. I enjoyed the audio delivery as I could go back and re-listen whenever required. The handouts are soooooo helpful too! The feedback was one of the most attractive aspects and I looked forward to this every week!

I was worried about fitting it into my schedule as a teacher and mother of 2. I was also a little concerned about being overwhelmed by information, but I didn't feel this way at all.

I enjoyed the audio; it was so easy to digest the information. I could hardly wait for Monday to roll around to receive my writing feedback. I enjoyed reading everyone's writing and seeing other's interpretation of each assignment, plus listening to Jennifer's feedback on their writing as well.

I will now get my butt in the seat and write! With a new sense of direction. I cannot wait to start Novel Writing Essentials.

Angela Doyle 3 weeks ago

The course provided a structure to my writing over the five weeks and got me actually writing. I've done a couple of writing courses before which were fine, but the student's role was passive and not as interactive as the AWC course.

Angela was very positive and provided constructive feedback in the last module, which was very helpful.

I feel a lot more confident about the story I want to write and that, for now, it's OK to just get on and start writing it as a lot can be sorted out as part of the drafting process later on. I also learnt that we all write differently and due to our life experiences can bring our own style and flavour to what we write.

Brian Parker 3 weeks ago

I thought Jennifer was brilliant. Her critique was delivered in an eloquent fashion and always considered. I also loved how she delivered it all with a smile, with some helpful angles to further assist the students. Thanks, Jennifer!

I enjoyed having someone read my writing who doesn't have an emotional attachment to me - also the course content was helpful, helped me gain perspective and allowed me to think about maturing my writing techniques.

Take a chance with it - it might help you open your mind and give you confidence to put your wonderful stories to paper.

Michael Lather 4 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the online learning hub. It was a nice mix of audio and notes. I could listen to the audio and refer to the notes at the same time. It really helped me learn.

The tutor is professional, experienced and is really good at building up her students and pointing out the strengths in their writing.

I enjoyed developing my writing skills and seeing the results in my assignments. Also, looking at other students' work and being motivated and encouraged by it.

This has been the most enjoyable online course I've ever done.

It's given me an avenue to do something I really enjoy and find people who also enjoy the same thing.

Anne Banks-McAllister 4 weeks ago

The course was great. It has inspired me to write, and given me some useful tools to help me think about process and technique. At the very least, it has made me more knowledgeable for analysing my monthly book club book :)

I was always so keen to read Pamela's feedback and appreciated her quick turnaround. I also appreciated her very supportive and constructive comments. Her experience and knowledge are amazing and we were so fortunate to have her as our tutor - inspirational!

I enrolled with a friend and most weeks we had a zoom catch up to discuss what we were learning, creative ideas that were developing, and our progress on the course. We also read each other's work which was very helpful.

It has 'forced'/encouraged/committed' me to start writing and, in doing so, has ignited a creative part of me that has been dormant for many years. I have always loved writing but corporate writing has dulled the creativity. I'm suddenly finding many ideas for stories and have even woken up during the night and written a short story!

The course is a great introduction to the mechanics, tools and process of writing while providing the support you may need to start your journey of creative writing. The course also gives you the confidence to find your own style and writing practice while learning from others. And it gives you the prod you need to actually sit down and get writing!

Amy Dewhurst 4 weeks ago

Angela provided generous and helpful feedback - excellent! I found the feedback and handouts very helpful.

I gained valuable tools for character development and learnt the importance of drafting from different narrators' points of view.

You will never find better value for money, time, and quality than AWC courses.

Vivienne Melville 1 month ago

Well organised. Excellent pacing. Information and feedback was detailed and relevant. I especially appreciate that students have access to the course for 12 months because I certainly couldn't absorb everything in 5 weeks.

The tutor was knowledgeable and perceptive, picked up on details I would not have considered and suggested useful ways to think about them, and improve my writing.

I actually began writing the story I have wanted to for a long time! I already had the main characters and setting in mind, based on stories from my family history. But I was limiting my thinking too much because I already know those characters well. The course seems to have given me permission to 'depart' from what I know and be more imaginative in how I develop those characters.

No matter how long you've been writing, or how much you think you know about writing, you'll learn something new and be a better writer for this course!

Just a thank you to all involved.

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