Alisha Smith 1 month ago

I've been writing and editing for a while but all through self-taught means (I.e. "Google, help me figure out how to write this!"). I was looking to improve the professionalism and accuracy of my writing by learning the accepted rules.

Michelle was wonderful! I really appreciated her welcoming, humble approach and found her content matter knowledge to be incredibly valuable.

I enjoyed the concise, clearly articulated 'rules' of editing. There were many things I learned that had always been a source of confusion.

I gained confidence in what I was already doing correctly, and clear guidance on the things that I'd often spend a lot of time trying to figure out.

Thank you for another great course and for supplying the recording so I could catch up on the section I missed.

Michelle Riggs 1 month ago

Michelle was great. She knew her stuff and was open and realistic about the challenges faced by editors. Michelle also talked about managing expectations and relationships, which I found very helpful.

Time well spent! I needed a confidence boost in some areas and the environment was friendly and encouraging. My tutor had extensive and current experience, and made us feel like we were all in it together.

Thank you :)

Howard Roberts 5 months ago

Already a freelance copywriter, I've been taking on increasing amounts of editing jobs. I already know the AWC through completion of Bernadette's copywriting courses, so knew it would be a good course. Wasn't disappointed!!

Michelle is a great course leader, and very knowledgeable!

There were a few small elements of grammar usage I had either forgotten or never learned previously. I am now fully armed and dangerous!

Well worth it - AWC offers such a great range of courses for pretty much any writing purpose. Easy to interact with them via website and always clear communication. Regardless of delivery method, the courses always deliver, with wonderful tutors, and are value for money.

Danielle Phelan 7 months ago

I am a budding writer with a particular passion for spelling, grammar and punctuation. I thought this course would expand my skills and open some doors into the professional proofreading and editing space.

Michelle was extremely knowledgeable, providing a lot of very practical advice. The workshopped examples and interactions with Michelle and other course participants helped to make a very dry topic more enjoyable.

It’s given me confidence to explore freelancing in the proofreading and editing space.

Carolyn Leach 7 months ago

Friends and family often ask me to proofread and edit material they have written. The course served as a refresher to what I already knew.

The course was interactive and it wasn't a matter of just sitting and listening to someone speak about the content. Michelle knows her subject very well and was able to impart that knowledge so that it was easily understood.

Pilar Zegrati 11 months ago

The information was very good and clarified some misconceptions I have had for years. I also learned new things I was not even aware I did not know and started applying my new learnings straight away.

The tutor knew what she was talking about and was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was also great to get her personal experience around tools I have started to use e.g. Grammarly.

I enjoyed learning new things that I can apply in the workplace. Learning from other people's examples and learning from having the tutor work with me to edit some of my own previous work was very illuminating.

Thank you AWC for providing another high-quality course.

Robyn Shilton 11 months ago

The tutor was an excellent communicator, sustained my interest, responsive and sensitive to the disparate skills of participants. Michelle was able to deconstruct the many complexities of editing and although there was such a lot of content I came away with several matters very clearly stamped in my brain.

So many areas that I was uncertain about or did not even know about; quotations, colons and semi colons, dangling modifiers, and more - the rules as explained by Michelle opened so many doors for me.

I love the tip about editing a rule at a time rather than trying to do everything at once (which is my practice). That was so illuminating for me.

The content is great. They give you a really valuable resource workbook, the tutor is an expert in her field and the price point is economical. This will be an excellent investment.

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