Amelia 3 months ago

Carli was informative and helpful at every stage of this program. Her calm and approachable nature made her easy to talk to and I felt comfortable asking questions.

I found this whole course enjoyable. I particularly liked the readings and examples that were provided in the reader. I also enjoyed listening to Carli's firsthand experience as a successful food writer and the little stories she would pepper into the lesson.

The pitch email writing lesson was very eye opening and really cleared up a lot of questions that I had about pitching ideas to magazines etc. I now have a much clearer understanding on what is expected of a good writer and what the industry looks like as a whole.

The course is short but impactful. The vibe of the course was relaxing and was not stressful or daunting like some online classes can be.

A big shoutout to Carli for sharing her own personal experiences as a food writer. Her stories and anecdotes were fun and informative. She made sure to not pressure us and took it nice and slow to ensure we were getting all the information we needed.

Catherine Boucher 8 months ago

Carli was knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging. Facilitated great group discussions. I enjoyed examining different types of food writing and discussing these with the group.

Reinforced my plan to change career; it feels more achievable after completing this course.

Great, practical content. Fabulous group tutors. Affordable. I'll be back for more courses!

Craig Jamieson 8 months ago

Carli was amazing, a very passionate and knowledgeable tutor. She appeared very happy to share her knowledge and was great at expanding on and answering any questions we had. She was able to provide real life examples of how / why a certain approach should/could be taken.

Barbara McCauley 9 months ago

It's a great course, and has given me the motivation to restart my writing career, instead of waiting for something around my house to be fixed or completed. I've been putting other things and people first. But now I'm semi-retired, I'm committed to writing again. Thank you.

The course was great and I looked forward to Monday nights. Mondays used to be my gardening day, but now it's changed to my writing/cooking day. I do my best thinking while I'm working or driving, so putting the time aside just for food and writing is great. I can think and take notes during the week, and finish on Mondays. I'll have more time to commit when I move to a smaller house.

Carli was fantastic. I was really impressed with her knowledge and how she remembered what was said and who said it. I enjoyed everything, from recapping what we went through the week before, to exercises and general discussions from everyone.

Penelope Beveridge 1 year ago

I was a tad anxious signing up to the Food Writing course as I am a vegan and was unsure if my lifestyle choices would cause a barrier, exclusion or disdain amongst a group of foodies. From the first week that fear lifted there was no judgement, only inclusion and great engagement. Carli is a powerhouse of knowledge; clear, jovial and succinct. Highly recommend.

Catherine Pelosi 1 year ago

Something different! I love food and initially thought I would be interested in reviewing but have come away interested in so much more!

Carli is fantastic. Helpful, generous, interesting and engaging.

I enjoyed hearing real life examples of pitches and stories; love hearing real examples of what to do and what not to do. Excellent lesson on how to pitch. Also have learnt a lot about the different ways someone can be a food writer (review, recipe writing, features, online, print etc).

A great introduction to food writing. You'll finish each week feeling inspired and probably hungry!

Rebecca Craig 1 year ago

Great content and covered a lot for 5 weeks. Lots of practical advice and feedback. It was a really enjoyable course.

Carli is a great instructor, very easy to talk to and approachable. We had a really good group; everyone was friendly and supportive. I enjoyed the idea development and feeding off not only Carli but the group.

It's given me the confidence I was lacking. I also now have a much better understanding of the industry.

Cara Lopez 2 years ago

I learned so much over the past 5 weeks! Carli was extremely generous with her time and knowledge. I enjoyed going through the readings and looked forward to our Tuesday evening classes. I appreciated her feedback and help with improving my writing skills.

It helped me find new ways of exploring my personal interest with food and food-related topics. Equally, Carli gave us the tools to go and pitch to publications on a deeper level.

I've always gotten a lot out of the AWC courses. After taking 3+ courses this year (and the Freelance Writing Masterclass), I'm developing more confidence in my abilities as a writer.

Amy Minichiello 2 years ago

Carli was a joy to be taught by. Her knowledge was so generously shared with us all and she made me feel as if I could approach her about anything.

I really enjoyed the homework, funnily enough. And being able to send this work onto Carli for her feedback has been wonderful!

I feel so much more confident in going forward with my writing and pitching ideas to publications. And feel that I am definitely on the right track in pursuing this as more than just a hobby.

It has changed the way I feel about writing as well as injecting an extra dose of confidence within me that I didn't have beforehand.

The whole course really was so wonderful, and it brought me so much joy in what has been a challenging time. So thank you!

Donita Richards 3 years ago

Carli was great. Her experience is evident and I enjoyed reading the articles she has had published.

Carli's tutelage and the group combined were all passionate and knowledgeable foodies!

I feel more confident about pitching my ideas and where to pitch to.

Sophie Stokes 3 years ago

Carli was approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.

I enjoyed the relaxed but professional approach.

It's given me courage to go out there and write! A definite for all those seeking to move into food writing. Thank you! It was a wonderful 5 weeks!

Deborah Mackie 3 years ago

Carli is very well informed and accomplished in the food writing arena, and she was very generous with her knowledge, tips, and insights. I enjoyed her personal knowledge of the industry.

It has given me the kick up the bum I needed. After losing traction in the travel writing field because of COVID, I've been in a bit of a writing funk. The course has given me renewed energy and determination - not just in the food writing sphere, but it's also encouraged me to get back in the saddle with travel writing.

I hadn't realised the market for recipe development and it's something I want to now explore further.

Very hands on and relevant courses; great tutors; great value for money. Being part of the graduate group after completion of the course is also important and attractive.


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