John McAdam 5 days ago

This course is perfect for its audience and provides lots of feedback and exercises to keep the student occupied.

I'm starting to seriously do more of my creative writing.

Amazing short course for people who want to get some practical and effective information about starting their creative writing journey.

Adriana Mucea 6 days ago

I found the tutor very knowledgeable. The feedback she provided was constructive and I was able to implement it immediately.

I enjoyed receiving feedback for my work and interacting with other people passionate about writing.

It made me realise that I can write a given number of words based on a prompt and I can meet writing deadlines. I spent so much time worrying about this for no reason.

The AWC is the place where people really care about writing and they do their best to guide students in writing their first novel, short story or whatever they choose to do.

Omer Dalkilic 1 week ago

The course was nice and relaxing, was not too stressful and demanding. It really allowed me to just sit back and slowly digest the information, then put that information to words.

Amanda Hampson was a great tutor, provided good feedback for areas to improve on and when asked questions, answered the best she could. No faults.

As I opted to write segments of my own story, it really made me want to revisit it and continue the journey (the particular story used was one I had abandoned for nearly two years now). So it gave me that spark I needed to continue.

I'd like to thank Amanda and the students for all the feedback.

Get on it and don't wait like I have for so long!

Gary Warren 2 weeks ago

I've always liked reading and writing but, due to work, never had much of an opportunity. My wife knew of my passion and enrolled me into this course as a birthday present. I'm so glad she did!

I absolutely loved the creative writing course! The learning content and resources were well constructed and, combined with the assignments and exercises, aided my better understanding of the art of creative writing.

Angela's assessments of my assignments were very constructive, helpful and on the mark every single time. It is quite obvious that she is a seasoned professional in the art of creative writing.

I enjoyed putting all the learning from the resource materials to work in my assignments and impressing myself with how much I had improved since starting the course. I also enjoyed the interactions among my fellow students...and knowing that I wasn't alone on this journey!

It has reignited my passion to start creative writing. The course has also given me the confidence to plan to write a series of short stories...and perhaps even a novel one day.

If you would like to start creative writing or improve your creative writing skills, contact the Australian Writers' Centre!

Thank you so much for including me in this course, which has convinced me that I am not too old to start a creative writing career!

Kelly Anderson 2 weeks ago

I found being able to do this in an achievable time frame and not under pressure made this course enjoyable. It also gave me great theoretical background to writing which I had not covered for a while. The feedback was useful and I was able to use it to critique my writing for my next tasks.

The course was great in kickstarting my writing. Made me feel like writing for an audience is possible and that I am capable of it.

Do it - it's a great confidence builder. I'd always hesitated, because I was worried about sharing my writing and I'm not great with receiving feedback. However, I found I enjoyed the critical feedback knowing it was only going to strengthen my writing for other readers.

Thank you to my tutor Amanda and other students for their feedback.

Geraldine Tredrea 2 weeks ago

I loved the course. The information was clear and interesting and valuable. I will be referring back to the notes and exercises for sure.

Suzanne was great. Her feedback was kind and constructive and really encouraging.

I most enjoyed writing! I've been trying to get myself started for so long and this really put me in the path.

I was also really comforted by the information and advice. I guess I'd always thought writers sat down and the words flowed beautifully onto the page. It's just never done that for me and it was comforting to see how much "behind the scenes" work actually goes in to that finished product. It gave me hope!

It's very worth it. If you were trying to master any other skill, you would seek training and expertise from people within the industry, why not writing.

Kerry Cox 2 weeks ago

Angela was fantastic. Her analysis and assessment of each person's submission was very comprehensive, positive and encouraging. I especially liked the last assignment evaluation as she edited these as well.

The most enjoyable part of the course was reading and commenting on other student's work. Their comments on my writing was so encouraging in the sense that I really felt that I was in a community. I have made some new friends.

The course is very balanced in the amount of lessons and handouts as well as assignment expectations. I didn't get time to finish or even look at some of the extra exercises, but I will work through these at my own pace.

It has made me want to take up writing seriously, not just as something I dabble in. I want to be a writer! That is a profound life choice for me.

I had a wonderful experience participating in the course and this was due, not only to developing a creative process for writing, but also in the resources and support I received from my tutor and AWC.

I'll be back!

Anne Younghusband 2 weeks ago

Angela's feedback is affirming and supportive, giving valuable comments and guidance, especially for someone like me who came into the course knowing absolutely nothing about the process!

I enjoyed reading the other students' work and communicating with them. Also, being able to do the assignments in my own time and at my own pace, within the weekly format.

I knew nothing about how to construct a narrative, a scene etc. I had no idea about structure, the importance of setting the scene, and using the four colours in a scene. This course has taught me so much, and has given me sign posts to guide the way. The handouts will be invaluable to refer to in future.

You don't need to be an enormously gifted writer to succeed - you do need to be prepared to do the work with passion, time and self-discipline, but you don't have to be the next Charles Dickens!

The atmosphere within this course is stimulating, but always very encouraging, which gives even the most sensitive writers an environment of acceptance and trust, knowing their work will be dealt with in a respectful way. This, in my opinion, is a huge "tick" for AWC.

If you're looking for an excellent grounding in the craft of writing creatively, to learn important guidelines and receive valuable feedback which will enable you to hone your skills and help you grow as a writer, then this is the course for you.

John Muirhead 3 weeks ago

The course forced me to write and forced me to think about what I was doing with my writing. It allowed me to experiment and helped me to cease procrastination. With a solid due date ahead of me I have found I spend the time writing and learning. That was invaluable to me.

The online tutor was extremely encouraging and appeared very knowledgeable about writing. She was able to comment on aspects of my writing I was unaware of and could provide a different perspective to what I was used to.

The scene setting lesson was probably the most helpful lesson I have received about writing a scene. I will very likely return to it whenever I am struggling with a scene.

The AWC website whole-heartedly encourages people to pursue a career (or even a hobby) in writing. The breadth of courses and activities available has something to suit every individual person. Everything you see is inspiring and encouraging and you truly feel like a part of a community.

Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to write and learn at the same time.

Ali Ogilvie 3 weeks ago

Great course. Has delivered what I expected it to and encouraged me to continue my journey towards my first novel. I feel confident enough to just begin writing the book now.

I enjoyed the structure and the way that it scaffolded the various elements as we learnt them and applied them. The tutor was great, very considered feedback and very positively presented.

Absolutely great resource for aspiring and experienced writers alike. A great place to start if you need to find your voice and the confidence to start.

I will be back for more courses!

Kristy Noble 3 weeks ago

Suzanne was very thorough, and gave really easy to understand feedback. She picked up on points in my writing I was not aware of, and was very encouraging.

I really enjoyed the lectures and how the assessments built upon each other.

It has given me the confidence to take writing seriously. I received really encouraging feedback that left me smiling each time which is pretty amazing to me!

I would say to take the chance, and you won't be disappointed.

Robyn Blake 3 weeks ago

Suzanne always gives a very enthusiastic response to all submissions, and under that influence you feel compelled to submit the best you can.

Got enormous pleasure from responding to targeted exercises and applying them to the story I am working on. Loved that creative challenge and the feeling of achievement that starts with: "OK, Robyn what have you got (in response to this exercise)? Now what can you DO with it?"

There is so much satisfaction in taking up the challenge to make your writing hum by employing concepts that are introduced and described weekly. Even more satisfaction though, if by condensing, rearranging, re-examining and rethinking - you can make them sing. Doesn't happen all the time, but when it does...

Writing re-energised. Confidence boosted. Onward.

Ayesha Thompson 1 month ago

I thought it was going to be like all the other how-to's I've encountered on the Internet over the last 5-10 years, but I was proven wrong.

The tutor is skilled and experienced, and knew exactly how to diagnose what was wrong with my work or the approach of it. I found the learning and the "breaking down" of what I thought I knew enjoyable.

The course and teacher for the course taught me how to improve my writing, since I had an inkling of something about my previous work that didn't feel right. In attending this course, I had someone look at my work, no matter how small, with fresh eyes.

It will change your writing.

Renee Mangan 1 month ago

I've promised my Nana I will write her memoirs for her 90th birthday. I'd like to take her life story and turn it into a novel one day as well. I know I need a bunch of new skills and feedback on my writing to achieve both!

Suzanne is kind and creative. She has offered constructive feedback to all the writers in my course. I learnt something from every recording Suzanne provided, not always from the writer or their piece, but how to become a better reader too. It's been great to look deeper into my own writing with her guidance.

One major learning moment was understanding how the structure of a novel plays the most crucial role in the success of a book. The different roles of scenes and summaries was something I didn't know, and now notice in every book I pick up!

I got so much out of these five short weeks. You won't regret investing the time and money into this course if you want to really get serious about your writing. I feel like I have new skills to implement and know I WILL write this memoir.

Just THANKYOU! So much.

Nichola Beukes 1 month ago

Stephen gave very thoughtful and encouraging responses to all the participants. I learned a lot not just from his feedback to me, but also from what he said to other writers in the class.

I enjoyed exploring fiction writing for the first time in decades!

The difference point of view can make when you are writing characters is astonishing. While I knew that intellectually, I had a real aha! moment while exploring one of my own characters on this course.

Thank you for giving access to the online material after the course is over. This allows dipping back in when you have time, which I find valuable.

Melanie Noller 1 month ago

I have written a novel (draft), but wanted to learn how to write better. I also hadn't written for over two years and wanted to get back in the habit of writing.

I was worried the course would be too basic, but I found it was great. There were some things I already knew like the three-act structure, but many that I did not. It was really valuable and Angela's feedback was great.

Angela was knowledgeable and encouraging. She also gave us link to articles relevant to each of us/our writing specifically, which was great.

I enjoyed writing! Having a Sunday night deadline was great as it forced me to do what I love (which sounds so stupid, but there you have it). Perhaps 'prioritise what I love' is a better description.

This course reminded me of how much I love writing and I have actually taken a semester off from my uni course to focus on it for the next six months. Perhaps I'm doing the wrong thing at uni...

In the final assessment, I chose to use a scene from my previously written draft and straight away I could see things that could be improved, which I did before submitting. Angela's feedback then allowed me to see in which areas, generally, that I need to work on and this can be applied to the whole novel (along with what I have learnt). I feel confident that I can read my manuscript now and improve it significantly thanks to this course.

Thank you!

Ebony Macfarlane 1 month ago

I was hesitant at first, because I was a complete beginner and I had to get over those feelings that it wasn't meant for me, but only for people with experience or who were already 'writers'. That definitely wasn't the case! It was a really supportive environment and I felt comfortable being a complete beginner and learnt so much.

The course delivered everything it said it would. The information was extensive but easy to follow, there were so many helpful resources and the assignments were enjoyable. The feedback received from the tutor and other participants was really valuable.

Angela was responsive and provided really valuable and encouraging feedback. She also generously shared extra resources and hints with us, such as her blog posts and other articles.

It has improved my confidence immensely, and changed my mindset around writing. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the foundations, and that it has given me the 'permission' to take it more seriously.

I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in creative writing, for any purpose. I would tell them that if they're thinking about it, give it a go! It was a really encouraging environment, and there was so much to learn.

Thank you!!

Liza Harris 1 month ago

Creative writing is something I loved at school, but never pursued. With a month of leave from work, and having been told by others that I should write something, I decided to see if this was something I wanted to explore.

I wasn't sure what to expect really, but I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a great deal.

I really liked Margaret. I found her to be very engaging and knowledgeable. I took her feedback on board and was chuffed when she said I should be pleased with what I had written for the Module 3 assignment.

It's pricked my interest for sure. I'll admit to being super daunted about where to from here...but I think with some space for reflection I will find myself making time to write and revisit the lessons.

I found the length perfect, the pace good, the interaction with the tutor good, the content good and the assignments challenging but relevant to the coursework. Great course. Not only did I start my investigative journey into creative writing as an adult, but it kindled that love of reading a book - not just listening to one.

Sarah Goedecke 1 month ago

I was wanting to learn how to write a novel, and two friends of mine had completed and recommended this course to me.

I really valued and respected both the feedback given and the way the feedback was delivered. Margaret was realistic, kind and quite obviously knew her stuff!

I'm going to start writing my story!

Rose-Anne Fletcher 1 month ago

Loved the presentation and layout of the web design - easy to understand and follow. Due to having not studied anything since I was 17 (now 54), I was quite daunted by the whole online experience.

I am so surprised at how easy I found it to complete the online study and interact with students and tutor. I labelled myself a technology dinosaur before this experience and now am very happy to report I am dinosaur no more!

Margaret is very observant, just and fair in her critique. Engaging and positive in all feedback, even the negative. I truly like her style.

It has opened my eyes to my own potential. Whether I decide to make a career of it or not, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just a big thank you to everyone involved. A great learning process that has unleashed a creative streak that has always been lurking in the background of my years, waiting for a chance to spring forth out of the shadows!

Elaine Langridge 1 month ago

I thought the lessons were really well recorded and very easy to listen to. It was also helpful to have the content of the lessons itemised so it was easy to go back and listen to any part without having to listen to the whole lesson.

I was extremely impressed with the tutor. Her feedback was valuable and it was very beneficial to hear her feedback for all the students as I took something from each.

Every lesson has provided me with so much learning that I have already improved so much. (I think). Even my memoirs that I write just for myself have changed for the better.

A highly professional organisation. Great online content and support.

Selma Kaasinen 1 month ago

I had been considering participating in this course for a long time but only now had the courage to test my skills in English creative writing. I was concerned if my skills in English language were sufficient to take part in a creative writing course.

Stephen was great. He provided feedback on different aspects of the writing after each module which I found really useful. I can put the lessons learnt to immediate action on my current manuscript.

I enjoyed the feedback from both the tutor and other course participants on my stories and reading other course participants’ stories.

I decided early on to use this course as a kick starter for my next manuscript.

I enjoy participating in courses, listening to podcasts and watching the webinars provided by the AWC. I listen to the podcast every week and the AWC graduates group in FB has become like a home base for whatever writing related information I am looking for.

Lili Savi 1 month ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable, encouraging and efficient in his replies.

I enjoyed meeting the other students ... we are from everywhere and all so different. Also working at my own pace.

It's made me realise that I can write that novel if I really put in the effort. In my mind, a Uni degree was the only way forward, but I've realised that these short courses are so much more suited to my learning style and still deliver the goods. The courses may be short, but they have a huge amount of precise information that really get the creative juices flowing.

Christina Barron 1 month ago

I have always wanted to do a creative writing course and a few of my friends have done courses previously at the Australian Writers' Centre. I wasn't sure how much I would get from this course because it was all online pre-recorded, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually learnt.

I found the feedback very helpful and easy to understand. I enjoyed using my imagination and becoming more confident in my writing.

It has helped get me started to write a little every day. Now here is hoping it becomes a habit!

The Australian Writers' Centre is great place to learn about writing.

Merelyn Carter 1 month ago

I came in with an open mind, so am delighted with what I have learnt in this short yet informative course.

The tutor was kind. Gentle. Knowledgeable. I really appreciated Stephen's comments.

Even though I was doing a lot of these things inherently in my writing, it was great to have the skills outlined, explained and expanded on. I have enjoyed writing just for the sake of it and like the 200 and 500 word challenges.

I am looking to pitch my fiction to a traditional publisher, so the advice around this has been very helpful. Although I write as part of my living, fiction is a new area, and I now have more confidence to pursue this path. Thanks.

The course is professionally and cleanly presented. It is informative, encouraging and fun. The assignments are challenging and it's great to get professional feedback. The additional exercises are appreciated, and even if there is no time to do them in the 5 weeks, it is terrific that we can revisit and review in the future. Great value for money.

Thank you. I have already purchased several more courses, and have a few more in mind to do after that.

Kamil Ganga 1 month ago

The lessons were comprehensive and provided great practical advice. Also appreciated the exercises; although optional, they were helpful practice.

Amanda was very encouraging and provided precise feedback. I knew exactly what I required to improve my writing.

Graham Eagle 1 month ago

I wanted to try a creative writing course and the length and format of this one seemed perfect for me to get some tips/advice before either seeking something longer or more involved. That a published author would be providing feedback was also a plus.

I think the feedback provided was excellent overall and was sure to point out the positives of submitted pieces and constructively appraise areas for improvement. It was also timely and the oral format suited the delivery of the course material. It also allowed self-reflection for the points made for other participants when considering my own writing style/choices.

Really, I just enjoyed the chance to give writing a go and have other people read it and enjoy aspects of what I'd done.

The course lessons provide lots of useful insights and tips to take on board in a very encouraging way. I would recommend this course if somebody were toying with doing some creative writing.

Jo Draper 1 month ago

Wow, where to start. I'd never realised there was so much theory and structure that went into novel writing. I was stuck with the 'how do I put my novel together and arrange the story' and I have so much insight into that now. The lessons were fantastic along with the assignments to put learnings into practice and hone my skills.

I have always said "I want to write a novel" but had never studied creative writing, so this was the first step in taking my novel writing more seriously. I picked this one because of the reviews; it looked like a quality course compared to many others out there.

Pamela was fantastic. Really loved listening to her feedback each week on my work and was always able to improve it another notch. Was very helpful listening to others' feedback too. I learnt a lot in the process. Would love to have her as a tutor again.

I enjoyed the structure, the weekly activities and feedback. Working alongside other students. I got into a great routine of writing five nights a week and hoping to keep that going!

I was a bit of a 'pantser' before this course. Now I can see how much development there is to do before diving in and writing. Characters, structure, working out all the turning points etc. Of course, the plan may change as I write, but it's great to do this work first.

Go for it - you won't regret it! I have so much more confidence in myself as a writer now.

Jodie Millard 2 months ago

Doing this course has really broadened my ideas of what writing is and has improved my writing. I struggled with the 'show don't tell' before, but I have a better grasp on it after listening to the lessons and reading the handouts.

I thought Pamela gave good and varied feedback. She was good at doing the sandwich technique for constructive criticism.

My writing has definitely improved and I feel I have what it takes to write the first draft, if only just to bin it afterwards and start again. I really thought before you needed to have a clear idea of what your story is before writing, but realised that's not the case after this course. I think writing the first draft then binning it (or keeping it if it happens to be worthy) will really help with developing the story and what I want.

Definitely try it! It's life-changing, and also fun. Even with full-time work and language study, I still made time to complete the assignments and listen to the materials every day. The advice is really sound and inspiring, plus the weekly feedback is super beneficial to improve your writing! I can truly say I've come out of this course more knowledgeable, but happier and more confident with myself too. Plus there's the secret bonus of being invited to zoom events and receiving AWC weekly newsletter too.

Thank you for the wonderful course! I'm definitely looking forward to doing another one in the near future :)

Claudia Alvear 2 months ago

Being able to read other people's works and feedback was amazing. I never expected a "classroom" environment in the comfort of my own living room.

The tutor was fantastic! Nicole was very generous with her comments and I felt she read every word we wrote. It was great to get such detailed feedback. And all the examples she provided in our lessons were so valuable.

AWC provides you with the tools to write whatever you want to write. Their range of courses is amazing and the flexibility of doing it online (whenever and wherever you want) is a necessity in this day and age, when we are so time poor.

Thank you!

Claire Whitelaw 2 months ago

Was looking for a course less formal than uni. Weekly feedback was very appealing. The lack of a pass/fail system very appealing also.

I had little to no expectations as I have not studied in years. Course was run very well and extremely informative with the tutor's feedback and handouts etc. It felt relaxing as well as challenging due to the open format and presentation.

I am definitely encouraged to continue studying writing for now. I have always enjoyed it but felt I do not construct stories well. I feel I might develop better plot and structure with further course study.

It's very accessible and easy to use. I have had no difficulties using the site or course material.

Gabrielle Gowans 2 months ago

I've always wanted to give writing a go and when I looked online at the course information I thought it presented very well. There appeared to be scope for trying lots of different aspects of writing with the different courses on offer.

I was a little hesitant to share my writing attempts with others on the course as I wasn't confident about my writing skills. I thought it could be a bit embarrassing but I got over that idea pretty quickly.

I thought Suzanne was good at giving constructive feedback which included positive comments and pointers about areas to work on and improve writing.

I enjoyed reading the other participants' work and seeing the variety of approaches. I liked the challenge of doing the assignments each week. I found the audio lessons and handouts very informative and useful.

It has renewed my interest in doing some writing in the future. I've learned about the components of a story and thought more about dialogue, character, scenes, settings etc. It has given me a structure to build from if I do decide to do any writing.

It has taught me it's ok to let go of words and sentences I've worked on and become attached to or thought were clever. Having to stick to word limits has made me pare things back a bit and I think it has made the end product better.

I would recommend the AWC because it is well organised and provides very useful and usable information about various aspects of writing. It gives participants a chance to try out writing pieces following clear guidelines and with the opportunity to hear feedback on your pieces.

Steve Cumper 2 months ago

Suzanne was very knowledgeable, professional and encouraging. I enjoyed the opportunity to have my work read and critiqued.

The lessons and handouts really filled in many blanks and gave me more of an understanding on how to plan and work on stages of my writing.

It's a fantastic learning platform and resource for writers in which to subscribe to. I'll be enrolling in more courses!

Sonja Waters 2 months ago

I found the course gave me so much information about writing an actual novel rather than crafting just a few prices of writing. I enjoyed actually doing the writing and having completed the assignments.

Suzanne is lovely, very insightful and not afraid to point out the bad bits as well as the good bits :)

All my fears were discussed by Valerie, which tells me everyone has the same fears and that is OK.

I now believe I can write a book. Above all it takes dedication and commitment to the process.

Angus Trigg 2 months ago

Extremely clearly designed course, interesting, and highly practical. Suzanne's feedback was great, really helpful and positive. Also pointed out where we could improve. I am writing a little every day and am determined to take this to fruition.

THANK YOU - I really enjoyed this course and am really hopeful it is the start of a great journey.

Andrea Innocent 2 months ago

I have been lacking direction with my writing and in desperate need for professional feedback. I saw a post on Instagram and looked at the AWC website and found lots of valuable information. I often find it difficult to spend money on myself professionally (I am a freelance illustrator) but I always find that when I do it's really worth it. It generates a forward momentum that can't be powered alone.

Feedback was wonderful. It was so important to be given a useful critique and each iteration allowed me to improve my work draft by draft.

I have begun!! The page is no longer blank and I am inking my first graphic novel for the first time in the three years of thinking about it.

If you are wondering whether it's worth it stop wondering and just give it a go.

Thank you for providing such a useful resource and wonderful tutors. I am determined to get something published like never before.

Alice Hill 2 months ago

Aside from my own growth as a writer (which is great - I feel much more confident), I loved seeing the way others in the course developed their craft and honed their ideas across the five weeks! Inspiring. Gave me lots of insight into how to improve my own work as well.

The course helped me to recognise that writing is truly a lifelong passion of mine. Completing the tasks and receiving feedback has fostered my confidence and sparked creativity for future projects. I am very glad I did this course.

Good value, well-balanced, detailed... do it!

Isabella La Rocca 2 months ago

I thought Pamela Cook was great - her feedback was spot on, thoughtful, insightful, encouraging and constructive at all times

Working on a submittable piece every week was great - kept the creative mind ticking over and receiving feedback was invaluable.

I feel it has made me more committed to writing every day and committed to planning, plotting and writing a novel. Some of the positive feedback from Pamela gave me inner confidence and confirmed my own commitment to the creative process.

AWC has great short courses that are easily accessible and affordable. Great format to the course, the material/information is of a high quality and delivered by experienced authors. It gives you the scope to explore your own creativity in a creative space with other budding writers. Thank you AWC!

I just feel sad that it's over - but now I can choose another short course and keep up the momentum.

Sarah Garbett 2 months ago

Very helpful and encouraging. I found it really eye opening.

I enjoyed seeing everyone's different writing style and seeing and learning about all the work that goes into creative writing works.

You should try out this creative writing course. It's very helpful and eye opening. It's fun and you get to learn and talk to an array of different people and encouraging tutors.

I had so much fun and cannot wait to start another course with the Australian Writers' Centre.

Katherine Tu 2 months ago

Angela was great - was encouraging as I am a new writer, and gave good, timely feedback.

I enjoyed the community that was built online, the mixture of resources, and the encouragement provided to give it a go.

I feel inspired to write more, and also to learn more about how it's done. Authors don't just pick up a pen and write a great story - everyone can do it but you have to work at it.

Great environment, and love how you fostered an online community.

Michael Monaghan 3 months ago

The course was great fun and has challenged the way I think about writing. It covered a lot of ground and yet made the thing approachable and, more importantly, POSSIBLE!

The course is based in solid practical advice from people skilled in the craft. The exercises are meaningful and useful. And its bloody good fun!

Thank you.

Fiona Bolinger 3 months ago

I've always loved creative writing and wanted to start taking it seriously. The course was so much fun and was lots of help!

Pamela was very friendly and gave great feedback that I'm using to improve my writing as a whole.

The best part had to be the characterisation section where we went through the PDF worksheet for our characters and really worked on fleshing them out - I learned a lot from there.

It has helped me to structure my writing better and give life to my words on the page. I have been taught how to flesh out ideas and build them into narration, dialogue and more. The course has also inspired me to write more often and now I can clearly see the positive difference it is making in the quality of writing I produce.

I would say it's a great tool to use for improving your writing and also a great and friendly community of writers and courses of all types.

Thanks for the great experience!

Deanna Wong 3 months ago

On New Year’s Day, I was wasting time on Twitter when I came across a tweet from AWC that offered a discounted price on the Reinvent Yourself course. I decided to give it a try, and absolutely loved it. So, I read up on the courses offered by the AWC, and enrolled in Creative Writing Stage 1.

The course material was a revelation, and our tutor was fabulous. I was so impressed. Angela was excellent. She is clearly an accomplished author, and her feedback was always insightful and helpful.

I felt accepted, and not in the least intimidated. And the lectures were fun!

I am so motivated to keep writing. This is such an alien feeling to me as by the time I left my last job, I used to joke to colleagues that I hated writing, and that I never wanted to do it again. The course has reminded me how fulfilling, and how much fun, writing can be!

Reading Handout 1.1. opened my eyes to the amazing potential there is as a creative writer. It sounds silly, but I realised that no one else dictates the edges of the people and worlds I create - just me. There is so much freedom in that.

If you want to experience the freedom creative writing offers you, but haven't got a clear idea about where to start or how to go about it, I strongly recommend you enrol in one of the AWC courses. You'll be supported and encouraged at every stage, and you will be provided with some excellent materials.

I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a real joy to access a new week's worth of materials every Monday.

Nicole Somerville 3 months ago

I wanted to start writing again but knew I needed some help and structure. It's been great fun; a bit nerve racking but so worth it.

The tutor was pretty straight talking, which I appreciated. There was no point in mincing words. I learnt loads from her and feel in a much better position to continue the book I have been trying to write for years.

I feel more confident but I also realise I still have loads to learn, but the modules have given me enough to go on with the writing I want to do. My husband said I seem happier.

If you think you want to start writing, this intro course will help you try it out through dipping your toes into core concepts.

Caitlin Prentice 3 months ago

I wanted to learn the basics of creative writing but I needed a course I could do in my own time from home. This course was perfect for that. It was very informative and straight to the point. The information recordings were great and I really learnt a lot in this five weeks.

This course has helped improve my writing immensely in such a short time. It has also given me the confidence to continue writing and doubt myself a little less. This course also helped me to decide on one of my book ideas and commit to just finishing it!

I would highly recommend the AWC to anyone who wants to improve on their writing skills. Whether you want to become a published author or just write for your own pleasure you will learn invaluable lessons through these courses.

Thank you for creating a straightforward, easy to understand course. I really thoroughly enjoyed it and I will certainly be signing up for more in the near future.

Jenny Porter 3 months ago

I'm looking to develop my writing skills. I've only ever done reflective journaling and I don't know any of the basics of creative writing.

I think the tutor provided me with very useful feedback, even when I cringed extra hard. But I guess that's what you need when you're wanting to develop a skill - someone to show you the way and ask you to think about how to do things better.

I enjoyed the lessons - very informative and easy to listen to.

I've realised how much I need to really learn, but I'm excited to review what I've learned with this course and am keen to take a few others.

Luan Atkinson 3 months ago

The format of audio feedback was great. It makes it feel so much more personal than reading written comments. I also learnt a lot from listening to the feedback for other students' writing (and reading their writing).

Pamela gives really practical feedback that allows the students to improve. I felt I made huge strides in the course and could also see my fellow students doing the same. Pamela also has a lovely encouraging style that makes you keep going and trying.

It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to try new things.

I just want to keep writing and learning more. Thank you!

It's great fun, you'll learn a lot and you'll improve dramatically.

Amelia Smith 3 months ago

I wanted to give writing fiction a go, I hadn't done any fiction writing since being in school but always found it fun so thought I'd give it a try.

I was nervous before starting as I had never done anything like this before and I wasn't sure how it would work. Also having to post in front of other people was very nerve-racking, as you are vulnerable to other people seeing your work (as opposed to just the tutor alone). I quickly got past this however and found that it was great to see other people's work and get feedback. You learn from others as well as your own work from the tutor's feedback.

The feedback provided is useful and although it can be tough taking on board constructive criticism, I've found that Pamela explains the reasons why and it does make sense. I'm trying to look at things more objectively and hearing the positive feedback is also really encouraging and exciting! It makes you want to write more.

I enjoyed getting to follow the creative flow and see where the story goes! I feel like in school, storytelling is a small part of learning English but that's the part I most enjoyed, so to be able to refresh that again as an adult has been really exciting.

This course has made me rethink writing and what it means. I didn't realise there was so much to it, there's so much detail and whilst that scares me a little, I feel like this is a valid field to work in. The course has inspired me to keep on writing and that it is OK to write fiction and follow your imagination (I was told off in school for daydreaming too much). That is exciting!

I think for me, it was just learning throughout this course that it is OK and acceptable to be able to write fiction, to make stuff up, to go with it and this is actually 'a thing' you can do!

It has been a great learning experience. I have enjoyed letting my imagination flow and getting words onto paper. It's been great exploring writing fiction and seeing the characters and scenes come alive.

Kate Leahy 3 months ago

I wanted to get a jumpstart in understanding writing fiction in the hopes of trying my hand at writing a novel.

I enjoyed thinking up fictional scenes and characters and actually sitting down to write about them. I didn't know if I could do it!

By explaining the tools that make up great stories--setting, scenes, characters, dialog--the course gave me the confidence to write fiction. Now I don't want to stop.

It's a practical, honest way to encourage you to write and it's broken down into chunks that make it feel completely doable.

Paul Mihtatidis 3 months ago

Suzanne was excellent. Her feedback was very pertinent and constructive.

I enjoyed the recorded sessions, the feedback from the tutor and the variety of the course content. It has given me a better understanding of the writing process from all aspects.

As someone totally new to this, I found all five modules invaluable.

The AWC is a very credible organisation with high quality courses for all levels and interests.

Belinda Carli 4 months ago

This course was amazing. I finally started writing the novel I've had floating around in my head for 2 years but had no idea how to get on paper. It taught me all the tools I needed to get those words on paper, in an interesting way. My novel has begun!

I enjoyed the flexibility of it, the small assessments, the way it was broken up into bite size chunks - I could fit it in around work/life. The content was also extremely good - a really good level of detail given the short time frame and really well structured. Like layers of an onion, building on what was learnt the week before and then coming together so logically.

I've finally started writing my novel! I managed to not only start while doing this course, but got a full 6,500 words done while studying this program. Sure, there's lots I need to go back over and can improve, but it got me exercising the writing skills I learnt straight away, and motivated me to actually start writing.

If you want to write a book, this is where you need to go to learn.

Dustin Rowe 4 months ago

Pamela was great. Her feedback for myself and everyone else was really eye-opening and she gave great insight into things I could work on and you could tell she really enjoys her craft.

I felt challenged in this course. Before starting this one, I had taken a course through another place and that one felt very comfortable as their intro course really focused on just getting pen to paper and writing, even if it's junk. I feel this course made me raise the bar as far as quality of writing which challenged me but felt very rewarding as well.

This course made me feel like completing a project is much more achievable than I had previously thought.

Definitely go for it. AWC is a great place to dip your toe into the waters of writing or to find a course specific to whatever your need is. They have lots of options no matter what style of writing you’re interested in.

I just think this place is amazing and will definitely be signing up to classes in the future. Thank you so much for helping to build my skills as a writer.

Shane McMaster 4 months ago

Pamela has been fantastic, providing simple and necessary critique that I feel has helped my writing somewhat. A good tutor overall and very helpful.

I enjoyed that we could read others work and it DID give some insight to our own; as well as the group being able to hear all the critiques from Pamela about our work.

As a novice writer I was unaware how little I had developed many of my supporting characters; now I am able to go back and write about each character and help refresh everything I have done so far.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in writing creatively, whether for enjoyment or for work-related purposes.

Nerida Chazal 4 months ago

Fabulous! Pam had such a great way of delivering feedback. Her feedback was friendly, positive, constructive and motivating.

I loved that it got me writing. It gave structure to my morning writing routine and the assignments were excellent practice in writing and then showing people my work.

I have always wanted to write, but never knew where to start, or if I would actually be any good at writing fiction. The assignments helped get me writing and I enjoyed working on them. Confession: sometimes writing the fiction assignments took over my work day because I loved it so much I could not put it down. Now I'm hooked! The feedback helped show me that I can do it and I'm excited for the next step.

It is amazing! The instructors are friendly and professional and the whole environment of the course was positive and motivating. I actually felt like a writer and it was great to have people comment on my work in such a constructive way.

Zach Margolius 4 months ago

This is the push to begin writing a novel I needed - with the technical knowledge I was lacking.

I will definitely consider the next appropriate course related to writing long-form creative fiction.

Michelle Miles 4 months ago

I really wanted to do something creative and had enjoyed writing at school. I also needed something which I could do while working full time.

I think the course is a great introduction to creative writing and - for someone like me who just wanted to do something creative and not necessarily write a book or get published - it was really helpful.

Angela provided really useful feedback and it was also provided in a very timely manner.

I enjoyed having to use my brain in a more creative way and, although it was challenging, I think my writing has improved already.

It's made me more confident about just giving writing a go. It's also made me want to develop my imagination more so I take more note of my surroundings now.

I even entered the Furious Fiction competition for the 2nd time and the 2nd effort is a definite improvement on the 1st!

Because I haven't actually written since school, I hadn't thought much about structure or setting in writing so to learn about the colours (for action, setting) etc and turning points etc really hit home that woah this is a craft and - even better - you can improve with practice!

I'd say that for anyone who feels like their creativity is non-existent and who has even a vague interest in writing then go for it! It's not a huge outlay in terms of finance or time and you don't need to be an aspiring author to get the benefit from it.

Just a big thank you to Angela for her time and feedback. At no point was I made to feel less than even though I knew other students were far more experienced at writing.

Natalie Skinner 4 months ago

Angela is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and feedback was constructive. She explained things simply.

I enjoyed the weekly feedback and guidance.

It made me sit down and think and not come up for air until my weekly assignment was completed. This course took me beyond my comfort zone.

If you want to develop, or gain creative writing skills and techniques, this course is full of tools to help you do that.

Jan Hallam 4 months ago

I looked at doing a post graduate university degree and found that the five-week commitment for the AWC course at this stage for me was far more attractive.

I felt it was designed to encourage success. Never once did I feel like, 'I have to do my writing course'. It was a pleasure and achievable.

Angela was constructive and encouraging and exceptionally timely.

It has opened up my thinking about the necessary processes for creating long fiction. I think it has prepared me for the work involved.

The five weeks went so quickly.

Amy George 4 months ago

I found Stephen's feedback to be clear and helpful - pointing out any lack of clarity, any weakness, and what I could do to strengthen it. Stephen's questions about my work revealed areas I was unclear on myself and helped me pinpoint some key problem areas I sensed were in my writing but struggled to identify.

I enjoyed the structure and presentation of this course and the way feedback was presented. It was also helpful to read others writing and the feedback on that.

For me, this course has confirmed my passion for writing. I have been stretched and challenged in a good way and have a better understanding of the skills I need to keep working on and how to keep developing then.

Lauren O'Mara 4 months ago

I was keen to relearn the basics of creative writing. I remember learning about it in school and how much I enjoyed and I felt the urge to write again. I have always wanted to write a fiction novel and tried years ago but I found it difficult to write. Recently I decided I wanted to try again but do it the right way this time by learning properly.

I was worried that I would realise that writing would be too hard to stick to, but doing the course made me realise that once you know the basics it makes things less scary and a lot easier to navigate.

Stephen gave fair and constructive feedback and I really valued his expertise. He gave feedback that was encouraging but also made me reflect more on my writing and what to improve.

I loved all of the course. The audio lessons were very informative and the assignments were interesting and were useful in applying the learnings from the audio lessons and resources. The assignments were great in not being too onerous but were effective in teaching us how to focus on different aspects of creative writing. I found that the teaching material was clear and explained well. I also enjoyed receiving feedback on assignments, as it helped me improve!

This course has had quite a profound impact as I was able to rediscover my love of creative writing and just being creative, as I am realising how wonderful it is to be creative! It has also given me the momentum to write a novel and I will be keeping up the momentum by starting Novel Writing Essentials straight after this course.

I would recommend it because of the high quality of teaching where concepts are explained in a way that is easy to understand and is interesting content! I think in this course, the use of providing handouts, audio lessons, assignments and feedback is a great combination and a great way to learn and apply your newly acquired skills.

Leanne Levi 4 months ago

After a bit of research into writing courses that could be completed online, I was excited to find the AWC website and amazed by the variety of courses on offer. As a beginner, who has recently been bitten by the writing bug, it made practical sense to start with Creative Writing Stage 1.

Stephen provided insightful and valuable feedback which had a great impact on my writing. His easygoing, yet professional manner was spot on! I would be delighted to have him as a tutor in any future courses I take with the AWC.

The course as a whole was extremely enjoyable. Getting critical feedback on my writing and being able to learn through watching the feedback given to the other students in the course is probably what I found most enjoyable. The recorded lessons were great to listen to each week and the handouts are right beside me on my desk where I write. I'm finding them a useful tool!

It changed the way I approach writing scenes and characters entirely. I feel like when I sit down to write a scene from the story I am working on, I am able to begin more easily and be critical with myself. For example, what purpose does this scene serve?

I have also learnt about myself, and what my approach to writing is. I know now that I am somewhere between a plotter and a pantser (mostly pantser) and I like to write scenes, then fill in the gaps.

I would say that if you were struggling to find your feet creatively, or had a desire to improve your creative writing or unpack how a story is structured and what goes into creating a good story, then this is the course for you!

Lynne Power 4 months ago

I was so honoured to have Amanda Hampson as our tutor. I didn’t expect to have a successful writer as our tutor. And she was lovely. Gentle feedback - didn’t scare me away and made us seem like a group even though it was remote. She was excellent. Warm and friendly. Lots of useful suggestions. Anything she said had gravitas due to her experience.

I had a moment of clarity where after I had submitted a couple of the writing tasks - I realised how much I enjoyed writing. I always liked it at school and I even like business writing but creative writing felt fulfilling. I am now interested in doing more. I enrolled in the writing group where you meet every two weeks and share writing.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the remote learning. I can’t think of a thing that would make it better for me.

I felt good about actually writing and not just thinking about it. Just getting a start after decades is a very big thing. The small tasks that were set were perfect to help put the toe in. Then getting some gentle feedback and listening to others’ stories. It was a very fulfilling feeling revisiting one of my first loves. And with a successful writer as a guide.

You have to do it. It’s a polished course and perfect to get you started actually writing again. It’s a feeling of a new start.

Just thank you. All my interactions with AWC have been very positive.

Maricar Gallardo 4 months ago

I was attracted by the flexibility of learning as well as the reasonable price. It suits for a person like me who works full-time and I can just do it on my days off.

Pamela Freeman is an encouraging tutor, giving me confidence every week although I'm a newbie to writing. She was objective when she presented the feedback.

I enjoyed reading amazing stories submitted by other participants.

Even if you do not have any plan to become a writer, just give it a go. It will improve your imagination and you will never read novels the same way again because you will see them in a different light.

Thank you AWC for making this course accessible and reasonably priced.

Larissa Smith 4 months ago

The lessons and material provided were extensive and very easy to access and follow. It was fabulous being able to read other people's work, make comments and get feedback from others.

The weekly feedback from Pamela Freeman was exceeding quick turnaround so you could take on board feedback for the next week. It was very real - good when good, bad when bad and very constructive when something needed tweaking.

Doing a writing course with the Australian Writers' Centre has shifted me from wanting to write with a story in my head to actually writing with a story on the page. It has also helped me understand that writing is a craft that requires skill, discipline and time - all things that need to be front of mind and constantly worked on.

Kim Wood 5 months ago

I was impressed with the quality of Reinvent Yourself and this was the next logical step!

Pamela is highly experienced and knowledgeable. She gave constructive, actionable feedback in a very supportive manner - that's not an easy thing to do! I learned from her feedback to the whole class and will rewatch her feedback videos many times, I'm sure.

I enjoyed reading the class assignments and then listening to Pamela's feedback. It's amazing how such diverse ideas arise from the same starting point! The feedback helped me understand structural issues and how to strengthen my writing.

The more I understand and apply the foundations of creative writing, the easier it is to write well.

Just as I'd hoped, I found the same joy in creative writing that I felt as a child. I'm excited to keep learning and writing!

Bruce Christie 5 months ago

I’ve found the course very interesting and useful. As I said in my introduction to Module 1, I was hoping to reawaken my interest and ability in writing creatively. My interest is definitely reawakened and I’ve picked up many things during the course that I hope will improve my ability

It has provided me with the basics in writing creative fiction, much of which I probably wouldn't have found if I hadn't undertaken the course. Now I have to apply those basics and build on them.

If you want to learn anything or everything about writing, you'll find a course at the AWC.

Alexandra Jordan 5 months ago

I enjoyed the whole course. The challenge of completing the assignments and getting the feedback was the best. Constructive feedback is great. The support of others in providing feedback was also encouraging.

Pamela’s feedback was honest and very helpful. I was amazed at a couple of her comments as she doesn’t know me, yet she was spot on with particular comments. All very helpful.

I now think about my writing. Before words would just flow and I would write. I now have a small insight into thinking and writing like an author. The course has encouraged me to study writing more and to pursue my dream of finishing books I have started.

I have recommended this to a couple of friends as they’re writing stories with the hope of publishing. I believe this course clarifies the many subtle differences between being able to write a story and being able to become an author.

I am so pleased I decided to take this course and look forward to the Novel Writing Essentials (already enrolled) and other courses I intend to do.

Andrew Phang 5 months ago

Pamela was very good. Feedback was excellent and invaluable.

I enjoyed finding that there are so many others of a like-mind, each with different writing skills and aspirations, and that that's ok.

I realise there is nothing wrong with writing for the joy of it and nothing odd in wanting to "learn" to write. There is much to learn, much to discover. At the very least, learning to write helps me appreciate reading in a different and better way. It's just great.

Having to learn to write does not mean a lack of writing talent, much like the naturally talented athlete that needs to train.

Try it. I can't see how anything else could be better.

Maya Stamell 5 months ago

As someone wanting to explore my interest in writing, I chose the course as a way to learn more about how writing a story works and whether I could take it a step further.

The tutor was lovely. She gave lots of informative feedback and helpful constructive criticism. I learnt a lot.

I enjoyed being able to learn whilst also having freedom with what I was writing about.

Learning about character driven and plot driven aspects really helped me understand how to structure a story! My knowledge and experience have both grown.

Samantha Lee 5 months ago

At first, I was extremely scared to let someone else read my work but my tutor was so lovely and made some super valid points. I was happy to take in her feedback and I really think that everything made more sense when I looked at it from her point of view.

I particularly enjoyed applying everything that was taught in this course into my current reads. It put everything into perspective and really made me understand the difference small things in a story make. I can be like "Oh! Thats why I didn't like that story" or "That's why I didn't connect with the character!" I found a surprise enjoyment in analysing such things.

Katie Meyer 5 months ago

I think the course was quite well done. It was chock full of information - very helpful for a newbie like myself. I like that there was a focus on many different aspects of writing, from how to get started all the way up to thinking about the possibility of publishing in the future.

The online tutor was great - she seemed respectful, yet honest in her critiques. I found that receiving feedback was one of the most useful aspects of the course. Every time I write something new now I have those critiques/suggestions in my head.

I enjoyed having a bit of structure and something to keep me 'on task'. I find it easy to come up with excuses of why I'm not writing, but this course gave me the motivation to stick to it. I enjoyed receiving the feedback on my work and the feedback on other's work as well.

It's both given me inspiration and motivation to continue writing, but at the same time I must admit that it's created doubt about if I'm good enough to actually pursue this as something more than a hobby. This is ok though, as part of what I wanted from this course was the opportunity to actually try writing (which I haven't really done before) and to discover and learn about myself and my writing capabilities.

There were many things that I learned, but possibly the 'show and don't tell'. I've heard this before, but it never really sunk in until the tutor was giving examples of it when critiquing people's work. I constantly use that motto now when writing to try and improve my work.

I'd definitely recommend a course here. I found it full of valuable information and tips to improve my writing. It is a very supportive and encouraging environment.

Thank you for putting together such a great course!

Joanna Willis 5 months ago

Loved it. The course was really useful and I think it improved my writing a lot.

The tutor was great. Helpful and thoughtful.

It just made me more aware of every aspect of writing.

Kristie Mackle 5 months ago

I really enjoyed this opportunity, and it gave me the confidence to believe in myself, my knowledge and my writing. It also made me a better teacher of writing and literature, so thank you!

I was hesitant about sharing my writing but my fears were soon put at ease.

The tutor was amazing! So knowledgeable, caring and wise.

I loved all of it. Sharing work; listening to podcasts. I am so much more confident now, and look at writing in a different way. Thank you :-)

Milla Fargo 5 months ago

The course was incredibly digestible. We were given so much aiding information with such a manageable delivery.

I have to praise my tutor's nature for offering feedback in a supportive, friendly way. Definitely the kind of teacher we need more of!

I loved the format of the assignments and all of the lessons leading up to it. I thoroughly enjoyed offering and receiving feedback from my peers and those of my tutor.

I feel equipped to write in a way I never have before and I'm busting to apply all I've learned. I love that I can look at a book or even a film with a new, critical lens.

Jill Reid 6 months ago

I've always enjoyed reading and writing but had not written creatively since school, a long time ago! So I was keen to go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of crafting a story.

With no background in writing, I was rather daunted about joining a tutor-led course and sharing my work with others. I am so glad I was brave enough to do so!

The course is packed with information. I devoured the module audio lessons, each set out in a structured way with handouts and a manageable assignment to complete. I enjoyed the challenge of having an assignment to hand in each week, and the tutor feedback and peer comments were a big part of motivating me to keep going.

Pamela was a wonderful tutor giving everyone valuable feedback, always positive and encouraging, giving us suggestions and examples to improve our work. I loved the audio feedback as it seemed really personal delivered in that way.

I loved everything about it! It has given me the beginning skills and confidence to continue a daily writing practice, to think about all those story ideas that have been buzzing and inspired me to just keep going! If only for the true pleasure of putting words on the page. And that's OK.

What surprised me, I think I surprised myself, was the part of the course I expected to be most daunting, sharing my work and giving feedback, was so helpful and so much fun! It really helped me look critically at my writing and others' pieces and see how it might be improved. Finding other participants who enjoyed the course also, and making plans to keep in touch has been a fantastic bonus.

Absolutely go for it! Don't hesitate or feel daunted about sharing your work; we are all learning and it is an encouraging and supportive environment with lovely tutors that give positive and constructive feedback!

Thank you so much Pamela and the whole team at AWC for offering these courses, accessible to everyone, wherever we may live!!

I really want to keep writing!!

Zoe Templar 6 months ago

I was starting a new writing project when I found this online. I have written several novels previously as a hobby but never felt I nailed the basics. I wanted to get back to the basics and have a structured assignment-based course to keep me motivated to explore the themes.

Hearing someone read your work and give feedback was a pleasant surprise and really motivated me to keep working on my writing. I think the examples used in the lessons were varied and mostly well-known so I found it helped me understand the different topics.

Loved Pamela - thought she was brilliant. She was warm, engaging and had a sense of humour too. I loved when I wrote something humorous and heard her chuckling about it during her review.

As noted in one of the lessons, amateur writers sometimes neglect basic setting descriptions in their work. I'm definitely one of them. It's motivated me to start working on this type of writing and has even inspired a new novel idea that revolves around an old and mysterious colonial house I know from my childhood.

It's fun and informal but also very well organised and accessible. You can go at your own pace and engage as much as you want to (or don't want to) with other students. Pamela is great.

Diana Martinez 6 months ago

I've always wanted to write a novel but kept getting stuck on how to plot and structure it. This course seemed like it could help. I was nervous about sharing my writing, but I thought if I can't share it in a course how will I ever share it in a book.

I was surprised by how much I loved the course. I've learned so much more than I thought and I really liked the format. Thank you for putting this course together. I will definitely be going back over the modules.

Pamela has been great. Her direction and feedback have been invaluable. I have learned a lot about structure, description, and point of view.

I enjoyed all of it. The assignments were particularly good, I found, to make me think differently about how I approach my writing.

I think Valerie saying throughout the course that there is no one way to write has helped break through some resistance I held around simply writing. I feel more confident in my ability to structure and write a story now. I don't feel as afraid to give it a go.

Aimee Crispin 6 months ago

I really wanted to get more out of my creative writing, and I love creative writing so much, it just felt like a dream come true.

My tutor was very positive and gave me good feedback on what was good and what I could improve on. I looked forward to getting feedback from her.

I enjoyed writing, coming up with characters, all of it! I have found new ways to develop my characters, write scenes and come up with plot ideas.

I loved it, and I would go and do it again many times over; it helped me develop my skills so much! It is worth everything.

Danielle Cerin 6 months ago

I loved the way Pamela delivered her feedback. The videos made it easy to follow her thoughts as she worked through everyone's pieces line by line. Her feedback was always well considered and valuable. And it also provided the opportunity to learn from other people's work as well.

I have been so focused on my writing projects that I haven't been writing anything outside of my own little box and this course forced me to do that. Week 3 on scenes where we had to write a piece including sound, smell etc was an awakening for me as I am very focused on visuals, action and dialogue. The exercise made the process less daunting and I've been able to include new small details in my current work to make it richer than it was before.

The Australian Writers' Centre is the perfect place to start your writing journey. You'll be able to find a course that focuses on the aspects of writing that you need to develop and be guided by experienced authors along the way. And there's also a range of other resources to help broaden your knowledge and skills.

Rebecca Hingerty 6 months ago

It seemed like an achievable and practical way to start a potential writing hobby/career.

I loved the weekly feedback from Nicole which struck a great balance between encouragement and constructive criticism. I also loved listening to the lessons. Valerie has a voice that is easy to listen to and she conveys information clearly and well.

Nicole has a lovely friendly manner and she seemed to enjoy the variety of responses she got from each task. She was very positive in her feedback. I like that she encouraged us to tweak things but also stick to our guns if we knew where our stories were headed.

I loved listening to Nicole's feedback to everyone but I also loved the workshopping after the final task. Getting feedback is great but it's also really valuable to give it. It very much helps you to focus on the craft of writing.

The course has given me the confidence that I lacked to start writing my novel. I've had the idea for a few years but having set tasks and getting practical feedback is invaluable in terms of motivation.

The AWC courses are fun, informative and practical. They also have a commercial focus, which is great for those wanting to make a career out of writing. There's a lot of great content in each lesson.

Grace Mulders 6 months ago

For a little while I have had an idea for a book but didn't know where to start. I was attracted to this course by how it was set up to be a "stage 1" course that offered the "nuts and bolts" of writing in so many areas... characterisation, scene, plot etc so felt it would be the perfect starting point.

I was a little hesitant about how the workshopping would work but throughout the course found it less scary than I thought and extremely helpful.

Nicole was an incredible online tutor. Her feedback each week was so specific, detailed and helpful and you really felt supported with each assessment.

I enjoyed getting to focus on new topics each week and getting to try new ways of writing with each assessment.

It has really motivated me to pursue my passion for writing and has given me the tools needed to start my novel!

This has been my second course I have now done at the Australian Writers’ Centre and have had my expectations exceeded both times.

Ann Graham 6 months ago

It had been a very long time since I'd done any creative writing, but a few characters had begun to show up in my imagination, and I knew I needed some help to get started writing a story.

Margaret was incredibly encouraging. All her feedback was constructive, and provided with kindness and enthusiasm.

I enjoyed discovering that I could actually write creatively, and that I really enjoyed it. It really encouraged me to keep writing and see where it leads.

I was surprised at how much content was packed into such a short course, and how practically useful it was. The assignments were very achievable (while still providing a challenge) and provided immediate opportunity to apply the information from the lessons. I would highly recommend Creative Writing Stage One to anyone starting out on this writing journey.

Diana Reardon 6 months ago

I enjoyed having to think and use my brain to come up with the best writing I could. Some weeks this seemed impossible and I felt despairing, but the more I wrote the easier it became.

Nicole was succinct and encouraging. I looked forward each week eagerly to what she had to say about my writing and the others in my course.

For a few years, a new year resolution was to 'do more with my writing'. I realized that it was coming up every year but I wasn't doing anything to make the resolution a reality. So I researched online for a course and found AWC which seemed doable. Once I started, I had to concentrate hard to shape my writing rather than just slap out words in a sloppy way. Now I feel encouraged and inspired to keep going with my writing and see where it goes.

The course is challenging in that you have to really think and focus your writing and try your hardest but it is worth the effort. The sense of personal satisfaction if someone 'gets' what you are trying to write about is heart-warming.

Gwyn O'Donohue 6 months ago

I liked the systematic approach to creating a novel and all ideas that came with it. It is a very generous course.

I am very grateful for Stephen's thorough response to my writing. Everything he suggested made perfect sense.

I really liked how it put me into "writer" mode, even though I have never considered myself a writer. Very helpful and encouraging.

I never even considered writing a novel - I'm probably more interested in writing short stories - but Stephen's advice and encouragement has planted the seed. Who knows?

I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you, Stephen.

Trish Jordan 6 months ago

I really loved almost everything about this course! Even though I found it a challenge time-wise, I felt I was very 'into' the exercises and tasks. On one evening, I only had 2 more minutes to submit the assignment before the deadline!

Congratulations on the content in this Course - well written, great audios and assignments. The emphasis placed on motivating the students in the audios was really encouraging and I think would be helpful for a writer at any stage of their 'writing development'.

I am very grateful for the support, encouragement and learning. Thank you very much.

Go for it! You will discover more about yourself as a person, and about yourself in a process of engagement with text.

Sylvia Innes 6 months ago

I really appreciate the fact that I can now revisit the lessons for an extended period. Some were quite dense and I look forward to reflecting on them.

I enjoyed receiving the feedback and found it to be insightful and considered. On several occasions I found that I had wondered about the same points in my work.

I have had a general idea for a story (historical fiction, I think) as a result of research and now feel I am ready to start thinking and planning more seriously. I had no idea where to begin before, or rather, how to write without an overload of exposition.

I would recommend the Australian Writers' Centre. The content is both instructive and challenging. The course allows a flexible approach for the participant. It is very welcoming and encouraging.

Kimberley Robinson 6 months ago

I was given a gift voucher for The Australian Writers' Centre and I saw this course and thought it was perfect for the beginner that I am. I love reading and want to start writing but I just didn't know where to start.

I loved this course; Angela was amazing. Her feedback was perfect. She was professional and kind and honest. I valued her feedback very much.

I made an amazing friend through this course. I'm looking at doing another course in the future.

The course was really easy to get through. I was always excited to read my feedback and see what everyone else had posted. It was a great way to see everyone's different opinions on each assignment.

I have learned so much about the structure of the plot and building of characters.

This course was fun, exciting and I learned so much. Everyone was really helpful and supportive and I highly recommend it.

Katie Vicary 6 months ago

I was blown away by how much information was provided. Going into this course I thought it would just be a sort of breezy introductory course to creative writing but it was jam packed with information and so many helpful exercises and ways of approaching certain parts of writing. I will be able to go back through the course several times, I think, and still find new things in there.

I really loved the way the lectures were structured. As a uni student during COVID, I'm pretty familiar with online lectures and tutorials and this was by far more engaging and informative than the counterparts I've taken at university. It was packed with information but done in such a way that it was never boring to listen to. So many helpful comments.

It gave so much information on how to actually write properly. In high school you never really learn all the core skills and aspects of creative writing so I had just been sort of learning as I go but this course gave so much in-depth information on how to structure your writing, writing descriptions, characters, approaching ideas and your work.

Linda Kemp 6 months ago

I needed more in-depth advice about the beginnings of creative writing. Although I studied creative writing at uni, and have done numerous masterclasses since, I wanted more structured assistance in character development, and POV, tenses, etc.

The audio lessons were fantastic. I like the way they were broken into roughly 30-minute chunks, so that we could stop if we needed to focus on something else. The tasks were brilliant. Everything was just so good.

Pamela Cook was fantastic. Her feedback was spot on and it was given in a clear and supportive manner.

I write every day already. And I've written my manuscript and I'm currently working on Draft 5, so this course will help in small ways to tighten and improve this current draft.

Thank you so much for you wonderful course options. I'll definitely be back for more.

Just sign up, you won't regret it!

Alanah Kerec 6 months ago

I'd always leaned more towards being a big reader and editor rather than a writer myself. This year, though, I wanted to try something different. I've written short stories and the starts of so many novels over the years, so when I received an email from AWC with this course listed I thought, why not?

Pamela's feedback and the comments from other students were fabulous and really helped me develop my work over the course. Pamela was super helpful and understanding and her feedback was wonderful. It was constructive but she also pointed out parts of our stories that she loved.

I enjoyed writing in different ways and reading other's work.

The course has helped me discover my writing style and develop more ideas in my head that I now can't wait to put on the page. It's a great way to develop your skills and keep your creative mind active.

Alanah Issa 6 months ago

I enjoy writing and was looking for a way to improve my style of writing and also learn skills that can help make my writing better. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete all of the assignments.

The tutor seemed very nice, and it seemed like she knew what she was doing, and enjoyed doing it as well.

I found it fun to listen to the lessons and learn tricks and advice for writing. It helped me to increase my writing skills and learn more about characters and writing in general.

It's a good way to strengthen writing skills and learn how to improve techniques and style. It's a fun and engaging program and it has helped with my confidence in writing and storytelling. Thank you for giving me this experience.

Pame Price 6 months ago

I have been blown away by this course. I didn’t expect to gain so much. In the short five weeks I have looked back at how my writing has improved. Many lightbulb moments of how I can improve my book...

The tutor was excellent. I particularly loved the feedback. So helpful in a compassionate way.

I was telling my daughter about the course. Her reply: “Mum, you sound so happy, obviously it is just the right fit for you.”

I didn’t believe it would have such a positive and challenging effect on me. I love my book, yet realised the frame is fine, but I have missed so much ‘colour, feel and juice.’ I know it will take me longer, yet I am excited. I have clarity.

Cree Oliver 6 months ago

I very much enjoyed the course and it gave me a big confidence boost.

I thought the feedback was great. It was very detailed and encouraging and personalised. It exceeded my expectations.

I really enjoyed the assignments, reading other people’s work and receiving and reading feedback (both my own and others).

It was so wonderful to receive personalised feedback and to begin to understand the craft of writing. It has given me tremendous confidence and ignited a spark to push forward.

Alishiya Andrew 6 months ago

I have had an interest in doing creative writing for a few years and I finally decided to join the course.

The tutor was very good. Great feedback and very encouraging. She showed personal interest in all students.

I enjoyed the systematic teaching, the assignments, and meeting fellow writers on the same journey.

I feel I am using a talent I never knew I had. It has given me so much confidence to keep writing.

Vanessa Traynor 7 months ago

Angela is wonderful. Her expert feedback is honest, supportive, and always positive. She always starts her assessment with something positive, this is just so wonderful for a budding writer, but at the same time, she always helps you understand how you can improve. I cannot speak more highly of her; I would most definitely be a repeat customer if she was leading the course.

I enjoyed the regular exercises to develop skills and reading everyone's writing. It was so wonderful to see how other people write, that they too struggle with similar issues to myself and that there are so many ways in which you can approach a scene. I learned so much from my fellow writers in a short five weeks.

It completely changed my approach to how I write. I realise now I was trying to magic up fantasy from a place where nothing was familiar to me and while I would often begin with a great idea, I would fast lose momentum as I got into the minutiae. But when I started to look for inspiration from all the little moments in my own life - which this course helped me realise was the best place to start - writing the guts of the story came much more easily. This was a big and fundamental change in mindset for me.

I would paraphrase my favourite author Neil Gaiman and say ""everybody has a secret world inside of them... no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them, they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds...” So why not go write them, just make sure you visit AWC on your way.

Great course, awesome tutor, an amazing group of fellow writers. If you are on the fence and an expert procrastinator like me - let it go and take the dive. You won't regret it.

Sally Darby 7 months ago

Margaret was positive, warm and compassionate. I loved how she found something to love about everybody's writing and found a way to connect with it.

I really enjoyed the online tutorials and learning about the technical side of putting a story together.

Although posting my work made me feel very vulnerable, having people comment on my writing and saying what they enjoyed about it gave me the confidence to keep trying. I think the community was really important for all of us.

I learned what a disciplined and highly skilled craft this is and that great writing doesn't happen by chance or accident. I'd always imagined people writing because it came naturally to them, but I've come away with an understanding that it's hard work and that having a passion for it is only half the job.

It was engaging but also highly practical for those wishing to pursue a career in writing.

Ciara Bastow 7 months ago

I wanted to get back into writing and really wanted to get a start on my novel. So going back to basics was the best possible start.

I thought Margaret was so very kind and even when she was giving criticism it was always so helpful.

I really liked completing the assignments and getting feedback from both the tutor and my peers; I thought that was very worthwhile. I also thought the handouts and recordings were beyond beneficial. I learnt so much from that that I could put into practice.

I am ready to get working on my characters and start writing my novel.

I would say that it is a safe, creative environment with like-minded writers and it is a great starting place for getting your writing career on track.

Laura Senkewitz 7 months ago

The feedback that I received on my writing: previously I have only ever shared my work with friends, who have always been 'too kind'! Receiving negative feedback (though delivered kindly) at first was unpleasant, but then actually made me realise that my work can be improved and potentially go somewhere rather than just languishing in a forgotten folder on my computer.

I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this course - although it was a short course, it felt very well-rounded and rich in useful information. Margaret was a wonderful teacher and I sincerely appreciate her feedback and advice.

AWC provides wonderful courses run by experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The advice they give is practical, honest, and invaluable, and I finished the course feeling informed and inspired.

I've started writing again in a serious and committed way.

Julian Beckedahl 7 months ago

There's actually a lot to take in and think about; so I will go over the materials at a later date. It felt really comprehensive with heaps of tips and ideas.

The tutor was very encouraging and supportive. Angela took time to provide tailored, considered and constructive feedback to all course participants. Her writing experience, knowledge of the industry and passion for words shone through!

I enjoyed the actual writing of the assignments and meeting the challenge of keeping within the word limit - which forced me to edit (something I love to do!)

It's made me realise that I enjoy the writing process in and of itself. Whether it's pen to page or fingertips to keyboard, the actual act of writing opens up a channel of creativity which, in turn, can lead to sentences and stories that bring a lasting smile to my face.

There's more to writing than meets the eye. A story comprises so many elements – from point of view to turning points and much, much more – and a writer needs to understand all of these if they want to grab the reader's attention from the get-go!

Just do it! Find a course that speaks to you and enrol in it. You will learn a lot and much fun will be had as you do.

Maxine Monroe 7 months ago

The scope of the course and the fact that it was moderated by a published author attracted me together with the fact that the course covered all the areas I needed to understand in order to move forward with my writing.

I thought Angela was great and gave very fair/balanced feedback and where possible also provided additional information to illustrate her feedback which is always useful.

Having never participated in a writing course before, I found the interactions and the generous and encouraging feedback from the other online students really awesome. Lovely bunch of people.

As a complete novice I had no idea of the importance of preparation work and how it can drastically improve the process. The technical information was priceless. Loved it.

If you are thinking about developing your writing skills either purely for fun or for your career, AWC have a course designed for you. I found the process and the course so enjoyable and have no doubt that what I have learned on the Creative Writing Course 1 will be the foundation of my writing going forward. I plan to take additional courses in the next few weeks.

Tony Neilson 7 months ago

I wanted to increase my motivation and confidence to start doing creative writing again.

I wrote pieces that I wouldn't have attempted before, and because I was actually thinking about writing, and the process around it, I managed to come up with the kernel of a possible novel idea that I'm now having a go at writing.

Have enjoyed reading Angela's comments on all our works, and picking up both very practical tips on "mechanics" of writing as well as on how well our story concepts worked.

I enjoyed being pushed to create. Often did so under the pressure of a deadline, which means I probably wouldn't have done so under my own steam.

I have started writing a novel! Even if it peters out after a few chapters, I've at least gone through the process of thinking about and defining characters, locations, a future state of the world and sketched out in my head at least some of how the story might work. I have also downloaded and started using Scrivener as a result, which feels like something that works for me in terms of adding structure to what I'm doing, and aligns with lessons in the course.

If you're not sure if you want to start writing creatively, this will really help you to make a more fully informed decision.

Valentina D. 7 months ago

I was drawn to the idea of workshopping with other like-minded people and learning to be comfortable with constructive criticism.

Stephen was very measured in his feedback. He was encouraging but also offered good suggestions at changes.

I've learned to appreciate constructive feedback. In fact, I found myself looking forward to hearing what people had to say about my writing so that I can continue to improve.

It helped me to decide which of the stories in my head I want to start writing and I'm determined to get a book finished. I'm also not afraid to tell people that I'm writing anymore. I've found a way to channel my creativity and I love that.

The weekly deadlines keep you accountable, the exercises challenge you and the feedback helps you improve. If this course doesn't get you writing, I'm not sure anything will.

Natasha Minns 7 months ago

I was more interested in the Write Your Novel program, but figured I might as well start with a smaller commitment first and see what I thought of the course, and how I managed to find time for the course as well.

I was pleased to find that although I've been writing creatively for as long as I could remember, there were still things for me to learn in a structured creative writing course. Many of the things I critique in my own writing were the same things that the tutor was picking up, so that means I was already on the right track, and I appreciate the positive, encouraging way that this was done.

The course was well planned and thorough, presented by a tutor with solid industry experience, and is worth taking the time to do. The feedback was constructive but always positive. Most importantly, many careers require you to study to be successful, why not writing too? It just makes sense.

I am keen to do more courses, as time and funds permit, to assist my on my journey to completing my novel and preparing it for publication.

Juliet Fieldew 7 months ago

I was listening to the podcasts first, and developed the impression that you really knew your stuff! This brought me to the website to research your courses. I chose to do this one first as it is the recommended foundation for the others and I knew it would be a good start for me in the midst of writing my first novel.

I found the course content really fantastic and comprehensive. I learn better in a classroom environment with direct interaction with the teacher, but this was a really good compromise (anyway, do I want to go out one night a week for an evening class? Nah.) I think the fact that we can download the content and audio is priceless, because there were things which were really great but not relevant to the current stage I'm at (such as redrafting) that I can go back to and refer to again whenever I need to.

Stephen was really good, and gave lovely clear constructive feedback.

If you're thinking of writing, then go to AWC website: they have courses on all sorts of writing and they really know their stuff!

Thank you, Pamela, Valerie, Stephen and AWC! I've really loved this course. I will take a while to work on my current story and allow things to percolate from this course, and then I'll be back for more!

Glen Morgan 8 months ago

The pace and course content were excellent.

Margaret was able to balance criticism with encouragement. I have held off for many years and so taking this step into a world where I would be open to others was a bit daunting - but Margaret has made the difference. So instead of using the delete key, I will continue to add to my story.

I have confidence to keep writing and have already gone back to the early modules for help. I had started writing a story before the course and have now completed the first few chapters, applying what I have learnt. A second story has come out of my assignments and that will sit on the sideline for now.

The course takes a beginner writer on a journey of discovery with practical help and lots of positive encouragement to keep writing and make it to the end page of your story.

Katherine A. Knight 8 months ago

I’ve wanted to be a writer since childhood but never knew where to start. I liked the idea of having a structured course and lessons with other participants who were also learning with me. The online component worked well, especially with the current Covid-19 concerns. I also liked not having to make a set time to attend - I could make it fit my schedule each week.

I was quite nervous about putting anything up for review or comment by anyone else, especially never having done any kind of writing course before. However, both the tutor and other participants were really encouraging but also gave specific feedback and suggestions which were quite helpful.

I was surprised by how much more I got out of the course by reading everyone else’s pieces and giving them feedback, as well as the expected feedback on my pieces. I also found it helped to see the feedback others gave each other.

I thought Pamela was great; she didn’t focus on tiny little spelling or grammar issues so much at the beginning until later on, which I thought was quite helpful. It encouraged myself and possibly other nervous newbies to gain confidence and just keep writing. I felt that was a good way to learn and gain experience. I appreciated Pamela still giving her time and feedback when I sometimes didn’t hit the exact brief of the assignment (eg. myself and some others struggled with the word count limit). I think this was important for new writers in a beginners-type course to help encourage them and grow.

I liked being given a set task to complete, or a scenario to describe, as this really helped me to just start writing. Having a deadline each week pushed me to submit something at least. I was very nervous initially getting feedback but found I really enjoyed it, both the positive and negative, probably as I stayed open to learning and taking it all on board. Also, we didn’t need to write a whole complete story, it was just a short scene or description, so there was less pressure which I liked.

It gave me a craving to write more regularly which is great, and I feel I’ve learnt so much just from these few weeks of assignments and feedback. I wish I’d done a writing course much earlier - I’ve already signed up for another one and given a voucher to my Mum for her to start her writing journey too :-)

If you’ve always wanted to write but never thought you could, this is a great way to jump in and learn great skills and gain confidence. Especially if you think you’re a complete novice, but I think it’s also for anyone who’s written or done courses before but are stuck. I’d also recommend being quite active, reading everyone pieces and giving feedback, and pushing yourself just to get something in by each deadline. I couldn’t wait to get feedback and it helped encourage me and gave me confidence to keep writing.

Matthew Buckley 8 months ago

I found the tutor very, very friendly, helpful and encouraging.

I enjoyed doing the assignments and getting the feedback on them.

The lectures were crammed full of information. There was a lot to take in. There is heaps and heaps of information that the course provides. In fact, all but one of the lectures took me literally hours to listen to as I would need to keep pausing to take notes. Thus, the course was exhausting, but worth it.

Thanks for providing such an informative course with such a friendly, encouraging tutor.

Tonya Gastev 8 months ago

I liked how easily explained this course is. Something that a beginner, like myself, needed for a start into writing.

I really liked my tutor. Nicole's comments on my writing were honest and constructive. And she made me want to improve my writing every time.

I liked that the assignments weren't too intense or difficult. Although anyone, at any stage can do this course, I liked that it slowly eases you in to each assignment.

I've always had my idea for a novel, but never believed I could do it because I didn't really know where to start. But now that I have been practicing with the lessons and handouts, I feel more confident about finally starting.

If you want an easily accessible course, with realistic deadlines and a supportive tutor, this is the company for you.

Thank you so much for helping me to build a little more confidence in my writing, Nicole!

Vanessa Love 8 months ago

The tutor was great! I could tell they actually read my work. They also gave me great feedback and pointed out some things I hadn't noticed about my writing and gave good advice for how to better shape my scene.

I enjoyed going through the content. I enjoyed writing excerpts for a specific purpose. The exercises were fun and could be adapted to my story or the one specified for the exercise.

I'm actually really excited to write again. That was the reason I took the course and it got me interested in my story again.

I would say it's a great course with supportive, friendly people and it's fun.

Gillian Meers 8 months ago

The tutor provided helpful feedback, and was really encouraging without sugar-coating anything - for me personally I am here to learn and honest feedback is greatly appreciated so I can grow. Pamela was obviously knowledgeable and yet I never felt like I was less-than for just starting out and making some mistakes.

I enjoyed learning new skills and brushing up on things I already knew but with greater understanding; being led step-by-step through the creative writing process (and beyond!); reading everyone's work and giving and getting feedback.

It has given me skills, and discipline, and I feel enabled to write in a more intelligent, intentional way. I will be undertaking many other AWC courses!

D'Arcie Wilson 9 months ago

Writing has always been a huge hobby of mine so I really wanted to learn how to put it all together into a story.

I liked how honest the feedback was. It was constructive and really helped me with all of my assessments. I liked that everyone could see everyone else's comments and assessments and give feedback to each other.

For me personally, I learnt everything I wanted to and more. I would love to keep going so I wish it were longer.

It's made me learn so much about different points of view and ways to write and even read my own writing. It also taught me how to take criticism in a good way and improve myself.

It really struck the creativity in me and motivated me to not worry about what other people think about my writing.

Maggie Slater 9 months ago

I worried that perhaps it might be too basic, given that I had published a dozen short stories prior to signing up. But I was delighted by the modules, and felt like they really fleshed out my understanding about scenes and structure, and particularly gave me some worthwhile exercises to practice.

Margaret seemed very knowledgeable and was wonderfully encouraging. I really appreciated her feedback on my work, which was always insightful.

The modules were really fantastic, and were the biggest value-add, but I also really loved getting to know other writers and forming early bonds with them. I look forward to seeing their work in print in the future!

I definitely feel more confident in my grasp of the basics of crafting a story, and it really filled in some gaps in my knowledge base. I'm definitely looking forward to signing up for the Novel Writing Essentials course soon!

I've mentioned the course to pretty much any writer friend who will listen, because there's just so much intellectual meat (or jackfruit, if one prefers!) in each of the courses. I've taken other online courses before, but this one never made me question whether my money was well-spent. It absolutely was! And the fact that they can be done online from anywhere and any time zone (I'm in the US) is fantastic!

Nadia Falovic 9 months ago

I found this course fantastic. It helped me a great deal with structure, and how to set the scene and summarise.

My tutor was great. I really enjoyed Pamela's feedback. It helped me to see where I could improve my writing. We could hear what she said about our fellow writers' work, and we could read their work and understand what advice she was giving.

I enjoyed reading my fellow writers' work, and I really enjoyed other people's comments on my work. It helped with my structure.

I have enrolled in Furious Fiction, and I hope to do Novel Essentials in the new year.

It is an effective course with how it is structured from week to week. It is also a doable amount of time if you have other commitments.

Helen Filipou 9 months ago

For a first-time user of internet learning, I found the course easy to follow.

I thought the tutor was honest and generous with her feedback.

I enjoyed reading fellow students work, the challenge of getting work in, listening to audio lessons, feedback from other students, the positive and constructive advice from Cathie.

The course has lifted my spirits and has given me a renewed sense of confidence to continue on this path. Many thanks. I look forward to my next course with AWC.

Ranjana Kundu 10 months ago

I loved listening to the audio material... Valerie Khoo is a pleasure to listen to. I also liked the writing assignments, the way the course was structured and the opportunity to network with other aspiring writers and read and critique their work and get feedback.

It’s inspired and motivated me to dust off the cobwebs of my first draft I wrote many years ago and rewrite. That’s a big thing!

It’s a very inspiring and motivating experience to do one of their courses. Very well supported also by the podcasts and other material on the website and Facebook groups.

Brittany Browne 10 months ago

I wanted to gain an overview of the process of writing a novel and the technical skills required. I also wanted to kickstart my writing habit.

Cathie was excellent. She provided really practical and in-depth feedback. I was able to put her feedback into the next exercise week after week.

I loved the writing exercises and reading everyone's stories

I really loved it! It has provided me with the encouragement to start writing creatively and to instil a routine of writing frequently.

If you have always had the desire to write a novel but just didn't know where to begin, this is where you begin. I hadn't really written creatively prior to this course but have always wanted to. This has kickstarted this passion for me and has provided me with the basic structures on how to craft my stories. I loved it! I had so much fun. Thank you, Cathie, for all of your support and helpful feedback!

Kate Whalan 10 months ago

Just a great well-rounded course. The tutor was great - honest feedback and friendly :)

I enjoyed getting feedback and the classes as read by Valerie. Also submitting assignments.

It’s given me confidence that I could actually write a book. I have a totally fresh understanding of storytelling and the mechanics.

Do it; you’ll regret you didn’t sooner. Can’t wait to do more courses soon.

Tracy Howard 10 months ago

I haven't written for some time and thought this would be a great course to get back into the creativity, structure and focus of writing. I was very glad to be reminded of scenes and summaries, PoV and tense. It really assisted with reconnecting to what I love about good storytelling.

The tutor's feedback was incisive and very helpful.

I really enjoyed the resources and how they connected to the audio giving meaningful examples of what the lecturer was telling us. I enjoyed reading my own feedback but also the feedback given to other students because that was also helpful for me.

If you want to write something others will want to read then do a course with the Australian Writers' Centre.

Kate Hungerford 10 months ago

I wanted to gain more knowledge about how to write a novel. I have a story floating in my head and would love to publish one day.

Nicole was uplifting in her feedback and she had some great tips. I enjoyed reading others' work and seeing their feedback expanded my knowledge of the topic.

The course content covers everything I needed to get my book moving. My teacher was very supportive and gave positive and constructive feedback.

Gregor MacNamara 10 months ago

The tutor was excellent! Nicole's feedback was always spot on and I always went back to revise my work based on her comments.

It's given me confidence to keep writing and get past the first chapter.

An excellent way to kickstart writing. Highly recommended.

Rachel Nickless 10 months ago

The course was very well structured with very engaging lectures and I enjoyed the creativity kickstarter too. Overall the course was professional and well put together for an online experience.

Pamela clearly knows her stuff and was encouraging. She gave a lot of great feedback to the class and I learned from that.

There was a lot to enjoy about the course - I loved getting out of my comfort zone and learning about the mechanics of writing. The explanation that this course was like a building course versus a literature course at uni being like architecture was spot on. I also enjoyed connecting with other students and the videos about other writers in Creativity Kickstarter was inspiring - I bought all 3 of Sarah Bailley's books after watching/hearing her interviews!

I definitely improved my writing by doing this course. Thank you. It's made me want to be a creative writer even more, and start to narrow down what I want to write about. At the same time, it has highlighted to me just how much I still have to learn and how much sheer hard work I will have to put in. Journalistic writing is quite natural for me now - this is a totally different ball game!

Jürgen Stahl 10 months ago

Excellent! Pamela was thorough, quick, critical and encouraging at the same time!

I enjoyed the feedback from Pam and classmates, the design of the course, and the handouts.

It got me into a writing habit, 500 words a day, no matter what.

An excellent course to get started, very much a ‘hands-on’ (bum on seat) course. Already signed up for 2 follow-up programmes so there you go!

Courtney Nayda 10 months ago

When I noticed Pamela would be the tutor, I was eager.

It's just a great experience. Joining other people, commenting, learning and being brave enough to post. Truly helped my confidence.

Pamela took the time to critique everyone every week. Her comments on my own writing and that of others were valuable and helpful.

I enjoyed finding my voice, squashing that self-doubt. Though that is technically not taught in the course, it does give you the push to think, learn, explore and allow you to see that it is possible.

I loved that the lessons were broken down in bite-size pieces. It is less daunting to listen for twenty minutes than over an hour.

I can write, I know that now. I just have to put it all together and let the self-doubt go. Focus on writing and getting the words down and the rest will come.

It's the push you need to take yourself seriously. The tutor, the lessons, the course mates are all there to give you that nudge into the writing world and it is a fabulous feeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will likely do more. Thank you.

Amanda Maxwell 10 months ago

I thought Pamela's feedback was always positive and constructive, offering alternatives that made sense. She really knew "her stuff" and I would then go back and take on board what she had suggested.

I really enjoyed the tasks that were set each week and the feedback that we received from Pamela. The tasks allowed me to extend my writing and I have become motivated to continue my writing and look forward to the next course!

I also liked Valerie's voice on the audio - it was always positive and upbeat. Very easy to understand with lots of invaluable tips.

I have always been interested in writing and it has now allowed me to sit down and work more on my manuscript. The course, while introductory, offered a taster for further development. I am looking forward to starting the Novel Writing Essentials course and perhaps then looking at further feedback on my work through other programs with the AWC.

Helen Kassidis 10 months ago

I enjoyed reading other work and being part of a creative experience. I learned that it's ok to write without wanting to be published. It's fabulous to have a safe and supportive creative space to express the writer within.

Christopher Hook 10 months ago

I've made multiple attempts to write a novel but keep getting stuck. Previous courses I have done have been rigidly focussed on specific structures... very by the numbers. This seemed more useful.

The tutor gave really useful feedback! I like the video form too as it meant he could talk for some time and really dig into what we were doing. I enjoyed the exercises/feedback.

The course gave me an idea about a novel that could work. Also reminded me of the importance of character.

Aly Kenna 10 months ago

I enjoyed reading everyone's assignments. Having access to everyone's assignments and Stephen's feedback on each helped to reinforce the course materials. I particularly appreciated the level of feedback Stephen provided.

Stephen was thorough and his feedback well considered. I would not hesitate to take another course with Stephen as a tutor.

I have already begun thinking about the structure of my novel. I have a better understanding of structure and scene.

If you are serious about embarking on a writer's journey, one of the best things you can do is take a course from AWC. You won't regret it.

I would like to thank Stephen for being an excellent tutor.

Donna Carton 10 months ago

I have been a journalist for many years and wanted to try creative writing in a structured environment. I was a little nervous of sharing my writing attempts but that passed quickly in the supportive environment.

The feedback seemed measured and consistent. Stephen pointed out flaws or parts of work that could be changed but always did so constructively and always with words of praise for other areas of the piece where he could.

I enjoyed making myself focus and write. I also loved reading everyone else's stories.

For me, the course reminded me of how much I love to write creatively and more importantly, showed me I need to set writing time aside and focus only on that for the specified time. The assignments were a great lesson in that.

If you've always wanted to write, there is bound to be a course for you. Do it. There is nothing at all to lose and always something to gain.

Jo Lewis 10 months ago

Stephen was incredibly supportive and gave amazing feedback to all participants.

I do believe now that I have the capabilities to write a novel and move forward with it. Prior to the course, it would have continued to be a dream.

I told one of my fellow bus operators, who is also thinking about writing, a little of my background and my fears about putting pen to paper (or finger to laptop lol) and what I had got out of this course. He took the details and was going to look into it.

Thank you. I look forward to doing other courses.

Lola Stass 10 months ago

Pamela was supportive and informative. I enjoyed the structure of the course, the intensity, the assignment outline, the length of the assignments (not too long).

I truly appreciate the feedback and reading through other peers' pieces. For me, this is personal, as hearing positive feedback was essential. It is a brilliant starter course. Thank you to the AWC staff.

Laurel Ah See 10 months ago

I have always loved reading and writing. I am at a crossroads in my life and want to indulge in a little ‘me time’. So, learning the art of reading and writing different genres seems fitting.

Also, as an older Aboriginal woman, I feel it is high time I gave voice to my lived experience in this time and place. There are a plethora of Aboriginal writers out there but only a few have ‘shown’ the struggles of contemporary Wiradjuri country.

It was a thrill actually ‘following through’ with something I have always dreamed of doing. Another ‘tick a box’.

I feel empowered to add voice to the pain experienced by my mob, to have a forum for tiddas to ‘come together’.

DO IT. I recently showed my daughter, sister and brother in law this course. They asked for the link!

Keep up the good work.

Claire Beyer 10 months ago

I'd been looking at writing courses for some time but the AWC always seemed to be the one I kept returning too. I've been receiving the newsletter for some time as well and love it. As a starter course this one was a good length too.

It was all pretty good but the assignments were great. I was always looking forward to the next assignment so I could put any feedback in to practise.

Annabel's feedback was always great and spot on. I found that specific lines or words I was most unsure of myself were the ones Annabel pointed out! So it was a good lesson in learning to trust your instincts. She was knowledgeable and fair in her feedback but most of all I appreciated her honesty.

It has definitely set me on the path to being a better writer, in just five short weeks! And it's also given me more confidence to continue with my fledgling novel.

Rebekah de Robillard 10 months ago

I tried to write a novel in lockdown, and realised my writing skills were severely malnourished. Googling writing courses, this one had the most attractive information, tutors, and was Australian - which helps with practical info in terms of publishing.

It has given me much more inspiration to write and much more knowledge with which to do so.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Laura Baird 10 months ago

I wanted to develop my writing skills and find a course that had flexibility but also enough structure to create a sense of discipline. I was led to looking up the the course by listening to the "So You Want to be a Writer" Podcast.

I would say it's worthwhile and have already recommended it to friends.

Jeff Mohun 11 months ago

Just thank you very much team. Everything went smoothly. I could not have asked for an online course to be managed any better.

Vivienne Barrett 11 months ago

I was curious about writing fiction but had no idea where to start. This course based on the feedback I read from others, was exactly right for me and the fact that I am a beginner.

I loved all aspects - the resources, the audios - I took many notes and I'm pleased that I will have access to them for 12 months, I enjoyed the interaction with others in the group as well.

For me receiving feedback from a published author and them saying how much they enjoyed reading my pieces and that the writing "worked" made me feel like I really could write a book. Also, the way the course sets out how to go about writing a novel was fabulous - I know that I will do the Writing Workout next and then do Novel Writing Essentials after that.

I would definitely recommend this program for people interested in exploring writing and taking it to the next step. The content was of high quality, the tutor was engaging and very helpful in her constructive feedback and the people on the course very supportive!

Thank you AWC for providing a way for absolute beginner writers to move forward in their writing dream. I can now actually imagine holding my book in my hand one day... taking it small steps at a time.

Mark Shannon 11 months ago

I'd read a number of positive reviews about the course so i thought i'd give it a go.

The course was great for giving me the discipline to sit down and get some writing done.

Annabel is a thoughtful, clear communicator and her feedback was always constructive. She followed up her feedback on my first assignment by providing me with some research on the issue I had attempted to portray.

Also, what seemed at first like restrictive word limits on the assignments actually helped me to produce some of the best writing I've done simply by making every word count. The process of editing the early drafts down to say 200 words has been a revelation. I found out that I write better when I have to edit ruthlessly.

I'd recommend this particular course to anybody starting out as a writer.

James Davidson 11 months ago

I most enjoyed being able to read the other students' work, and also listen to the feedback they received (from Annabel each week), as this provided a much wider range of critique and info to learn from. I also enjoyed commenting on other students work and having my own work discussed.

One hesitation was having to do it online (but this turned out totally fine). And the other was the price ..., but I would say that it was totally worth it in the end.

Had a lot of fun, will be doing another course in the near future!

Guy Rushton 11 months ago

I have been submitting entries to furious fiction, and although I have not yet made the long list, I have been quite pleased with my stories. I have also enjoyed writing them. I do not think my grammar is too bad, but I do not actually know the rules. I do not know the rules of punctuation either, but just wing it. With spelling, at least I know what I spell wrong, and how to use spell check. So I reckon I have probably benefited exponentially from doing this course and getting feedback. I expect I will do another course, but not until I have digested this one, and incorporated it into my writing. I do not expect that to take too long. I have enjoyed the last five weeks.

... it is fun, and will probably help you.

Leah Eichner 11 months ago

I love to write and have a few stories in the works but I really had no idea how to finish them with a view to being published traditionally. The first thing I wanted was tips on how to complete my manuscript, which in turn would help me move on to the next stage.

Writing is a true love of mine and studying it or being able to get a job in the field would be a dream.

I enjoyed reading other students work. It really helped me decide what I should and shouldn't be doing. My classmates were very helpful.

Angela was very positive and informative. I got a lot out of the course because of her attitude towards writing.

The comments about being committed to your writing really inspired me. The second and third drafts and how to get them done was very valuable information for me at this stage.

I'd like to thank everyone for putting these courses together and for creating a place us writers feel comfortable.

Anne Fithall-Jones 11 months ago

I've had ideas for books in my mind for about 20yrs, but never known what to do with them. I googled and researched writing courses and this one drew me in.

Angela's responses/feedback were positive with insightful criticisms that provided opportunity for growth.

Every time I wrote, regardless of topic and difficulty of subject matter, I would find myself excited and stimulated; eager to write more.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the process and am now eager to push forward with my first book.

Gearoid Towey 11 months ago

It is a great introduction to writing skills, professional yet relaxed and the format is easy to follow with great resources and tutors. Also it doesn't matter what level you are at.

Anne King 11 months ago

Angela was very encouraging, she always said the right thing and in a very positive way, even when she was pointing out some mistake.

My major learning point was knowing that you have to go over your written drafts many times, not just write once or twice and then leave it.

Sadly it made me realise that I should have done this years ago.

Thank you very much, I have enjoyed this experience.

Sumi Mahendran 11 months ago

I wanted to kickstart my creativity as I was having a major slump during the lockdowns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Angela's comments and feedback and felt so inspired and encouraged. Angela has such a nurturing and profound way of guiding us through the process and providing encouraging feedback.

Reading other people's different styles and issues helped me see mine and take on their feedback.

I felt my writing improve with the guidance and feedback over the course of the 5 weeks. Writing a scene now feels clearer to me. After the final, glowing feedback from Angela, I feel inspired and encouraged to send my stories to publications.

I absolutely love the podcast and never miss an episode. I love the newsletter. And this course has given me the inspiration and encouragement to keep writing.

I-Chia Lu 11 months ago

The environment in the classroom was safe and friendly. The lecture audio recordings are helpful and they step by step teach people how to write creatively. The tutor is really knowledgeable.

I enjoyed writing homework. Doing assignments was challenging but if it was not, I would not have that much fun. I tried my best and had a sense of accomplishment after completing the course.

I now have some tools if I want to write stories. When stuck, I can go back to the check list and get to know my characters more. Practicing POV was fun.

I enjoyed the course immensely and had fun.

Melanie Cage 11 months ago

I am one of those people that has said I have always wanted to write a novel but I had no idea where to start. I read some reviews and saw so many successful writers and authors. I knew I had to do it.

The exercises to work through to get to the writing point I found really helpful. The audio lessons were great. Excellent feedback. I have gained a lot from everything I have learnt. Thank you, Angela, for all your great work.

I enjoyed actually writing. Breaking things down into small sections so I could make sense of what I was going to do.

I'm more confident in my ability to write. The course says just write so this is what I will do. I won't put it off anymore. Just write. Don't worry if you haven't got the story sorted in your head... just write.

If you have ever thought about writing at all definitely do a course that is relevant to your area of interest. It can only be beneficial to you.

Thank you for opening my eyes to creative writing. I am already looking at what my next course will be. I have found the online connection with other students great as well.

Karen Young 11 months ago

I loved it all. It's been such a wonderful experience. I was diagnosed with clinical depression four years ago which pummelled my creativity into the ground. This course has helped me to tap into that again which has been incredible. I don't have the words (ironic I know) to adequately explain just how significant this course has been for me.

Stephen was fantastic. I loved listening to his feedback about all of our assignments. He gave really constructive suggestions and had a lovely way of dealing with assignments that needed quite a bit of feedback. I particularly like his style of 'less is more' as it made me really think about whether I needed to include a word or sentence. He was also great at engaging with everyone in the comments section.

I enjoyed igniting my love of writing once again. Sharing a part of myself with a bunch of strangers can be daunting but I loved every minute of it. I loved listening to the lessons. I loved the interactions with the other students and giving and receiving feedback. I felt quite nervous giving feedback at the start and would only really say what I liked but for module 5, I pushed myself to provide some constructive feedback and found I really enjoyed the process. And didn't feel at all mean as I thought I might!

I've learnt so much about writing... a ridiculous amount! It's hard to process it all but I think the information provided and the assignments given are fabulous and having access for a year means you can go back and listen and read all over again. I am so excited to keep going with my writing and in fact, after Module 3, I gave myself the challenge of writing a 200 word story about a place every day for a month and I'm absolutely loving it.

Creative Writing Stage 1 is the first course I've done with the Australian Writers' Centre and it far exceeded my expectations. The amount of knowledge that is shared over five weeks is quite extraordinary and the assignments are designed to make the most of all the knowledge you're acquiring as you progress through the modules. You don't need to have any prior writing experience for this course as you're given all the information you need along the way. I'm really impressed by AWC and have already registered to do another writing course starting next month.

Just a huge thank you to Stephen... he was such a fantastic tutor!

Sharon Stanley 11 months ago

I wanted to explore the idea of moving from business and blog writing to creative writing - to see what creativity I might have hidden inside my brain.

I enjoyed learning that there is a structure or process to follow which for me made the idea of creating something out of nothing much less daunting and more achievable. I surprised myself with what I was able to write.

I am now writing a book - it may never be finished or published, but I am writing!

Give it a go, you may surprise yourself.

Paula Black 11 months ago

I liked the structure and pace of the course. Although initially I didn't think I could do it but I did. I love the feedback process, and now understand the benefits of sharing your work with the group.

Bernadette is an excellent tutor who provides constructive feedback.

It was easy to follow; the resources and materials were very helpful.

I gained a lot of confidence to continue developing my writing skills. I am not novel ready yet but with practice I can get there.

I realised how important it is to enjoy the process, especially editing. Also, I have a greater appreciation for writers and how hard they work to produce a novel.

It's a great learning experience and so much fun.

Nick Leslie 11 months ago

The AWC website was INCREDIBLY welcoming for writers, particularly those who were either new or very rusty. The humour and constant words of encouragement sprinkled throughout the site, ads, newsletters and course outlines made it very approachable.

It was a little out of my price range at first, especially during COVID. Plus, obviously, the fear that I wouldn't take criticism well, even if it was completely well-intentioned! But I quickly deduced that it was a worthwhile investment, particularly from the AWC, so I saved up for a little while and put the money aside for when it opened up again.

I thought Bernadette was very fair in her feedback. She gave honest, actionable criticism for each of us.

I enjoyed the self-paced structure. The way the whole process was broken down into small, achievable bits. There's also a great sense of humour and "informality" with the AWC, which makes the whole process waaaay less daunting.

Receiving real, meaty feedback on my work helped me see the minor (mostly) technical flaws in my writing and allowed me to improve my skills. I can already see a difference to what I'm writing now to what I wrote even just a month ago.

The AWC seemed like a very welcoming, collaborative place, even online.

Talisa Salmon 11 months ago

I appreciated the care and attention Bernadette gave to all of us, the opportunity to read fellow classmates' writing and the feedback given to them. The support of an encouraging yet discerning tutor stayed with me all week.

I enjoyed the weekly deadline as a motivator, as well as the opportunity to work alongside my classmates.

The course material is so interesting, I will relisten and reread it as I feel it really enriched my writing. I have extended some of the exercises, e.g. imagining fully the location & setting before writing, character building and using POV, and have found them incredibly useful to improve my writing.

The effect of the course has been both practically and emotionally supportive. The structural guidance has been delicious! I wish I learned these techniques earlier. Surprisingly, I felt encouraged by the creative 'risk' taken by my classmates. The way we were gently upheld and firmly guided has been a revelation.

The course material is informative, helpful and never patronising. The course is structured well. Each week you have the opportunity to apply new techniques and receive supportive feedback. If you are keen to learn the fundamentals of creative writing then this is the course for you.

A heartfelt thanks to this organisation. I have already signed up for one of the Fiction Essentials and plan to do more.

Lloyd Ellis 11 months ago

I was nervous about taking this step, whether I'd be up to it. It did wonders for my confidence. Bernadette was a great tutor, very encouraging, really helped me develop confidence about my ability as a writer.

Penelope Field 11 months ago

I wanted to create a solid foundation in my creative writing and decided to start with the basics.

Stephen Hart is a great tutor who gives constructive and objective feedback, giving everyone a fair chance in this course. I really enjoyed seeing other fellow writers and their works, helping each other to improve and grow in creative writing.

This course really helped to build a solid foundation in my creative writing, especially with creating characters, which has always been a challenge for me. A major learning moment for me was when I realised how much actually went into creating a character, even minor ones.

This course is beneficial, easy to access and reasonably priced. Definitely worth checking out and giving a go if you want to get started with creative writing.

Sharmayne Riseley 11 months ago

I was inspired by the So You Want To Be A Writer podcast and continue to be inspired. The price made me pause, but it was worth it. My writing has improved in leaps and bounds.

The course really stretched my writing muscles. Bernadette's feedback was helpful and constructive, without pandering to our egos. I really appreciated having her 'by my side'. The writing exercises made me try new things with my writing and that was invaluable.

Learning how to imagine a scene and character before starting to write has made an incredible difference to my writing. Also, taking into account the Yellow, Black, Red and Blue colours of scene writing is something I will refer to for every scene.

It's a worthwhile investment with an outcome that is tangible and effective.

THANK YOU! I have tried a few other courses elsewhere, but the AWC Creative Writing Stage 1 course has actually delivered what it promised - and then some. Thank you so much for being the shove I needed to get going.

Kate Burns 11 months ago

I was hesitant about the cost and online nature of the course. Afterwards, I didn't think over the cost as I found it so valuable in many ways. The online format worked much better than I expected.

Nicole always provided constructive feedback, was encouraging, and seemed to emit a warm, welcoming vibe even though it was all online. I really found her very helpful. Being affirmed of what I had done well was also very reassuring, and her suggestions were always spot on! I'm very grateful for her input.

I came away each week with a much greater appreciation of the art of writing. I realised the weight of each word on the page and the meaning it could construe. The feedback was invaluable as I have found it difficult to find someone who can give me specific feedback. It was reassuring to know I was on the right track in some parts and what I could do to improve.

To be honest, I have been mass consuming books with my addiction to reading for so long that it was only during this course that I developed an even greater respect for writers and authors. I never fully appreciated them and the journey they went on to complete and publish their work. It is an enormous commitment, a soul baring art form - it takes a ton of self-motivation and evaluation and picking yourself up again and again after feedback that can be deflating even if it is true and helpful and well-meaning!

That's not to mention that my eyes were opened to the weight of each word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, scene, plot. Mind blown. Makes me overwhelmed but strangely also driven.

If you enjoy writing - do it!

Thank you for running such worthwhile classes!

Debey Green 11 months ago

The overview gave a great outline of the course, and I felt that I would be able to re-establish a regular writing routine with having the discipline of needing to submit an assignment each week. And because it was only five weeks, I felt confident that I would complete the whole course. I’ve done other courses with AWC and always loved the content but at times I’ve let life get in the way and not completed the whole course.

Bernadette was amazing and her comments were always insightful and helpful, as well as instilling confidence. It was also great to be able to read my classmates' work and gain more knowledge from Bernadette’s comments.

I enjoyed the easy way in which the lessons were delivered helped build enthusiasm about allowing a storyline and characters to build in my mind.

It was great to learn that there’s not just ONE way to approach a story. Whether you are a ‘plotter’ or a ‘pantser’, either is ok. And it gave me the confidence to let my imagination run wild, knowing that I can come back and trim things later.

I’ve loved getting to know my characters as though they are real people and adding dimension to them.

If you’re not sure where to start, look through AWC’s courses and find something that you think will get you started.

Carole Low 11 months ago

I am still trying to digest the massive amount of helpful information included in the modules. So much I didn't know about the nuts and bolts of writing.

It was obvious that Bernadette had taken the time to read every piece in its entirety. Her remarks were always positive. I also found the mp lessons made for easy listening.

It made me want to keep going - I had stalled for quite some time before this course came along. Now I can look at my writing in a new light. I found that I was much more aware of what to look for and also have a more realistic idea of long it actually takes to get a novel to publication stage.

If you want to write and you are wondering where to begin, try this!

Kaytie Dell 11 months ago

I have always loved creative writing and wanted to explore it further and further my skills and knowledge in this area.

I really enjoyed everything about this course.

Stephen was very knowledgeable. His feedback was always constructive and he always gave you something to try next time.

I am now more confident in pursuing my dream of being an author. It's an amazing and informative course with plenty of support available.

Katherine Shanley 11 months ago

Stephen is very thorough, considered and compassionate in his feedback. I enjoyed the motivational force of having feedback every week.

It has confirmed that the germ of an idea for a book that I got while doing the Writing for Children course in 2014 is a viable prospect for a full length novel.

Sean McGunnigle 11 months ago

I thought the course and the handouts were very thorough, as expected. It was however the emphasis on what is important in the lessons that really impressed me. The lessons were definitely the highlight. It was also a bonus being able to listen in the car on the way to work.

I was very impressed by the tutor's knowledge and helpful suggestions.

I can now see that writing is a craft that I can learn and get better at.

AWC understands the basics of good writing and how to do it. The course was thoroughly enjoyable.

Bernadette Franzoni 11 months ago

The tutor was encouraging but he was also able to critique in a positive way.

I enjoyed writing the pieces and listening to the feedback. Having never read "To Kill a Mockingbird" (which was on my must-read list) was a bonus.

I am more confident now and I am keen to re-read what I had previously written before the course as I know now what makes an ok story into a good story.

Have a go. It is not as scary as you think; it's easy to follow. The more you put in the more you will get out of the course.

Morgen Brown 11 months ago

I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the feedback process, as well as the focus on the positive. I enjoyed the ability to give and get feedback.

I had begun to wane in my drive and inspiration, but my love of writing has been rekindled.

I would say that it is a great way to connect with like-minded people who wish to develop their writing skills in a supportive environment. Thank you.

Joshua Dickens 1 year ago

I wanted to learn more about creative writing. This course stood out due to the online method and the experience of the teachers. It was very good, better than I thought it would be. I hadn’t studied writing before so everything I learnt was new.

Annabel is fantastic. Her feedback was exceptional and from her feedback I was able to increase my knowledge even further.

I liked everything about this course. I now know that I wish to continue learning about creative writing and have started writing at home in my spare time.

Give it a go. It’s a great course to do online and everyone is welcoming.

Dalre Chin 1 year ago

I had been journaling and writing notes of inspirations and ideas that come to mind for a very long time but have never been able to construct a story or a sequence of scenes. I really wanted to gain some technical skills in writing fiction to move me forward.

I wasn't too familiar with the Australian Writers Centre and the course being entirely online, I was a little nervous but it has been an excellent experience. I'm glad I enrolled.

Annabel was very efficient in her feedback while still giving us her undivided attention to each piece of writing. She's obviously very experienced and knowledgeable.

I really enjoyed getting to read other people's work and hearing feedback on them. We are all very different in our writing styles and ideas that we put on the page, so it was special to be able to get insight into other people's writing heads!

Since starting this course, I have been able to develop my story's plot outline and have written the first 2000 words, which I have never been able to achieve before.

I feel that I have more tools up my sleeve to help me through the writing process, which gives me more motivation to continue on. I wasn't sure I could pull it off before but now I believe that I can and I am thoroughly enjoying the writing experience.

If you are feeling stuck with your dream of getting started on writing a story, take this course. It will help with the technical side of writing, turning your inspirations and ideas into a concrete story that can be written and made sense of.

Linda Blore 1 year ago

The tutor's feedback and approach was great. It was also great to see other people's work and their feedback. Such a broad range of students too meant there was alot to learn from their approaches (what worked and what didn't).

"Show don't tell" and "less is more" seem like small things but they put language around something that I could see in mine and other people's writing when it wasn't quite working so now it's so much easier for me to avoid it and edit it.

Annabel was a great tutor. It's motivating and nice to share your work with others even if it's far from perfect and you're just learning. It felt like a safe space.

Tracy Pender 1 year ago

Annabel is very thorough and detailed. Knows her craft. I enjoyed getting feedback from a professional. The course taught me some lessons and pitfalls to avoid in my writing.

Thank you. Excellent course.

Randuni Karunaweera 1 year ago

I have always loved writing and recently had a good idea for a book. Although I had written some of it, I felt it was lacking imagination. I thought, what better way of enhancing my skills than taking a creative writing course!

I loved how much depth there is to creative writing; it isn't just about your imagination but ensuring that you get the maximum advantage of portraying your imagination.

I thought Annabel was very specific and thorough; her tips and criticism were always useful.

I enjoyed listening to Valerie and how much depth there was to each module. I think my favourite module was scenes, being able to describe a setting in depth so that the reader could really feel like they were there.

I've decided I want to finish my book and take another course with the Australian Writers' Centre.

AWC gives you the tools you need to be a more constructive writer - anyone can write for fun but if you want to really hone in on detail, structure, quality writing - this centre is where you need to go. AWC is an amazing resource and I will be continuing to utilise your courses in the future in order to pursue my passion of writing.

Susan Smith 1 year ago

I was looking for professional guidance in the creative writing process. I was a little reluctant to commit to the course, especially since I hadn't written anything creative since high school (over 50 years ago). I was apprehensive about sharing my work with fellow students. It was my husband who finally convinced me to give it a go.

It has been very helpful to learn about the craft of writing. Although there was a lot to cover in such a short time, students were provided with basic tools which can be used over and over again to assist in their writing.

The tutor was very grounded, offering practical advice. She always had something positive to say about everyone's efforts, but also managed to draw attention to ways to improve work.

I enjoyed the process of learning and being inspired to create stories. I also liked reading fellow students’ writing. It has given me the confidence to continue writing.

I realised that writing is a craft and by utilising the "tools of the trade" you are on the road to creating a good story that people would want to read. I now look at anything I read with these points in mind and note how authors have structured their stories.

I'd say it is well worth the money! It's great that students will have access to these materials for another 12 months.

Pamela Sheumack 1 year ago

I have been interested in the idea of attempting to write a novel. I joined this course as a way of making a start.

Annabelle provided great encouragement and advice. I enjoyed making the time to write in a structured way. It has given me the confidence to "have a go" at writing.

This is a well-structured and professionally delivered course. It supports people who need assistance with basic grammar and punctuation, but also provides information about the deeper requirements for writing a well-considered and structured piece of writing.

Thank you. I enjoyed the course very much. It also provided me with a much-needed alternative focus during the time of Covid lock down.

Robyn Grayson 1 year ago

I would love to write as a part of my career, but I felt that I had lots to learn about writing, about the industry and I really wanted feedback on my writing. I found the AWC through the Furious Fiction competition... and really liked the reviews. Plus online is great for me with two pre-schoolers. And short courses are good too!

It has been very helpful ... great to be able to see each other's writing and feedback on it. This gives you a much better sense of tips and tricks in writing than just seeing your own work and feedback.

Annabel has a way of providing constructive feedback in a kind and helpful manner ... and I felt pleased to learn about what to change rather than upset that I'd got it wrong.

I think I understand more about the industry, key writing dos and don'ts and that I still have a lot more to learn!

Michael Currie 1 year ago

I had a good overall impression of the tutor. Her feedback was consistent and targeted a wide range of things for improvement. I enjoyed the structured writing assignments.

I now try and write something every week (a review, short story, article, anything not too big) and look for competitions to enter. It's fun.

Just do it. It's not that big of a commitment and you'll establish whether you enjoy writing or not - which you probably will.

Bron Hayes 1 year ago

I would say this is a great base plate for branching out into an area of writing you want to focus on.

I have a good amount of reference material to revisit and ensure I fully understand the basics of writing. Feedback was thorough, the tutor was professional and displayed a good level of knowledge.

I enjoyed being creative... and letting my mind wonder... I believe with the right tools you can write...

I had no idea creative writing would help me to better write about my art practice - for eight years now I have had a story about a character and I have done a couple of paintings but didn't know how to extend the story and hence be able to do more paintings - but now I think this character is going to travel to a few places to do what she does best...

Yvonne Clapham 1 year ago

I got a lot out of learning about characters/places etc. Knowing what to look for was really interesting.

I would say the course is well planned, sequential, and the course materials are of a very high standard.

Tracy Pender 1 year ago

Annabel is very thorough and knows her stuff. Helpful attention to detail that I had totally missed or wasn't aware of.

I enjoyed the writing exercises and the feedback.

To be honest, for me, it was hearing Annabel's positive feedback and realising that I was a decent enough writer to give it a go, that I didn't just think I was good and actually be rubbish.

Thank you. What a great organisation AWC is. There's everything a beginning writer could want.

michael fleming 1 year ago

I wanted the chance to have my writing assessed by professionals and to challenge myself. Also I needed to commit myself to writing to a deadline even though the deadlines set were very liberal.

The tutor was encouraging and constructive. I enjoyed the opportunity to read other writers develop plots and storylines. The realistic but supportive reviews provided by Nicole in addition to being given a platform to write creatively.

Give it a shot!

Wendy Christie 1 year ago

Annabel's feedback was clear and helpful. It made sense and was not too harsh!

I learnt a lot and it has given me the confidence to move onto the next stage: researching for my novel.

It is really well presented and accessible. Pitched at a good level.

Mark S. 1 year ago

Exactly what I was looking for. Now moving onto other courses: Short Story Essentials, then Freelance Writing. Then maybe -- hopefully! -- your novel-writing courses.

The tutor was wonderful: knowledgeable, fair, responsive, prompt. Nicole is 10/10! :)

I enjoyed generally learning. Interacting with others. Reading others' writing. That community aspect of likeminded learners.

I have some structure now, some professional advice. I know the writing world a little better, instead of banging away on a keyboard in my own fruitless, hobbyist bubble.

Go for it! It's a valuable service.

Thank you very much. Keep it up.

Lisa Davidson 1 year ago

I have always wanted to complete a creative writing course and this one stood out.

Nicole was great - good detailed feedback and quick turnaround.

I enjoyed the writing! It has reignited my passion and now I know that I want to pursue a new career.

It's a great community, a really engaging and non-threatening way to learn. Being online meant it was flexible and so much easier to manage.

Darren Zarb 1 year ago

I needed some structure and focus through lockdown and this looked like a good opportunity to explore something new. I’m confined to reading business and management stuff for work, so this was a refreshing break.

The tutorials were terrific, and I feel I learnt lots - and I've started reading fiction again - thanks!

Loved the structure, the tutorials and the information provided. Really gave me something to look forward to each week.

The feedback was terrific, and I learnt lots in a very short period. Thanks for keeping it positive and not laughing.

It has given me a gentle intro into writing and, more importantly, allowed me to grow in confidence in a reasonably anonymous way. I realised after some feedback - I need to read MUCH more.

Give it a crack, challenge yourself, and enrol. It’s safe, really informative and fun!

Thanks heaps - I LOVED it!

Carla Cummins 1 year ago

I enjoyed the material. So much to use!

I'm smitten with writing. Can't get enough. Have signed up for a short story course that starts tomorrow.

Tessera Knowles 1 year ago

I needed to get a better understanding of how to write so I may complete my second book. The tutor was very nice and helpful. I enjoyed being able to write freely and to be challenged. Thankyou.

Peta Maitland 1 year ago

I've been writing since I was young but wanted a bit of structure and to actually learn all the concepts of writing a story. My first draft was a pantser attempt and with the second draft I wanted to be able to pick up on more of the technical details so I wasn't wasting too much of my time this time.

I find it hard to share my work - I don't have other writer friends. The last writing group I joined was awkward, so joining an online group wasn't as daunting. Pamela was lovely in the way that she suggested how all the participants could better their work instead of just ripping it apart. She was very positive which I loved.

I liked it being online as I sometimes get flustered when asked to write something in 5 mins in a regular physical class. Also it was lovely to be able to sit back and read the other work by the participants.

For me, it was just having someone say that it was good work and little things I can tweak here and there. I only have my family to tell me if I can write. It was lovely to have someone in the industry to actually say - I like this. I'm a typical writer and doubt everything I write.

I would say to definitely do it. I have taken a few courses now and have loved them. It helps and you don't feel so alone. Also it's great getting help from people in the industry - people who are selling their work.

Rita Coleman 1 year ago

I have always wanted to write a novel but didn't know how to go about it. I knew that I needed help to get started. Just going on Google was not helping me, I needed structured help.

I want to start writing my novel now whereas before I was too scared to start.

Annabel was extremely helpful. I loved getting her input about what I had written. It really helped me improve.

... I am sad it's finished. It went so fast.

Madylene Planer 1 year ago

I liked that it's foundational and teaches the basics of good story writing

The online tutor was great; she gave good feedback. I enjoyed the lessons and the feedback on my assessments - so I could see where I went right or wrong.

I now want to explore other courses to expand my creative muscles.

I would say it's a great course where you can learn from quality teachers, get quality lessons/materials and feedback on your work.

Annie Downes 1 year ago

It got the creative juices flowing and took me out of my comfort zone. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, although I have fantasised about writing many times. I surprised myself by how I was actually able to come up with anything. It was not easy and automatic but I certainly enjoyed the journey.

The tutor was always positive and helpful.

I am taking on board writing every day, or at least as often as possible, for 10 minutes or maybe more if the inspiration takes me. I'll write about anything just to get the practice of writing. Anything that piques my interest on the day.

The AWC has heaps of great courses facilitated by writers. There is a course for everyone, all types of writers and even non-writers.

Lynette Wallace 1 year ago

The tutor gave detailed and constructive comments without making us feel hopeless. I enjoyed the challenge, the fact that something had to be done each week, and the constructive criticism.

It made me feel more confident in pursuing writing as a hobby. I think that the way I write dialogue has improved greatly.

I certainly would recommend the AWC. In fact, I gave my 11 year old grandson one of your courses for his birthday. Keep up the good work.

Cassandra Grapsas 1 year ago

I wanted to dip my toes into a short writing course that would give me a basic overview of some of the key elements of writing. I also wanted to get feedback on my work without having to do the scary face-to-face part. I was unsure how engaged I would be in audio material without being present in person, but I found the content engaging. It's also difficult to put down hundreds of dollars for an online course without being sure how much you would get out of it, but I don't regret that now.

I really liked Pamela; I thought her feedback was always constructive and encouraging. It feels amazing to get positive feedback from such an accomplished author.

I really liked the assignments each week. Although the course content is engaging, it really does help to have to put it into practice. I also like how the course is layered so each week you focus on one thing, and then bring it all together in the last week. I think this is such a clever way to structure (and I know how important that is now), the course so that inexperienced writers aren't overwhelmed and having to think about dialogue and character and description etc all at the same time from the get go.

I haven't actually sat down and applied what I've learnt to any of my writing projects yet, but now I'm SO excited to! I was wondering if I really had any motivation or skill to actually finish a piece of work, but now that's all I want to do!

I think the main thing is just knowing what to name aspects of writing now. Previously, I may have looked at my work and just been like, there's too much talking, without being able to know that I needed to add description or action and ground the characters in a setting. I also never realised how hard it is to not use filter words!

I would say that the course is:
- Engaging.
- That the course content is interesting and helpful. It gives you a great overview, but grounds them in examples so that you really understand them.
- That the feedback is constructive and the assignments are interesting. It's really helpful to give you options to share your own work, or use the scenario given.
- Cliche, but that you only get out of it what you put in. On weeks where I was time pressed and wasn't 100% happy with my piece, my feedback reflected it.

Breana Towers 1 year ago

The course started me off and provided great handouts that I can use over and over again.

Darren Lynch 1 year ago

I have been procrastinating for many years about writing a novel and thought during COVID-19 would be a good time do it and this course would give me the skills and the push I need.

I thought Pamela was very professional and knew what she was talking about. Her feedback was very helpful. I liked having to do assignments each week and interacting with classmates. It has motivated me to write every day and made me want to strive to become a fulltime writer.

Highly recommend it.

Ellen Evans 1 year ago

I needed structure, I needed to get out of report writing mode and into creative writing mode, I needed some motivation, I needed to actually write.

Loved the feedback. Loved how positive our tutor was.

It gave me what I wanted and now I have the confidence and inspiration to get on with it.

I have three half-finished novels in my computer. They weren't going anywhere. Now they will.

A great big fat thank you.

Sharon Carlon 1 year ago

I thoroughly enjoyed these 5 weeks. It has given me a lot. I'm going to carry on with my writing and may do a follow up course in the future.

I gained a lot of practical knowledge from this course. Very helpful positive critique. Writing the assessments and listening to the audio lessons, and feeling that I had found a familiar tribe.

It's given me a much better idea on how to go about the writing of a novel. Also, it was a liberating moment to be told to "give yourself permission to write." To keep writing and not remain stuck going over and over one piece.

I would say the AWC is an excellent source of knowledge and experience. It is very helpful to anyone wanting to begin writing a novel.

Saskia van Graver 1 year ago

I'm not working at the moment due to Covid, and wanted to do something constructive with my time. A friend had 'liked' the AWC on Facebook so I googled and was impressed with how professional the website and courses sounded so signed up.

I was a little anxious about posting my assignments in a shared environment as I haven't received feedback from my peers before, however I actually found the feedback to be beneficial so got over this after the first week!

I valued Stephen's feedback; he knew the subject matter and picked up on things I had no previous knowledge of. I enjoyed learning about the 'technical' side of writing. I enjoy writing but have never studied it so learning about structure, scenes, etc, was very interesting. It's made me want to write more.

The AWC Creative Writing course will teach you how to turn your idea into a story. Thank you, I've really enjoyed this course and it's made me want to continue writing in some form.

David simes 1 year ago

I needed to start somewhere, and had had a good experience with an AWC weekend course, previously.

Louisa was very supportive and helpful. I should have "used" her more :-) She was very positive and helpful.

The most enjoyable part was getting over the fear factor, putting words on "paper" and sending them out. The realization that what you put down will not stay that way. The first write is just that, the first of several re-writes, just get it down! The obvious nature of writing: it's a genuine skill. It needs practice and sweat.

I'm gearing up for the next course, Novel Writing Essentials. The AWC pathway is very helpful for a novice, and suspect it's helpful for fleshing out subsequent ideas, too.

If you genuinely want to write, if you want to prioritize writing, this course is a great start.

Jaime Riquelme 1 year ago

I was struggling to write - I would make time for it and would last about 3/4 of a notebook page before I either got anxious, disheartened or just confused. I needed some guidance, advice and more knowledge on crafting a story from scratch. It was a bit of a shot in the dark and I didn't know what I was going to get myself into. It was a personal thing and I didn't tell my missus at first. Funny story - two days after I enrolled in this course, she came to me and showed me the Facebook ad for the course and told me I should do it and I said, "I've already enrolled!"

Stephen was honest and caring with his feedback. My week 4 assignment wasn't the best, but Stephen's input helped me improve my writing. I didn't feel disheartened but motivated to improve, which shows what good feedback can do.

I'm super confident, in the sense that I can approach my writing with bravery and not get disheartened. The first draft is me telling the story to myself and that's become my motto so I don't abandon work early. The other night I wrote for two hours in a notebook, which hasn't happened for a long time.

I'd say go for it and please interact with others because you learn a lot. I'm now doing the short story course and I'm just as excited with that course as I was when I started this one.

Money well spent. Thank you!

Poorna Prakash 1 year ago

I needed help in providing structure to my writing and some tips on how to push past roadblocks in my writing.

I'm grateful for Stephen's feedback and the suggestions he was able to provide to mine and others' works. It definitely gave me things to think about. It has given me some tips to try to move past the usual roadblocks in my writing. It has given me motivation and a group of fellow writers with whom to interact!

If you are looking for a structure (weekly topics and expectation of submitting your work every week to motivate your writing) and community from fellow writers looking for that extra push, this is the course for you!

Daniel Townsend 1 year ago

I hesitated at the cost but in hindsight it has been worth every cent.

Having a schedule to follow! It made me carve out time to focus and learn. I also really enjoyed the person who voiced the lessons.

It's knocked off one more excuse on the list - "I have no idea what I'm doing!" Still true in many ways but that excites me now.

The many times the phrase "if something isn't working, often this is why" was used. So many of them applied to me and now I see why.

Do it! You won't regret it! It's professional, supportive and hugely valuable as a learning experience.

Just thank you. It's been a really difficult few months stuck at home and this course has kept me connected to my creativity.

Aneta Isaak 1 year ago

Absolutely wonderful experience. I just loved Valerie and her recordings. Very enthusiastic, engaging and overall insightful.

I always got nervous and excited (adrenalin rush) waiting for people's comments on my work after I hit 'post'.

Overall I am much more confident in writing my scenes now. There was something I always included in my story even before the course. Emotion and action (Red & Black). But, environment (yellow) was not something I focused on. I love that we got taught about this and now I am always closing my eyes and imagining my character's surroundings before (or even in the middle when I'm stuck) I write.

So glad I spent that money on this wonderful experience. I am sad that it has ended though. But am planning to join the Facebook page so I'm sure I'll get to keep in touch with a lot of wonderful and intelligent people.

Brendan Irwin 1 year ago

I've been listening to the podcast on and off for a number of years and I really want to make the transition to being a full time writer.

I liked Stephen, he offered great feedback and I felt like I improved over the 5 weeks. I feel really confident in my writing, and that I am following the right path.

I would say it's money well spent, jump on and get started.

Rachel Wood 1 year ago

My tutor LA Larkin was fantastic at giving encouraging and constructive feedback. I have more confidence in myself to write now and know I am on the right track.

I also found the audio tutorials really great, I loved going for a walk while listening to them.

I learnt to express a character's feelings more through action of the character rather than saying how they feel, which is really helpful! I would say it's a great way to start your writing journey and learn everything you need to be a great writer.

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