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Cheryl 2 months ago

The explanation and examples have really helped me with my next novel. I hit a snag and doing this course helped me to clear up which POV I could best tell this story.

I now have a set of questions to ask myself before beginning to write to know which direction I'm heading in.

The courses are prepared by people who have been where you are now and are where you wish to be in the future. The information they impart is from their writing experience.

Kate Thorncroft 5 months ago

I realised I was lacking an understanding of the intricate aspects of point of view and my basic understanding wasn't going to be enough to complete my novel. This course appeared to cover everything that I needed, so it's the one I chose!

I feel far more confident with creating characters that my audience can connect to in a meaningful way through POV.

The information around depth and discourse were probably the biggest learning curves for me. I now feel far more equipped at navigating POV after considering these aspects.

The courses and resources at the Australian Writer's Centre truly are made for writers by writers. The information is engaging and relevant and you leave with actual tangible resources in addition to new skills and understanding.

Cheryl Watson 5 months ago

Learning all the tips, hints and so on of how to bring a character's POV to life was a lot more involved than I had imagined and I loved getting into the nitty gritty of how to do it properly.

One thing that has stuck with me is the comment which came up several times about how there is no real right or wrong way, but what is right for you and the book you are writing in regards to first person, third person limited or omniscient.

Just do it. It really will pay off in the long run. No matter how much you think you know, if you want to do well you will make the effort to learn more.

Alannah Pearson 6 months ago

I had completed Fiction Essentials course on Characters and loved it. I wanted to continue the series of courses.

I've been experimenting with POV in several stories and novellas. It's really given me skills and confidence.

Kirsty Tyler 1 year ago

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am so much happier. The previous writing courses I have done have been quite structured but at the AWC you give every writer room to breathe. I also find it really helpful doing these Fiction Essentials courses as I near the end of this draft. There is so much to fix up but I want to get some more tools in my kit before I take this to one of your longer novel courses. Great value for money too!

I really wanted to understand more about POV. I was about 70,000 words in to my novel in first person and was really interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of POV better. I was hoping I would come away with a better understanding as previous writing courses had not unravelled the mystery of POV as I had hoped.

I have switched from 1st to 3rd person POV and I feel like I have a stronger voice now. I am far more confident with POV. The depth and layers of each POV was really insightful.

Amazing resources, I guarantee you will enjoy it and learn something. Exceptional value for money.

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