Joanne Van Raaphorst 1 month ago

Pamela was fun, knowledgeable, and forthcoming with great ideas to help us with our stories.

I enjoyed hearing what the other people were writing and finding like-minded people to workshop ideas with. And believe it or not, the homework. Having to think about my story to find the answers to the homework question - things that I had not thought to ask of my story.

If you want to write, you can't go past the Australian Writers' Centre. There is a course for any aspect of your writing.

Tennille 1 month ago

Pamela was terrific - very engaging, interested in her students and provided valuable feedback.

I enjoyed the homework exercises & feedback - encouraged us to really think more about our stories and worlds, and make them more real. It really made me think about the world, to make it more real for readers, and really consider the “unique thing” about my story (and ways to expand on this).

Pamela is a terrific tutor, and the course really encourages you to think deeply about your world and how you might bring it to life for your readers. Would absolutely recommend!

Pippa 5 months ago

Pamela was great. Generous with her time, allowing us to ask questions that weren't necessarily on the current topic but that all budding writers are desperate to hear and learn about.

I enjoyed hearing so many great ideas from the other students. Everyone talking Fantasy and Sci Fi was great, really 'got you in the zone' for that specific genre and got your brain thinking. Helped me break through a couple of blockages I had with my own story, just by having my head firmly planted in the genre.

I was in a bit of a rut for my third book. I think I have an idea now to get me out of that rut ... which is essentially why I signed up for the course, to see if it could knock me back on track.

I think this is probably my 6th or 7th course with AWC. If I didn't like them then I wouldn't keep coming back. Go for it. Helps to get the inspiration firing and put your bum back in the chair.

Casey 5 months ago

I knew I wanted to write genre fiction and thought this would help to give me the lay of the land (and it very much did!)

I enjoyed all of it! But the standout is the connection - with the tutor, with the other writers, with my own ideas. I loved the presumption of being a writer that applied to us all - there was no sense of needing to earn my stripes or make disclaimers about being a tentative beginner. It was wonderful! Pamela is a goddess.

People liked my story idea. They bothered remembering things about it and being curious about it. I'd never told anyone anything tangible about a story idea before this class, never even committed vocally to wanting to be a writer. Now I know that I can write a book and however it turns out I'll have had an awesome time.

Alison Ferguson 7 months ago

I feel that I know my story at a much deeper level now, and have applied some of the lessons learned to a couple of other writing projects I'm working on.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that Pamela created. I felt able to contribute easily, and I appreciated Pamela's skilful handling of group dynamics.

I really like Zoom online learning! So efficient of time, yet still able to offer productive interaction and inspiration. I really like the flexible use of shared screen to see key examples.

Rebekah Ball 11 months ago

I read through the outline and loved just about everything in it, especially world building and structuring trilogies/multiple books set in the same world with multiple protagonists.

I had so much fun and learnt so much in every class. It's really changed the approach I will take to my writing moving forward.

Pamela was a wonderful tutor. I found the way she taught really engaging. I learnt so much about writing in the last few weeks. She answered all questions really precisely and she was the first tutor to explain techniques someone with aphantasia can use when doing scenes.

I liked that all the assignments forced me to really think about the world and story I was working on in a safe learning environment. My favourite was map-making as it forced me to think about things like water sources.

It forced me to really think about every element of the world from the people, to the history to the soil. The advice, tips and resources given will help my writing for years to come.

I highly recommend it! It is a wonderful way to learn about writing and your relationship with it.

I loved the whole course and I'm very glad I took it.

Tracey Peterson 11 months ago

Pamela was personable. She has great advice for the novice writer. Her feedback was honest and aimed at helping the students.

I enjoyed being in a Zoom class. I liked the chance to interact with fellow class mates. I like the informal nature of the course. Pamela let the conversation take a natural course. You were learning and enjoying it.

It provided me with a validation of the genre I want to write in. In other courses I keep getting the 'I don't read this genre' comments. These participants don't only read it, they write it too.

Just do it! If you think you want to write fantasy, science fiction then this is the course for you. This is where you will find your tribe!

Grace Craddock 1 year ago

Absolutely excellent! I learnt so much. The editing examples as well as being able to ask questions was truly enlightening.

The industry knowledge was awesome. Learning about different techniques for writing was also great.

Helped with my writing hugely! I now have a lot more framework for what to consider when writing a piece and what to make sure to include.

You’re gonna learn so much! Don't let the price tag scare you!

Georgia Moore 1 year ago

I thought Pamela was incredibly knowledgeable, and you could tell right from the start she knew what she was talking about. Her experience came through in the succinct and clear way she could describe concepts from character tropes to plot and series structure. She was also very generous with answering class questions, and encouraging us to keep in contact with each other and her beyond the end of the course.

I liked the chance to work on projects that we're actually writing and intending (in my case at least) to submit to publishing houses when ready. Getting quick feedback on our homework tasks worked well.

It clarified/reinforced a lot of points I already knew about plotting and world-building, but also expanded on that knowledge to a depth I hadn't considered. Also, I am keeping in touch with others in the course to start a writing group.

I found a lot of benefits in completing the course with AWC. Learning from someone who has been in the industry for years is invaluable, and the community feels incredibly supportive of aspiring writers.

Suzanne Bowditch 1 year ago

I was attracted to the course because I'm writing a historical fantasy novel. Pamela was a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. I enjoyed sharing my writing.

I've learned a lot more about the fantasy genre. I realised that my novel is a historical fantasy genre, not a sci-fi book!

The teacher is helpful and informative and you'll learn heaps. The course is an opportunity to discuss with other writers and to workshop your writing.

Lucia Alesiani 1 year ago

I wanted to learn more about how to write Fantasy and Science Fiction. I was nervous about doing a course via Zoom as I hadn't done this before, but it was good; I felt comfortable.

Pamela put me at ease. I enjoyed having her as a tutor. She has a wealth of knowledge about the genre and I enjoyed her jokes.

I enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas for their novels. I enjoyed learning about world building, non-human characters, and how to build a magical system.

I feel like I understand better what is involved in writing a spec-fiction novel and I have some tools to help me improve my writing.

I love the courses offered at the Australian Writers' Centre. I keep coming back for more. They are unique and I learn new things each time.

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